Are you concerned or comfortable with Trump-care?

Many people want changes to Obamacare - especially the medical community.  So, why are so many doctors, nurses and medical groups strongly against the GOP healthcare plan?  Will the “American Healthcare Act” encourage doctors to stay in or leave private practice?  Will it boost or hurt patient care?  We want to hear from you if you work in the medical industry.  Also, analysts say 30% of Louisiana residents under the age of 65 have preexisting conditions.  Are you one of them?  Are you concerned or comfortable with Trump-care?

This segments guest:
Dr. Robert Graboyes - Senior Research Fellow @ Mercatus Center


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Well today Hadley Bob Mitchell and the think tank for Garland this hour we're talking about health care. Many people want changes to obamacare especially. The medical community so why. Wire similarly doctors nurses and medical group strongly against the GOP health care plan. Now do you think the American health care act encourages doctors to stay in. Or leave private practice will boost our hurt patient care now we'll take your calls little bit later on but we want to begin the hour. With the doctor Robert bright boys don't get that right. Well perfect in senior research fellow at mark status. McCain aside. One dollar who's not too bad. I'd have you the rebuke some of the changes that trump care now is going to have. Sure sure have been to look at it for weeks. What you want and to. Fact well I guess the one that but grabbed me more than anything. Here's a president drunk when he was campaigning is over and over so you know. New health care will not affect senior citizens. It will not increased their premiums went yet. I read here that it says that allows insurers to charge older adults up to five times. The rates charged for younger adults that sounds like to lead that senior citizens could be paying more. Well that's probably true frankly it's too it'd been up to me. Five front lawn was usual ratio before. The Affordable Care Act and he squeezed it down to three to watch and and it probably should the stated but I do. He's essentially what it he would by changing their ratio making it that narrow. You were laying a large financial burden at all and young and healthy. Essentially asking. Frankly on average. Poorer. Younger people is subsidized wealthier older people and having obviously there are exceptions but does on average that's what it did. And what it did it was in courage a lot of younger people to. To withdraw from the market simply not just that. Now. Just then. Lots and lots of problems with the law just don't happen have a problem with that particular. Provision. When you looked at the changes that continue to make and just from first hello. Friendships and it's seems to me. That more and more doctors were getting on a private practice that they just do not make enough money I have a good friend and Chicago. Who was one of the top urologist there for years and years and years here at three of four locations. And exiting got to the point that it got so little money. From the insurance companies that he had to go out of business because. It at the people that work for him water rises so is is does this health care is a driving in private practice away. Cultures to do that for a long time. And where to where do we go well what what health care be better if we if all the private practice is going. Oh absolutely not I'd I'd be fearful that their countries to do it that way again. And then you've got. Opted there's anything wrong with the civil servant of civil servants deal with your help and he would do it changes the way it's done. So and so now certainly wouldn't want that. When you look at some of the changes that trump care's going to. Institute over obamacare. Which aren't that good ones what it would on the pluses that that can be better for the public better for the patient. And which are the ones that hurt the most. OK so the house has passed its version. My guess is that Saturday is going to essentially. Can't do something very close to carrying it's starting all over its. I'm not political. Work the fields. I guess as to what's happened. And so this is going to be spectacular. You know disclosed in in essence. A deal to get it passed one house where have you worked on the other. Now I'm not a fan of this particular I think he would. To a large extent the subways and it takes a problem which is that he Affordable Care Act is just loaded with problems. I certainly have never been a supporter of it. But in someone's missed probably. Worse in it's it's got it's got a few with a well so for instance. The the individual mandate the idea that he needed requirement Agee to buy insurance protection move it. Scenes are shot in Poland and popular. I'm probably as. The same goals to ensure that people really like your idea oh. We're gonna make she would it require insurers themselves you regardless of your help that would not let them charging extra if if you're an extensive case. Thereby. The only way that works is if you manage it and snare the young and healthy ones in and keep them in the pool pay for. So if you. If you like the other do things to drop the individual mandate. That you're inviting what is called death spiral. And so sort of sentimental. I like a Ferrari but I just don't like paying him for a little bit that you have been kind of come together. So this substitutes so a different system which I think is actually going to be. Some what weaker which is if you that your coverage lapsed. You do and decide hoops has suddenly gotten very sick and need to come back in well we'll charge you an extra 30% from one year. Barks. You know for some of his help in the provinces stating anything that felt pretty good deal that trying to target cancer welcome back here and now. I'll pay an extra 30% on the premiums. And lava will be paying for fringes of thousands of dollars a treatment for. So. In some ways this. This bill is beat it became law in its current form might well speed up that'll death spiral idea that. And driving the younger healthier people out of the market. Now there's some there's some. Good features on me. Actually it is sort of intrigued by what they call it invisible high risk pools. In which. Someone who's very sick. Or there's some pre existing condition. Our shops like everyone else and they'd like everyone else sort of somewhere under the surface there's certain subsidy that. They may not even know about the it is still shopping in the regular market. Now the problem is this cost a lot of money to implement. There and I think. That Capitol Hill is. Very much is is under appreciating just how expensive. A program like that can be. How exactly does. In obamacare and he had premium subsidies now they wanna replace the premium subsidies. With tax pros is that port individuals. Or businesses I would go to work. You have those super individuals. And had to pull out papers remembers the specifics. How much and gets in its type in com but. The jets would be. It's it's it's just a different way of doing doing the same thing and it's. Is it better yet it's probably more manageable system for the war and but. What would save you from putting cash up front out right. I think I think they both have provisions. The refundable so in the in the current ones. Even the current one that you can file based on past tax returns so. They've always been indefinitely. Or Tuesday is in the time of the experience against him. And you hang on for compliment we'll take a break and come back to. You are okay all right okay we'll take a break and then we'll come back we're talking about the difference between Obama care and trump care. Dropped seems to be celebrating but. Just doctor. Just as the doctor just said it looks like they're gonna terror all up and start all over again so we still know exactly what we're going to have. Bob Mitchell in for Garland Robin out on the thing to anchor on WWL. Well we know you love your mama and so the way just in time for Mother's Day WWL celebrating mom. Well they weeklong giveaway of gifts that mumble a view of six chances to win everyday this week starting at five and look at Colin. Andy with Christians at that night Ichiro. We give away a unique gift everything from the coffee and tea give back from community coffee a spot experience from eight to Walsh salon and spy on them vote. Custom framing from minutes camera something that's our goals from designs and jewelry a getaway for two from the silver slipper. In a sports team that was Reuters Jewelers let's treat my on the something extra special this Mother's Day. Win or gift that you look from the station upload your mama loves American mama happen it will Mamas out that is happening WW we're talking about the difference between. Obama care and now at trump care. Our guest for the staff hours doctor Robert boys. Doctor one when you look at the comparing. Trump care 20 obamacare. Does it seem like they're getting closer and closer together. Oh yeah absolutely. Part of it. He is just the simple fact. The GOP is not having filibuster proof senate majority leader board. They are limited what they can do to whatever they can squeeze into. What's called the budget reconciliation process which all the lessened due in varied narrow. List of things so there's only so much they can do. I'm not sure they're making the most of even that but but. He cannot without a sixty vote majority it's you cannot actually repeal and replace. Obamacare. It's simply can't be done. So. But that's and yes there one of the interesting things is that if you look at. Documents to the house GOP put out touting the advantages. Of these. What they saw its advantages of state of the new new deal. And and if you look at the list. To a large extent because have been in the same list. Whether Democrats will be used in 2010. So they're promising. In insurers will be turning away people with preexisting conditions in. And kids up to age 26 can they have their parents plans and I don't know what and so it's yet they. I think subtly data are accepting. Some of the central provisions. Of the ACA of Obama care. So there is a narrowing of what they're actually try to do in this. There's one thing that interest made during his entire campaign. President trump talked about bringing download that cost of this and he said that he was going to a law. Insurance companies to sell old at cross state lines are not heard anything even discussed above them. Yeah well eat again and that's one of those things. They do and had trouble sitting netted the reconciliation process. On the other hand. I'll have to say that's. That's the point that I is writing about I actually don't think the buying and selling across state lines actually would do much of anything. I don't think. Hey I don't think. Terribly many insurers would be anxious to take advantage and be those that are anxious are doing it. If you go state to state you'll find Aetna you'll sirens signal an eagle on blue cross shall and united it's not impossible sell across state lines. Already but he just have to get a separate license in each state that from big picture it's not a big. It and it does seem to me that if you open it up. But you have more people selling I would I would have to think that would force the price down what net. I don't think so actually not escape that easily the conversations as well we do with life insurance and car insurance. And and I actually have written something on the have a should look. So in 1988 I bought it life and I live in Virginia Obama life insurance for a Pennsylvania company. And I have been today and pursue it it's a little extreme things that company intensely ever had to know about me. They had no way. What was I felt like over the initial policy so they have some there's look at it. Be dead and have a opinion out my premiums well that's easy enough. Eventually in did I'd die. So far I have not. And that's all the revenue and a at a time move tootsie EB orchard Mars or wherever. That's still all the other and I can wherever I want the world mildest tea tea demise beneficiaries. The health insurance little different things so I'm in Virginia. Is some Pennsylvania company goes today Bob liked about policies therefore. Couldn't Wear emotions and guys down. Scatter all over the landscape in Virginia. Talked to a couple thousand doctors build ourselves in network negotiate with some hospitals it's severance. There. Do all those things. Because Bob liked by the policy. And then by the way and every time Bob as the missiles. And does the doctor whatever they've got a track every single little Italy expense for the average. That is huge. Very labor intensive. Time intensive expensive operation. To oversee. It is a company in pennsylvanians don't find it worthwhile. To come down India would be in Virginia. I doubt that they would open again if they want to do that probably are doing it. Again you can you can buy at the policies all over the country because. They've decided they would do that so I think it's one bad. It's sounds good on paper. I don't think you actually do much. Well doctored abolished thank you for being on the show today have got about one minute so we'll ask you one quick question. When are all this is over that's all the dust to settle down. Is there going to be a big change in health care in this country. So in 1990 formalized persuaded me to switch and insert studying healthcare. And the way and I wish I thought about it prevention you know a lot. I'm gonna do it because. It will be in a turbulent and ask for the rest of my working life. One of Social Security Medicare Columbia law is working life. So. Think it'll change. You know things coming. We'll get better worse depends what the passable it'll pass I actually think a lot of the action needs to play take place to stay level the states. Even maybe even especially some of the red states more conservative states. Being moved. Considerable damage to what we could be getting health care through their policies lies injured. Telemedicine and and their insurance regulations. So right now today. The fifty states to do a lot to expect. All right Donna don't thank you so both have been part of show would would come back we rule. Continue to talk about Obama care and now truck there.