Art dealer wins big at storage auction

A New York City art dealer who bought the contents of a New Jersey storage locker filled with paintings for $15,000 says he got more than he bargained for.

He found half a dozen paintings he believes were done by artist Willem de Kooning, whose works have sold for millions of dollars at auction.

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To hear about this guy in New York who bought a storage locker at auction for 151000 dollars. On no on the cash in oh did he average. He's in New York City art dealer and he says he got the bargain of a lifetime when he bought the stuff in the locker in New Jersey actually for fifteen grand. He says it was filled with dozens of paintings. There were done by Willem. Date couldn't sing coating. Our own works whose works have sold for millions of dollars I got his stuff all over my office now and assays may just an idea. So I. But I've rarely is that sold for millions. So all went on the ice flying yet he's reaching out to try and find out exactly what their worth by the abstract. Expressionless. Arellano an expression is this an impressionist is. But he's an expression as from the Netherlands. Anyway the guy's dead so he can't reach out to him to get more information on these paintings. But he is seeking experts you know information in a funny thing. Yeah you watched that the TV show ocean current wars just added on over the recount yet well that's a bunch of crap that I personally know people who have rented items to the produces of that she's always this out yet so the stuff that those people finding those liars and I thought that wasn't really they dismiss him and all op. I mean I know he was again the I know an artist who told me today. Rented one of his paintings to put in a locker so that they could. Find. It on TV show and infect more and more I learn most of these reality TV not as a not so real yet nothing real at all about them. But. In this case it worked in guide paid fifteen grand and auction for the locker and now probably has millions of dollars worth of stuff so will put him in the what. Is right with people would show coach candy yeah on prison tax credits and its owners as well. A big guy that put the paintings in storage and then lost them to non payment on the storage unit. Well he died and apparently didn't leave anything for is there is to know that it was there another reason to make sure if you want those people holds that. Will survive you to get your wealth if you asked any and I in my wanna I don't know if you have a storage locker full of millions of dollars of paintings.