Are you questioning the stability of the President?

Thursday, October 12th

Many credible people in Washington are questioning the stability of President Trump....are you as a voter now one of them?


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Now I know you don't care. Big mayor's race and people won't care. Here is attacks that says some school you have to remember what our choice for president was at the time I thought to it was the lesser of two evils. I still feel. That way that's far I get that I I understand that. But that cannot excuse. Behavior that is is inappropriate. And and to the poisoning of the American mind when it comes to fake news in the media. Sure the media's challenging the president like a Texas say let me just try to take down the president every day. There were people who thought the media was trying to take down Hillary Clinton. Period that's my opinion that there were people thought that I was on the show during the campaign. And I remember those are used to get text from people telling me what I would say something positive about trump during the campaign and yes I did. I would get text from people telling me it's going to be madam president get used to it. Hillary Clinton's gonna win it used to get over this talk about trump Hillary's gonna win. Well she didn't. And so all of attacks that say well the media's wrong and in trump his right. They could be going the same direction as those text about Hillary when. You might not be right about it. And it is time. For those of us who see problems with the White House. To be bold enough to not think that we're wrong just because we are saying something negative about a Republican in the White House infect. You have a really tough time even arguing that did Donald Trump is a Republican. But he does he define the Republican Party today to see define the future of the Republican Party. Or see more of of an independent. Four we're going to a really interesting timing is not gonna stop. The mid term elections next year going to be very interesting and if things continue to go as they are. President trump is going to be challenged by Republicans for the nomination. That doesn't happen very often a sitting president challenged by his own party. I would be surprised if that doesn't have to. Agree that she calls suffer Metairie Al thank you for hanging on your WWL. Pretty decent OK I just. Detail in no Norman's. So wanted to comment on what in incline a lot of people are keep up with the fact that. You know it's really based advertising. You know you talk about time and money. If they agree to Norman a 100% and in Japan on the most. Frustrate them and actually hit a web. Is abroad and Jeff curry. Blame in trauma. First step in the pie. Tapping it it was a war step. That pour him out from Papa. And narrowly what they drop in and I broke the trial. Of business. I would appears to really act if you're. There is this into negative light. Well you would try to argue or try to change the or the course of Islam. Is that description. Ought to be in the paint they don't need to relax. Okay well I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you ask a lot of peoples and then do you would you watch football. Yes and I got to make Atlanta too frequently do lie in eight games of the people that the other common practically be good this TVs or Ike is Stevie everywhere. The same thought people would go out. The race or age nobody was like in football so what Guillen went goading goofy shot. Beat four top players might win a few battles but do we do so. I'm well here's a look here here's the advice and therefore you. I don't update it was. Just don't watch the national and don't drive if if if you don't want to be involved in the protest and you protest by not watching the National Anthem and then just joined the game after that then you won't even know people like kneeled down. I got one that. I like the re tired in the you know in a newspaper. What if that's what you wanna do that's fine but then. If you wanna watch the game and you don't watch the game I mean who wins in that situation. From New Orleans Leonard you're never WL. I would. Do it and look at it can grow local news. And actually it probably. I would listen. A bit and edit and attitudes and opinions. That doesn't use it. I've never because tendency. And equal to that which are response. You really meant. To respond. Now from new attitude elliptical it's probably the. I appreciate you saying that letter to. You know it's not that I I I care that much about the criticism. It's just that the criticism. On isn't in balance with how people really feel. Because it's human nature to. Your energy is greater than if you force something. And an intact that goes with politics as well. And I just wanna start rallying. Those who do agree with me to balance out those who disagree with me. Because I believe there are more of Austin Arora them but they seem to be louder. Because we are not that left and I try to be laughed I need you to be loud too I mean it it's time to stand up to say. I don't care whether trumpets Republican or Democrat there's some stuff going on here that ain't right. There's a lot going on it's not quite and very very credible people are questioning the stability of this president. That's not a biased. Partisan comment. That is an observation. Because of what is being reported what's being said. And I know for those torture so quick connect when it's all based on anonymous sources. What do you think NBC. And CBS. And even Fox News the do you think that they really do on goalie gear with the story. If it's not backed up by a by a credible source. I mean what should while they do. What's her while that happens in the media. But for the most part these are incredible credible sources just because the president says it didn't happen. If a network says this did happen and we've got sources and we're not backing down. Just I mean it didn't happen. It means the president is saying it didn't happen and his interest is protecting his ego and his civic. So what happens if it does come out. That these stories to be so denouncing now from NBC. What happens just as proof I mean the president is asking for proof and there may be proof Wednesday. Now the president innocent until proven guilty I get that. But don't dismiss. Credible sources because credible sources were used in a lot of ways to take out Hillary Clinton. During the campaign. Credible sources. Go both ways. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy texting 7070. Look L issue and Auburn play Saturday afternoon Death Valley I've got a pair of tickets to giveaway specifically LSU fight song if you with the eighth caller tour contests line. 26 so wins final four to six or 9467. He got her tickets for the game Saturday afternoon and that's going to be great when we'll be back.