Are you confident the future of the city is in the best hands?

Newell Normand
Monday, November 20th

New Orleans has its first female mayor LaToya Cantrell.  Are you confident the future of the city is in the best hands?  Newell will review the results of the runoff election with WWL-TV’s political analyst, Clancy Dubos and President of Clarus Research Group, Ron Faucheaux. We’ll talk about the Mayor’s race, council district B & E race, state treasurer…and take your calls.  .  

This Hours guest:
Clancy Dubos - WWL-TV’s political analyst and co-owner & political editor of Gambit
Ron Faucheaux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group


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Good morning new lawns and what a beautiful morning it says yet another day and a beautiful Crescent City and what a weekend like two overtime victories Tulane University winning in overtime on the saints winning in overtime. L issue walks away against a Tennessee evolves and we have a lot of first in politics a first ever. Female. Mayor of the city of New Orleans which is a good thing. The first Vietnamese member of the council and so many other first. You know as we go through. The list of situations that are out there and we end up with a 05 new members serve for new members on the count them up five new members on the council excuse me. Yet low voter turnout 33% voter turnout in in this city. In which upset is probably one of the most of the important elections that will have in modern times. At this point in time where we are at a crossroads. Of weaning ourselves from the Katrina economy trying to diversify the economy. Trying to grow their economy in trying to create yet a greater identity. Of what and who we are going to be. Going in to them the future so. All of these folks have inning rentable opportunity. To make a difference. To make the change to embark on a new course. The question now is on the up for the challenge and will they be able to create defining moments for Ross where the winds always are for the most part. Outweighs the losses and we will we will have some losses I mean none none of these folks the city as a whole or anybody's perfect and hopefully. In that we can now be cheerleaders for every one as we move into very different. Situation and environment. Six months of lame duck. Where and then missed can't trials position she's serves as a member of the council. And incoming mayor. Can be quite a powerful role actually over the next six months and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Join us this morning and in studio is WW LTV political analysts and political editor of gambit Clancy Dubose welcome the show Clancy. Good morning you'll always pleasure. We'll Clancy as you've probably just heard a lot of firsts that happened on Saturday night. I was a little struck by the separation. Of twenty points. Rounding around rounding off. In the mayor's race I thought it be a little closer than that. But looking at you know the results from across the city other than just a few small areas missed Cantrell really dominated. Yes she did and not just looked like intro clip her brand of politics is really in new paradigm. In the city of new long citywide. It has been calming since Katrina. You may recall after Katrina there was a lot of voter unrest. And not a voter dissatisfaction. Because so levees broke the flood walls gave way in the city flooded. People felt that government wasn't doing its job and I wrote a column called enraged an engaged and that's what happened people got angry and again in gazans system. And the city of new law for example people push for reforms of public education. The combined seven ancestors into war and regionally they combined the Libby boys sit. That would have happened without voter engagement the political establishment did not want those things that happen. But what happened was the people decided you know what we are the establishments. And that translated into several elections in the city of New Orleans not so much that the city wide mayoral hopeful yet. When it started in the council district council district eight DNC. Since Katrina. We had. Council members elected who came from the neighborhood association and civic association. Background and even citywide with army field close election a guy who was known as a civic and business leader. Not someone who did his or her internship at City Hall. As part of the establishment of some of them came from the political organizations. It was very much a bottom up approach. It contrast to the pre Katrina top down approach. I'm Mitch Landrieu was a top down guy that. Keeps you where it was kind of response to Ray Nagin and I think that's why he got elected what with a torn Cantrell letting. Who was there she started off on the council actually stop rocket and able what leader brought more bread for the counseling got elected and then brought that same paradigm. For the first time in a mayor's race city wide bottom up kind of election. And I think you saw and also you mentioned. Five new council members were actually afford to have new council members because Kristin Palmer was on the council which lead to came from. The neighborhood civic engagement paradigm over analogy here. The first time she goes on the City Council from district seat and now she's back and her coalition. To defeat Nadine Ramsey who was very much establishment candidates and facts supported by the same people who were backing. Does a racial and you know bottom up approach. And that's what gave us this change I think it is redefined. How you get elected in New Orleans one other thing one of the first we also have our first Latino or Hispanic member of the City Council in Helena Moreno. That's correct that's correct so when we think about this. So what's the brand that you put on this is this heard many people say that is very much this populist. Movement that is kind of driving through. Populism is a word that that comes in the boat every time that twenty years and it's just a new definition every time it comes in the vote it's. But it I've. If you define a broadly at the bottom up approach as opposed to a top down establishment down. Then yes that's what it is it's is pure regulatory his speech to look towards central victory speech. Should it lose the first person singular very much maybe not even at all it was about weeks and people. That was the defining. Element of her campaign. And it's that way in now for the first time also in council district to see which is James Gray's district. Previously a few minutes ago Los spoke about this bottom up approach being prevalent council districts a PNC and now it is also prevalent in district seat because. The new council member there since he went is also in neighborhood and civic leaders same pattern it's a bottom up people I'm tired of establishment organizations in City Hall tell them is a candidate please go I'm going down. And people are buying that anymore. We'll upset many times. Over the past several weeks that it was gonna take community engagement in order to right the ship relative to the sewerage and water board department of public works. And any number of issues that have come to the forefront. You know that have really kind of handcuffed. Merrill land truce to last part of his term here and like I went on to say that. It's a stain on his legacy one in which she use and 55 gallon drums of bleach to try and remove. And it may end up leaving all of these folks in a predicament because there's going to be a lot of money spent between now and may trying to resolve these issues. Yesterday and it's not in your right he is trying to bleacher board but he also trying to do the right thing I think. Although that remains to be seen in your right is gonna take community engagement at least to stay on. Mitch Landrieu to an end of this term and does indeed get on what sort of Cantrell in the council members. One thing that's a danger. When you talk about something like to sort of walk report. It's seems to be if you talk to people who try to engage with them just citizens to call up to get the simplest thing done. It's seems that the wheels have come off from top to bottom. So it's crying out for change but. You and I both Miller and many others recognize and I think citizens deep down realized. What were upset with that we don't necessarily know exactly what the solution is to as a as a lot of engineering work and a lot of very technical things that need to be done. I don't know how to do that. And hopefully it will be as part of this community engagement. People who actually have some background and that some engineers in and people who understand hydrology and an administration will come forward and volunteer. There are there solutions and their ideas in and you know they would have to pay you know four million dollars to some reports to come out maybe there's somebody here who actually knows what to do well say. It's definitely a challenge incoming mayor and the new council. I've heard other people. Also can't say that miss camp trolls campaign was really almost. More about a cause. Then it was legit about just simply running for office in the traditional sense. I think that's true like compared her to Bernie Sanders in terms of her coalition you know Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination but he energized. People who hadn't been engaged before and actually try out did the same thing on the Republican side a lot of traps voters. What nontraditional voters people who did normally participate in caucuses and in normally go vote. In the Republican presidential primary and I think Cantrell got millennial for example for many years you and I know. Politicians were advised to don't waste of time courting young voters they don't show up that's not true anymore they did young generations today of millennial. They are engaged specifically getting involved in. Civic enabling associations. Here in New Orleans and elsewhere and they getting involved in politics and that block of voters is either defer the largest the second largest bloc of voters. By age in the city of New Orleans. And you know when you when you look at. The words that are actually spoken in this particular phrase really is his economic development when ms. Cantrell says. No longer about the haves and have nots pie gets larger so everyone can share in it. That's the right message no matter whether it comes to somebody in the establishment otherwise. Actually made a point does not think it will people who. Let's say in the political contributor class in the door class to a little worried like this. And like any differently and incidents are gonna try to take something away from him in her. Pre victory speech for her speech on the night of the primary. She's. Talking about taken something away from somebody issues or any of that crap and how to the world well. I'm not used here and mayors talk like that but that's what she said. And. I think voters were they detest. This adds some ways but LaToya has a reputation for a speaking plainly trying to Harry Truman asked. Him. Maybe we need to Harry Truman in new law issues should be the new should be that archer would have no laws which it does that but. But anyway and she was trying to that you did to make the point and and took groping that say. I'm about growing the whole pot and about. Taken some peace to the pile away from it and given it to be and because it's true that's not economic development that's redistribution of wealth and that doesn't really. And Ernie Banks but if you grow the side in this room for everybody dislikes. Yeah sleep all right she followed that up with grow and be strong and each and every one wins. Such troop. True about it's it sounds good now let's see it happen that the. Well it's all about execution but I think I think she did a good. Yeah it. She did herself well by Corning things in in in a nontraditional. Way yes and made it sound more like a cause than than what. Most political Talking Heads talk about day in and day out. And that kind of energy is what got her that the margin that she had I was not that surprised. I'll be if it'd been if you got less than 57%. I would have been a little process because she had a really good charitable Bible like turnout operation using social media and so on. Very very laser focused to individual voters who actually got calls and text on Election Day. People that they have already identified as what potential voters there weren't just standing on the street corner waving a sign. Clancy we got to take a break thanks so much for joining us this morning we really appreciate it all as always. I do. You on line please hold will be right back this is an old Norman under the BL. We're back in we're talking about the election results of Saturday and defining moment for the city a lot of new folks new faces brought to the political forefront. And we'll go under the talked lines line one and talked to Kenneth uptown which you cannot. I. Like what our water our opener kept plant your award it is take on how they banks was able to recover. And capabilities. And that this could be very ultimately when it and that was pretty interesting because that was a big shift in terms of voter turnout in the precinct that normally. Higher. Our in our can be as involved I don't know what that was all about but I was really into it plans to say that. It's just I'm on with the lawyers. I want obviously. I think the reason while at Torrey intro of the wonderful mayor. It because. You ought. I think the same thing with you on the world and their roles that you. Candidate anybody in the row you've got to have the mind really relate to the people I think what happened and battery. Whatever negatives you put out there the street didn't know what you remind me you need. I'm going to the same struggle in not the new stuff for new law of the plane. All of the gore grew a lot of Katrina and nobody perfect. You know Fred at the same time she was bought into it if people can relate to the ball if you stayed acceptable to the people just like you. You know it's don't make a difference and you can walk in you you can walk in any circle in the community. He's been growing in east city and be culpable in the years ago and people received you have and I think that while it for you want. And hopefully he'll be able to transfer that to. XEQ in and creating successes that we all desire thank you so much Ken for Colin and got to take another break. Will be right back after the news would run for O'Shea political analyst and president Claris research groups stay with us. We're back you're talking about the election results from Saturday and joining us in this half hours Ron tocchet. Excuse me. Political analyst and president of Claris research group welcome to the show wrong. Aren't you normally happen to prepare. Ron it's we been looking at the the results and kind of dissecting. These things there were some a lot of first first first female mayor of first Vietnamese. Woman miss when on on the council and and many other first through throughout this election period in and kind of a different feel in many respects what are your thoughts. Well I think that's why. I think that that politics all over the country is strange in. And we saw so that urine. Here at all and so they're there was certainly more willingness of voters or Morton first. Kemba they. And that you mention there's now for presentations from. African Americans whites Asians. In Hispanic soma City Council. And bill of course here in the first. Woman mayors is so historic step up and and and I think away with the port intro was elected this particular interest to go to boost. Really a classic cases. Of me with which you would call. Follow all of the truly based on grassroots organizing. And nurtured purses so. The historic property campaign which was more of what prop camping. That was based on political endorsement certain. In early Monday so. So in that case you know that they're so open formal. Politics or local populace. All this dealt with the formal politics that we total intensity in in city elections to go. And when you look at the results from across the city miss can't troll. One in basically every geographic region with one exception and that was late view lake Vista. But pretty much carried all of the other populated areas. Of this city. Strong and in a huge way. Yeah actually she warn. Landslide. 60%. Is a big the the average. Well winning percentage Orton who mayor since World War II 66%. Which is actually a pretty substantial well and CEO she exceeded that so. So when you get 60% of the vote generally means that your. Across a lot of laws and you're winning. Oh sure and I think that's what we saw in the selection foods it was a it was a big win. Someone mentioned to me that yes it's big numbers at the good news Sunday I was talking to someone that reminded me of the fact that. A lot of her vote to though was anti sharpening votes. All but that's true. You know in modern politics slopes floor. Candidates. Are all but that there are great should've been against their opponent. More so than they'd be for the candidate and we certainly saw that the last presidential election. And the Iraq secure as a good point. You know what though. What's the mandate this election and and I actually think that. Because a lot of big issues were not so it's gone to very specific. Old way in this campaign by any of the candidates. That. That's the mandate is it is actually very. You know what is that next mayor Purdue the police report and crimes situation and in the management of criminal justice resources wonders that next they're gonna do about. On being the body effects that screech. Particularly. As a global with a single money coming account what is the next mayor gonna do vote. Other infrastructure issues specifically. Popping. Pumping stations and drawing it should floating in the source who wore or. Big tool in a big issues. On their the next mayor and now look once. Without the example and there are going to be very cultural issues. Not in a little bit unlike when mayor Landrieu came in when the city finances were really. Completely out of whack and no one really knew what they wore how they wore. Much better structurally today but what's revealed itself over the last three to four months is. We have access to a lot of money that we haven't actually executables on. That's true what and when that went through became mayor city audiences or absolute disaster. And over the last seven years so the of the city audience. It's to stabilize putting well and there is now one. Route to be able to port in Port Authority like law enforcement. Retold in the police report the man caller increasing pay police officers. Increasing the number of investigators. Aren't particularly well Claude. And so in the mayor and you council. Will have opportunity to sort of sets import all of these over the quote this court or about what it's all. And and so that battle but it was so and so. So my opportunities that that we haven't seen. We got to get to a break Ron if you can stay with this through the break what I'd like to discuss who we return as you've been around a long time this six month. Lame duck period is unusual and let's talk about the challenges of what this presents when we return stay with us this is new alarm and when Deborah Dario. Rebecca we're talking Iran fellowship political analyst and president of Claris research group. Ron you know this long. Lame duck period. Could be a negative but in some respects it could be a positive. Can you recently a whole host of people or assembled staffs and seems as though they didn't even really check out the other ressam may very well. So this is an opportunity is missed Cantrell pulls together her staff to. To really vet them fully. I think is one upside to have analogue appeared to tell him. You know I think that's why it is part of the new mayor opportunity. To really that these people on the people. To put in the City Hall also. Went through policy should so so there an upside to that the outside forces that. Effectively we get to mayors you know to the execs bought and adding to obviously entrances on that as the actually incumbent there the medial those two look forward intro mayoral act in escrow or print it. So it it opens the order conflict its hostility between. Can't throw people away from people which could be a problem at the city. Usually there is a problem area in transition it's just sort of natural the people who get too upset at all if that happens. And so limited degree but but hopefully it. It's not allow you know so well. If they check the ego at the door and at the same time they need a Smart pill. They would meet privately. More than. Not so and work a lot of so that you would be creating the momentum of the entities interest always outweighs the individuals. And the city be in the entities. You wanna you know wanna have that public now because otherwise she will have no momentum starting in men. Absolutely. Totally agree with I think it's something that. But it didn't vote they're anchors interest of all it is true. The war got any of these differences there are major questions that certain that she can. You know deal with them when she becomes mayor but I think that's what. Also think it's oh in the matter who who is long transition it's also the City Council. And you have some news council members who have strong people or ideas. And in their one. Their opinion. Include over the next month or so while. Thought they get it it is what it is somewhat. Low because she got so much color portraits or shouldn't. What but what he said that people can check their egos that that the war. Who would wait for the city. They can make the cost more for it well and which could be appropriate going into the city's 300 sober. And you know the other thing that kind of strikes me is missed Cantrell and so with so much time but yet so little. Because her leadership style. May very well begin revealing itself. Today. In order to horror all of these pieces and parts together that you just outlined. Quite very much so and and so she didn't have to be careful out there. You know. New elected officials. What they do in the early days of their term often set probably hear that your first portrait. In the mall on the voters of local politicians are often thought Wiki entry so. Absolutely important and that first impression is lasting impression thank you so much Toronto join in as are we really appreciate your insight as always. Ron tocchet political analyst and president of Claris research group they were at this will go to the talk lines to 60187 or Texas and 87870. This is Noual Norman and David Ariel. Where backdoor talk all things elections on a per ready jaguar opinion poll are you confident. The future of the city is in the best hands 87% of the respondents. Are saying no you know folks I mean whether you're happier you are not happy about the election of fact of the matter is is said. The decision has been made in really America's we've got a few tax and no matter how you all sugar coated guys Yani idea. The fact of the matter is is that this is our leadership now. We have to work with these men and women and we got to hopefully make it work for the city of New Orleans. And on lest we do that. We going to be simply stock on stock. I tried to stay optimistic as much as possible and I try to point out some of the things that are obvious that are going to be challenges. For us but that doesn't mean that I will necessarily be the detractors I want. Each and every one of these elected folks to succeed. More often then not as much as possible. Because that is going to be better for the city into wallets. We're very fortunate in the next hour we have Jay banks. Going to be in studio in the second half of that hour. Miss Cindy when is gonna be here as well as two new members of the council. Who can leave a huge. Huge print on this city. By Berkshire of their hard work in their vision for the city. Stay with us will be right back.