Are you worried about the Saints in 2018?

Are you concerned there could be a "slump" after the great season the Saints had last year? Full 5 pm hour.

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Often wanted to hear our two of sports talk on WW LI MF and and dot com Kristin Garrick do we get to 8 o'clock. Sendai laughs tell lies about my soccer phantom does anybody that. Knows me knows I'm not the biggest soccer fan in the world. Delmon Breaux former saints cornerback joining us now Dell how argument. Well I'm done very many dark area now. Good good to have you on good to hear from you and no other I know during the off season. It's free agency it's senator it was a bit yes and opportunities go to Google places on visits is to materialize who was the reason. On the you know that the tape Serpico are there to weigh in now urged calm the American but. They just wanted other players man our. Articulate. Cool moment and and just trying to wrong. W off the CF fell backward time all started for you. Was there is very true to the reports that some teams wouldn't clear you from your your neck injury. I don't know man like for me. Like there is multi element they wanna go on a different direction. They're going to be in the mine were read and what their position on what. Did they. On in the different art that it occurred while that and now and then like. Second album command discovered you know excellent call that. Everybody here's. Opener what. Tell you right now. But yes I've seen the house DB a steel. It well. Mean being seen. The price it would not Markakis Adam Opel popular great record their man had a great record today on so you don't get acclimated with the playbook and you know you know going and man I can't say it would be I put up a new government. What are they can cup match and it was their plan you know oh quarter of summer that it is one didn't acclimated playbook partner. Do you feel. Yeah they're yeah now the you don't grow more quickly in talent and their. I'm not a bank again thought about it with you I'm a man of course are poor partner so that. And couldn't beat Beckham do runner comic book it. Dealt with the the saints and all expressing interest to bring you back. Yeah edit their man home dating Broncos should they don't keep our keep their open on the government implement it. They wanna go the other character are you regard. You know I'll work is that right there we're going. They're expecting you know on it that would want to go on but they did in Mecca call home whenever we needed to be true and rip them Obama. Double Breaux former saints quarterback off to the CF fell back to the CFO now and delta how frustrating was that last year. Two with a in an hour. For and our corporate monopoly. It. Electric it is probably got a hand and then armed legacy you know you have the stakes and spotlight. Our own thing happened man but it can aid can put the cap work yet. Our hope it's not what would look panel will be impounded and I can call them all and end and I'm I'm glad I'm back and I am. You're better guy than me Kazaa I would've out of it as it is very flush him I love your outlook on us upon things what gives you that ability to have that outlook. Darren banter too much from electrical stricken horror. Cricket that they'll be able. It is the Lenovo is well known political all bullet you know at the end there it is not a bit too much and then took Cutler Luke thanks. I'll burn it down you know on unequal and down and I'm moving on to take a look at life. Somebody told me that fury like a master gamers a true. And now all you're being humble. Aren't you like what did the call of duty a merger like top three known world so much that. No problem pretty typical epitomize. Not. I put it ain't. How to live and later realized maybe garlic on Oglesby. Upright until about what occurred at. But it's not a big debate than they had been. He passed along some tips to me because my eighteen year old son is all all in the column called him he's a big Gator in an hour or so I try to get on there with them and I can't last I mean that. I just get annihilated. The pavement and then their equipment but it did collect. Collate it. Got a map reportedly worked outskirts of the bat and it that you on that we're gonna alone like that would be critical. Dell Breaux former saints cornerback. Open to the idea come back to deal to build of Dublin. Yeah Matt what do you know without the planet that and I'm focused on you know perhaps I unfortunately am an and benefit and be prepared statement these particular. Della how much you to keep an ion season training camp it's Eric. Now all of a thing man obviously does not exceed what what what bracket created home. But not keep I don't wanna that apartment Wednesday you know complicated and could hear their support the government and they don't Gartner. The wrong reasons you know still support the parent and non flow would depress. What do you expect out of Marshall Lattimore and you're too. Credible partner Brett Butler would deliberately. Well could it would by. About I think that I expect them that the Groban and had a year in the an enemy. Indeed it is going to be edited and RB opposite opinion and teach now. And it's important that. Kelvin the U he practiced with a look and you saw me you were in the locker Wear them. Marcus Williams is Seattle is yet the ability to become an elite safety was his range. Chuck McCourt and Kovalev. Has apparently. Ago worker but he's a tremendous. Go to medical equipment and network now. How long can he understand it and so are in the future hold back. Dublin bro man has great talking to you best luck to you didn't see it felt tootsie return to the National Football League though. Are you bet they'll broke former saints cornerback now. In a CFL's Hamilton tiger cats will stumbling come back for Mr. T in Slidell what's going on Mr. T find out a few moments is the sports talk here on. WW well. Ty you work with scoot way too much. Welcome back to sports thought. Who is this. Judas Priest aka. What you're sick person power you. Problem arm sir it. Our aren't as one as a updated schools cheat who don't pick the sides don't want anything. To win an earpiece out. We strangely had this and is really unplanned. This. Rocky theme today was either tiger or. Rocky beaten drop goes so therefore. Let's you can beat Alabama now we got Mr. T on the line we have a rocky theme. Yeah. I gave me. It is Linear about it side. You said mr. Singh he said that. If you pity the fool that doesn't pick the saints to win the NFC south. Yeah. You know look got a here's the same no mean that the NFC south is such a brutal division. They don't have to win the NFC south and order. Mean yes you do get to you know to get home field advantage setter but made a bit there could be three teens again come out of that that that division. In a playoffs. Well you. I believe that. So to say I mean to say what he I think if you picked Atlanta. You've got a good chance being right big saints Carolina same thing I mean that's that's a tough call now being a new policies and you're gonna pick. The salt. It's a little small market nobody is rooted. Talk about the look and have you know we look at the whole world is still talking about and land on him and I. And I'm not doing he's going to be like man I met your life that you're a better life. Which one is a slice of spice which legally grow apart. By. So now an hour an hour in the troll and falcons fans and Donald trashed. You or should well you know and that would. In Israel. Apparently we are real appeared. We're looking poorer. Offensively all the challenge of having. Is there that I can. Try to position. Is marked as my Manger. He is second call us brought that up today. Yeah they're they're not that bombing gentleman right in the Klesse don't know what I'll be we are. Erica and I know we got. Well I got to move and you got Ben Watson you got I still got Deion yelled the undrafted guy and a western Kentucky has been impressive so far OTAs and minicamp. But you're right what they've got depth there that they don't have great depth to do have some depth there. You're right highlighted that position because you do have a 37 year old tight end in Nina Michael and how do we he's not. The pass catching tight in that that you want offense he's an H back kind of player. A little bit more with fullback H back power rule and Josh villagers specialty work but it also gives you some snaps on offense as a tight end but you're right they don't have that. Jimmy Graham and a dominant note Gradkowski tight and they don't need one. Let go totally clean there was a non factor last year and look with a softens it. What happened when the world that there are likely it was a factor. That may how has it out to the actual couldn't sit back look at. You really do this I'll be on Ireland is what you have to be up where might that. She is ahead of me in a bad beat somebody you're at it. You don't prequel Ronald does. Misty you're Smart you're Smart guy Ayman you're Smart guy you're smarter than that which is just saying right there with with with the idea Kobe cleaner was at an impact modify played. I'm sure you if I gave me the opportunity to take that back he would write me too much he played he played upcoming games he played 78. Roughly and we ended the year on injured reserve. But he had one big one big game against the Washington Redskins that sit in did two years a saints uniform. He and his squad for this team. So don't say where he'll say he has an impact content. We have all we don't have the health of mine that's an impact than the one thing. No we don't I just telling them you don't you don't you don't need you'd like to have it. Singing yeah. Sixteen. Why do we care at all different weapons are here this bowl would be raptors could not well now one particular person. Mr. T. Pocket and I'm just trying to help help in the stands up and I. Look at the weapons at this team hats right. Know look. Alvin tomorrow is more important to this office that a that a top flight tight it. He's the Joker he's that he's that he's the queen on the chessboard he didn't want to do so many different things and allow Sean Payton to put. Silly different schemes in and plays in motion but here's the deal but the saints offense. It's not that it they have so many plays the formation you to death they match. The the it's all about the matchup they teach you in compromising matchups and that's why Sean Payton is so masterful at it. But the guy that debt then that allows that and keeps obviously got through that stirs the drink. But what gives you that ability affords you that that ability as a play caller is alma Tamara not so much the tight end. Okay aren't. Aren't. I. Oh I missed two what are. You bet. Miss Tia Slidell will be stranger. Yeah I mean. Look the tide in position you like to have. You like to have Jimmy Graham noted a luxury piece by the way they almost landed Jimmy Graham that this offseason. Could this with a bullet this office looked like. But you don't have to have that it's a luxury pizza and a descent. Mike Thomas on the outside. Ted Ginn junior he can still run still fly. Kim Meredith looks like early returns a number going to be good. Trait once Smith. Outlook Camaro. I mean he's got a ton. Of weapons and oh by the way the best play caller. In the game and the best quarterback one of the best quarterbacks in the game Pulitzer you don't need anymore. Ben Watson will serve that tide in position just fine realistically. If he scores or we got to get better rat. The better production is in the red zone the saints struggled at times in the red zone. Cash in on our on touchdowns. Improving a little bit on third down that's ray got a I think if you look at four. Incremental Caribbean nit picky and we're gonna incremental things for the saints improve on third down numbers more. There usual. Absurdly high you know level. Red zone at times. You can get that from from other players on this roster another scene that had talked to Curtis Johnson about this go look at the roster. How much bigger the saints are wide receiver. All of our are both 66 foot all the 61 even. They the they're getting they're getting bigger at the wide receiver position and I look Franco was once on the roster he was tying. Willie Snead won the big guy he was right that maybe right at six foot putt more like 511510. When it's Morton look he's got into dolphin. He wasn't a big receiver eight. This this this offense if you have the right skill set. For you decide you're gonna you gonna have success in this office in right skill set. Because Sean Payton and Drew Brees and a waste now about the way it's drawn up but I think it is inching I think they've made a concerted effort. To get bigger. At the wide receiver positions I think just like last she saw them go back in a running game and an end in trying to focus on. How they're differ only going to attack defense is. And get less from drew but still more production more efficiency. Adam Drew Brees I wonder how they gonna do this this year in the passing game would bigger receivers. Phone lines are open at 504260187. And text 87870. What's the biggest question right now you have for the saints had an attorney can also which SEC coach. Would you like to sit down have a beer with and those drawn. Nick Saban Jim both Fisher and Moline Will Muschamp. You tell us at W dot com more calls a final four to 60 on a sunny. This is sports talk here on WR CBS news update. How local news headlines or Chris Miller sports talk rules on here on W to grow. To stop time stuck hotly he's. Somehow on sports talk today we've got missy. Rockies team that is devolve. Now it now that I had to go home and Baines watched the Rockies you know all the rocky movie except for five. Rocky five was terrible. No thanks. Donna cell phone what's going on Don you're on at W well. Yet they keep. My question is when they connect in the dirt and all games on suspension. How they got to replace that our. My point is they come hours and that works because you had this great hour okay. It teaches at the net. I don't think you. That that's not the approach they're gonna take Dunham is signed Terence west veteran. As an NFL experience. I got traded Edmonds it and go on in the year two. Nelson got Johnson Williams the running back as well this finally last year to practice squad so. As you guys and their roster look I think in this dog or diminish Hamas and the minister Mark Ingram whatsoever. I think what this offensive line. How powerful they are there healthy. It can be it can be by the committee tonight by committee kind of thing. He can be tray Edmonds he could be John Williams could be tens Wes and it would have enough success while marking her arms out. What are those guys did not all of them have sufficient hour. Yeah. Not and not a level not on the level marking a but I don't think. You necessarily needed to be exactly owning them. Yet upbeat. You know you know we love bra on or else. And usually. Outback and now. I'm well I'm old police you'd say but it. I am war. I don't know if I'd say worried. I think. Watch the priest is less training camp. Watch other rosters. I think it net as still a possibility. I'm not worried I would say yet something to keep an eye on the. Okay I got it and ignorant in that one game that we are already up by an ultra what else when he came and and yeah he's still showed good run it again against a really seeded opponent. Yeah. I'd I'd I'd give it. You haven't seen enough from him you can't anoint him as the guy that's going to be a guy just said that I just said it's it could likely be by committee. I think obese they'll be fine. For four games not not great but they'll make it work they'll make it work back there John Mason Lewis was going on John you're on WWL. Yeah I wanted to update on it Jamaal Charles are. No. Not. Now at least. Are okay here and in. I'm a little bedroom Reeve movies you know they got up beside his. Camara. I think Mexico it will be all right Q. Incumbent. Yeah I mean. Is a concern yes but I worry about it no because I I just think they have so much so many other options. That they can vacant piece mailed this thing together for four games and look something's the master at. And a game plan so I'm I'm not it was not that worried about the cost there once and have some other weapons and he's got the reason he got to marry a different ways you get in the ball. There really aren't. I just. I think he's a phone call and Metairie was sub menu on W him well. Oh yeah on our mind and you know. Your your picture here's talk about. May be what. There. Were little weak on it. No no it's a concern like whoa what what's your biggest question. Headed in the training camp for the saints. Well struggle looking big and share. I don't think Lee and it beat it to tackle. Well get ready they. Maybe all. But I history. Even to tackle shoulder it's of course Howard it's and what more can remember. Devalue Mata. Got more Mitchell Lee a Mitchell even last year remember he made the roster in a give her a special teams play you've played defensive end and the not as robust there is the day as maybe a linebacker or are in a defensive backfield. On they've got a lot of things and as odds on his roster and let me tell you artist there's going to be guys potentially a guy like holy cow how that could in the didn't cut off on this team who's second round draft pick a few years ago that's a much depth they have currently. Right right Regina are on all year and all every. The the players at select the you have joy it is all children got the best player on the boards while I still think. That yeah trick once met the cornering have been reading. Is not as good as terrorists and watch the defensive tackle from Stanford that was picked up by buffalo yeah I mean I'm not interrupt at this. And it ended everyone at. I know I would submit I know exactly which is saying and and he may end up being a better player hears loud and bite you think about what this draft that Alley operator okay. First off the trade up to get markers Davenport. The first round this night and that the draft strategy wasn't the same policies pitchers who oppose a lash or because the amount of depth that they had on their team. That's why he saw them move around a little bit in other words take some players that. That are not project guys that Rick Leonard for example. They can afford to taken because they have depth at that position so they're intrigued by the prospect. Say they would trick wants Mitt they can afford it taken because of the amount of debt they have at wide receiver and the eventual. Future of of Ted Ginn junior you don't know how much longer take in June is going to be alone fly like he can so. At that that's that's why that pic makes cents. Well acted in that charred pronouncement in he has speed. You know ultimately. Like to talk very out is as speedy. In that in BP in the run game. About well you know what you're up by regular golf. You bet most well we'll subway come back from Matthew in earnest he did have a conversation as well biggest concern. This question you have about the saints had an attorney Ken final four. 26018 semi tech's 870 eights having this is sports talk here on W him well. Great text here at 878 setting 5688. Roster could surface they should be and backup quarterback. And number nine gets hurt I believe there's no answer for this problem well true. Test is for a prolonged period. That could be the case pretty much every year you'd have a problem we have all Famer his injured. Yeah look at look agreement last year. That the phones real artists and like he was going on artist you're on W grew up. And I don't. Do well thank you okay. I don't like that coach Mike said that. It. Well I. Bet it will be in the league that have been what do. Yeah look he's got to enroll pretty good in the gun and certainly headed in the right direction. Well I'll this year. Markets that are. Open a civil. Ed what I thought that I'd be there now and all that. Especially. All of that. They're now the only. At the bit out in a couple of years. Woods Airways out legitimately concerned and brought in Jim on bush rod. I'd that they get a good pick up you know you like already like tackle. There was that big Albania. A bad Taylor. A big. And I think you gotta go a bit you know. You don't of I got Godard tackle. That we look at it this city now. Well and check in its groove. That I think he's really that is approved this year they get the ball. That Andy's going to be an all pro he says yeah that that's what that they. It saw the wig a bit of gay and out at that. Well I think when he gets back he's really. Going to be better and it really. Artist I'd I tell you but this this offensive line that the biggest thing this year compared to last year. In they went through so many injuries. A year ago now they actually even though they don't have to element they. They have more depth of this softens a line and they've had a while. Thought that they don't do it. Predicted that the artists they can advocate should be you know. And good yet. At Iowa. You don't want back is it true Obama. About to say what he would do it. And appropriately. That. They what you. That'd be quite situated there but it's. A debate and chase deal. Yet he Mark Brunell who the backup quarterback position was solidified I think when Cornell and in the count or or back in upper east thanks a phone call. We'll stop way comeback Matthew is Slidell New York Sam sit tight this sports talk here on W to do well. ZZ top maybe. Kristin Garrick back here on sports talk a bit of I've been down. New York Sam what's going on New York City on WWL. Good afternoon as the the media. Because it's like purely. Does not exist SEC QQVCR. First. Yeah. Actually. The which ACC codes likes and an ambulance. Are they it big yeah. Yeah. That might go to fighters. And opposition concerned about. Typical caller certainly wouldn't be much in. I. Spoke concerned. He other. We don't talk about workers' compensation tied in position. I'm so far and it's free agent for Roma. Western Kentucky's. It's olympians. Most urgent and what god really get and humor in the blocking. Leon yelled are you talk about Deion yelled at. What were like yeah he's pretty good guy. I just like you know nobody who can Graham was featured at all broke the Department of Community make that you step. I'm nominees on draft you compared undrafted guy to a third round draw can program. Look Dion yeah older I think he can be one of these typical undrafted free agents that. The saints find in somehow they carve out a nice little career for themselves. I'm not ready to anoint him as a Jimmy Graham our Rob Gronkowski. What I've seen roaming OT gays in in mini camp. Has been pretty impressively it catches the ball well he's got a really good at pleasant. Scott bill strong winds I think he has a really good shot of making this roster in particular because of the lack of depth quality depth at tight and on the saints' roster so. New York Sam I'm looking at it objectively. He's an undrafted player could have a career. Like maybe Pierre Thomas did write an undrafted guy I know he's a different position. That's possible he he's he's got some ability that's for sure any game a large large signing bonus would take typically don't do. From undrafted guys New York San appreciate the phone call I'm with you on dabble. Bryant on a cell phone what's going on Brian you're on WWL. Villanova. To keep. Yeah now. Probably all that YouTube but I want to comment on but not all. Work. And end jade now that. Audio. And need due out. On. The and any. You selling its height he's he's too it's too hot. A light. That he did what I did it up to it Dijjer. Ryan CT it's too low I think it's I think it's an amazing accomplishment after one year you voted on by your peers a top 100 in your twenty. Come on I think that's it I guess that's right where he should be when you consider race as well most of these guys that it. Both these guys that are in the top twenty are typically quarterbacks and pass rushers. Well when I thought am I out at this vehicle blow out about it. Art and art. Right while. Who was 1980 NC it. Well back though you Jackson deal well he has these players to win. I know. She and John Ramsey is really really good. And really get. It. Wish oh why I'll follow. We trek the pick not. Hopkins. OEU with right. Below the and it worked it out. Yeah I asset cornerbacks to but the dominate the quarterback to pass rushers dominate that top ten top fifteen I think Tamara being a when he after one year old league. Watch will be next Schiff he continues to build the suit gets. Ever sing Griffin okay pass rusher. Then big been an eighteen okay. Jim Ramsey make sense. Pass rusher. Yeah. I mean all all those up. At key players Campbell a fourteen. It a look at all make sense to me out of marriage unit the year won a Tony. Works for me sports talk rules on my trip the next hour.