Are you concerned about upcoming Saints season?

What are your biggest concerns for the upcoming Saints season? Full 4 pm hour.

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Yes indeed simpler if I welcome end to the Tuesday edition of sports talk here on WW LI MF command dot com on crushing Garrick. And I am not the world's largest so are the world's biggest soccer fans. I'm not the smallest either I am the biggest soccer. Unfair and not fan. Analysts say hater but nonetheless. Good show Camille waited eight Delmon Breaux former saints cornerback will join me at 510 he's headed off to. The CF fell back to that CF felt couldn't get some NFL teams to clear his fused spying. Obviously got to the saints they clear him but also the injury. The end last year missed the entire season with a fractured big deal. Fun show look at is somebody serious stuff that's so much series of what's going on in this country as world so that kind of pressed the reset out of fuel. Sad some follow on a show. A ton of different topics we talk about com. Which SEC football coach would you wanna have a beer with. That's all lined for yet to be two dollar commissar opinion poll Nick Saban and knows Iran Jimoh Fischer Dan Mullen. Somebody else. Cast your vote online at W did you elect Tom Moore calls at 504260187. The text 8787 Mike Triplett would join us. Indy 5 o'clock hour cover the saints for ESPN dot com's NFL nation. What's your biggest question you have about the saints headed in to training camp argued that a few moments also where will LeBron land Lee. Join Houston. Rockets in the Western Conference Chris Paul and James Harden. Could he land in New Orleans Howard Beck national Indian writer for Bleacher Report we'll join us in the 7 o'clock hour. Which SEC football coach when I wanna have a beer with Saddam have a beer with honestly and I know this is gonna be totally contradictory of what. People might have thought yesterday. But it would be at those on. I would have a Buick Nixon even what makes even tell he's boring. He's bland. He now could say about the process are about you know. They haven't we'll Debbie snack cake. And that might be the extent of it. So be it goes wrong for me maybe Jim both Fisher to a degree but in the ghetto drop her from body. During his days. Fung guided your he still lists got a personality that's the one thing that you miss honestly about. The guys have read below mud and not be in her in the SEC anymore or less miles not being an SEC. Because at one point. The SEC had a ton of character. Coaches coming guys that were total characters. Larry has had some says had a sense of humor. That's my biggest regret that plus miles and Brad deal among others are in this in the SEC nor does have a what's fun coaches. Mcsame is boring Jumbo I think is pretty born as well don't know much about Dan Mullen. Sources personality. But it would be a no drop for me just is meant that rescuers. In new bullet. So be it could be funny is I'm sure as he's got some great stories. Nobody says that he's a magnificent story teller. It doesn't things and is it his own wife that I'm sure are funny here about. You sit down any SE coach have a beer or two or glory with who would be. 5042601878. X 878 Sony also. What's your biggest questions. You have about the saints headed in the training camp. To me like there's that it's hard to have questions about this team how much depth they have. How much talent they have. To me though it's who's going to the need to pass rusher. Opposite Cameron Jordan and Willie be effective. Alex Okafor still coming back from an Achilles injury played well last year before it happens got hurt against Washington Redskins. C a come back and be able to be effective coming off that injury Marcus Davenport. Role player very talented but raw and unproven at a high level. As facts I do think Marcus Davenport is eventually going to be a start. Will be this year I'm not quite sure they don't need going to be though. They're need to be a twelve sacked ten sag got hops and Cameron Jordan. If he can get shipped five or six and Okafor can get to five or six in May be one or two more from maybe Trey Hendrickson. Some like that. Dubai committee but who's it going to be are those two in particular Okafor. And Davenport going to be effective if I had to outline one question of are put a question mark over one area. Of this team movie that and it's not that they don't have talent at some point my point is the injury factor with a Okafor the fact that Davenport is a rookie and he played at UT SA. But the high level competition to how fast how quickly will he adjust to the next level. For looking up throughout the roster there's not a mile question now path. Mean I think they got better with Kurt Coleman at safety I think Marshall out of mourn his second season Marcus Williams Mo we've seen in OTA's and mini camp. It is is. We're gonna be dynamic. His second season his range is something else that's that he's got easily range. It's hard to come by in the NFL will subway come back for body. You to a final four to 6018 semi text 87 eights and it is sports talk here on W bill what is your biggest question. Surrounding the saints headed in the training camp this siege radio W well. One nothing floor on top of Texas of the college World Series middle innings Jackson cooperative for Florida and he is straight up deal. Bobby sit time gusty court comment on announce our impromptu guest obviously he was loosen the program and no we talk about having a beer with a coach though are in the SEC coach who'd be. And give a lot of text allies actually. 87878. On he'll say I'd like to have one with coach though to see RB as the coach of deceit. How long it would take me to understand them with that to be 100 to battle hard a time when he sober. Our afternoon out all honesty and coach Steve core forcing its office Alam was lament. Gutsy text that he has said she had Beers at all these guys are. Yeah that's why did you. Yeah over the years. That you love and you are not just particular situation here all situations where you know that. So you said that Nixon even as funny app will tell me a lot to me out because I haven't seen any comedy from him ever. Know you're here you missed that the guy big guy is extremely engaging. He's very Smart he's very quick funny he's got a million stories. Com. You know what sort of it you know outfit so you know the football field and there. Back black Africa is that it. Audience fell yeah he's a really. Ought to get. Story. So he's telling Sean Payton if you get away from. The media and in and away from football you really he has to let his hair down a little bit. Well. You know this guy. Is argue about pop culture and history ought coaches I mean you think about it. He's pitching and and the fact that he is good years and continues at this extremely high level. Com. Cursor. What take very seriously and oh very serious. Game in some aspects. On. But he also knows that winners on Sparta so look at this sport is not good. We pretty you know. He's got caught in and audit and audit you know it took to pull all done a watchful all done get. He could've been buddies are there. Who's the phone a silly guys you've you've. Had a couple suds with. You must agree to. As such as this and that really. These these he's our guy that you know outlook. Dictates that for cattle the other. GOK you know. Are a lot. So. I'll share sale that resemble spot and that bell saw the X really sort cure all. Our guys. Store which at all. Steve core forcing its office aligning our sports talk and Steve. The question where were talk about today also what's the biggest question you have about the saints headed in that. In a training camp and look it's hard to to find a hole on this team or have a question about it but. For me it's it's Alex Okafor Marcus Davenport how much of an impact there when half. Look out obsolete this I believe it is odd that they played last year and not doubt that you guys we get operational or was injured. And endeavor what was here. But speaker at the justice defense. It's just. Does that rate the you got two new guys at oak or continue to Jamaica progress obviously Achilles saying and and and rookie year so year. It's just gonna. Add the arsenal guys go to Egypt is quiet about it you have these this. All the linebackers our linebackers are just and we got to. Oh good linebackers in that do linebackers. Secondary route. Check here all the best year you know stores group wise did you see any. More well now that will be the only hole I see all news. Then and look. Out week it was out there deal. Hope that we don't have to see that Steve that's the that's so not talking about it. That whole what is our strongest unit. And and that they are I want. So it. And that pilgrim. And I'm sure sure that. A lot of security your. Sure it in. Situations. That. I don't want. But want it now. Starting weren't each and it's a great. That itself or were you a lot out opposite Wall Street. The fact that it. Bode well rest shores. Trait like that that no player who wouldn't want to ones at the top eight. Should. I can't imagine that but at saint time. So. You like so morals as. That the media that as well. Steve core forcing itself as a lineman Willie drama thanks for they should join us on short notice. Hi Bobby any Worcester what's going on Bobby you're on W him well. About it. I'm here. On debit thanks. Puts our old Bobby yeah of that cell area content in and out every word. Saving didn't make it in pro coaching. Text or rights and it's an eight and so why it. I'll tell you this I'll bet you. You need it had to do it secretly I'll bet you that if you asked LSU fans right now. Which techniques save him back. At LSU. Despite the alike hate him because he left. Narrative. They were taken back in a hearty. You'd be crazy not to feel all the sudden one's it's just said you know what. I don't I don't coach Alabama Alabama anymore I wanna go coach back LSU. Despite what you think Obama as a human being or. How he left the program etc. You would be a fool. To deny that they say that he wouldn't take a Mac you absolutely what a hundred times over. We got Bobby that cart Bobby was what about you on W built into combat. Our mandate your occupation being patient with. You. Accretion on into the that we are legitimate. An obit you don't agree I agree Medicare that that will be my concern at tight end position. Guarding KG in clean. Age span different from the gay from the I'll ask it in perspective. I think I don't a bit. I think. Bought out by certain year that there are certain though. I take what I seen in OTAs in in in mini camp. And he doesn't look 37 honestly do he's movement. They don't body it's a good point I review equipment that is a question mark but it's not dire straits there Jeanne you're gonna get. You know if you get 5600 yards from Ben Ben Watson the way they've constructed this office now without a Camara be a big part of it out of backfield as a receiver Mike Thomas. Guys they've added I'm Ted Ginn junior and cam Meredith along with trick once missed I mean there there they might attack you in different ways and usually like to beat. And I haven't haven't a tight end involved in that attack but I think today have so many weapons it's really not going to be as big an impact. It's probably going to be a big impact its lawyer though their production at repaired but the gap that option at the target initiative mile. Church said church but feel a little bit and thought that means. Just so that would ban the use of no event. Probably see him in these I'm out on top it will employ and me and integrate that is an all around great guy great humanitarian air raid. Ernie shot a large damage Graeme and it's it's you know I'm. Outing totally agree and look. I had says it you're you're writing pose that has a question but I don't think it's. As big of a deal what's your biggest questions surrounding the saints headed in the training camp 50426018. Semi tech's 87 meets everybody takes a phone call. CBS news update local news headlines Chris Miller next here on WW I'll. Good good impersonation of body but can't do a top NASA master control was. Our master impersonator around here welcome back to sports talk. Got a text your date 7870. Christian he gonna give World Cup updates scores etc. I don't even know on. But I'll just here's how I'll venture a guess. And somebody scored its one often somewhere. A one nil to one. Don't you likely your scores as far as teams I don't know I don't watch it. Not to be forced to watch it if teen USA was in it I would watch it apple for apple for team USA in any sport. But tonight and I'm not watch it it's not my cup Petit side that offends some of those soccer lovers but. Just not enough action for me. Corey and Hannah what's going on Cora you're on WWL. I don't. I got Marcum analysts say not so much which. Our concern with one player or group as a whole season. Despite the letdown factor yet but degree heat and that nobody expected last year. And you know Alec it's Super Bowl ring no. Worry you know okay editor yes it's yet. Carried over don't next year or you know I like it. I have great speed and hangover got to get. Happened in 2007. Corey member doesn't say that is the title game. 07 that'll let down year and I think they they learn some things though Sean Payton and Drew Brees that are still a part of this team they learn some things about what they did the office is near the date. They corrected me in a fix they understood that they're not a great business missteps in morbid that's a legitimate concern because. How does a young team see themselves now after the season they had compared to last you are Hungary. Yeah a couple of offensive drew there's all Majorly I think you know you've got enough leaders on that battle line now and you know. So often coaching stats pretty much attack or been flat year. Is that the bank lot of young guys on the error and how they handle that except. Yes I mean just just by being around Corey Wright they'd be around Narnia routier's and and mini camp and in and do locker room. They don't give you that five to Dave. Bought in to their their season of a year ago has to pay they've arrived are there. Their their read their press clippings they still look like it sound like a team that. That understands it's it's about the work that they're put in the offseason because they'll all tell you that. What got on their last year was their their work in the off season and and in training camp etc. so. It sounds like they're grounded. I hope I hope you're right now we're able to let domino markedly I think he will be Earl I'll be. At the auto. Yeah I think you will be diary. I think I agree we're gonna remember. Early on you know mark Martin's Wynn's gonna. Get that negative. Connotation about not that or vikings game. But in five years I think they'll be such a distant memory will seem like a hundred years ago that's a bonus guys going to be. I agree we ought to respect you have a good date. Our Cortese the focal. Ryan on a cell phone what's going on line you're on WW well. I've more unique curriculum. Is. And where do you. DM ED he can't be beat men. And. I. Well well. Well. And I'm pretty well. Oh. We. Know I sound a realist I selling a realist Ryan don't. Where I've played into that where I. And it has really good for you. BP. Pretty well I do believe that. And you bet Brian. So I should just go and Alabama right now. Hey Todd can you call radio station albums in a good job. No look. Again this I think Ryan's of settled me from yesterday when. We're going through the over and under win totals and I wrote about it today I I don't see any more than eight wins I'm not a rehash the conversation from yesterday. I'm sure and exceed the love because she'll be a better there's not a better coach in college football right now there's just not ensure they can be beat. But you can't beat them regularly. Consistently. Alice she hasn't done it no team in the conference has done it lately. Maybe Auburn if you were caught consistent adds anything but consistent but. He is sure he can be beat. And you get a lot of love you you're you're you're foolish if you don't look at make save and I'd say that's the greatest coach. Currently college football and may be the go to all the degrees of all time. And you're going to be that. Even now those conversation Bear Bryant are Nick Saban either way when you're in that conversation. When you're in that company in the greatest of all time. So bury your head in the sand and say all of you not see anything positive about LSU well. They control that not me. They control what goes on their program and they're put out a poor product that's them not me I'm a similar talk about it a civilian in my opinion on it. I'm not I get my job to you. Is to not watch I'm not going ally are sugar coat my feelings about a team that you care about. And that I care about how we address that again Ryan. I want LSU to do well it doesn't matter where I played and if I played I hate that comparison I hate the idea that oh. Look for for the record in case you're wondering. I was born in New Orleans grew up all over the country might that was arm I was in the arm l.s army brat I did not go to high school down here. But I did I did spend a significant portion of my life on vacations down here every vacation we had when he was in the army and I was an army we were down your new world this is home for me. It's been Holmes is I got a Marine Corps and kids that are born here. So what this I I. On the New Orleans. It doesn't matter if you played I don't like that comparison. Just because you haven't played college football are you pro football. That doesn't mean that you can't educate yourself well enough to go yup that's a bad team that's a good team that's a good coach that's a bad coach. Want to study the game well often don't you have to have played it. Tend to be critical or praising of a team or player. To have an opinion and educated opinion. Phone lines open a 5042601870. Text 878 semi I recognize that everybody can be be. Everybody can BB but ten. The ABB regularly and you can't win Alabama. That's why they've dominated college football for as long as they have since nick save and will as long as knicks havens there. This is sports talk here on WWL IMF and doc I'll. Life in the fast list right. Top Vanessa master control taking your phone calls at 5042601. A semi play an air draws low enough bad. Well done tot. Context here dates and they'll love it. Love these sex. Yeah rocky be drug code so anybody can PP Edmonton. We'll look. At cinema movie. Yeah I have a few script a movie sure you can control out outcome. It's a movie in Hollywood but on a college football in the SEC. Tech's win 87878. Getting back to the saint conversation with dubious concern. About the same Tenet and attorney can have some really good suggestions really good and the tight in perhaps they. Are they still grounded team after the success they had last year. By all indications. I would say yes they are grounded team just by talking to him in Iraq two of them by the way when he addresses to. Yes I was wrong last year I had a saint to seven and nine I wasn't the only one that hole. Nobody really saw that common the ultimate optimistic saints fan that every year says eleven of five or ten at six a thirteen and three of course they're gonna be right. Went but if you're being objective nobody saw seven but I saw a team better than seven an eyelash got a out of the saints. They did it. Pierre Madison bills going up here you're on WWL. About flat and it would be it would of the audio probably have a couple of all people. That it could be six or seven you know all of the debris. Chinese bandits. You noted kidnapped in the league action of drawn a blank. The coach came from either opinions or from now adult cattle on a dot on a plane crash that was about future what was his. Those. Early. And remember his name. Bryant will now. I'll. Look a little on the towel and right now I hate to name the name is likely to my tongue can pick it up and notes. But bull line that's it could go run. Wait don't unavailable Iran. No nobody went real law and government. It seems like Reynolds of my tong. I thought well I can't think of it became indeed did. Came to the university you went back with a life and I'm gonna play piano store on and these are now. It would have been outlet is elected mixes that this guy with a man so she wouldn't do it and championships. It just so happens god god you know result whale work of things but you know two guys pockets of air and it can't be there. Coach is meant cartridges is built on a pedestal right here is the all right. Here. Now with Mexico and so then on telling Nancy Thomas Bo Ryan deported well yes. Hey all right yeah that's what I am somebody awhile back to what apple was related to the line and you know did jet's. We are not. No affiliation well. Argue clear enough but don't have a great day and when we talk doing it next what next week you know what you're lying in. God bless this day. All right thanks Peter appreciate. Hit analysts see like just haven't heard from him how the ever tournament you're on W tomorrow. This audit tea quick little thing. I had a beer and gave me at six. We're still swelled. The coach with a and now in and around the back on the spots well. When Paula this ballot and vote. And it was a and prayers and hope that right there and bomb so let won it all out all you and your hot six bracket picks. Hots expect though yeah come on it's going to be asked to be on ice up. Out there. That. Palin did do is currently the SEC which executes. It would be a candidate say. Look at what their work out at any minute movie. That movie up pot the night. Each of us well former now. Nobody would then there. Are the current the current coach bill not is. He still live. We will release. I guess not he's not he's the Tennessee is and like freedom and a coach is the last. Four Tops our care. But that now on our current SEC coaches. Aren't. I don't make any news or on OK Nick Saban then yeah nick seems to be a popular one. Yes sir sir but it was great and I looked out for the course. I did and you could you know go. I suddenly come back from miles. And you to a final four to 6018 semi tech's 87887. What's the biggest question you have about the saints headed in a training camp. This is sports talk here on W him well enough in the dock up. I had tiger baby. Hey rocky B drive go LSU could beat Alabama. The visit teeth is that in that it's for a having a lot of fun today of sports talk miles what's up man you on the following a long hours. Day around. I'm like long collar and a hangover after the he had left out here and net and I you know it they're just human nature she. And but like it and I'm an acute and ever by the the bank and Lebanon. I'm glad geared that nobody saw Mara and Lattimore jail late on. Lou everybody. So but yeah. Kennedy. You know. How would you be and all the time and day out date cat you know not relate. But. You know. I mean did you in date may be but it. And the other big question mark they're angry about what they help yeah you're good but it. Last year in year out the Mets at its common. I think yep yep me Uga and attempt to buy a little harder and you know I'm gonna. But like the united. I think you know they need but not rhapsodic yet. Don't take cheese. Yeah Abbott you know it you know miles furs up I think that they have. The right leadership in that locker room chomping doesn't do it that's the beauty of teams that you know you got something cooking Dwyane. That the team leaders cannot police themselves and police the locker room because that's where that's where it sat and and I think that debt grounding comes from. Guys like Drew Brees guys like Ben Watson and dollars that have been around for a little bit reckons that can quickly remind young players going the second season. Or are there first season on hey it doesn't just happen overnight it doesn't just you know I just anointed. We'll just roll the ball on the field say were here were going to be twelve and 413 and three we're gonna win this game when visible. They only they can you remind them of that and look at. I don't think it needs to be some sort of ploy coaching tactic like that I think that they truly genuine belief that and understand it no because of veteran leaders. Now and you know the one to talk about it you know eagle they know exactly yet there ain't no I'm. You know. I mean. You know. He probably would like Al. Who's that. Job they did it no matter you know. In Maceda communications. Mean he is a great communicators internally within your organization. And press coverage is not some ash and have to be though. Mr. Tate carried over to next hour. Stick around dealt brought former saints cornerback will join me as well this is sports talk here on WL IMF Hamanaka.