Are you expected to make more money next year?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, December 13th

7 out of 10 Americans say they will make more money next year. Are you in that number?



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Or is eleven shopping days left spokesperson guy so. It's time for you start thinking about starting your job yes. They must be gone well. In retail. Because we just heard in the news that the National Federation of Independent Business says small business optimism as the highest gain in nearly 35. Years. That's a lot of optimism that there's a lot of I autism and I urge you reporting. Yesterday. That. Individuals are feeling good about their finances too and expecting them make more money in the new year consulate. Lay that's right yeah seven out of ten say they're gonna do better. Wow so a vast majority. Of Americans expected there will be they will be making more money next year and then they are this year. You talk to some experts why are people feeling so good. Well eight in there looking at the overall picture you've got record low unemployment. You've got to soaring stock market you've got low inflation. In many cases prices are actually lower our guests and they've been in years. And of course the that expected tax cut to put more money on their checks so you add those things up as pretty rosy. I'm pretty wrote I'm serious a seven out of ten of our listeners are feeling so good about things whether you're a small business owner. Feeling good about the future of your business the best you've felt in 35. Years usually in the NFIB. Boring Bure an employee or working and any other capacity. Along the way do you feel like you're gonna make more money next year than you made this year's seven out of ten do. Are you have in that number as good people assailants are good. Well it is and the theory being that there Butte are gonna do better financial they're gonna marmalade and spend it. And then your businesses are gonna do well and they might hire more people goodness knows in all ties together feel feel like they're gonna make more money. I guess spent Mormeck out maybe that's why. The small business I'm very you know the best they have been over three decades. Text messages that are coming in late 7871. Person says absolutely. In all caps and exclamation point. They feel like they're gonna money next I'd like that's another person says people always feel good about it in the year but its use of the same old crap once the media and politics. Okay against that proposal in the three and hand that are not feeling great about the academy in the new that are moral thing that a person tonight Abbas once he said. If I give me a pay raise in all and make you happy for the first few checks in the years then you'll be just as miserable as you are all proud. It and I've always sad if you listen to this program with any regularity that. Is that that there is some truth in that that if you make more money. Generally speaking you spend more money gap and you know if you haven't paycheck to paycheck now you know if you made a couple hundred extra bucks a month or whatever. You're gonna find a way to spend yours you can withhold more fear retired that you're gonna buy and nicer car you're gonna get. Bigger house you can take a more expensive vacation and generally speaking everyone I know spent everything they may yeah. And so there's some truth to Ted's advice what would not be good for the economy or people are spending of course absolutely mark and that's why a you know the national thunder mountain of independent business as we have a 34 year high in optimism. About the status of small business but then there's this text message and it's it's an in my life and I both on a small business for well over twenty years. Our confidence is not reflected in this Chinese ours so I'm not everyone is optimistic but there is more optimism.