Are you surprised by political jokes at CMA's?

Thursday, November 9th

Jokes about President Trump at the CMAs? Were you surprised that country music performers made fun of President Trump?  


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The hallway is nice and it. It's. And we're gonna see some sunshine so and it should be a great weekend and I've got to another family pack of 43 day passes for the buy you Rhode balloon festival. It's the first ever balloon festival and is this weekend it's right behind the civic center in shell match it's Friday Saturday and Sunday. And by winning this you also are qualified to win for VIP ten passes and a festival poster. Now they're gonna have fond balloon glows every night and I'm thinking especially for those of you with really young kids. These balloons soared higher Bullock's. They're gigantic. They're colorful. You know sometimes. Kids. Go out and it's just amazing to watch how they noticed things. I would pick up on things especially if really young kids they may be lost this and this is going to be a festival like. Like festival so we have here Louisiana. Food and drinks. 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And you will be a winner from tiger radio to every WL. We're talking about the country music reports last night and I was surprised there are few jokes about president trump. Didn't expect that from the country music awards. But I think this is an indication that country music is much more diverse. Than it once was. The music itself. Is much more mass appeal to country music was a long time ago. And a lot of these performers have ties with with Hollywood. Brad pace Lee's wife is an actress. And if Hillary Clinton supporter. Carrie Underwood was secretly Hillary Clinton supporter. And Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman. What she's part of Hollywood so there's a Hollywood connection there. So navy country music has become a lot more. Diverse. Than it once was he hears are pretty general opinion poll. Were you surprised that country music performers. Made fun of president trumpet the CME's last night. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com here's a Texas says I still think it's all uncalled for. Meaning the jokes. Here's a Texas says saw people will find political jokes funny. We issues and comical way then comedians using jokes in a malicious way not hypocritical just facts. Well again if if somebody that you perceived as being liberal. Tells a joke about trot. Do you consider that to be malicious. And mean spirited because of the person telling the joke. When it's somebody like Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood do you assume that they're just joking the cars. Their country music performers they're four they're really conservatives inside. Well maybe not. And I think this is just another example of the hypocrisy we deal with all the time. Tennis or talk radio host eyewitness hypocrisy every day. Conservatives who were now saying well you may think the man in the White House does not deserve respect but you should always respect the office of the presidency. Those people were bashing. Obama because they did like Obama and they were not respected the office of the presidency. So do you see the hypocrisy here. For many conservatives it's fine if Ted Nugent aura of country music fans talk about their political views while performing. But it's wrong for other artists to say anything negative about conservative politics or politicians. Mean if you if you wanna make the argument against liberal performance performers using the stage. To talk politics. They were also be wrong for conservative artists. Country music or not to use their stage to talk about politics. I have no problem with jokes. About President Obama our president trump or Hillary Clinton. In fact we've told the fuel to the years on their show. So all I applaud the diversity. Policy the CNH last night. For having a few jokes about president trump. The left. Always seems to. Bearing -- also. When when they tell people like Ted Nugent and country artist to shut up and play. So you know this is this is coming from both sides. Conservatives don't want liberals to do jokes about the people they support and liberals don't want conservatives who do jokes of other people to support. And liberals who go so far to say he should be talking about all that. Conservative politics why you're onstage just play so I think that really is a criticism comes from both sides. But isn't this a hypocrisy that is one of the great contributors to the deep divide we have in America. I guess it's natural to become. Defensive when you feel like your site is under attack. But isn't wrong to criticize the other side for doing the same things that you do when you or your group or your favorite person comes under attack. And let's set the record straight. The art of telling jokes about president trumpet the CNA news is similar to the art of telling jokes about president trumpet the Academy Awards. The only difference is. The messenger. But yet. How do you know picnic do you assume. That every country music performer is a conservative. I don't think that's an assumption that can be made any any longer. It could be argued that the jokes about trumped the Academy Awards are more mean spirited. But that's a judgment coming from those. Who are. Judging the jokes by the person who's telling the jokes. Why why is just so difficult for Americans to just relax and appreciate humor. How can how can we not see in ourselves. The total hypocrisy. If we condemn jokes in one venue. As inappropriate. And laughter jokes in another venue has flown. It seems to me that this is part of the apart receive it we so often talk about there really is damaging our country. If you would like to join us for the comet this afternoon. Our numbers 260 when he sanity and what about country music has it become too diverse for you country music is bigger than its effort didn't. Got the broadest audience ever. And I know people who love pop rock and country. Has country music become too diverse. 2601. And seventy Erick are 504260187. In a text it states every Saturday. I'm screwed Cheever coming right back with more viewer comments after our CBS and WW owners updates.