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Tuesday, December 5th

Kristian goes Around the League with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.


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For the final hour of sports talk here on W well enough of an dot com we go around the National Football League are Kristian garic. In for the big chief the bell Google around the National Football League at this hour ticketed. With Joseph early a little later on first lead off though. We'll talk with Clarence hill over the cal which for the Fort Worth star telegram black and gold go play the cowboys this year with. Atlanta beat the I mean it's usually BD is six and six but on the heels of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC. And note that it hit them highlight. Now it's beating the Washington Redskins thirty to fourteen their second in the NFC east that's rights which are the three yard punt return. For touchdown courtesy of west would want will without merit still covering the cowboys for the Fort Worth star telegram act and it's too. Junior on tour Clarence hours. I'm good merry go. Good listen I guess inactive against the rescued that looked like they finally took the wraps off of that press got a little bit that I see that wrong. Mean and it's really take the wraps off of him on the in the autumn he was playing to play and obviously. What did it it was raining here for more and had to act for a guy make complaints about that those receivers you know goblins are built right off the months. They're strong run again and make it easier for whoever it corporate moment as yours when when they get a strong running game sort of that's not that. I had a great here last year and they got their running game one spot or perhaps is vitriol that. The government ball on the ground not to act to make plays here. In a verdict that child with a one you know losing three straight games by a couple I have scored nine to 22. How about. How has Dallas been able to I guess hold serve here without as eco LE what's been I mean what's been their their ability to it to keep it I guess keep themselves alive here. What really nailed there you know have opinions and they. Dave's. You know lost three straight game. They lost three straight game. Again by my record at a 2.2. Yet. Yet. Yes it did not forget about combat sport that adorned with a commitment in the war. I'm actually it apart Basra to a much doubt about your bitter it's. Appreciate. Men who. Oh yeah that's our payload doors menace is at this beautiful daughter Annie everybody driving around right now I was gonna pay. I political pop lies to do so in a lot of if that therapy appropriate retro but we're credited. I looked in my early days of I've been and I've been on the call with hungry children and look at it is no fun we would not get through this interview. It needed to beat your job. If it's but anyway they have an old Ellsberg did you know it out three straight game you know it is on the back on track. What with a big targets are riskier than they do know they have the without having hopes to make it where else but they've built who have because of this get them. Is it to manipulate the to a kindergarten. Horrible on back you out man in your average by their code to mitigate rate the raiders ball on the world. We who are easy to come back for the farmer to game. Clarence hill at Clarence hill junior on to recover the cowboys for the fourth star telegram was legal around the National Football League Clarence. Is Jason Garrett job at all in jeopardy if they go a neat. Not I don't think. Think it'd if they would. Crater in in and some went. For the city seven and nine. I'd I think he's he was in jeopardy because they would just completely you know this volatile mount. Italy today Nate you know way out speak so we're very games. You know that they're built in excuse of why it was when water apartment they would these. In in an update from our somewhat alienated and got a couple when that news. They've got three went out of market corporate they would where was. Poverty finishes you know that you Gerri some hole. It you know we need your bio on board next year you'll go back encryption again and again and Jerry don't want. Fired Jason Jason Gere allow mr. dole beat Jerry Kill you out you know you know in the the game I'll go home controlling. Statements in order. They the year if they had the managers and coaches have. You know that may change you know the wager you all of those bills so I don't think you're about one arm but he will. You know if official no. And it pertains to. Corn arc they're born human also present in most you are right maybe. The gazans and serve your older you know sort of made both Obama and she read all pre understand it at that time that we want the wind out. But he wasn't going to be as it. Work hard and with problem as a champion of the non government. Clarence hill covering the cowboys for the Fort Worth star telegram act until junior onto markets up we appreciate it. Thank you I'm check in on the packers' next. As you just are there for Westwood One maybe the Buccaneers 26 at one of the FC north Eric Jones when he art. Touchdown any touchdown run in overtime in all of a sudden the Packers and it six's six the prospect of eating. And Rogers that could be a team that down the stretch they can stay alive in close there's nobody wants the Aaron Rodgers in that tournament you'll Huber. Publisher pack report dot com is now I apologize build a pillar is it up argue. Over. Bill outlook. For off thanks for the time but man all the while it. All the sudden Rodgers if that happens that's the team that nobody wants in a lawsuit number twelve in the tournament. No they all but the same token you that they get it got so problems on. It could be an amber good adamant very good in her for years and that it is quarterback trooper. They can mulch well regarding. The ticket but what about your effort but there are. It you know it tickets to acknowledge be facing. The ramp in the first round you know the rams who partnered globally or what they down. They want when neck in a couple of all so I don't we don't know on the trip but these guys are what would that but what brought it got a job. Know you were publisher packer report dot com at packer report on Twitter built. To talk about a lean in and what he's done sit and sent him Roger's gone no idea how well as you play. All of department that department all got all got. For home start paying out one win at and amp up. You're touchdowns. But that's on the road. He'd be spared our fourth quarter there and beat Pittsburgh what they 130 and that's. Opel unprecedented in the yacht commoner but are all role in all. Auburn played well on but it could not one but third and beanie back. I would say what Cleveland's going to be desperately the with a warm weather go on here bill you but it defensively. That you see in his struggles. Could you see some changes be made it in the season from all on that that would Dom Capers. I could mean that I got an opinion last year and the year after all of which makes me believe that. Coach Mike McCarthy's mind heat problem is. On paper and have and where are these which makes city general manager you. Response to that all will people out he's been a lot of the upper debate on jail not great players. Proper equipment or number two and that. Fueled the number one quarterback it's these two and a better structures. Editor because he want for it and Eckerd and silent epic effect and it occurred when the burden and bigger than one corporate. Up an eagle on a not for pitcher entered. You know it at 349. You need help Atlantic Ocean illegal. But that's sort of been you know subsequently. That in the past but pretty awful. Your Corvette that decorate you can go to bed at rush. Should look equipment at all. And in a whale in the quarter but at a vault full year bought for him. Maybe I'm in which felt like what it would change it surprised me no it. Bill Huber publisher packer report dot com app packer report on Twitter itself we appreciate it. Better at it but it. They go and check in on the rams' next year are probably. ESPN LE 710 on the Paulie beat the Arizona Cardinals 32 the sixteenth first in the NFC. West and currently the three seed in the NFC. Playoff picture Al local trader there. With that 41 yard interception return and welcome and out Joseph Curley covering the rams in NFL for the Ventura county star Joseph. Men out of defense side of the offense is one of the highest scoring in the league but at the Fitz is sneaky good as the saints found a couple years ago a couple weeks ago. Yeah I think Denon area that's been the worst up where growth curve. Throughout the years after them you know having some rough. Some are most especially in the run deep and two in the year you know they haven't pitched out. It's a perfect game yet but they certainly are you know when you combine with a special team in the belly up and the scoring in all three systems have been here. Down that down the stretch and they prepare or you know to the big indictment to be in it back to back. It's on the day. The coach of the year and down. On the one hand anatomy eloquently number on Minnesota beat the academy to date. Yes the two big front runner right now when you look at all the grandchildren. You know just not just losing also losing you know whale almost watchable you know making them. Going you know potentially the first team in the modern air in order to build a story. Person on any time Eagles right now. It's we can obviously big for that statistic but now you know to to consider the whole dispute with in any way there now. It's just you know blue unfathomable. You know when you start the you know the calendar year off for sure. Probably been eaten. And I were Joseph Curley covering the rams in the NFL for Ventura county star now Todd girly bits invitational a resurgence. After it down your last or should he be in the VP conversation. You know that people that this this week it looks quite injured not giving him BP. I'm considerations why isn't it you know it and I think there's a certain. You know everyone kind of gravitate to quarterback but you know I was sick in MVP of this team. I think he woke early first Donald to automatically got three legitimate. MVP candidate thing to throw line yet. You know you know a real big push you on what they finish. If they abide April you know out early on we should Ian. You know fell and B&B C when you consider that he wasn't going. But you know productivity into their first but this is the key that. I think at the religion and it NDP candidates. And I'll put them in that order early early Donald and then. Golf. Joseph how how far can this it this team. Go and in the playoffs. Well I mean I. I didn't think they get more than. 671 this year so they've already proven me wrong and now permit anyone you know that that predict with certainty in the year. And I don't think there's a team in the NFC. That you really say they can't beat I mean I went and think things European here at the saints can do it. The vikings can do it you know even as he talked the way that they kind of looked the last couple weeks. You know they get together all the injuries that they can do it you know certainly it's amazing to syndicate that in the last year to live a lot in the doldrums. Can be doable in this year. Joseph Curley covering the rams in the NFL for the major counties Starr at the C as you know earlier on repression Tynan. Any time. Ticket on that yet the brightness fellow next hero sports ball on the redeployment. A call currency. 97 ESPN jets radio network he became city chiefs 30313. In the AFC east not account there 01 yard on. For the go ahead score and welcome back to sports talk about the National Football League year on Dhabi and well. I'm at seven and never would add. The New York Jets at 57 at this point it looked like it was going to be that football team than respectable. Obviously respectable at a particular. Who'd a thought they'd be vanity maybe best team in New York City over the eyes bright this delicate beat. Reporter for the New York Post and be at me in at Bryant odds on to Brian how argument. On a good idea. Good listen so I think this might be. Despite the team met for topples onto land in a dead in the water. He might I think it's a fine coaching job considering the talent based elements. Yeah no I mean obviously people predicted them so coupon code 16115. I had two and fourteen. He's fart scene and a fourteen laps and I think the bigger thing even record it. The way they've played they've been averaging. Really the second game the dissect you and your Oakland. In a lose it meant big scoreboard that early in the second half the clothes first and every other game. Has it pretty close so. They played and it seems early. They've blown some fourth quarter lead uniting again like should be at a. In winning a mini games and blown fourth quarter. But overall hobbled them very good job even over cheap. How is Josh countless. Don't cap. Really I mean he's been far in couldn't imagine. When you get signed in March these people expect kind of chuckled remarks. In doubt our. Talk in New York is win. One of the young quarterbacks of clay should Achtenberg. They got in the second round last year and he got in the courtroom to the team when they would turn it over and then kind of discussion all all seat in my you know on the cal or fourteen and one of those guys will come and well MacCallum got hurt he can that's been his recent history. But none of that happened that he really did you learn the most accurate as we keep war now. You and me at 67%. Completion percentage. It's eased to kill poor but EU's internal machines knowledge. Turn the ball were constantly. He's sitting in the kind of steady force for the jets are really good guys locker room to for the. And you cover the jets what's been the reaction up their locally. Now that the stuff for the giants and it's got to be clear that they got to be all over the. Is it pretty strong. And the community reacts in the last week you missed in the event Eli Manning probably one of the greatest and outcry there. Feed him and he. Near port scheme the fans were really that they spatula Manning. I think they were very upset because she met someone they want to yet that someone who's not in the future of the senior giants have third round pick. These web on the bench and it'd gotten hand I think it would have been a little bit more accepted by. Obviously the an outcry was so agree that being played a role in them firing a coach and should weaken. Job Aaron Miller admitted you know they got three in a war drill or all of either Coleman did not want. I'm situation. Clean out cans flying banners over the medium. You know burning their ticket to Max I am out. What was being discussed around here over the last week. Mike it's delicate report that he opposed in WFA. Brine odds on. Whether Bryant color he about this about the ball out of the world seat yet. Like it up there I loved. I mean he's been great he's going to be there and everything. But they'll be you know come out view and keys. He and market Canadiens second round pick up Florida. Has started every game AT McCain and the clam up every now and Abu Jamal on Sunday you know trust Kelsey element yet. Early on scored two touchdowns in the first five minutes. And it kind of puts a ball and my and John announcer sitting game. He's done a really good job this year covered governor's job tackling. You low on energy that defense. Eric I'd become a leader even rookie. Rightist elements it's a preparation. I think I'm. The ticket on the ravens' next. WBA IL the idea why why ravens game data network in Detroit last week. 44 point second in the AFC North Carolina succeed. In the AC Eric well at 45 yard. In a sense of return for a touchdown in Baltimore Ravens at seven and five pretty respectable. Pretty respectable and the and welcome in now David Ginsburg AP writer covering the Baltimore Ravens at NC three on Twitter. And David this ravens team quietly make some noise and it. Yet. Where they were there are 500 could read Barrett went work by then but that we make no one's behind it and so that's partly. When reasons for cook at all since that last week when mentions two cohorts. What's been what's been the strength of the rain says. Hope we're turnovers that they spent the entire offseason trying to improve the defense shoring up at that field. And it's worked exactly the way they wanted to choose it Saturday. If that 29 turnovers one interceptions. For those numbers we believe plus fourteen on turnovers. And that I think everyone knows that I went football you don't make the states have been. Very very clear with the football and often not explosive but they've done they had to do that defenses. As really strong demand and that's why. There are 75 and number six spot playing ops. Was coach Harbaugh under any real. I guess fire if it was he it was a job in jeopardy if he didn't have a winning season this year. We're going to bring up the good point but I think he even one year extension early in the season and so it sort of what some of the pressure off them but. They have made the playoffs and two straight years last year they were 75 that they are now in the state may. Miss out on the playoffs and I'm not sure I think it would have been some. Rumblings. Had they not really had to search link because you know and instead they were were streamed toward one point before they start to time. And I think it would have been some considerations. Of whether or use that Egypt had lost its the luster and that that might in question I think now. Unless they pull that is that it last year. He's been against Portland and your ball more. David Ginsburg AP writer covering the Baltimore Ravens act gives the three on Twitter about the AFC north of Baltimore Ravens and dated. They have the Steelers remaining. Do it a terrorist we're currently do they have the Steelers remaining on the schedule. And it's something. It. Yeah thanks pretty well by the Steelers 269 earlier in the season I'd be frank with you I don't think they're separate parts dealers. And you don't think there are side action the Steelers. But there wouldn't buy it they beat him I think that the interest in that would certainly. I think increase in the waves around the street team going into the player so it would have quite the collapse for a reason to prevail. But you know in in in the snort but they you have in the Pittsburgh elements on the and I think like food in its own way and should be insisting. A lot of fun David Ginsburg Associated Press writer covering the Baltimore Ravens at NC three armed with a good stuff we appreciate what's Rodman. My partner and very much. Indeed the Ginsburg on the back with Mike the Rocco over the jaguars. Saxon built yet been developed nation. Next hero sports talk on W well. The jaguars radio network all the call out of four that's five yard touchdown his first. In six weeks the jags and 84 beaten. Indianapolis Colts thirty that in a second in the AFC south the fifth seed. In the AFC but they are eight fall along with Tennessee Titans who were 84 in the south that you look at Jacksonville. This team may not the silly make a lot of noise. In the playoffs this year but. Many out loaded for the future that is for sure I mean the defense of particular passing yards are given a 167. Yards. A team in the air and National Football League lead the league in pass defense pretty impressive also total yards for the Jacksonville Jaguars a plethora. A young talent that's on the football. We will commit now Mike the Rocco covered the jaguar for ESP NFL nation. And up by our. With that jaguars team it could be I don't under the wanna make well this year but I think they're primed and ready for the next handful years to really be a thorn in the AFC. Yeah you know that the expenses is relatively young they are beatable eyes and Colin Campbell and maybe China gets the temperature back there from all the others or are you on in and early in his career that he senses is pot for cheap three year wrong and it felt that and you guys though he can play like that you're always gonna have a chance. And depending on what they do that in terms of the wide receivers picking up some. Help along the line between the quarterback situation. You know there could be legitimate Super Bowl contender next year. Look at the remaining schedule. They've got Seattle Houston at San Cisco and look at the that actually have a titans and you'll wartime. That. And what's win total with over and over until we think that this this team remain at Tennessee in week seventeen where I could decide the division right there. Yeah that could decide they obviously which one of those teams get a hold up in the following week. It won't. You know like I think this week's game against copying them. I think rock will prevent them all kinds of challenges sort of that we did Eagles. On the other night but I think they'd be using it is even nordic all. Technical equipment even the 49ers. And the you know it's become. Game. And you know. If you look at the titans and you look at subjected to reject the scene that the act would tighten played. The type of struggling to meet Jack even in so you'd go by. It on people look at that pretty. Like they'll form while some at the end and it it would mean do. We should win game I think were there that you over the final four games. Around the National Football League here in golden ticket on the Jacksonville Jaguars would like to Rocco ESP NFL nation reporter in. I'm curious to know with Mike for a team with her a team like this is Doug ruled his first year. As a coach and also that Tom Coughlin as the GM how it happened so quickly this time. Well. It's called which he got a lot of lack for. The last four years but. You know he really put together bowed and his laughter I mean the addition of letter or in. Can't drop in the biggest rookie this year that are making contributions you know that on call when it. You know they'd call of the ones on collate Campbell when there church and it gave away. In the week Jack in one rapid look at 2016. Draft. Do in. While yak. Yeah he got me in the 323. Of the best player on the team certainly on the defense and really it. You know there and could make the line because of the and they've been so good this year because the guy. Call has ended now granted that you get off that they need more physical they have more accountability. Is. Directly and they dubbed road Tom Coughlin. So you ought the triumvirate. Has yet to be. You know. A problem if they didn't go well. But. They've been gone exceptionally well in those three have worked really really well together and combine everything that they brought you got. What she'd gotten out yet ready to compete for the playoffs and you know who knows what happened in the post he knows that once he gets hot but he makes up on the big bowl. He probably. You called a lot of credit for what's happening now. Mike the Rocco cover jaguar yet it is foundation. Legitimate. In the areas like the ticket and on the chargers next. Kath KF IAM. 640 in Los Angeles on the call there. The Los Angeles chargers at six and six they beat Cleveland nineteen to 102. In the AFC west Philip Rivers seven yard touchdown pass to. Keenan Allen and it's the team that was left for dead a few weeks ago he ripped off three straight wins they retreated six dollars six and six seconds. And in the AFC west and with Kansas City faltering in weight he covered the charges and MBA from Los Angeles Times and I got to ask you. The charges could end up winning the last. Yet they couldn't they were even better than you are there for. In only one unit is there and play out. Inserting on board it just happens as the 25 anniversary. And it just so that was the chargers so. They've you used. Story line there next week and anatomy they're playing really applaud me you know six and two really don't horse art. Arm in one of those losses and there at Jacksonville game that. I don't know on the game I think you'd you run that scenario a hundred times. Where you where you have what we eat you intercept the court wrecked twice in the final two minutes. You know I think you come out victorious 99 so that the team has played really good footballer. It. And I think it tooting I think one com offensively they've come so opened over more or group. The kind of develop their identity it figured out that they need to move and out around it and released on all this terrific. You know just coming off of something no receiver posters Everton which is straight games with at least ten pet water touchdown. That you pointer quickly and I think that more big insurance and even. Their defense has been terrific it's become sort of this. You know really really constant hockey corporate guys. That plays the sort of that I need to work swagger but I couldn't react to it that they play with a swagger and attitude. I thought it was. Really really funny that it defense in the middle of the pack statistically which would say that they were. They don't disrespect that that the Buffalo Bills would think it was a good idea later cornerback in some and it's not be right it technically be dropped five times in the first app. Thank you yeah you know that the level but they're playing they've got a pass Berkshire's. Enjoyable Melvin Ingram and one of the best quarterback TJ you're basing this. In Wiki covering the chargers an NBA Los Angeles Times look at the remaining schedule for the Los Angeles chargers still on up honestly. But as the cabinets in the post them. Yet they host and Sunday. And there on the road against Kansas City on the road at its New York Jets and back home in week seventeen against Oakland I mean. I could see him rip off for four straight here. It could happen you know they don't play team with a winning record as right now the rest of the way and obviously. On the two divisional games are going to be dog quite. Them in Kansas City you know I think the chief set feeling that they can't win the division that they like game and that. Unit you know and it really is art. He's rally against the raiders. Los Angeles that is you know obviously news via public and hearing laughter at the warriors. And with two teams the rams and the church and temple those. You popularity combined might not equal or greater and hear the accelerator cities that is going to be essential generator home game. And eateries and operate that could be why are we unique. Are playing in the 27000 seat stadium that that might have. 191000 raider fans think like that the REV. So you know up games their Berkshire. The doubling all winnable and I think began October 1 that the because there that we well. You know we control our destiny win out when the debate and so it they would take it and and somehow they on the map the. In Wiki they spokesman. Arabic it. Goes to talk from Los Angeles Times wrapping up the one thing. Our audit master control of patents that it also it is on sited via Christians are to reply. I'm now.