Are your emotions high because of the high rise?

Newell Normand
Tuesday, November 21st

Are your emotions high because of the high rise?  And what other areas in the city are causing you to have traffic nightmares? Let’s talk about it.


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We're back in we've been talking about North Korea we've talked about tax reform will continue to conversations and any of those issues at give us a call 2601878. Also we want to know whether or not you're emotions are high because of the high rise. Major arterial road way common into the city shut down for the most part. Consistent and constant complaints of storage and don't then the dumping of debris at the bottom of that bridge no one seemed to be paying attention no one seemed to care. Until unfortunately. A fire. That you know it destroys part or Doug or dates part of the the piers that support the bridge and all of a sudden we're down one lane. And we haven't problems and we're having to do. You know workarounds and consume manpower and ought to work through that. And then this morning we find out that the mayor is writing a book in the shadows of statues of white southerner confronts. History the publisher says. That there is our Landry says there's a difference between remembrance of history and reverence. Fort. That you're in a speech as he delivered as a crane hoisted the least statute that I never revered that I always tried to understand it. And the complexity of what was going on in the leaders' minds at that point in time in history so we want to hear from you give us a call 260. 187 he will go to line one talked to James in Metairie who's been patiently hold on what say you James. Yeah like you thank you. Or aren't. Do people. But don't feel qualities as. Mere. Could do well. Ultimately written over our. Critical. So not very only me. Minorities. Vehicles rule in limbo. The whole goal pre open this year. So pure. Well let it all of those. Art taxes. You know if you have an increase payroll via payroll taxes the Social Security is all in the Medicare tax one port for filing thank you with a corporation pays as well as the nudity. So it's all embedded in it I get which is saying James. And I don't panel disagreed that's why had these two experts on an hours trying to get. You know to flush out some. Some issues here that. To me sometimes seems a little disingenuous and there are no guarantees embedded in these bills. To make sure that is gonna create job growth in that it's gonna raise incomes in America we try to before. And what we did is we salvage. Poor balance sheets and we paid dividends. But it didn't lead to significant job growth and that's where I'm Connor I have in my issue. In an uncertainty and I think sometimes I think we're moving too fast. And the dip ready jaguar opinion poll bears that out 74% of the respondents are saying that we need to take time to flush out the details. As opposed to 26%. That say you know just rush it through. And one of the things that was interesting about mister Pociask comments. Who was this the second external and the reason that a lot of this is change in descended is that under the senate rules they wanna be able to vote by a simple majority. And pass this legislation so that's why they made a lot of changes as to what the fiscal impact is going to be. Because if they don't get the appropriate score. It then it's gonna require believe it's two thirds vote as opposed to a simple majority and they'll never get it through. The senate but thank you so much for James from colony we really appreciate it will go to line has online too what say you I'd ask. Hi is actually yet now that I'm sorry. While ago. I think my biggest complaint maybe quote it is it. Yet they are up there you know is that they allow act in. Why air. It out they're easy to like sit sit there or. Yeah I don't know I mean. I have not been. And so much fewer are as not because of a personal experience. And I just think that's a major arterial road wide factory had something similar viewer called not too long ago happen in Atlanta. There was a fire that was started they actually made I think three or four arrests and act in that case. That religious shut the town down for a period of time in innate in in order to re mediate a problem in. And here we have the same situation and there was a business owner they interviewed the other day who was completely frustrated. Because he's been watching people dump debris and tires and everything else under this bridge. For years. And hasn't been able to get a response to it and it's caused problems for him because he's businesses located right across the street. And it looks horrible and not to mention the problems. That that he was haven't rodents and everything else that was gone along with that. And now hopefully. After we've had this significant. Intrusion. Into the lives of many people that have been completely inconvenienced by this happenstance. Hopefully we're gonna have something changed. Well I hope so like a study out about it right back up at the football why. When they're probably could've been and it that they want to adopt base that have been dormant where. So I know let me ask you on a tax reform have you have you. Drawn a conclusion or an opinion on the matter. And now not yet. Now. What's your hesitation. Mask. Herb. Now. Right now I'm actually. I haven't even might really given it serious thought outlook for a while back. Yeah I'm I'm just. You know I'll listen to everything. And died it out. I don't have really. Thought about that. Roca well I'm I'm sorry feel loss and I know it's going to be tough to earn at times at Thanksgiving it always is actually my dad died today. Op I'm sorry. Think about. All I mean I'm sorry today is my dad's birthday misstated the time ago. Over a year ago but it would the date of his death but today's his birthday and it makes you think about that. Over and over and over again I guess you can sense the emotion in my voice but. You know if there's always a constant reminder about that we'll thank you so much for Colin and we appreciate your thoughts on highrise we wanna hear from you. What are your thoughts your emotions as high. As some others that have been talking about this intrusion June in this inconvenience that they haven't to experience as a result of you know this issue of having mr. breed down at the bottom of the bridge and ultimately catches on fire and here we already have an an issue. Art let me know what you think and about. Mayor Mitch Landrieu is new book that's coming out in the shadow. Statues and it it talks about. What what his thoughts are. As it relates to this the publisher announces that the democratic mayor will Trace his personal history. And look at the larger history of racism in the United States the publisher describes the book is a passionate. Personal. Urgent book from the man who sparked a national debate. So we're gonna take a break and when we return we're gonna go straight to to talk lines to 60187 near Texas and 87870. And let us know. What you're thinking about this is new alarm and on Debian audio. We're back in we're talking about the high rise and on the tax on their hundreds of examples of things being ignored until there's a problem and then it's too late think levees pumping stations drainage streets. Tire fires water. It's after. Great government. Promote should be written about it little online and talk today in New Orleans east and what say you. Yeah of course I would like to know what would. What look at China towards dead B. And while but it won't be punishment put it if it calls. Well could potentially be arson in criminal damage to property any number of different charges. As soon as you know. Dependent on the evidence says it's revealed but obviously we know that somebody started a fire there was stuff they are that's flammable. These tires for example or huge problem. We also know that they got hot enough that it actually. Almost melted the concrete. So now was what their structural concerns war and I hope that the reports are true that. It may be open this afternoon before of the Thanksgiving holiday rush because that that is a huge problem. Yeah isn't that right now. Costly. The action. Look at this plot and no I just wanted you know by now what what what you know. What would be well but distributed get a punishment mean nudged the sisters. Well thank you Tampa Collin and we appreciate and have a happy Thanksgiving and John on line three what say you John. I don't do well. I think I think that shouldn't all be better especially. Acknowledge you here but the orient trash. To be out underneath the bridge which a triple away I think he ought to be accountable. For that Stewart award. Let's check out the regular job in order by smoke I'm not sure any. Well. I hope that you. Well just to be fair to the city. There is shared responsibility. Here. Because it is us maintained by the state that area whereas the dumping was occurred. That occurred is actually state property. But obviously there were a number of complaints made to city government. By folks in and there was obviously no follow up in now what tends to frustrate all the neighbors over there and of people that are trying to run a business. And eleven next to an unauthorized dump. And you know. Getting rid of tires is expensive because they have all kinds of rules and regs with that so what happens is a lot of these folks just take these tires. And starred dump and it all over. Our city the place we call home and it's a problem. Right at that spot I'll be ignored it and be sure where Euro until. They're a couple of you know is great honor. You know I don't know illegal. You know it makes the people for once turned. To go for. I think it takes this holistic approach of being intrusive when you need to be intrusive and all of these issues or otherwise. They would just keep taken advantage of the fact that you're not doing anything John thanks so much like Colin and we'll go to line one. Talk to you to talk to JJ in New Orleans what's going on judge Hank. A man are you gone though too great. Pay no wanna cinematic openness and billions if you don't put it up on the Brit strangle hold it get in at the couple years. It built up there have been a lot of I'll bet well they're it's little lottery so they're a competitor out here. Billion people. But all opinion that there they don't have that they're built not all the way to access able. Wouldn't go 00. On the they're not that we do with it it'll go that route. Yet I'm not I'm actually not familiar with that JJ so I apologize I'm not able really opine on it but. Obviously if there isn't another riot route an alternate route that makes sense they they should look at all of the options I know that the chief was on. Last night and again this morning talking about alternate routes and haven't. A lot of human capital. Put into place to deal with. These alternate routes in and manipulating the red lights and things of that nature so that they can move the traffic as quickly as possible. But it only highlights what I've been saying all along is that this is the major arterial road way that comes into the city in New Orleans. And we need to treated as such and when that goes down. I know we've taken we've it made accommodations. With them. National highway grants of of having. Folks to respond if there's a broken down vehicle to get it off of there because that is. Something that very much. Impacts our economy day in and day out to be able them move goods services everything else through that. What six lanes of roadway. Over that over that waterway. Which is a big problem for us we'll go to line two and talked to Mike in Slidell what's going on my. They have but I am glad you know buying about a half hour just like death threat not my call. Ben Holland prayer at ground zero O it here and railroad. A rare road drawbridge. Alleged traffic come to an alma. And it refused to let trap they used that. Do you use years ago. It is especially going does broke Bart and my question is about one of firemen. Came to our award garments fire. Did today. Actually shoot water. The bottom of the courier Georgia you're just worried about just put more water on fire. Protecting the bridge. Look I'm not I'm not sure they they are trained in a common know how to handle these things I'm sure it's not the first time that they've seen a tire fire us a really don't have the answer. To that question I mean the fact of the matter is the nuisance was there. It was utilized by. Folks that engaging criminal behavior. And now all of the citizens of the entire metropolitan area have been inconvenienced by. By saying hey you know you when you about it you bring up a good point Mike in an indirect way. We had to put all these firefighters' lives at risk the deal with this. Well we haven't dealt with the problem all along. And in a suit their needs to be a follow up when people hall. In this this problem continues and maybe they'll put a fence around these piers now so that. So that they can't dump debris there but we got we ought to monitor this area obviously because it it is. Kind of had a a favored GI geographic treatment because that's where the dumpsters want you know the people that wanna illegally dump that's when they wanna go and dump their stuff. Racked all of Marion saying about the foreign the port traffic out here. There's certain days. My I'm gonna have to in Iraq because we got to get to a CBS knew all right thanks for Colin and happy Thanksgiving will be right back you'll go straight to the call lines when we return. This is Noual Norman on WWL. We're back even talking highrise who've been talking tax reform we're talking about the mayor's new book we'll go back to talk lines line wanna talk to David in Springfield. And what say you David. Well just a rattle off the road merely want to hurt that the mayor had child write a book about statues well shoot war borders. The city has got more problems and I know what to do it took America has come brought a book on to stop. I was a little surprise. But not much of said this several times that. You know his legacy and has a stain on it obviously with the issues that have revealed themselves. In recent history. And he's dumping 55 gallon drums of bleach on it to try and remove that stain and I think that this book. Is going to be just yet another. Attempt on the eve of his Rick moving on as mayor from the city is going to be released. I don't understand though that I mean. I'm certainly I'm not all ought to know what. Mickey is so old now matter how does he have the time to what book. Well I mean I guess she can get it done I mean you work with and you collaborate with folks I mean you know timing is everything obviously in the success of the book and I'll know where the proceeds of the book you are are going. Hopefully they go to one of his favorite charities. Or something along those lines but that is yet to be determined in yet to be revealed. Yeah well there's just it's very sad day yeah in the city is. There are so many problems that need to be addressed and he clearly takes every opportunity canned by himself. Seemed to be at the Euro. But I don't think you represent this city very well against as a national platform. He pursues. Yeah I mean I just get a little uptight about his statement here that there's a difference between remembrance of history and reverend sport and it's kind of a generalized statement I've charted. Kind of try to put things in context and study the failures of others and study the failures of myself quite frankly in order to improve and and hopefully make myself and into a better individual and then ultimately a better leader when I was in that role. It in in a certain sense still in that role. You know but when you start making news generalized statements that way I think he's kind of miss the point of a lot of folks that are bringing up issues about this. Artery but I think that there's common interest in the but mom bought so your show is I think its leaders lead. It's spotted me the leaders that are out there that do not and that sort of themselves offering up. Absolutely and have a happy Thanksgiving David thank you so much for Colin in we'll go to line two and talked about a new while Lindsay what's gone on Bob. Hey no. We got some. Actions boy okay. On a situation. That challenge sixty then okay and war outside now. England you get up shortly in sales. Had not thought. And get on line and you'll like this were. Leon see Simon to deceive broken. I'd say. All right get distinct audience that you buy it there. It you know Italy and via the same thing. You know you and. Are you driving through there are now about. Yeah I get into it and it does happen and body wants and Internet traffic like that. It probably Tony La Biden knows. I'm glad you called then I because it sounds like you've you've got through it fairly easy did you see a lot of officers. Taken control the red lights. No I had nothing on. That all. Really well right thing toward a book that has not yet know the code is now. There's no traffic at all and you can also take a grenade. Angle that all the new red that they've built like yeah elaborately. That is an alternate route will bot thanks so much for Colin and we appreciate it we'll go to line three and talked to mark in Covington what's you mark. Hey I know law I don't want to call it what you know that I think BOT dropped the ball because. Round about Marta column often complained about these are true. I had seen that report on the on eighteen Wheeler who was gonna ask people out it was in my hand out somewhere in Atlanta this. Ample open and distraught a bridge. And we're not seeing a cult you know Leona. And total body makes it it would have to go all and not an apathy it's gone because I know that have caught on why it would be a better far. Can cause significant damage and how about this unit that won it law. No absolutely and unfortunately we see the ills of not dealing with that situation in we've had a number of tax and we've had a number of calls of people out of said that. You know that they had reported this thing and and so forth and so on an Indian as I said earlier we end up putting. The fine firefighters from the new loans fire department at risk and having to go out and deal with this issue and you would it would've been a lot safer to deal with the when it was just garbage. That is correct yes. Correct. It. Clark thanks so much pollen and you have a happy Thanksgiving and make sure to buckle up while job and around an highway we appreciate it we're gonna take a break you're gonna come right back to the talk line do we return. Call us at 260187. Inning this is new rule Norman on WWL. We're back we've been talking about the difficulties on a highrise and on and Tex lines some would should alert the Chinese about how many tires we throw away in his country and they may come get them. And make something out of them and sell it back to us. As long solution. Alone one talked Iran only new loans these what say you were on a. And he would call and it had been sent to. A lot better. He. We haven't had any greens out here Katrina. Or a lot. We can't. We don't have altered he bought it back. On that candidate you know. But come out here. Pre tax sit down here a moment to attack his feet. But they don't care and it is where you written and concentrate. On the court. People in protecting. The same but we. They got it in orient people and they got the it's mr. And I hear. Can quote my clock and aren't. All people. You know. To date. And you know it can and all and quote it. That can't try all tips how are. Thousand quote. From incomplete balance mop. You can't. Program that critics call it abuse. And the other thing that. They enter. And I quote with that. Rondell. Have you met miss sending when. You are you optimistic about or her election. That you've received one person. We could get out here at point guard is now. I hear people. And night. Out military court. You know. See. Full. Politicians. And they. Destroy it and you know dealing here in the country. Well. Had there is flat on me. Yeah you know I I agree I think you're right I think of all of the areas of the city that has the you'd know that the largest upside opportunity. His New Orleans east. There's some there's land to develop there with the new Levy system. And everything else that they've done in in the federal improvements state improvements in and city improvements as well. That that has the biggest upside porosity is gonna take a vision and somebody with the wherewithal and the energy. Took it to carry part of it you know it really is gonna come down to the residents in the world cease and yen. Because if we look to the political leadership and this is not unique to this area it's anywhere in the country. Only. It won't it will not happen. The troop pollen intrusion troop strength lies in the community. Being able to inspire and force issues to be done each and every guy. Absolutely agree Richard and we know you. Are making out here that are here. And I don't panic he came out. Problem. And then nepotism. I call. Concentrated. Areas that could that relative and that cutting out the vote emulated them. That Baldwin and it would there. Yeah allies and unfortunately the apathy out there is. Is huge and we that's where you exercise your rights and that's where you exercise your opinion and that's where. You know you're gonna make a differences by going to the ballot box every time there's election Ronald thanks so much for Colin and happy Thanksgiving to you. Be safe over the holidays we wanna hear from you 2601878. Will be right back after the break. Rebecca we've been talking about the problems on a high rise in on attacks line. You are cop it's funny to listen to you now on a radio used to be cold hard truth that you spend your entire show skirting political incorrect comments to save your new job I'm not sure that I understand. What you're talking about I'd try to bring out as much of the truth as possible. In this ever changing world of what we deal with day in and day out and so in and company to fill me in. On that one that as always you're never going to be all things to all people at all times. I'm really looking forward to show tomorrow folks and we're gonna try and lighten it up trying to make it a little these are going into the Thanksgiving holiday season let me say. That traffic accidents or at the all time high during the Thanksgiving holiday. Need to buckle up need to be careful. Need to not drink and drive. If you're gonna drank. Figure out an alternative mode of transportation other than yourself getting behind a real. Not only for your own personal safety and security group for the safety and security of others as well so that we can keep this happy season for all. As we enjoyed the spirit of Thanksgiving so tomorrow we're gonna talk about. The things that we're thankful for. We will you know solicit that from you and hopefully you'll hear from you but in atomic clock tower. What I'm really looking forward to. Is of heard about this guy for a long time his name is doctor Willie Jolley and his wife Dee Taylor jolly. And they have a new book called. Make love. Make money. Make it last. And they talk about oh why is it that forty to 50% of marriages in the western cultures fail. Why is it that a couple can start out happy but end up beating each other. Doctor jolly is it has been. Named the motivational inspirational speaker of the year by the toast masters international. So I'm I'm really looking forward to engaging with him. And finding out what dare ten secrets are to shape a great marriage. And so looking forward to that that's how we're gonna start to show off tomorrow. So limited just you know remind everybody again we spent a lot of time talking about tax reform talking about North Korea talking about. A lot of issues around the world and in this country and in this city. But tomorrow we'll keep it light and hopefully will be able to have a good conversation. About what we're thankful for and I know one thing that I'm thankful for. It's starts right here I'm thankful for our home. We'll see tomorrow.