Are we heading towards a legalization nationally?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, January 3rd

California enacts new pot laws.  Will this be good for the state?  Are we heading towards a legalization nationally?  Do you want marijuana legalized in Louisiana?


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Where vacuum we've been talking about a US Government Accountability Office is study and review. The unemployment insurance program and overpayments that were made and we begin to talk to Percy from home. Who actually worked in that area and was telling us about some of the accountability issues there welcome back Percy appreciate your old little. So you you were saying that you were part they there was a group of investigators that looked and that's what we got cut off. Yeah that's correct. It was call quality control and people. Check custom. All of that include works searches work people able to work. But that the point that I wanted to make that you know. There are a lot of people out there you know that might have collect on the insurance on the north. When they were not actively seeking work of the martian child went on vacation or be and as well. As human nature gonna dictate a lot of terror and they've world. What kind of become a problem that victory this put it to him and Mike mentioned that neighbor. Managed to collect unemployment problems. The one thing it never gets mentioned of course is the fact that general search it may catch someone. And all the guilt you repayment due to violation of labor law. A lot of chance we process we attempted to prosecute John it will. Called upon to payback the money and the shouldn't which range. But of course brag to their neighbor got that call. You know innocent Utah. Portable ones store there where the actual fact. Of quality control was never really truly bent. One of the other problems that we that it particular in charitable. Rampant all changed in May when Norman quarter. Like major storms were coming and people beat knocked out of work when oracle. And other types of incidents. One on the issue that we had to fight back and most workers. The fact that would prosecute what we get at that level where Belichick court should disputed prosecuted by the Wall Street attorney. And onto one of the problems we what was consistently. Ford number was back what approach district attorney which issues. If the overpayment worst 300 dollars are one hour or really didn't figure. And we were met with certain. About all this because here's didn't feel that based on the district attorney's. Resource that that was the case worthy of going to court. So a lot of we will faced with the problem here that we get people out there Bob May agree. Is that when the government a lot of terms comes to you with the problem. Governing record on government is back. So we are the evidenced by the district attorney's officer squabble and would refuse to prosecute just based on time and this cost effective. And one count. And like I get that I get that issue I mean let me ask you this. It. Do you think it's a fair system when we have 54. With the territories 54 different systems in different sets of rules. Well. No I don't. I don't think it's fair where were the one thing on stage I was bundle or we the incredible ability war. I meant to be working woman can be working twelve hour mark there were managing. When you look back at the oldies we were called in miss bill. Actually no formal work. Most gas has moved from Florida California. Well. Aaron because of the co worker mobility issue and it. To address those types. Problems now. Recent musicals and it was not uncommon to person walking and we all Russians say I was an important outlawed. Worked there are looking for work current air or would that man has filed buying. We had to poll the Colorado all their all of our former church. And in force goals well known as the agent state. And a lot state was just call. We all have different economy everybody will agree with that air and we of course we have shipped. Out fishing. The commission and not so. That oil goes more to the cause not not the actual enforcement rules you know and that's the point I was and they can I get the micro economy cause situation. And you know and when you. You kind of take Dickensian approach to. Economics you know there's all kinds of issues about it being actually a disincentive to come back to work if you start given this money I do believe that there isn't a reason for the bridge. But the rules foot high you get across the bridge. In my view should be the same across the country. And until agreement you know one of the things that was. To repeat two and number of people that would come in and we had this discussion or same type of Scotch that. What insurance law. In Louisiana. You could probably important you can pour Otto. West's book probably to a couple well maybe. On page. If you looked at the what we call policy impression that. Which is actually that's that's your road work that's been god. That's the devil in the details. That's the double and he just because policy impressed and it simply means that policies are set based all state economy. That precedent. This court action based on my policy in person and manuals controllable. So they'll quite often made terms it based on say. Oh Louisiana court action which has this person could not collect based on this course could. Based on those and so then we found that that's what differences start to get greedy and stay stay. And as a result whenever we have trained. And import into adjudication. Of what insurance at all. It was quietly and acquire all of Denver for chip there all arbor it ministry. So look for each individual conditions because one of the things restore a more acute or. To work and unemployment insurance all first war the war was a fact bearded in many people walked into doors finished orgy. We'll Percy thanks so much for years your insight in this we really appreciated. I think at the end of the day I would always. You know side on that being. Says saint terse. But yet everybody play by the same rules and we make it a lot easier for the benefit of those that really needed now and they cured you heard it would agree with that. I totally agree with that and about where and your crowd would still say. That did that that take you out or it would sure would insure cost effectiveness sure. Well thank you so much we appreciate your insight we got to get to a bright will be right back this is an old Norman on debit Leo. We're back in we've been talking a about the unemployment insurance program and one attacks line that now sanctuary state of California has been allowing illegals to get driver's license food stamps and other entitlements that. Legal folks or are entitled to there aren't. We were urged those scheduled to you have. Bruce give me the author of a book called a generation of sociopath ups how the baby boomers betrayed America. Which has a very. Enticing title. To the book in he's got some very interest being. Viewpoints. About. Baby boomers and in their approach. He called this morning he has got the flu and and therefore not able to join us today so we will have him back on. Monday. He's been very. Like as I've said and had some interesting comments about. A number of things so while we were thinking about California. January 1 was a historic day in the world of campus. They callous as California opens the world's. Largest. Legal marijuana. Market. OG. And this is reported in the can Californians. The camera warning and reports that. You know they get it issue reported but everything you need to know about the California marijuana laws kicking in. And there are some mixing things about the California marijuana law that that. That it has been done in this. The vast majority of the of the counties and cities and in California. They knew this was common they're not prepared. In fact in LA Los Angeles. My place of birth quite if for those of you that did not know I was born in Los Angeles. Moved here shortly there afterwards probably around nine months old ten months old. But. They're saying they're gonna do what the hell anyway. Well that's interest in the hadn't figured out the way. So you know I guess that maybe they've been smoking too much we you to understand that they actually have to put in the operational plan as to how this is ultimately gonna happen. In California. But words with citrus thing is is that. So they go through these these observations and they ask questions. That all Californians are dying to know about. What is. Gonna change as it relates to the new regulations and temporary. Licenses that are. Go be an issue for the marijuana. Business. So the first question is so will people be smoke and weed on the streets. Now. Not legally state law says you can't consume marijuana in public even in areas where it's legal smokes cigarettes. That means no spoken on streets bars parks anyone caught smoking we you'd in the public spaces. A 100 to 250 dollar fine so sorry nothing all on the streets. What will I need. To bring to buy marijuana need to be 21 years or older you only need a valid ID. To buy up to an ounce from a lice and shop. Out of state licenses or OK so those of you wanna travel to California to buy your we'd you're OK with an out of state license. What should I expect from my visit. To a marijuana Stew for this is really interest me. The days of choosing between a joint or a pawn in a black lit head shop. They're gone along over now they're going to be legal dispensaries. That looked more like cafes or an Apple Store. With dozens of different products displayed artfully glass cases you can always ask the shot but tenders for recommendations. But there's no guarantee. That you'll actually know what the hell he's talking about. So you may want to actually educate yourself on available strains in methods before you go shopping. Keep in mind this is a caveat wanted to not real happy about effective January 1 requires that. All products sold in California be tested for purity. Checking for the pesticides. Molds and other contaminants. Also the labels spelling out the levels of TH C cannibal Nordson other active compounds. And a state is setting new limits on how much THC. Can be in a process. By in the product but let's not. Worry too much about that. Because. Those. Regulations. Are not gonna kick in until later in 28 team. These and guess what if you have a whole bunch of weed that you own now illegally. No need to worry because in California. They're giving you six months to sell that inventory so the you don't get in trouble. So you can be violating the law all along. And don't worry about it we are gonna give you amnesty and guess what. You get this cell that we need with outdoor warning label without the testing. Without any thing because we are a consumer. Friendly state and we just wanna make sure. That any ill gotten gain that you got as a relates to marijuana. We want to be so pro on this side that we wanna make sure. That you are. Not burdened. With this illegal marijuana that you had prior to the passage of this law on January 1. We want to make sure that you were able to. Relieve yourself. Of that burden. Of having all that marijuana that you guys came in contact and possession. Of prior. To January. 1. Then can I have marijuana in my car while driving. This is what I called the the Forrest Gump questions stupid is as stupid does. The answer. No the rules here pretty much the same as alcohol. So you can't you can't do that what are the rules about growing marijuana at hole. So there's a whole plethora. Of rules here. One. Is that yet to be 21. And you can have up to six marijuana plants in your household so long as those plants. Or kept out of public view. So if you grow army new York and you don't have a fence or you don't have a screen. You need to get a screen need to get offense because of the public can see it from a public. Vantage point. That is illegal. And guess who's gonna be called upon to enforce all of the shenanigans. Local law enforcement who doesn't already have a lot of stuff to do already in their already releasing. Tens of thousands of inmates out of out of the jail but we got a solution to. The problem we'll talk about that. In a little while as well sorely gonna talk lines we'll talk to Rebecca in New Orleans so what's going wrong Rebecca. Rural women to. Get respectfully. I cannot believe. I can hear that Scott immediately. Talking about we. Yes and people who we blow it. Maybe you need to have that kind of caught annually when you talk about liquor because that the matter. Have you ever heard me not a bad idea ever heard me go Laughlin a pro liquor. Diatribe. And just because because we allow people to to drink liquor we should be. More accepting of marijuana. Not a democratic it's a question. Because look only I don't remember it because literally we shared the we should be more receptive to making marijuana legal. Usually. Liquor. And you can make I legal okay. And. Anything else we should make legal because. Alcohol and now pot and talk to that and now. Pat you know no but I just gonna you're the one let's make in this this connection because liquor is legal marijuana should be legal I just wanna know is there anything else that should be legal. That's not why and what I'm saying is EU. Are you can get you that the practice in Europe for our that we need to comment illegal and they technically. And you act that high. Bar. Is the way you act on alcohol. Do you know that. Well I mean that you had divine intervention. And they're not divine intervention anywhere you know it and I. There's note there are no systemic establish studies that say any of what you are saying right now. And that crying in fact because it's a plant material there a number of components of a marijuana that has yet to be tested. We got to get going we got to put if you want to hold a lot comeback TI out of the break we got to get to this CBS break appreciate it will be right back if you oldest analog welcome back catalog. When we return. We're back there we're talking about the legalization of marijuana effective January 1 in California in the do's and don'ts and I'm looking at the article written by that can Californians. And affording and that talks about. Everything you need to know about California marijuana laws kicking in on January 1 we were talking to Rebecca and I didn't mean to cut her off but she's still on the line welcome back Rebecca sorrento cultural for the news. I. So. Where where we let this soft is that alcohol is legal therefore. In a week or pot should be legal. And that's kind of where you stand. But that's not that's. What I feel that everybody has the crotch. And I know. I know that has been around. People who are drunk and people who smoke and it means it is you're making anybody who is just the army. And the hair. I know the senate that well he never batted wit it that way that the neither common Matty and Matt. Now what I was simply pointing out is is the disingenuous. Way in which California as they pointed out the largest marijuana market in the world. From an operational standpoint they legalize marijuana and they haven't put anything in place operationally so much so that even the Californians. Are frustrated. With the lack of guidance and policies. In order to embrace this legalization issue. And it it brings up the bigger question. Most everything else goes through FBI. Testing. Cigarettes alcohol all of the things that are legal that are bad for you in many respects and has all kinds of studies that that there are out there to support that. There are labeling requirements and everything they tried to do some of that. In this legislation but that indeed they didn't do it before they before it went into effect and in fact. If you have illegal illicit marijuana in your possession today they provide you gave way to put it out on the market and sell it to consumers. And the consumer has no clue what it is you're selling. And to me that Jess seems. Disingenuous. Now. Let there be no mistake I don't think it ought to be legal much as my humble opinion and my right I don't know right that's my opinion. And accept canyon. And consciously. Being think it's okay for alcohol were illegal. I consume alcohol. So I said I'll comment saying it again respectfully are you lying hypocrite. Find a way you find wait on line and that our yeah I would rather see my kids look at joint. Injuring. And that that is sure that if your prerogative. I don't I don't think I don't think that people that smoke pot. Are bad people. All I'm saying and is is that if the government is going to do with their gonna do in this case and in this case just so that were clear about. 28. To 38%. Tax. On this marijuana. Now let me ask you this question. Do you believe. That the illicit marijuana. Is not going to be cheaper and in fact the can a warning in sets. That expect a bit of a roller coaster at least awhile as it relates to prices. All Canada sold in California will include a special 15% tax. A recreational. Canned a best seller will have to pace state sale or purchase or what to sell pace state sales tax 8%. That's when he 3%. And local governments. Are allowed to tackle on their taxes. Expect that to be around five to 10% 28 minimum 38% Max tax on this week. And go on to talk about. Colorado in in its says in Colorado. The prices went up and then they drop significantly. And at this is what I love about what they say about Colorado. In Colorado for example market reports show wholesale price of marijuana fell 40%. From the first half of 2016 to the first half of this year. When it was approved will be problem is in Colorado with they came to the recognition. Was that the supply ended up being greater than than than the demand because it was still cheaper to buy illicit marijuana. Right and let me tell you what else California did that doesn't make. Any sense. Although they're trying to look at the public safety issue. 2000 milligrams a THC is typically what you find in and concentrates in top locals that are sold out on the market today. They they put a limit of a thousand milligrams I applaud him for that but also the the potency. Of the marijuana that's available on the streets in Colorado today. Is about 74%. TH sea levels. The different. In different wing of the difference between that. And the marijuana that was available there in Woodstock is like drink in one light beer to shoot and seven shots of vodka. And there is a huge differential. There now you tell me. Do you really believe that the marijuana folks in California gonna go by the legal stuff together going to be some that it gonna do it because it's easy. And then and they'll be able to do it that way and are willing to pay the price but those that have been by an illicit marijuana all along. They're not move into the illegal market because they're going to be able to buy more potent stronger and cheaper marijuana. And what's available visa V what what California is doing. We often talk about money grabs. This is the money grabber of the highest proportion. As it relates to the difficulties that they have in in in California. I've Powell are backed iconic. Capsule and end his the breadth and depth of that black market and whether or not. This legalization. Effort is actually encouraging them for a black market and that's when arms. Got to get to a break stay on a lot of Bjoerndalen would get you calls this annual Norman and David Villa. We're back in we've been talking. A lot of lot of name calling. You know. If we were as emotional about. The national debt. The burdens of of so many other different things we could actually result a lot of issues as it is it is as opposed to this marijuana issue but a lot of things that come up one is. The decriminalization. Effort in Portuguese and Portugal. And you know we look at the Portuguese example. And since 2001. In port in Portugal the penal code regarding drugs were revised to incorporate an administrative system of fines and and treatment plants and and for the in case she didn't know. Our organization when I was with the chest from parish sheriff's office woo one of the first to stand up and so that we needed to have drug treatment courts and actually. Went to see drug treatment courts in both San Diego Sacramento. And Salt Lake City. In order to look at the operational challenges that they had before we did it here. In Jefferson harsh. Since they in 2001 of Portuguese. Have been ticketing and referred. People to administrative hearings conducted by a three member panel to that includes a legal help and social service expert. The panel consists then the proceedings for first time offenders issue fines. For repeat offenders using drugs is technically still illegal and it is important to stress that selling. Still remains part of the penal system there. But since decriminalization. Took effect. The port Portugal appears to achieve some of its goals of harm reduction and actually new terminology that's out there. As it relates to this legalization issue was harm reduction. For heroin addicts by deep stigma ties in their problem heroin addiction HIV cases from dirty needles wall on the rise in the nineties. Presenting major health problems. More addicts now or seeking treatment because the they. Have I made this a more welcoming process which is led to a decline in reported cases of HIV hepatitis B and C. As well drug overdoses and those are all. Important social issues that need to be addressed with they Smart drug policy. Nevertheless though. Consumption. Of all drugs. Continues to Ross. Most notably. For cocaine and heroin. And so you know when we hear this decriminalization. Thing and you know whether or not. This war on drugs. It is important the fact of the matter is is that we have more regulatory. Provisions. To sell. A gallon of milk. Than we do. In selling wheat. And you know I get these text. You know name calling. I mean some real god awful language. As it relates to. People's ability. To buy in smoke marijuana had bad. But the fact of the matter is is that no one's gonna convince me until the empirical data is there to support. What you're actually saying and in fact many of the advocacy groups themselves. Or frustrated with the fact that there hasn't been significant amounts that testing of marijuana. In order to approve or disapprove any of these promises. Because there hasn't been a desire. To do so because a lot of folks. Believe that until the federal government decides that they want to embrace the legalization. Of of that it's not gonna happen and I. Tend to agree with them it's not so. You know when we talk about this California situation. Interestingly enough although. Prop 64 which is the proposition that legalize marijuana in California. The question is can jobs. That can in Europe for prospective employers still test for marijuana debt now that it's legal. Can access in California. Yes. They can still deny you the right to employment. If you have in fact smoked marijuana. And if you have a positive test. So when we think about this being disingenuous. In fact. The employers are saying that because it is still illegal at the federal level. There is no problem at the state level. That protesting now can. Can afford Ian. Says to there's anecdotal evidence that some companies are testing for marijuana and Orton was an anecdotal evidence. But that's up to each employer. And they're free to change that policy. At any time. So you know that the thing is. That dad is the issue they asked the question also will you still be able to buy marijuana on a black market as easily as you can now. California's black and gray markets from marijuana have been massive for decades. And no one expects those illicit businesses to disappear. Overnight of course not at least there be an honest. But is legalization. Nears. Some cities. Have now decided to crack down on on licensed marijuana businesses. Why. They wanna get that 38% tax. You know if it. Everybody complains about the money grab testimony Graham bright they're telling you. Right in black and white fraught in senator. Got to get to a break will return in just a minute after the break if you old stale alone we'll get to you this new old Mormon on debit or via. We're back and we've been talking about a very emotional subject scoot joins me in in the studio in you know it's been. I'm just trying to point out to folks that you got to the got to approach this in a Smart way you gotta put in the operational. Regulatory provisions before you just jumping into legalization of any. Commodity that's out there and and it seems as though when I read the blogs are a lot of people that are completely frustrated with. The law that's now been passed they thought it was going to be a great thing and and I just simply trying to point out. These are the silly things that they've done and there in congress and the unit and even make sense in many respects. And people are gone crazy. Are so you're gonna you're not arguing that pot should not be legal your arteries of the way I did and California Israel via my idol. I know I'm not in a legal I'm not in favor I don't think it I don't think it should be legal I don't think we've done a significant research and study like we've done on on other things. You know tobacco alcohol or otherwise we know what the dangers on that one to say well alcohol that's not good for you is bad and cigarettes is not good for is bad that therefore. Marijuana that's not good for you as bad as well also but we ought to legalize it because the other two things and leave our Unita should. Real and I talked about this a lot time yesterday afternoon to tell I'm very much for legalization I don't smoke pot. And and don't have a desire to assist not mine it's not my thing you know meet some people like. One some people like tequila you know so because of the way it makes him feel it's an -- like well it's not my deal. On like point two thoughts. I had a little bit meticulous but you know I just and I think maybe we should continue this conversation on the air because I I mean. Air if you've got was you're still on hold maybe we can conclude our conversation about. Absolutely and I observation if we were as emotional about the national debt. Yeah as we are about legalization of marijuana we could resolve a whole lot of issues and holding people accountable politically an elected position which it hasn't. Was Anderson threw me last night is on FaceBook on my I've faced a video like I talked about the CNN reporter Randi Kaye who was on a pot party bus heading to a pot party and on New Year's Eve and I thought. You know why criticize there's just not a big deal with here if you legally can smoke it why not smoke it all end in the same wave of having a drink and I've never said anything about folks that do it if it's legal there and they do it have attic. But somebody says some people were making the point that this is a liberal issues that fit that legalizing pot is such a liberal issue as if conservatives don't smoke. I've never even got to that level it it that is not of no moment you know to me if it's if it's good or bad for liberals it's good or better for conservatives.