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Tuesday, September 26th

Bobby & Deke go "Around the League" with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.


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And it anyway until around the league he said to go around the NN's Thelma first up let's go to the cruising let him is as our remit teaches you to tell you had a spill missy because the American government. PP. Mississippi but Jeanne Jeanne thank you for calling WW. I don't know about banks have taken Marco let go of the show. You some comic in the disagree with him that you're matching them properly you know. But I pop time will tell you guys. Marat I have a question. Are someone walk that to you and jumped on a real hard. Invoking Joseph and you out of the ground and wrote all that Bobby better show and you got to knock outs. And if you do say out in the Google and Yahoo! and do it quietly and on the way out don't look at me what that that's what I feel when I hear. Individuals say how. When and where black should hold test. Pertaining to injustices. Directed toward its age are almost arrogant to say you should shut out. Are you shouldn't do it this way you shouldn't do that way to win. The individual matter are complaining are the protesters haven't there's no injustice being on the fairway. They aren't ill feelings toward Robin being treated. Cops or does in general. So to put black folks that player than a box now politicians. Wanting to pools funding. On the strange because there aren't comparable poll tested never comfortably never meant. Could be comfortable and that those poker and probably wish. There it would have to poster out of this not to do call and talk about a while but this is are Shaq stated that a fair and. Well Jane Jane Jane indicated that you came via U immediately gives you came be made by the media if someone decides to pull something and they got a right to do that well in Indian and Italian. You can't control somebody as a unique gene the money out of body down and tell you right now Gina we today. The mighty dollar. His goal being supersede all the wind Donald Trump because you had like. These from Pakistan and now you Indian descent but you know. Post World War II in India got their independence. Mr. Khan. The Who owns a Jacksonville Jaguars gave Donald Trump a million dollars. You look at Robert crap going on and on how big money contributed to Donald Trump's. Campaign and how all of a sun like whoa. Our trivia I don't know what to say you know what to do it aided that image. When you seeing SOB. All of a sudden. No that that has gone a little too far so when you look where that comes about. On day they get their address this the NFL as a league rule address it. And ending it in dividend of and and it might be where okay. You can't protest you might elicit by the led the U in Baltimore away do you Sam does is go away at the in Phoenix Arizona wherever. And now you can get a group together. And protests. Whatever to gripe though are whatever situation on just says that you might be facing. And you might be doing and not a comedy time would you on time assailing you choose you dale. And you gonna have a rally and you have awareness but I'm today and NFL's gonna get to the point. Where and Iran on the cusp. Where okay eight. I mean the owner in this is what I demand look look at Jerry Jones can't get down more. I don't know you look at Dallas is organization. Who did you call my dubbed blue collar. America's team. And trying to play may be both sides were beginning Neil downloading and a stand. And attention. That a National Anthem but is gonna come to the point where all of a sudden on his day off. That you can protest as a protest when you all time and not necessarily. An ex skate like sports and they're trying to separate politics is sport Jane judges gonna happen I'm saying when do you believe that are not. I'm just tell you why it's in the future. Give the players with the national random misplayed the knot in the locker room in the inn and and that the Nash ran is over any commodity play the game. And that that I don't have a problem with that there are individuals that. Protests against the fact that folks to protest the entrance that they they think it's all about the lack all the flag. Near India to their hearts but if they understand what the flag experienced or at the end it's at liberty and justice scrawl. So be real hope of slack in the pledge to the flag that would eclipse in near India terror isle park and it's anybody's been actually being treated. Unjustly in America everybody should be kneeling everyone should be pro testing but its not like it's elective justice in the airports now. Well again and again on Jane. But I mean again it day in day as there's a right to do things and as a reaction in his accident and the that takes a man I guess I feel asserted an amateur and I'm not and I'm not cut you off but I got to go to around the league so thank you so much typical. Let's go to Ed bacon a big one in Philadelphia. It's only three weeks into this season but if there is an impressive lawsuit had to go to the Eagles are long lost what's on the TV canvassing tees. That was a Sports Radio 94 WIP. In some of their particularly at 61 yard game going feel good evening can take a double wide WCBS Sports Radio Philadelphia covered the Eagles. Any NFC east if this is a thirteen I doubt to a hot start last year this in the coach Doug Peterson what leads you to believe that they won't tail off. After a good start this year. Oh well it certainly has the possibility it could happen. And that they'll get that relief this year there in the first four promote the a lot of these guys org is is the first year last year. Are part of the respecting your this year one thing that appears important that we gain. It's cheap doubt that this would not the game that they would of won last year that this would regain that would block the fact that they came back. And what you portly what order. At a desperate giants and they believe he can't get the sense warming that there aren't the Drupal one today. So you have. If you're out course and wind switched you have to believe that you look at it and regret or are here you have to do resistance yet because it's still carry over. Large screen out it was a well well look the Steelers limited the third win but he didn't get the the sense that what they'll let them or more chance to rest seem. Leo we are division and could blow longer this. Yeah I had along those lines. I mean car so it. I mean. To me an NFL doesn't have enough the young stud quarterbacks. Solid it's supply and demand. I mean cars who wins Timmy looks like the real deal not nah I know he's still wanted to develop bin. As a lot oppression Philadelphia that's what are the toughest markets but. I mean I think two media deals gonna get it done of course who wins is the guy. I agree we all know that this would yet the quarterback currently and in the case of course to land. Obviously there are so who would make there are still something he has worked audit than expected your quarterback what. Why should short roses intermediate throws though the middle of the sidelines or. They're really important really accurate so that threatens to work on now I'm not saying that rob Parker. But he's got some of those characteristics. Largest has retaliated capability. Ways people like Serbia low fat meal you know move. And make some plays happen it's strange being only backward. That's resulted in big plays in the future so to get better. And Eagles aren't realized that has been as personally it's a marketable thirteen times in Kansas city's main. The ground game yesterday. Under united regard the ground about certain company. Now. You know I am when you look at day in and sees you look at I don't know right now you look it's only three games it. Do they have CUS top to bottom like whoa. In even again gags together. If you the raiders are whenever considering. You know you look at the cheese in the Broncos even though they're elated nag you never know but. Look at that competition looking at the NFC east. Were you surprised. To me in their trenches that was asked Ruben they've put on the race is that being a Redskins. Yet yet and now they want they had a ballot what you the first stop week that the legal heated up five anymore. Out of the dirt just like being right. Optimal by and I think that the weight greater that was a good setup. Because generator game ago apple could start had to make about a lot of sun in right on the East Coast back curled it in again. I read in Munich got pretty close game early in eagle but then out act that would when an LA back all the Sunday night. But not surprised the Redskins and I think it's a simple wave one game. Really take into a raiders being that way for the purchase support for we demand. Again look at that there and the cowboys and the definition of being on the Eagles are 2121. The rest of the tour and the giant tech issues that they are a reminder oh great but there. They're just get the sense that our court and greens are being that there are well especially. If you time to time with the receivers he has. Back in here so it it started shrieking divisions beginning here we work well and it and the dine out oh Reno is the division. So maybe insurmountable but it still like the book we have very important measures. Culminate NFC east in the Philadelphia Eagles the KYW. CBS what you do in Philadelphia's city of brotherly love ending to it always a pleasure. Thank you so much for the time. Are. They said. Like they did when they used to do it quite often in the hole in a season two it was a Minnesota the Tampa beat down in Minnesota eighth man in the Minnesota by the river and we're asking him to Stephon digs. Did nine yard touchdown a gentlemen as well in respect to cover the National Football League and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC north division Mary FitzGerald senior. Larry Minnesota all of to a hot start and getting I guess a little bit Obama is pretty good performance the case genome. And you know the lottery you win and I guess you don't you wanna give same method back but would get sick when is Brad the what is the latest on December at. Well it. There's been known to do well. And wondered. What went. On. To its final. Well loss to the arts. There you go you you don't I don't realize you look don't worry Dez that's a bonus for us and I cannot. I'm. It's just that mark surrounding. I eat fast rep refused to be dealt this get back on the record deal that's been opened towards. Disabled. Yeah. I'm ready to be. Did you know political. Go back to Lou it would wipe it off but it once they start out by its statement. Well the the it all the while they've done they've gone simple goal block. That they. Be. More. But it didn't and they're cutting them out by. And they. Want. Me at. The O. Now Larry when I look at value bring Abdallah could saints fans and no allies feel like he was a better not a rookie. But how buds to find bigs no Larry FitzGerald junior. He is son still playing at a high level. But as defined digs he burned a saints then looks like he's gotten off to a great start this NFL season now 173 yards receiving. Villages comment on what digs in his common as he's playing with a. Well despite extremely happy that we have out there on it. Arctic that there last year. You might work on it but at that he had. Okay. The back where I wanted it yet. All of the arts and out to eat what they great what exactly. But he has really work. Though. There. And written Burton ready to make the way we all. But the ball here what they're at their. Feet. Well why. That didn't look like he credited the what were. They. To go along over the they you. Now Larry look at it would divide is defensively they will of the saints in the trenches on his regular here who's winning. The battle in the trenches and look and add them defensively now he got hurt. In Hussein's game that being Xavier Rhodes we don't and about the probe all pro type cornerback. And I know the saying is that the phase the Buccaneers twice and you look at their weapons and who you draft so what you have been. I'm looking at MI Gammons anytime you hold him the semi catches. 67 yards Xavier Rhodes. To me is amongst advanced the ball NFL quarterbacks. We want. But one. Or 42. State wide. Well. It is. All these Annie. Yeah. I. Am so. In order. Not that it. Actually and so that they've. You know they've. Done pretty well. All of a point. And that is that. You. That they're you were at school board. One. What a game. That the genius beauty. And the well. He is a letter suggesting a Minnesota spokesman recorder cover in the Minnesota Vikings and the U Nancy not so glad they do so much for the time we appreciate it. All right. Thanks Larry I we will continue. With the round early next on WW. Welcome back to our around the league segment of WBO sports talk we do once a week we talked to reporters. From all over the NFL landscape Bobby their Deke Bellavia mormons are and that was perceived. ESPN LA 710. Jerk off a seven yard touchdown pass to Todd Gurley house last Thursday night at the LA rams had to hang Dolan to knock off. The centers who 49ers 41 to 39. Covering the rams and the NFC west from the Ventura county star we welcome in. Joseph curly Joseph Lowery tonight. No word or. Yes Joseph when you look at it whenever. It's a new team coming to town old team becoming back home so to speak with the rams. Do they appreciate dead the rams considering what happened last season and they are a two and one right now. Hula means be ready to support this team. In leaky continue are just break down. As far as a California. I don't know mood I have kids are there. That a law they are ready to embrace Iran. Well I mean. There is that kind of problem vocal minority hard core. Kind of rams group that helped Campbell for the team for the twenty years that they were gone so you know that they're one is that you know there is Andy. Out here in the you know they've had 66 beside. And at the coffee in the those first couple home games and you know anywhere else I think it would look just fine black and the worst. You know wasn't the worst attendance. Those first couple weeks by you know in the coliseum which is. You know 99 now yes they're I mean. It looks you know the two thirds full looks smaller and you know that the really hold the thing about about that is that if if the rambler are able to draw sent the you know back home Cuba and it should be one of the best if not the best man look at the place is while with 60000 the first couple games. You know that the place is a while so you know that there there is you know specifically that the rams have as a vocal. And decent Southern California and it just kind of trying to recapping our old generation right. You know kind of re gather and get those those people move and again I think you know last year I think that really the reason why it's the way the first couple weeks is that. You know the Internet. I think the most important thing that the you know this year under on today the programs be entertaining you can't argue against that the first three games they have an entertaining. All countries on Thursday night. Well a joke out of two part question first of all one has still along those lines. As far as the band days to look at Dallas. Will load the cowboys the cowgirls are column practice and docks and orange and has tried and LA's backyard and I mean who wouldn't want to practice there. Talked about how significant that win would be as far as ball. You know you're going to add Dow is the way would a win. In May when you look at the NFC west. I take dump Croshere. Why not the rain. Considering how well they've played Seattle in the past Arizona they've always done well in the division. In now's a big win now gives a 49ers. So it is Greg did downloading is Dallas and also we think to prospects they're not intimidated to me but an NC US no matter who's coaching. Yeah yeah. You know I'm up here north of felony and a new rock star break or in the same county where we come Politico. This summer one year and so you know it is kind of a big. Big deal you know certainly the rams have started really strong when you look at that. If you look at who they play musical turned down. Certainly the niners you know right or teams in the league so yes it started strong but you know the people into at this point. You release you know it. He'd really be afraid of where they are you to keep you had to beat 211. At this point to really have any optimism now you'd bet for or accountable. You know I don't think they're they're the team they were last year certainly from the the issue defense. This Stiller do you know that that the people hope all the go to the huge test. Socially at the event he got to go out there the plan and one of the places you know the play in and you know certainly John McCain knows him well from time Washington. You know having been part of that rivalry so you know I think that this is really you know. They've been entertaining so far some games but this was the team's three and one watched yet even though they finished fourth well so that is really the first. Real cast. Of the job fair. An and Tanzania last you know certainly you know I think the Smart money probably still on Seattle. But they're not perfect team by any measure you know with the issues that they Elena but the lines program I players sitting in first place. At this moment in other two and one no real privilege record not the vision and it's fair to say that that the niners and probably in the cardinals are really going to be part of that race. So I think it's probably going to be imperative that the rams are actually gonna push. Seattle. You know four playoff berth for a you know for the division. In other again four wins from those those four count that they don't want already forwards from those. Those gains Vail we split with Seattle. So then you know if you land. You know five and five out of six of those games you do publish the plan which I think nobody in their right mind would be given the rams team. You know considering how awful those last two months that he worked here at. Noble thing that is the real key to view the yeah on Sunday this is the real test. We'll see what programs are made of starting with this game and and you got. Seattle holes at this rejuvenated Jacksonville team out there a bunch of it that really did beat it is mostly in the middle stretch of this. This route this schedule so you know Ole Ole ball a lot more in the next month. During the NFC west and the LA rams for the Ventura county star Joseph Kernen Joseph thank you so much for the time. Any kind of thinking all right take a joke. And it would have could have should they could be three you know it's always said that was an Landry lost to Carolina in week two the tomb on Buffalo Bills with one of the bigger. Surprising wins over the weekend pretty much handling the Denver Broncos. Buffalo this week and action they can't help out every morning through the rim nation the saints as we get they go into Atlanta puff the falcons. Do and is talking about the Buffalo Bill is any AFC east. The Buffalo News Dick routine big. Buffalo has admitted teammates being close is similar to putting it altogether an area. It seemed like I don't say waving the white flag but it almost seemed like OK look we would go to play this season with stockpile now direct X for the future. A bottle not a bad right now. No they are proving that you might be able to have it both ways to play well now. And stockpile for the future they got those experts in the first three rounds in 20182. In each of the first three. And that's really good news for I think a fan base that also see some promise. In a team that and it to a one they're tied for first in their division. And looking strong especially in the area that everyone thought they'd be strong in. The last couple years in warm under Rex Ryan under new coach Sean McDermott their defense has played exceptionally well. In all three of these games. Now a big. You know people get sick guitar did the patriots and ANC ease than. When Oleg there's a lot of bills fans let alone in the very similar to this thing's a 500 tide team. Where in 201213. Once things gain of fourteen they were nine. Fifteen the 1860. New ones seven and considering. You know my age they remember Jim Kelly. And the bills they were animals in a seat dive team now look at they would seventeenth consecutive seasons. The most active post season drought in North American professional sports. I mean are the fans like come on now it's enough the bills we need to be a playoff team because this they like the right on the cubs. Do a net but what will what are what is your take on digital quarterback driving lead. They have fans that did have I guess commented Tyrod Taylor as far as leading him that way. Well first vote earlier point about. As they said not enough there well that and it they well. Major while ago. And no I don't think there's great race. That Tyrod is the long term franchise answer and that was pretty well established Wednesday. In order for him to stick around in buffalo he. Had except ten million dollar pay cut and that's a big pay cut right buddy. And he did that though because there was really nor option for him and so the market. Played against him going else. Where a way to avoid the big obligated this mean you look at a Broncos defense. Considering. Amongst the best in the National Football League. And has the Elvis com entities to 126. They did say well no 213 yards but deported toys things that's impressive. To bill to put those numbers against. Broncos tight defense to amongst the best know. Question I mean it's a good confidence building game for him but a lot of it was scheme I mean they do and nice job of moving. If moving the pocket you know I got him on the edges. Taking advantage of it they ransom quite a lot of crossing rout against the man team so that's. An advantage there and they also do a lot throwing out of wrong formation they adult sites and and were thrown a football. So I I they get a really good job richt and it's in the conference coordinator keep them off balance now I'm I'm not. Take it all credit from Tyrod Taylor but I will tell you that he still. You know that they were efficient and effective. Not spectacular in the past you know some of it too is I don't think they have the best deep threats and you know that trigger word semi watch right. And and I think the other thing consider too is it he's I mean I'm you know the touchdown pass that. That they got the first one of the two that he throw. Actually won office deflection from day Jones and then after all of the burglar caught in the back of the end of the debt pact could have been picked. And Andy did have pick in the opening game Indians on same kind of pattern. Against the jets so the body music guy who actually doesn't. Take too many chances and in your defense is too much. And the other thing that I think is that there is global troublesome as Hillary have to feel they'll hook a couple of reads out half the field. And and and make his decision these throw or run so. They've got those specs for region by the they're looking to load this team up. Low post picked up what should take and take it shot and at a quarterback Dexter and they might have a guy in May and Peter and fifth round pick this year. And now big move forward leg you run I mean easy loans to earn their rent buffalo are you know because you know look at the international market you have Mexico City. London Toronto. IR oval what do you think in today's day bubble because it's it's a football town. Are because you know we always hear Toronto's like the new York city of Canon know all the break that down did you. Right well I'll break it down the ownership that's in charge this team now it took over. Officially in 2014. Third in October 14 when they've actually got pain carrying compatible husband wife team who also all the book will savers hockey team. They took it over. With the idea. Do and a kind of a community service thing if you will. I mean it's a it's an expensive accurate these servers one point four billion to buy it being with a billion with a B but. Very big because they want me to stay here I look I I know there are also business people don't. Take kindly to losing money no one does and and they're not crazy. You know it is much is there there might be loyal. But they're they're people who understand what that he means that the area. I think they're doing. This is good job as anybody can do to make it work in the small. So in the Buffalo Bills and any. FC east of the buffalo and Vick routines take always a pleasure thank you so much for the always enjoy ago they today all right we'll continue around letting next on WW health. And that that. Packers and still come from behind and beat the bingo Tony seven Tory before him or rusty coming in the AFC north Anderson today mangoes of the since then inquire Jim Miller is a tough week for the division and voted Steelers and me. Grave instability in the bingo is looked so good at first but then no one of those Aaron Rodgers trademark comebacks happen. But Susan any show some signs on offense where where's the fan mates where the offense at the change from week ago. Well currently it is a community. Yeah offensively you can get worse than nine point zero touchdown two weeks. Which is why the changes made compendium p.s need to do laser. So look at the opera they scored twenty points. And mortar position for more a Google was maybe which was. You know we've talked in the pet guide that the club. You know they've missed Google noted that. That hurt as well maybe it would allowable per game and you know I think the fact that the team. Sure well and green Bay's bye I think will be angry. Book club angles and here's the first ten days in the seasons so. You know it put politically guys can go to Cleveland. And lose. And fall for it I think it might really really. Turned things. Pretty carried out here at the other part of the data network. Yet agenda rather than actually come all and three the stability Marvin Lewis what I've read them promise lately you know obviously Golar reply I'll start doing anything. But it just things like the whole brown family going way back. That indeed just have a chance than not they win anything when they have a chance. That had been only changes. But. Of Obama rules how can he not be on the hot seat. If all of a sudden I notice he's an issue are gonna view if you lay day against the browns and you. 014 is more rules on the hot seat are. Is it Kelly glad the season play out and see where we're at it they will make good decisions. Well it I guess right. Appeared at a little bit oh that rate to appoint a problem brown family your that it doesn't make changes. R&B MPG is the first coordinator. In history of the franchise. To be fired these. Lol once. It. Towards opposite team talk about coordinators that code changes one guy had been fired at the quarter and a couple. Head coaching changes in the lap or being gave it should look back in like the late nineties. So. You're right they don't make changes now Margaret who. Yet even a team Sunday which may be the worst loss would be or maybe regular. Long tenure that that I don't think the guys would be able blogger mark down over fifty years. But what we're yet more you know I get that the little warmer in. He doesn't have. Our contract into next year for the first time since when he and cervical and coach welcome no I don't think he's gonna be removed. Year out regardless of what had. I think it's respect them too much of that. Him all the Aussie coloring is today being those in the ANC north of the Cincinnati Enquirer Jim thank you for the thank you try to grab the next on WW. All right thanks so much. And as you report. And look back on what coach oh dear of course in both due back. But Rouse is official prop on the of LSU athletics and tomorrow night is so I talked it is the it always our show here along the WW you know. Thanks so much Tamar minority Jim hands on news on the X is double covered sports and mall with said Dunlap and Christian and Derek Adolf. And Christians prayed tale Chris Cato and sets. Well coming up tomorrow QB QB we Drew Brees and of course our review preview with a great Deuce McAllister. The moment are on the ability is always jump up like. I need to get him Bobby a ban. One of the way alleged.