Are you willing to move on from the monuments?

Friday, May 19th

If you wanted to monuments to stay for all the things you believed in – are you willing to now be a good loser. If you supported the monuments coming down for all the things you believed in – can you now be a good winner?


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Minutes for the weekend is. Here and catered but it chances of showers over the weekend in big deal Lisa weekend this year. And I'm sure you can appreciate when I'm about to say. After these kinds of shows. After a week of these kinds of shows and things like the monuments. My brain is fried I am actually bring dancing thing but John quicker studio producer that we Arden mentally and emotionally exhausted after the shows. But we we move forward we are gonna get back to what your calls your just a moment. As the statue of general Robert. The mayor recess scheduled press conference for about 3 o'clock Kyle let's see what he has to say let's see if he takes questions. So the monuments are gone. But the passionate debate continues. Wait we go from here. How do we turn this controversy into something positive for our city he sports we talk about poor losers. Well that also goes with political issues and politicians as well. If you're on the losing side of this. Are you going to be a good loser. Or report looser. If you're on the winning side of this are you going to be a good winner. Or a bad winner. I want to mention something that I think is going to be very important to watch because I'm sure the the people who do PR public relations or taken down Nolan. Will have to consider this this will become part of the argument as far as I know. This was the first place it was mentioned. When a caller earlier Dave Jason occult show last hour and said that he you talk to Malcolm super to guys in charge of take a gondola. This morning. And said this is just the beginning. And it's they're going to talk to the governor about changing the name of Jefferson Parish to Frederick Douglass perish perish. And also ignored by school names in street games. And I I asked him a civil what you gonna boycott property league ballpark. And he said no but we're gonna try to change the name. Bought your really true to your cause would you boycott relatively boulevard. Here's the interesting point. If Malcolm super taken don't know. Predicated their argument on the City Council represents the people of New Orleans. Therefore. They voted as representatives of the people he wants to bring the monuments down. At the suggestion of many Atlanta. So the monuments are down. People could not come from the outside. And demand that the monument stay up. Because it's a New Orleans issue. Well how then did they suggest that they can go out to Jefferson Parish and demand that the parish change its name. Would that not be up to the Jefferson Parish council. Would that not be all to the people of Jefferson Parish. And do all of this from the mayor and taken down Nolan there are implications. That this is change. Change that will lead to greater change. And the future of New Orleans. So there's a lot of responsibility. On those groups. And all of us to find a way to make sure change does happen. Afford to back your calls on this topic president trop is embarking on out his first foreign trip as president. And he's already taken off Air Force One he's touching down in three countries that. And you know he said a lot of things about Muslims. That are are very offensive to Muslims so it's going to be interesting to see how he is on received there. Then the president goes to Israel. And many goes to Rome he's gonna meet with the Pope at the Vatican. So I do think president truck deserves credit for this trip because this seems to be. A mission of inclusion. Now. Is president trump going to make it an inclusive trip well let's just wait and see he certainly has the opportunity. And Dan Simon nine Henderson is a senior fellow with the Washington institute tariff for near east policy. And does what he had to say about the trip did an Associated Press interview. This. I think I wouldn't say an entertainment value. There's a sort of promotion current value. Of what is he going to do. Is he going to do something. Brilliant work disastrous. Well and will be here to talk about it as it happens in that will be part of our discussion all next week and we get back to your call sandlot scoot to. New Orleans and very welcomed or shall thanks rang in on Barry. You all afternoon isn't it yeah it is yeah I have a couple of wins awards mention I'm. I've really taken a strong position one way or the other but one thing I have never Kurt mentioned so war. Is I would think that Wendy the statues went up. That the bases of the statues of pedestals or column or whatever. What part of that and I haven't heard anything about what's gonna happen there. Well it's my understanding they're gonna lead of the pedestal. That you Robert Helio they're just taking that did that man down the statue of the man I thought they were take a whole thing down I was wondering how to reduce that. And I think there's talk about a putting a water park director Lee circle tonight could be not happy about it I think their particular putting a fountain. Equipment I would think that the people who weren't support. Keep in the stat is where they or indeed have to go to doubt that the columns. Wherever. Came up with the monies are out on in front of them originally. Also. Came up with the funding for those columns or pretzels these horrible or rugby league at what have you and we demand. That debt aspect of the you know the monument stay with among. Yeah I I. I I guess they're going to be happy just getting the monuments because it's well I guess when you see monument. I guess barrier here talking about the the the statue. And there's the pedestal. If you talk about. The statute that's different from the whole presentation of the monument but obviously. It's the statues that are. Are coming down and more meaningful than the monuments themselves the pedestal themselves on don't hold meaning. Like pistachios due. Well I know a city are the Borg art. General on the course. The need that we as a flawed and so on spray painted believe on the front of somebody else correct me off. I had PG keep more minority in and metal cutters on the front of that page that that arts battle. Yeah that was taken down a belief in a lot of yeah okay. And then got up so that could go that you know that's something that could go with the the statue. And then should go with the statute indeed it's moved somewhere else now when you add the other person on earlier I would take them down no. Well regarding their names and so war. One suggestion I would and I think this culture with some city street names that were changed. Not a whole length of the street. Which change for instance that you work for must think about Paris and New Orleans and that you are encouraged. Westerns chorus drive becomes quite an avenue becomes your shouldn't done and that perhaps is that McCain may. Eight date the issue it could be done by Dakota Bundy where it's only a partial. Change along the length of the straight yes indeed it has been. Don't we definitely need some very appreciate the call we definitely need some reasonable. Common sense rules. To what needs to be taken down and what can stay. Can we talk about what needs to be taken down when needed to have consideration for those who feel like this still represents an impression. Of of their community or group. Their race. But at some point. We have to draw the line. And again we are all if you go back far enough we are all even a lot of black New Orleans are all tied to. Which height too to slavery. And there are blacks in this city who fights as I said many times they're tied to. The the people who sold the slaves. Or blacks are sold slaves to. Peace. Europeans. People in America. So to me do we do we do something about Dan do we look do we look down upon that group of people no of course not. You know the the whole. Idea. Is the past is behind us. And that really is the mantra of both sides the question is now that the monuments are down can we put the past behind us. I'm scoots on 1053 WLS ten. 870. Having a real DN WL. Dot com. I I got a text about this just a moment ago and we have checked and apparently. Once they start changing everything. There's going to be a push to change the name of the Jefferson's. Now is seen reruns but before they aired in reruns they're gonna have to change the name to something else. Homeowners Friday. From New Orleans cliff you're WWL. Yeah yeah. I am glad in court on that we couldn't stop laughing after the guys that you look at appeal to the governor of changing it from just a Paris. Anyway that was call about it I don't really care one way or the other about the statute stand up we're going down because it's gonna have no. Go back tomorrow like yours ultimate not gonna have a positive fact. We have so many more important to concentrate on my question is this. That this caller somewhere in that take it and don't know whatever. That's odd years ago if you walk about these stats you know. To Ahmedabad Merkel and strictly life and and every time you'd warn you actually think what you people actually go and you shall ended by. Who will you continue to. Keep it what you want worksheet eaten up changed. You know I. I don't know maybe it was the mayor who provided the catalyst maybe there was and Tiffany within a year and that something was going on in his life. Personally or politically it it is driving him to make this a major issue. It looks to me like. Someone this guy's in charge of the program. Found the little niche this little this little thing to get some attention and in some people jumped. Out ego. Week local celebs you know fifteen minutes the same thing problem a couple of dollars on people donate money to. And so it is cool fifteen minutes of sorrow and it's paid any attention to him when the incident and we take it statute that. That would be. But you know clip on the side if I heard somebody on where. It was either Tommy Tucker yesterday morning Bob Mitchell was pointing a spot Mitchell was no it was during our news as listening to Bob Mitchell Austin. Heading to the station. And some woman was on our newscast. She was a part of the crowd that was there at the Robert Lee monument to last night. And she said that. They can't come down because this is what educates. It's on the other side. You know nobody was taken their kids down to these monuments and say hey look this is what they mean and this is our history it or not this is all about exactly. Well Mara caller on the Tommy Tucker segment earlier that what this is call them black children to read more. Really that's what it takes to children read by actually agreed to take my name how about just were. The clip deal deal under illegal. These statues are offensive to people. I can certainly understand and if you lack Dem I mean there are lots of things that are offensive to me. People. I mean I don't this in Howell beat god can't be placed in the category of type of racist. I mean all the people taking out wide and there. Taking. It did in the back. The same thing only and now they are having that mentality. Is part of the undertaken this statute. To eat right. It did this is this is a recognition that history has not been fair. I mean these were put up as easily as a monument to segregation. Okay. I can see that you sit there and audience think about it elected body. Case I didn't agree every day and cliff as I've brought up to this this whole thing. I if if the monuments should not bother you that I can also argue that if they're gone student body leader. I got a lot to tell us what we really believe he's been our aren't limited valuable resources on more important thing. I just wondered why suddenly what changed that what switched absolute good that somebody suddenly woke up 1 morning. Yeah. More frustrated by the round. Cliff I don't know but I have a feeling that we will ultimately I know the truth we will find out why. Now will find out. The mayor's rolls the mayor's motivation can in this. And it might just be that he he decided that this is unfair there might be other factors involved we may not know until he gets out of office. Liked the legacy of the land true name is is ultimately. I'm in the balance here's a pretty jacked about people this hour on no matter which side of the issue you're wrong. With the confederate monuments. Will you fight. Or will you end the fight. 82% say continue to fight on 22% say they will end the fight. Getting close to. CBS and to be abilities are typically go to. My can man to feel like a time for quick comment. Yeah I'm excited there is a wonderful day we got people a job and parachute wouldn't work would take them down no look. And build steps you can end up and bottling partner Paul lockyer breed and I'm excited because. Yes we are funded. It it is is a blight on our country and being a Japanese. African. Are going to be pursuing. Take them down US say because. The World War II monuments our offense has to be sent it to my heritage. And we had infiltrated the city wouldn't trade company the country and I cannot wait to take down. The opera of World War II monument to what fortune statute and I hope that every. World War II veteran is paraded at the horrible horrible person. And also are every symbol of Islam in this country are on the old slaves. Is armed stop practicing slavery take. Including them in the Supreme Court or at school. So my Mike do assault do Acela favored and stay stay in touch with this and let us know how your little campaign works out. You know against some people take this to extremes but I do understand the point that he's making it your whole stay with a size two in the afternoon it is Friday but we've got a lot to talk about. Recovered right back remark your comments. After our news breaks from my CBS news and W if you don't news. Hang on. This is Amanda Shaw and tomorrow the hard rock cafe goes glam rock with Amanda show. She hasn't glam rock. Look at daughter. The public is invited debt tomorrow the hard rock cafe puts out one of the fiddles that she used to play along time ago and it's quite an honor. She had to fit a lot at the original art rock cafe. By. It was kind of opened and people messed with it and it didn't make the transition to the new location so this is gonna be encased in glass. And it's gonna be part of the legends of local New Orleans musicians Amanda show on getting her fiddle up at the hard rock cafe. I'm she's gonna do some awesome songs there and this is from eleven to twelve tomorrow. At 125 or restrict its urban and I ever feel. Hard broadcasting goes glam rock with a meant to show tomorrow I'm skewed in the afternoon and and let's see showing your WW a good afternoon Sean. As a show Juan. If I'm gonna. And then congressmen at the moment lab equipment the car that was the movement around the outside and that guy makes. There about 2 o'clock in an IQ. With parent problems at these difficult opposite obviously and I appreciate that. The notion that there was a quick much continuity in Cuba I'm. I was on an indictment about. That in mind that she went down at them. It shouldn't pocket really cabinet that was so that the capitalize and it is. About this students who aren't like them and then and it's an ambulance and take of people. Can't understand that the that that run to come from Portland but mine is expensive and people and Ehrlich and like it was in 97. So let me go to circuit out of the what we in the Atlantic and the actual establishment with the concept of being the only country. And that happen about that and I'm amnesia and a little too you can count on outlets to. I met and talked to was necessary that in Cutler amendment that the children yes are there that have been particular trip and then there. Square red you have to bridge proclaimed that the king street corner pockets as a group and then you have two bad. Sure I don't know yet I I I understand what you're saying and I appreciate the colony you know you know where do we draw the line I mean again at some point I don't wanna keep repeating this but at some point we have to draw the line. If if the monuments are coming down because the past is behind us. That's kind of the mantra of both sides. Because those who supported the monument staying in place believed. The past is behind us therefore is the monument stay that's still part of the past. But I clearly understand how they can be offensive. I understand how some people say they don't want them to donate their they're clinging to them. They're clinging to them as high historic. Reflection of not their specific lives but off the south. But I will tell you the south does not suffer with these monuments coming down. In the same way that some are saying. Don't let the monuments offend you. Then again I say don't let the essence of the monuments offend you either. If the monuments come down doesn't change anything. Whether they're up or down. The past is behind it's. The question is can we put this what's going on right now and we put this past behind us. And that's gonna be on ups. They are going to be those who are gonna still try to divide us and they're the ones who were gonna get on the news and they're gonna get the attention. On both sides of this issue. But you and I are the ones with the real power. They're more of us. And there are of them. The extremes. Get the most attention so if you have an extreme opinion on something like this. Then you get on the news. But there are a lot of people. Who conceived both sides of this who really are okay with them coming down. They would have been happy if they stayed up but they're OK with him coming doubt see it's the sensible logical people. The common sense people the people who really do care and really wanna unite these are the people who never make it on the news. They don't get attention on talk radio. Except here. And so we will continue to draw attention to. The massive group a ya again it's you know it's not the extreme right of the extreme left. The decides who becomes president. It's the more moderate common sense people in the middle but they don't get on the news. So don't allow yourself to be defined by what you see on the news. I'm screwed in the afternoon the property the monument is succumbing to I don't know where this is in the process because I'm I'm I'm here in the studio but it is coming down this afternoon. And that nearly Andrew is. Palin drew is so holding a press conference about 3 o'clock and we're gonna carry that when it happens. We'll be back under review well. You. Oh yes The Rolling Stones are back on our pop culture calendar again. It was on this day may the nineteenth 1976. Keith Richards of the stones. And a reckon this car in Rockingham Shire England. Police found cocaine and marijuana in the car. Wow. You know. We should really actually be considering the days to be notable days on the pop culture calendar if there was a day when one of The Rolling Stones was not caught with drugs. From Metairie mercy on WWL. Hi good did mention that should hang in there. I'm basically count them on at least NJ yeah okay. That meant that he wanted to replace it with American played well we Americans Blankfein you know that the statement telling the you know it and why don't we suggested that it is vehicles Devern mania the net like a big Fuller dignity. Okay that it in. Would benefit at all because it would take it would represent their say and it detonation. You think we're gonna get beyond all there's. Kind of in I mean it's. OK. Let how do we go about it yet enacted it there a gang well. I mean you just made a public suggestion I I don't I don't know that they're taking suggestions I think they've already figured out what to do and I think there's a piece of art and maybe it includes. Solvent if they can. Have to plotting to do that so. I I think they're they're kinda set on on what they wanna do when. Naked and the big twelve had to leave it there and Benin you know of the saints and another detonation. I don't think anybody would do it complain about that. Well immersed you know there are those who have. Has found a way to tie he's afford to Lee. To evil doing. A from the past solace Arnold. There are people who would dare criticize the for the Lisa that's why say at some point we have to draw the line and if you're offended it's like it's it's too bad. But there are aspects of our history that we're not fair it would not fair to African Americans. And there's nothing wrong with trying to make that fair do it does bringing down the monuments make it fair while in the minds of some. Aid it does. Definitely need to say something okay. If they that they are offended by house that is okay. Why aren't they offended by me here in the states and the city. That was. It was you know oh mass slavery. You know saying why don't say it all so very bloody hand Edmonton in the wind as a matter and. Well again we have to draw the line somewhere Mercer I I've I appreciate the call it got to leave it there is here on hold hangover coming right back with I was more your comments and once again I wanna remind you programming note to the mayor is scheduled to hold a press conference. I'm about 3 o'clock so when that does happen we're gonna carry that live on every if you will I'm scared in the afternoon. We'll be back. Remember this. Arnold lighter note on this Friday afternoon this is sort of the odds are very very early Disco songs that's people from the suburbs like me used to go to the quarter and danced here. Every weekend attorney Greg DiLeo here in oral incessant attacks Amaya of personal phone and I got this this morning said if you're going to be talking about the monuments. Of course retired at the monument today. Greg Leo suggested that at least circle go back to its original name. Tivoli circle I guess that's how you pronounce it in after totally garden in Rome Seoul on May be that is the suggestion. I'm Mike you're under the W Allen got time for our relatively quick comment welcome to the show thanks frank and on. Well banks and like to the point. That the smut which we're clearly associated with labor. It would be. Art that and the amount pro American and Europe and it should jump. We should just. Call some. Well. We called apple cart the other issue that you can't Malcolm's group. Malcolm Cooper on it would be sure more public access Cox cable we're using you. You know content and great creator. And open. Up. This. Which are. A lot like that but he is even open about it. It's unfortunate. Or did. You what are. Surely not all. Believe that we should they. Get people into. Different. Mikey he said Tony and I have a great weekend I appreciate the call the and it was talking about are calling earlier Jason who said that now they're gonna move on. Taken down Nolan a knock on super. We'll move on time to change in name of other things sound like Jefferson Parish they're gonna demand to name a terrace a parish. Be changed to Frederick Douglass parish parish. And as I said earlier you know I think this really is a very very interesting point that they are going to have to address. If the New Orleans monuments. Came down because the City Council. As a former representative government. Voted on behalf of the people duo has to take the monuments down. And people from the outside could not come in and demand that they stay out. How conveyed demand for Jefferson Parish change its name with that not be up to the people of Jefferson Parish. To have a say so through there representative form of government which would be the parish council. So I mean you can't be that pulling a hypocrite and not lose. Credibility. So it's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out believe me. As I guess it's kind of sad but there are many more fights to come. And just because some people support the money was coming down doesn't mean they'll support every fight. I'm scoot to the afternoon and we'll be back.