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Kristian goes around the SEC with reporters covering Alabama and Mississippi State and closes out with Purple & Gold Pregame cohost Herb Tyler to talk LSU-Auburn.

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For the final hour here from hooters on that in Metairie. Fantasy frenzy this our oval around the SEC. First though market Minneapolis and patiently waiting for over an hour mark going back to our earlier conversation evolving into Robison. On the ice when. Quarterback than it was upheld today his one season long one year suspension. Has been upheld by the LA access A executive committee mark go right ahead. Acres and think that in my walls for all that many apple and you know. App Sunday I was at Auburn that that would warn it but I say one story after that I could now we went out here. He. Beat him head pencil pushers have no. Yeah and Oates said. They know yet how badly the party to it and be accurate administrators suppose we look you know here's you know. Absolutely we did you out take one. The problem. I want to thank you ball up you don't do that well anyway I'm. And I will that still after the war in all of the attention and I don't sit out you guys mrs. and mrs. Clinton. You know I didn't get involved mark. The state legislators they need to get ball OK and essentially the way though the way this is set up mark essentially the bad actors who were principles can hide. Basically outlined bold nine. He he he's he's the executive director at bone I would just say. I just do with the principals want me to do it there association a perfect it's a perfect setup and no one's ever held. Accountable ever. It's a court that he thought about it but you know if you went under keep playing at that you know. You. Appreciate you actually I let her back. If this world spot saying or. More musical or stuff like that it's got beat by. It's its senior year and they'll gauge what what student athletic. Or into it in the new year is so critical. That's what their that's when they understand it bigger bigger deal with their school. There are from that. Why it's built up in in kids when their senior IR I know if you'd like what you can do. But you're not as well. It's like oh yeah. All you hit it off in the it's his meticulous leaves intact administrator are up eight hit the whale out. And yet. Me oh. Are you kidding me I'd apple records would that although now. On the call each port he might schedule and look like. And you're going. You try to make before it is gave and I beat her one that get the site it's OK like I it was it was done and you know at the apartment you. And it is you know on the ball at the Hitler is why it. And you guys. You can either online or in the way when it hits is going to be on the deal next week. But at an old school but at the end but can not stand it yeah yeah. Mark passionate stuff I gotta run meant thanks for your patience I think you called in Doby stranger calls more right. The proper tire there goes Markel if there in Minneapolis Minnesota. Obviously. Now time for some fantasy football Tennessee frenzy exits they brought you by the sports book at Hollywood casino. Gulf Coast helpless to do so each and every week Kevin Payne would wired dot com Casey paint 26 on Twitter at brutal wire. As well and Kevin thanks so much for the time we so appreciate you are week two of the NFL season in Tennessee is under way when your biggest surprise from. From week one. No probably going into this. See that we look at all these warnings that probably hurt you running neck. We don't enemy huge splash. We thought really can't be coming out of the draft you know yeah Ali great quarterbacks who are potential franchise players. But the rookie running back open and play and it's really kind of felt sure I'd be it injuries there you guys. I'm and then going shelled a little bit banged up as well we even thought he Monday night area and I much rather hear one immediately. But it wasn't getting enough work to really relevant or shot penny didn't get a lot of work towards the title as Carson got carried so I would say that. But he's what he's going backs will really could have potential to make a splash he didn't tie in the united. We might you work through these guys reliever the second half you. Kevin if you are auto Mike Thomas you've got basically two games of the production sleek secret that. Yeah. And it just greens kind of what I mean we've seen before the season started that. He's such good players it's only target that the volume so happy with them because there doesn't get in the end zone. But the numbers are going to be there on each and we now. I'm curious to see what happens this week because then they'll work with a very with chip last week playing against the Steelers. I just look what he would but I'm not old rookie really feel that they're picked by brown beat number four overall tax so they'll be my little. I offered this week by spoken again and again effective beat upon that and it. You have it going and they're CPR or just more of a bonus points for. Kevin's biggest star who's you please sit this week. This week. We could be a little bit. Interest being. As they go with George Hill you know fiscal 49ers. Taxes for ninety yards in Minnesota at the the defense that grow. So much yours what you go home against the Detroit he'd just got torched. By Quincy and while helping morally it's item in a wide receiver all went well or order in the media. Rather than eat well down on the field so I think that George you know in the monster we I'm gonna say Islam and if somebody. You're trying to really what it's an edge of the moment and Houston got on the toxins JJ watt steep incline only how the it doesn't really really good defense I know it's part of the plan week. I played yet we know that anybody on any given so. Derek partner that he might be the one guy guy from marble. And he should note that didn't at this point one long touchdown called back. For example. I didn't see. Are happening and so it should. I don't it won't be popular word about their return but again don't like the match. Kevin Payne senior writer wrote large dot com an expert. At brutal wired dot com for two decades the industry's premium tennis sports resource let rural wire help you win at fancy football. At all the draft and information you'll need to dominate your league in a free. Can they trial. At brutal are dot com slash three. Kevin so. Right now if there who would be available in most leagues. Out there and a waiver wire and owners trying to patch up an injury who would you suggest they go get. Yes so there a lot of guys. Take a look at this week are the ones. Who went under partly economic Colorado. Right there. It numbers there are I don't think a lot of people knew about it a lot of people expected to be towards premiums. You know what what were running back had a decent not great but pretty. Good week so he was outrageous. No we really up this guy so he's going to pick you went such as such keep your. We don't look at yelled and I'll work for me didn't practice today we don't know if we don't know redeemed at me and obviously. We don't know if he'd go. I don't have that third down when format how the all the guys that the book yet but Altman banged up you knock a plate. Not the greatest spectacle in god we saw that he spent my pretty injures as your title a lot out there for some reason now the number one guy there. I Geronimo else. There eating greens these guys I help you go. Could you not one mention before on the targets continued abuse act as stand the heat blanket you ago. The more we are on take hot pursuit of Cisco caught a touchdown and meet mark he's good when it. Look what he's going to be out how to can start again look for a really good matchup for all that spoke wonders of nature you guys your line. Kevin Payne senior writer wrote wired dot com brutal wire magazine appreciate it thanks Kevin talking next week. But it is right now. I have wraps up fancy frenzy introducing new. Sports book and Al Pacino Gulf Coast forget Vegas. You have home field advantage. This is sports talk around the SEC next here on derby could well. Drew an army coming to you sit tight personal around the SEC Travis riser at Travis a few times prior. At Travis dryer on Twitter ban on line dot com Alabama travel to Oxford to take on the Ole miss rebels this weekend and Travis. Alabama is absolute rule even with a dual quote unquote dual quarterback system you think eventually. Toggle dole is going to be the one that they end up going with full time. Yeah I get the feeling it too cute cool. And clearly this hour. The guys I guess it's a Christian. Now obviously won't. Il autumn makes a strong. So I don't think it is that you. Can't take. That put one. You know under control or. If something happened to. I don't he has been on the still an open competition thing to clear popcorn guy. And they make it to jail as. Alabama last year roll over Mississippi lashes upcoming news absolute bloodbath Mississippi Elvis you know this year did some retooling got some things going a little bit. You expect to close a ball game. I was gonna depend on. Just how prolific guy saying that oh this ball and can be against Alabama defense is we know. Ripping secondary could feel a lot of character to paint him. The second true freshman corner that well through. I'm back here at the corner position this week for Alabama. You're going against guys like he gave it can. 88 book the lot of things clears could custom protocol it goes this week. And a quarterback Tom. However that the I'm at Mississippi with. Common sentiment associated Paterson. I think if you acquire this actually mean. Mile an offensive performance for all fun and maybe with got a bill joining us now on the run game. Although he'll be able to achieve that balance you have to have going against Taliban. Travis dryer at Travis dryer on Twitter ban on line dot com. We'll around the SEC here on W mode Travis. With it's we go out them is the best team in the country and have been for awhile and has been a back at with the Clemson but. Now that is one thing it didn't really have is that true passing quarterback a guy gets it back there now they had that took a while how much more dangerous. Can a club and hit. Well let this thing is is that Honda violently so talented little football. It could take average receivers in elevate your game you know make him better make everyone around him better and right now he's got a receive food and working with them. Now that the real problem for a bonuses it's who is gonna get the job done was widget from guys. It's wide receiver inside and when you clear miss here. That is the go along with. The optics miss them in court with her. You're Judea deal well with her freshman Capitol Hill. It becomes even more useful not before you talk about the situation. Travis who's the biggest. And it seems the top four who think the biggest threat to Alabama. While I still think you have to go where. Because wonderful. They have the chain of typically think of forcing Alabama in the becoming more approachable. Similar to what we saw last year in the circle while they won the game exported out of bird. It wasn't three as we lost absolutely. And I think that is much anything to go long or go to vote in the first package. While they expect to feel like you have to go to a lull. Because. They're working out here before using it because all over here for more in terms of what they can do defensively that you act look at that guy work that. You can make these instant play Wednesday. You know what what when they both may be entirely. On fortunately. Travis have you had a chance and all the watch any Ellis who stuff. I have not watched the entire game against Miami didn't see you as much. Last week against southeastern we fear. Do you see the same deficiency in other words I have until tiger fans. Hey if they don't get there'll line together suit big natural win in the SEC. Yeah I think some of that and and you know it you still have to be balanced like it isn't a joke for acute sit in this. You know FCC caliber quarterback. But you know play makers are rounded you have to continue to well I think Obama there. Amassing a point but you know if typically what you expect from Alice humans. Certainly altered the lines. Can compete. At the highest level and I know they've had some issue with suspension. Things like that injury Tom it would just pop but it. Yet they're gonna ultimately have to be able to Muster something on the ground. Against the likes of all this week in an opening or chore to get me here. It must have a problem for LSU is mentally ill. Travis earlier at Travis dryer on two of them on line dot com pictures of months ago around the SEC. You bet on the back for it grew in the army also. Two eagle round the FC VS EC Logan Lowry covering this is people look for the daily journal. The sport thought here on W him well enough in the daka. There will give a shout out to one of our our fans our listeners. Yesterday we're out on remote Mississippi April revising. Johnny trees that home hope on pronouncing his name correctly former US marine. Shows little that surprises me with some. Two years from my record year when you're he gave me. New fresh and updated landed along with this really cool. Baseball can Jersey with the eagle globe and anchor the United States Marine Corps on the eleven Reston and the number 75 on the back. Of course record founded in 1775. November 10. And a couple of cool little trinkets a magnet another shirt along with a bumper sticker what one thing Johnny pleased that. For doing that yesterday guys so we did that do that we appreciate. I appreciate you think an immediate simplified utility. Drew and Harvey what's going on drew you're on W could well. We'll keep our little all of a little while or. While a board. Vote. Oh. Quote out. All of our. Oh. Who bought bought bought bought a a long ball. Well. On. Ma ma ma. Ma. Ma. All of. Through look the biggest thing is this right there is no oversight in oh accountability for the only TSA is the way it's constructed. It at the answer to anybody in the keeps the stick to these rules and look. It in comprise the principals and administrators that if you don't like coats all of my view for whatever reason or dance on the net. Are unique in any program it there's there's just too much there's not enough checks and balances and it's just too much overall. They've been addicted vindictiveness if I don't like at school our fight if I was once fired from that school now on this board that can make decisions like this that I'm going to. It I'm taking out on the at school and I think it's not it's not. It's an impartial way of pain and Al all of it's an eight point partial it and there's bias to it. OK and that bugs me especially in the case of Andrew Robertson. I don't feel like it is wrong except take a picture. A little easier that's what are at least that's I've football magazine it was given the Jersey but one of his friends it was all on bill. Football team it's it's it's a sad story to see that Steve. Football in his state. Other states have a right Texas Laura. At the report the state legislator. I would like in current state legislators draft some sort of bill. You know that if that this kid I'm. Necessarily. Here that this might only is it I don't care what happens the coach Saul I don't he's a big boy in Elvis high and it's unfortunate. But to see a young man that senior in high school. Give up his senior year because of something that the adults couldn't get right had a problem with that I just do Logan Lowery at low salary. On Twitter. For the daily journal cover this beat people walked. Logan stepped into a bit of a hot conversation out of your about the ruling today i.'s senior on the lights who was what it is Spitzer was held to one. Year. Offseason he's he's he's not applicable SECs will have a watch on talk about the as he sees this is the bulldogs. Overall. I would you assess the season. For the bulldogs and we. Well wait we have the series they did it can't obviously you know we want to replace the net cost more which he heard it but I don't what you expected and thank them into your list of state looked like they handle heat is on paper. Want to see what they actually produced out there on the field you know first year coach. And you know all kind of new coaches new and you corner a book about football like. We will have to Kansas State just dominated and it's not the Kansas State I'm darker or anything like that that. It's just the fact of the play in 11 o'clock in the morning. Is that temperature for a you know hop if he blows speaks he's up there early morning not much but in order they're. In Manhattan but to be stable all out there and dominated on both oh. You know they it was just coming into the years and urging game that look if that that are. WLR suvs Louisiana Lafayette this weekend. In there and at home for them and start Vegas. As you will. But what with the Casey like how they started but is there a hole on this team where where would it be user concern. Other concerns although there is any particular hole boom in right now there's some good start up asleep. The quarterback or both the quarterback. Tom cop anymore and it's your game through their quote ruin. Only forty they'll complete what you pursue the path to Orlando. Open in the completion fortunate there's been some. And she's she's with the coach the right personnel and you know it plays like that it. They delay game penalty communion on the field but like that. And they were eleven penalties and last week game and now there's there's need to be cleaned that you know outside of that they look really really you know all. How is nick FitzGerald you know. What you wanted the negro. Through the patent you know like to sit eat it about 40% in the first game in the past. Nothing clicked for him last week in you know you really active until he was nerve ought that are being overly. They all our. You need to show case that your mortgage they can be thrown off I'll do well this year that you any trepidation. Gruesome ankle injury last but even he hasn't been he has. Dornin the last game here is flat but in the want to see how he handled that situation was it nineteen top 159 dollars I think the ankles Sy. But it is that it be more accurate with the passes that make it play. For the past him first few weeks but they just haven't been area. The scandal and off to Florida now obviously it's well in the ways gators but just so explain me how good the seat left that program it. The other couple was definitely not clear at all these states with loaded. And back up who may have been. Our demo that he's under the yeah at Mississippi State that he chose this day and thoughtful and obviously everybody. We're back to the group that the yen is up fourteen when he was number one. Pursuit straight week let up they did he. It's probably more help is the Nazis one in less over the proposed by the Walter what was loaded on it before laden yet percent a month that's what I had it not only. Or rather they get out that the third group in the which are produced by the body of country they're you're talented and beat the depositions. Yeah in the talent you'll view last two weeks he's emerged as. That they call Barkley might subordinate had them. That's in place the last couple years turned in this superstar number two overall draft that this past they Poland you know talent you'll fit that mold perfectly. Going around the SEC Logan allow our helpless to do so that local hour on Twitter likes war the in the journal covering. In the city state bulldogs Logan let's limit banks with Lisa. But a different. Tonight that will simply come back is with former LSU quarterback herb Tyler tigers stepping in to conference play this Saturday on planes in Auburn. The sports talk here on W him well enough in the dugout. Early lead Thursday football onto the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati bagels Joseph Flacco. Or a pick six that the Eagles on top all of the ravens seven. Nothing in 35. Remaining. An apple Baltimore the ball back. We too certainly on the way herb Tyler form or LSU quarterback Mike guy at her talent for joining us now herb how are you lament. I'm great keep all you do what we've recruited men did look first off. Public and though you and I talked about this congress Dallas and even last week. In and a familiar attitude here. It Roberson you're you're the store right in his suspension was made him ideal it's SA. I thought that was about it that being made in my I'll let the bit you're in the it. She looked distraught man in the Q with the low on the pay you the Q with so. Encode the ball very well articulated in it and getting its point across when you answered questions. That he would ability and in the war can be you answer. To request that he had I mean you know they at this point maybe it. You a theater opened the movement early at the is trying to determine mimic in Hedo only for whatever reason I don't know why. I'm it's who write but people made in the it and Mike Cote spoke about your days are can be helpful for people to lose sleep at night that the prisoner. So you heard that you heard that that that in view. Yeah benefits and appears that it that or. You have had that you who knows what well. Pool pool you go to the community. For pulling you know it usually. It has principal put both of you formal. Put for the kid maybe he would doesn't deserve oh you know him. In the sentiment was that with him rip all the little people made it a minute you know between that this Barack. It is it something that you know it felt good that would that the thing that power output to augment our accumulated it would deter him out back from southern never come together. Our talent or talent for on Twitter. Former LSU quarterback let's talk about those illicit tires they. Open conference play this Saturday on the road in really really tough environment all year I'm know that you played there he did well there but it. Men gives young young team have to do and alerted to pullout would be an upset. Oh. That made him a favor and actually has beat him but it is room typical plea to play one they need me. There brief football at Auburn university in May have been in their in their coats widow the government retirement. The fans and when you hear on its pupils setting it to repay the principal. Are you you don't pay your dog and it goes. You'll. That would defeat for his first formal. Aggressive certificates you can navigate the paper average statistics show that we. The rollout you weren't too happy about you know the third point that we put up with paper ornaments if anybody ridicule elected he would sit. All who you know we got a flat lovable on defense in the complete but the fact of its eternal we're. Kinda keep them all you know I've been offered. They have been it's worth I'll often confirmed that it's gonna happen who who do I think you're gonna have to keep the ball out of there quick. You know get the bonuses that some of the premiere on the outside and and we also there when the ball and we've got to have a father were game from the government than the wonderful Politico. You know it's been Gabler but when we got the need to hold up in the military capability to turn to think there. Can a bunch a son they lost him in week one. How I'm how much they miss him. A lot me and I mean if you these are the mean. The one he picked guy you know and like you guys in the group. Through through through bill Orton he seemed to Rio. If he'd he'd that there on the rise to become one of the room. Well I think you know those are going you know it is do you blow well you know cause have to make a plea in the backfield so. But you can't just replete with you know president. That's like you know if you get replete what did you. It really would support that he's been through it in. He really adjusted to a with you know pumping patent so I think we have a great coach in coach rather than you. The big perk purse on the view with whom not do you look the same situation that's those you work. But it at the famed. Create you know put that god is great situation. So victory at it is well. Do you need to see Ella she pushed the ball down the field in this game even though the offensive line is still work in progress. So when that went on meet the cute and I think when you do well there are kept the ball first down. I think we need to keep the ball how to do and whom early. But that was the one day it would mean what would affect there was a movement who you know five doors in your wrote the so the greens here and there. They certainly you're gonna go to the rupiah in Mexico you compared you'll hear them going York you that would. Let the guys who have been in in and if he would beat you. It's a couple that are there with a thinker. Joseph has been buried them or I think on the embryo can be lucrative arm and it's not going to be. In two sides it's going to be at Auburn but with the whole different type of atmosphere there. Alone and you go to game is that is true whether it's a game ever arts. I can remember back here and I think we're not really here's Auburn we warned in Auburn. Epic org and encrypting with a record on predicting and recognizing separate we've lost at home at the U. Olmert are picked third or wherever you go back to. Auburn humanity that we beat you there when making. I would that he repaired to signal there's not a via a trade off for equipment. What we're prepared. That it would you know anyway. And the that would you know if they have destroyed their partner goes you know that we in the Auburn which I think all the under the symbol the Packers. But the company that who equally apparently it is in you know in I think. Anything that we don't know if you've been filled with these Beckley who want to pay more. On combat that as and I think what you like it here a bit with your different. Often you know means different. They called but I am hoping to you more hungry often. It notes some intensity I thought it lacked that'll be your last week. I think who Arthur I think you know it's part looked on the argument went to. Doubt that and decide they're going to hear wrote if played a number eight ranked team in the cart to do they required so the it girl's summer. Bring. Remember remember what it it. I mean you do owner incredible pride in them it being eco bags and your people out these you know loan but you can bet you know. Of them. So. You know not be in the moment but what they have scored on the error on. You know those guys in the confided in their conference with. It did give a code you know don't miss in the view. And we. Defense justice which means zero point couple with their office. And we looked at one point. I think you know who went the parents. I'm real I'm like you need to go three bullet at the same. Do you really really injury to. In the game like that when you don't have the stupid game that we still in be capable guys who was. Kabul it was a afterward you'll we've acute beat the Mets made it being your adopted you prepare for Auburn it's. Our Tyler the before team in your program of one yards at herb Tyler on the Twitter. Former LSU quarterback or we'll see you Saturday it would afford to tiger tailgate at 9 AM Saturday morning. It would be you know them come over and promote them warm hot brick call. Oh that we elect Michael. I and I a period that you. I Uga will simply come back from lead Houston wrap this thing up here like from them that's. And bettering the sports talk your Huckabee did well. AJ green and a Cincinnati bagels all over the Baltimore Ravens fourteen it another early the first quarter of that ball game and he. Sketch they'll slant give off me defender and how's it. Welcome back to sports talk wanna down here live from voters on bets in Metairie wringer every Thursday during football season currencies player so next week it'll be our formal. Shout out to Bobble. Quarterback for the saints he will be RC player's guest next week. You live it who were on that in Metairie leave Houston Texas that's what Ali you're on WW well. They can be in this particular phone call and then you. I've been within two fumbles the chill. In the about who's Lou when it came down on humbled quarterback. I don't want you one question. I can nap on a one and I use. At the time when the kid went on what she. Does. It it would add on a quiet mr. with no pain anymore. With that let me know. Yeah I don't know what the ethics of this released him from. I'm not quite sure if there that the rule was and families establish residency. In the hunt the school district before that photos forty Winona where you. Right so that's not that we don't we can do. Now out but they still even even that to happen. That's what happens I did it I'm fine with suspending the coach for four umpire umpire with. Maybe levying some fines on the on the on this lower than what happened. But don't sit up here and tell me that a senior at high school she loses entire final year. It's in school in play football win. You can impact that this kid. Has an opportunity to play college football. I do agree with you and and it just shows you how much. How said he. The delicacy is with all of that I played. High school basketball. Z. And I was at a class the school sold. You know what I saw a lot of a lot off the you know student employers. Three inquiry. Other schools to be important that he came become eligible right away because they agreed to wait and things like that so. I you know in terms of the city. Of the Election Day I promise you that if we wanna hear it. What something. What do you mean about one of their kids. If one of their kids what in this situation. Now. Yup. I don't know it's hard to juxtapose that with. I got a kid that's a lot of its eleven Eagles on that could be playing some sort high school athletics. And next 345 years. It is scares me honestly leave them excuse me. It scares me leave that ultimately. He could fall and this seems similar kinda. You know inconsistent. Behavior from the Election Day and and that bothers me as a as a as a parent and look what didn't flood inundated. With pleas for help for into Roberson on the text line and he simply tell me if I am blown away. By how much. Community that they that a Huntsville high school football fans used to. People in the state this region wanna help the show men because they recognize the injustice that's been done. To me 9818 year old kid we can handle adults. You're in trouble and can punish them fine with that. But this is an injustice no matter what the with an incident they lob a product few other things wolf according to the to the Alex SA. Those other things weren't the case today it came down to note he wore that Jersey for football full four football magazine shoot. The one Alex's day eating get this right. Todd Jacobs and at our on site engineer more Bernard. Back at master control could've done without either you two guys think looters have it's as well be your every Thursday except a lot coming up next with a final lap the sports hawks have a bye I'm out.