Are you a bigger fan of college football or the NFL?

Kristian asks if you're a bigger pro or college football fan and talks about the possible shift in NBA playoff seeding with Sean Deveney of the Sporting News.

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Hey now simplify welcome into the Thursday edition of sports talk here on WW LI MF amendment dot com. Along with Mormon Automask control on Christian Garrett the Keating cannot even take a little R&R B back on Tuesday. Phone lines open has always a final four. To see so. 1870. The 7 o'clock hour Mike to tell yet. Count you down the saints' training camp. Mike Triplett at 530 ESP NFL nation report covering the saints will stop by is that good all. Host blocked on jaguars podcast will join us he saw the story I don't know if you had about. Marcel Darius. Woman alleging that. He gave her a sexually transmitted disease. Could be it could be some big trouble for Marcel Darius Sean deadly sporting news NBA writer. Will join us at 435. Are to be able blue or food to people if you had to pick one which we do you prefer college football or the NFL. I'm I'm more into the NFL and they college football by some to be honest. I had to pick one to be NFL critical issues like I have with. College compared to pro football the number one thing is the hash marks. Right the spacing of the game in allows. It's you you're you're facing basically men vs men in space toward the NFL hash marks are tighter the united spending space. As much. I'm nearly it is much. So as men vs Mitt. The college game the hash marks are too wide. It's too much space that's why the spread offense has taken over college football that's why spread players typically don't translate well. Into the NFL because there's less space there used to in college. The career links. One to four years 13 years roughly. He tossed the ball just as you start to get to know them know their strengths are you get to know them met a member of the memorize or number. They're gone. I know the NFL has a lot of free in his lot turn over a year and year out but you have the mainstays. You have the guys like him Jordan and others that have been around for awhile Drew Brees it's it's set her up. You know guys are gonna get a second Mark Ingram second third contracts. He had you have a commuter league in the NFL. But not now like college where they're they're guaranteed to be gone at least up four years guarantee. NFL as a rookie out of for at least four years the figure option and a second contract. So. There's a couple issues I have that's why book I'm looking at a from a strategic standpoint. I love the strategy of football in particular the NFL. Much different game in college. Much more strategic I think. In the NFL and college. Mean look at the number of teams in the NFL 32. Eight divisions clear formula for decided to post is right it's pretty clear. A hundred point nine FBS schools. Teams. Ten conference's. Handful of independence. It's me it's largely impossible to keep up Willa while all. Which I think it makes it impossible for. Poll voters and college football playoff committee to make a fully educated decision when a ranking these teams it's it's not their fault David appointed his alleged thing it's. Really really challenging. With a 129 FBS schools and teams. Ten different conferences some independence. Which do you prefer college. What the NFL 504. 260187. Text 878. 87 the sports talk here on W well enough and knock out. Welcome back to sports senator Kirk whose exports as a sports talk excuse me. Blue room foods of people. Get a pick one which. Do you before college football or the NFL final four to 6018 semi tech's 8787 right now on our blue runner whose opinion poll. It's 60% saying college football 40% saying the NFL got a text here 878 semi several of mother flying in here. Explaining asked me to explain the difference in the spacing and hash mark in the NFL. Compared to college football and college football their forty feet apart that's marks in the NFL are eighteen. Feet six inches apart it's a much tighter cleaner game. It's too much space in college football. How about the overtime format. You keep playing red zone football in the NFL you play he keep playing football. I mean. There's a number of reasons I prefer the NFL over college. Which steeper for 5042601870. Text 87870. Jimmy amenable to on Jimmy you're on W well. Yeah I you know Christine the yeah I'm. I think our preferred account Amylin which is perhaps a much technical stepped it up well that's more like. I'll stop while there's no debt mean. A lot of stadiums and cultural ball a lot without ink and they don't. All right there you write their job or are out. Not Jimmy is registry goes in the sense of community I think that's where college football has the FLB. And every game is right let playoff game expansion of the documents. Securely and gouged apology to. They're pretty much out. Yes don't like that order though sound like the fact India in the NFL you can lose. Fly five games six games heck even even seven games and make the playoffs. And you know it's it's just on and then. It's it's justifying game and. Gal the cheerleaders. That's how it actually still in doubt there's a fine atmosphere of the GOP right now as probably a lot bigger and intolerance. Without a doubt in the pageantry likeness of the pageantry of it. I'm looking at from a strategic standpoint though. I cannot thank you actually have a tight tight. PetSmart and removed them demo I mean Marquette they were not slowed steel boat anchors. Estimate it was Egypt has there wouldn't. That's skis or not but a lot of it because of it. Or if you in college football. Athletes approval bought beer right there are bigger so if you put that on forty feet. What you are hash marks the game will be played totally different and it would it would not because they're bigger faster so it's been even more space. With those big old guys I think the hash marks a perfect for the NFL because it makes it a tighter cleaner game. Well and I understand pageantry and you're right the college football's got it'll be there but from strategic standpoint. Not close and that's why I'm Mike Nolan North Shore what's going on like your own W. Well they're going to argue work in Russia. They are are probably say. I think that that. The not got tickets on our crop. That's okay unique phenomenon at all with which would satin as two guys. If you and me you know no repeat them but what I would say is I think there are recent college. It's so much is so much more popped out 'cause I had a cult thanks I spent about. I don't know bitch just a bit. Spent about thirty. Your NC picket. They're beggars in the locker room and they would do that and you can count on our I think that the reason why people like. The other the other part. Football out. As well. Aren't you I want nothing to say when and that character is about these basic. That commercially sold out and I'll ultimately great guy great chair a bloody showed. My second Yuma favored by my second favorite quote from the city but man. It's so confusing about probably how he explained. I'd change. On I don't think the average person understands. Well that commercial science so your listeners out there may may want another exploration area where you producers. I don't know burning fires that Brownback till date there with a commercial but listen to show. Is so confusing about our teaching app and another that would be joke about a lot of people would technologies stated that they want your year. And I think if you would regret that commercial on your spare time. I don't know I'm not in space in my outlook. I drive a lot probably will learn a lot out that you got so it doesn't do it but I think that's what about not doing what has been an. The economy today an ounce several trucks and new truck line and we've been rendered on I can't don't. Can't bought tickets oh believe black girl on the activities guys. On him money and I'm not going back until at least. Put I. College football you realize they stay in the locker Mattel's balls all right. Yeah as the analog from finance out here on that's ridiculous because it's been waiting for it and do it might not well. Without it. Bent then made it chance but he got no better and that Ali in the that the right there opinion. Analysts and as always right if you amendment that would app and after. App audio bit and you sort you'd think people don't have that I agree with Kristian garic gravitate. You always do everybody a chance to give their opinion and that's why would they show besides the fact it is very knowledgeable and you can take a look at every now and and by the Dominican women are the bank. Mike takes the phone call thanks for the coward as well some who disagree it's an evil said don't let listeners give their opinion but what not. Most about the radio dot com map it's this simple Han. Look we're no longer on to an end. And no please you can stream WL radio W elect come and or the radio dot com app and website I have to do his. Go to radio dot com app and and download the app. I and to do so radio dot com slash listen or download the rated dot com have to now continue listening to all your favorite content here on W duo. Covers the NFL which one do you prefer 504260187. XX 878 to be another tale about the NFL. 53 players 53. And college football it's an eighty's and ninety's sometimes triple digits. They don't have unique don't have unique numbers. You have four. Number twos. It means initially 46 active on a game Davie FL. Much harder. I think the game players strategize. Mean they have week to week three players on our roster college football. Jersey numbers in the NFL means something you know when you see number nine you know when you see number 94. You it's etched in your brain. L one downtown what's going on Ellen you're on W grew up. A Christian ministry it is going to be on topic that we readers aren't. I agree I'd like I'd like to pro bit like Cairo. By itself saying that the pro old. Copy of the colleges. Dirt to dish you know and he is something he picked up off the alt Karl college. Beat did did you do it now. But. Stadiums get the problem just started in the award while Bob Butler national. You can never knew her and president addressed this problem before. Okay. Allen told I think a lot for the conference this conversation. Keep it to I don't while I don't get into presence present trumps and it's in anything I understand some people are turned off by. What was said by the president or in what the players there are doing but I don't want had this we've had this conversation for meet the purpose of this conversation is. What about college football you love more than it in the NFL what do you or if you prefer the about what is it. About the NFL game that you love more than college football visit the pageantry of college football in and it in this city community. Ores in the strategic part of it. In the NFL. Think it's a boy did it the approach you a lot of excitement. That the colleges cannot do okay. At all on the field and mean and that's what draws up in the football and just the strength in here. And I'm going to be years of them do it. I made a Madonna torturing trend. After. An if I'm listening Elena I'm not saying that I don't like college football is I love college who bought the in the wrong but I had to pick one. As which one I can actually watch one it would be the NFL for those reasons only had a few more. When your phone calls at 504260187. If you had to pick one. Which would you pick college football or the NFL I would think for the phone call Valerie Madison bill what's going on Valerie you're on W grew up. Christian and great show and yeah the typical question you'd ever. Me and it would be like me which went children issue paper. Out yet. On. How are not paper on Sunday at L. I can't I got out akin what you have that yet. The one Valerie got to pick one got a big one. Well my act for some excitement and check back he he had played their hearts out without. College is really more site for me. A guy. You're you're you're you're into that flow from a totally different standpoint and that's fine in the meat. And again it goes back to some of the strategy that's involved and mess our look at that roster sizes in the NFL compared to college football. Are you talk about the dimensions on the field and hash marks the overtime format I mean the length of games in college of blind know the NFL has long used to but. College football games drag. On. Right here right capping that I. Like it right now. I thought. I Valerie. Face of the phone call Erica new world was going on Merrick. College really NFL. Now to listen as Bob put it years that we do coaches plays you don't. I just on pro ball it's gotten so all non. The record being sport college Bobby is he has the crowd more amateurism. And I disagree about it will play that they do is cut trees you know you'd have occurred more people on the sports. I think it would more football games and ABC on Kyle isn't able to produce great champion. More shows now talking about what pro football players may commit. When he that would be like we wanted to odds and won and who its way to meet that we. It should be college community is more about the sport. Of this football strategy that don't think pro football. Is and and and torture and everything has definitely wait too much on. Court thing that's sports at all. Eric as far as the money it's these guys are making his threes lights talk about it because they are making. Millions of dollars because their professional athletes these are amateur athletes at the college level. Thanks to the phone call. Our blew our food to bring people get a big one which do you prefer college football or the NFL. 5042601878. Taxed 87870. Some NBA rule changes come and perhaps a foot at least in the playoff format we'll talk about with Sean deadly. But the sporting news next here on sports talk on W duo. Welcome back to sports talk crushing Derrick here. You're on hold sit tight running Terry down and Joseph in New Orleans he's give back to your phone calls NFL vs college football in a moment. Also some big doings NBA board of governors discussing changes to the playoff format Sean deadly sporting news at Sean Dennehy joining us now on. On Twitter and Sean. Is this meeting is gonna go anywhere the playoff format I think the commission recognize that he has an imbalance the Western Conference to to the Eastern Conference. Yeah and it and AM. Pretty consistent and now. So. Booted up and I think that certainly them sober. Really want to address the question is can he get enough. Not would be owners on board to do something about it and and and just how. You know it is now are changes go and in terms. Shake up the content that little bit and that sort of thing. You know you. I think it properly it and we want to do. The panel it went into. But but it is something you would like to Trenton and an important supplement making. Good one and that is. You want the final here. To get in and and and that is. Oh in the case you know really if you look at the latch. Eighteen years as back to 2000. You know there's there's only been public six times we can say the two bit treatment in the final open and that you know. Yes it looks like it they're gonna seed one through sixty regardless of conference right based on our records etc. it seems pretty simple I eat you mentioned the travel part of it. But I just feel like hey you could I'm OK with the idea that you could have. You know that the top four seeds all from the Western Conference I'm OK with that that that's how balances out I'm I'm all for this. And you know that the problem is that you know you wind up with tea. You know with the money in the ELE a first round. This series that might be a little difficult. They spread these things now that they could travel. Is quite early that maybe don't have 383 days he did between gains you know he would do you could finally. To address the travel thing you know you might have to to flee the broadcasters little bit to do it. But the but in the end if it which blind. Is is it to have the final compelling. That I think that that that something that that completely unique look at. You know I think that. You can smaller numbers are strong Shaun of the MBA in terms of viewers and ratings etc. I think in order for the NBA to grow. Their fan base though for guys like me honestly I'm a much casual NBA finish on. But but. In the reason why is because. I know the story I have seen the movie already in aria. Have seen so I can predict the outcome opposed to if I think get in this format of one through sixteen provides a little more intrigue a lot more intrigue and a hat. You'll start to get the matchup that that we haven't seen before and and the Iraqis say it mean when the when when when the final. Are sort of predetermined. You know it's tough to get up for those you know when the brunt in Miami with with with Chris Bosh and and language he sort of had a break. From Matt. But if you go to other than those years Utley in the years that that would probably in Miami. And the one here that Cleveland that the warriors after beating up but I after the war is up 31. I go to look look at five years there but you go back and and and think about you know when the lakers were dominant in the early 2000. Followed by Pittsburgh. You know that it would just it was it was it was almost a foregone conclusion most years that the west was going to win the that the championship. And now that the bronze in the west as you've really got to think about that. Well again because. Because it could be heading back to those kind the year in the league doesn't that. And look let's face this could be LeBron people push in the NBA to do this is because they want that final streak to continue for LeBron and LeBron James Sean to have any. Sporting news covers the MBA at Sean DeVon on Twitter short and sweet shall we preach adamant. You bet back to the phones we go Ronnie and Terry tell what's going on Ronnie on W could well. A Christian Lebanese show. I'd rather college there and overthrow. And the reason why it was like on Saturday morning download did not early in the morning and watching college game day. And just seeing all the enthusiasm of the crowd. And stuff like that. On Sundays you really don't get too much of that you just get the Talking Heads on Sunday and and you get the guys that they go out satellites that they're going to. You know broadcasting games and stuff like that and in most of more Horry in empty stadiums. But as far as like college game day I mean you know all science is there a date you know they waving flags and. What an experience standpoint running again a call I'll I'll acknowledge that the caller senator earlier too from a fan experience. Council applause got the NFL be there when it comes the pageantry of the since community. The excitement is tailed V all that stuff. But I think did it and if your fan of the NFL you know that going in that's not necessarily what the league with the NFL is about opposed to that is what college football is about seek and appreciate that. I look at it from a strategic standpoint more so than the pageantry of it. Yeah and I did that too I mean you know I mean you know the pros you know they are you know I mean it I mean they're pros. But as far as college football goes I think he got a lot more in but I have a lot more interest in it because the guys they're really. Put forth the effort. First of all the American table that those get paid but they're not getting paid. And you know there in the when it you know to actually get to the next level war and some problem not all of them but I mean you know they they gave me and I'd just like to count ball better. I'm right here's the thing I mean I give it that others out there playing for the love of the game that I understand that argument. But they are playing on most of playing on a scholarship secondly like you said they're trying to get the NFL but. The NCAA estimates that only one point six of draft eligible college players are actually drafted each year one point 6%. Percent of FBS players. That's that the NFL's comprised of 2% of SF BS players. So and I'll go pro. Yes so so the idea that they're just playing it for. Lovely I'm sure they do but there also these big time programs they're all think they're going into the NFL trying to go to it to the next level. That's what one of the reason why is there playing count so there is it's not as innocent and is that the love for the game as much as maybe. Some fans and some would would wanna point out Ronnie thinks of the phone call coming back for Joseph. Jeff Paul Anthony David in you to. At 5042601878. X 87870. RW nobler foods of people if you had to pick one. College football or the NFL. What are you picking. Texas and A semi semi calls a final four to 60. Won a Tony this is sports talk here on W grew up. Text here 8787 in college football easily pro football you can lose eight games and possibly make the playoffs college you better not lose one or two. See that's the thing I don't like about it. Affected if you lose one or two he basically out of the the final four. Delegates and it should you expand a playoff system it's that are too many bogeys and college football too many. I mean. The year old war I think you award. Schools and universities for. Mediocre seasons. Ball should be special. The playoffs in the NFL or special. Twelve of the 32 teams make the playoffs. Greens are becoming bowl games on there. There's fifty sets a hundred teams out of a 129 FBS teams. That would end up making a post season. Not too fond of that. Jeff in pods to look NFL or college football which you prefer. Off court. Our appetite you burst of ball well all right you're due out which one out of our debt since you let up on. Aren't abort a slot. I have rarely does issue a lot really appreciate your. Knowledge and passion for sport I really do. I help. Jeff that's I'm humbled to have you say that may think you. Okay and but what I wanted to design we hear me out because it can be a little art some people understand. But. Hot or are college and I believe what drives back. Is the fact that I'm a little bit more not much but a little bit more than Allah issue and I am a strange. So what happens is that. At the end of the day. You know crap happening sent back it actually or one out issue loses then it does one Saint Louis. Well if I had to make a choice between Al issue winning a national championship. And the saints win the Super Bowl outlook it LSU probably in the minority. Article eucharist. I see it all off from a fan based perspective Jeff eat that it comes down to which you openly. Which you which team you root for the most are our morbid die hard fan of and that's okay. Again just for me this comes to. A strict pitch a strategic standpoint. You know the the game in and of itself with as a talk about the hash marks the differences and defending space and you defending min. Opposed the NFL you're defending minutes of its men against men. Mean Carreira links are longer eat you know you know year NFL players a little bit more and the and one to three years in college football. That you know they're gone in haven't timed it to really get to know that they're not the face of all the franchise at a face of a school they are for the short term that they might be there for your program. But for the first one or two or three years most of our job and ship to the NFL. Bought punched their ticket on next contract. Jeff thinks the phone call at me I get it you know eat your fan of Allah issue more so than than the saints who it is not. Affect you more. When LSU loses more so than practicing such as we are lies that's okay. Paul on a cellphone what's going on Paul you're on W ago which you refer NFL or college football. I. Purely speaking from the product on the field. The that not Apatow level not the tradition of how well we know colleges in LP there. And more importantly out of product translate to what comes through my television in my living room college and it's getting more entertaining to watch. Well artists all the artists jobs in the world to be an NFO robbery. It is the way they try to dictate to the referees separated game where the rule written it's just typical. Could be were to call game is ridiculous. The stoppage of play. The coaches. During the flag I think the end of the college replaces them and they'll keep it being moved and. Paul Paul you realize that kind of college games slow are much a much slower pace in the NFL right on average that they're they're game links are much longer. Could they have WiMax and they actually have more stoppages of play college football that they do in the NFL. Not realize that yet it that you know but it suggests it seemed to float better. That date date they re if they do that to go to replace it make a quick decision and move on. Peering European game you know the question that they review it that make the call the players gone no second chance. A touchdowns the touchdowns fumble fumble it just seems like it's just a better officiated game. Well in that case. That you might be right. I think life is. We're obligated to help itself. This as far as as far as efficient I have to go back and study it look at it. But it's. Which television show like it CY. That would be that would be your your choice because you do want a clean game it does seem like at times I know here were here recently. It seems like the NFL referees have a way too big of an impact on gains were seeing Wharton more penalties. In particular who I go back to the Atlanta Falcons saints game last year where there was a huge disparity in penalties for the home team compared and a the away team and that's something that he NFL has that. Work on fixing up day cleaning up I get it you do want a cleaner game but the college game is slower. It's certainly is. And I think the college game that if they do is. You can have one foot in bounds for catch and you can even have if you're if you're standing on the field of play right you'd be out of bounds of the if you on the ground. With you'd be ruled out of bounds get one foot on the white and one foot on the green but if you. But if you catch the ball. When one foot down as long as though the left foot goes on the green and a right foot goes on on the white you ever section. You control a ball that's a that's considered a catch in the NFL's two feet down. It's pretty clear so mean. Does that there's some subtleties between the two that he pay attention to home and watch him Yugo and that. That doesn't seem right from a strategic standpoint. Lost a point come back full lines a little like a one more line open for at 50426018. Semi tech's 8787878. He had to choose. One. College wore the NFL football. Which will would you choose final four to 601870. John Joseph Anthony Stephen it chalk here on nexus sports talk here on W grew up. Coming up next hour zag at all host of the locked on pelicans are soon locked on jaguars podcast. Marcel Darius could be until that there in Jacksonville allegedly. Gave a woman not sexually transmitted disease. Jon Joseph Marc Anthony Stephen chuck. But the run on time here I don't wanna run you guys have against the clock IC gets in a carry over next hour be mean you. Beat the calls as quickly as we possibly can next hour. Strongholds sit tight please while talking about which do you prefer the NFL or college football 504. 26018 semi tech's 87870. For me it's the NFL. For a number of reasons I'll lay out more. Number of teams talk about that earlier. The length of games Jersey numbers they mean something many NFL the number of players on the roster this is sports talk here on W grew up.