Are short-term rentals good or bad for the community? Pt. 2

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 12th
Tommy talks to Eric Bay, President of the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity, about short-term rentals.

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To every day we go president. Of the alliance for neighborhood prosperity good morning Eric. Get more. Hamas' thanks taking time tell me bomb. It but Louisa. I sit anybody. Economically now I'll close. My house. Get the pictures all of it be great if you'd be at. But don't donated to the good Miller is there are you saying. Much outlook but no I'm not saying now what I'm saying is when I'm saying is do you wanna get ready clothing is one and ask him. Pretty decent on movement. Look at work at that point Erik so tell me about short term Reynolds in mind they are a good thing in mind they are not dead poor neighborhoods. You know that aren't very divisive you know in Lawrence. About or about the white situation rivals. In in this city are currently there are alike in that patent licensing fee they're regulated air force are there any. Provisions of the advertisement on separating. They're act. We collected will pursue a million dollars in hopes Elmo tops actions. And I hope perhaps a million dollars. You mark you are special assessment at a hotel not too. The neighbor helping improvements and so it's City Council and earmark on it goes to a four out. What they used they dated Corey introduced in commerce how does my boy. Or abandoned or shipment comes in renegade. I'll upgrade to house typically make the nicest most you know well kept Chelsea are on the block. It brings. Local. Businesses whether the restaurants and shops that might not be. Visited by a source to a coming downtown generate some. Incumbent in the air. To their business models and neighborhoods and my equipment and get an idea. Or that part when. Or staying in the trauma they're up counterpart water for a few gauge. An and Interpol. A vacation or on what they were accurate and apparently. Is that there's a lot of negative. That that we. As an industry and we is a city need chew. Embrace. And control blood on the Eric. Well you know what typically need security leader ran our order or. Your week you wanna make sure that they're being mindful of the neighbors being respectful. Right to arm. Quiet time cheers the fact that they've been of people extra do need to get out. Not talking go to work and they're not here on vacation. But those mechanisms all control. Currently under regular code Portland is your neighbors being loud yes we need to return them in music of the noise or not you'd you'd call pretty warm water call. Not one more. You wanna make sure that. There. Kicking in and out the trash. Typically. The matter how's he doing apple or Richard I guess still maintaining that residential users that read in the future. Compliant with everyone now on on on the block a couple of them actually are not widespread. We advocated. Three years ago in writing on formal paper to seek out alternate clinic. That we were looking percent will regulations. Let street straight to make sure you couldn't have more than two purple states. But grip total percentage my neighborhood he couldn't exceed. Point 3% in any good hired district dancer you're looking coroner. We were looking Tweety and we're looking to duke captain told the poll numbers that you lie and make sure that there you know. Potentially become again out of hand to make sure that we're protecting. Neighbor. The integrity and it doesn't become a neighborhood if they are being bees which would really detract from what it is. You're trying to accomplish ranked. Exactly now people come to the world because they want to. See the cultural and moral and so well by bringing people into the neighborhood were introduced in court but typical real wanna make sure. Got a because it doesn't come out cultural Boyd. By then of why things. Out of state operators large corporation. To come in and and and take over it because then there. And then there is not the UBJ. Character that neighborhoods so we understand. Almost every argument that opposition would com. In. Would come and approach and where were very much in chew work where. Those groups basic and new City Council what we did with decree be helpful to administrations like we did with the former. And and find and strike ballot. Because it gives you army or the amateur system. A chance to build private well. Which which without having subsidy without having any government assistance to turn their home. World or their own rental properties and now they can't get rancher in there to allow them chew generate well. Create taxes. And in revenue for the city. Com. Eric before we run out of time only ask you about the hotel industry beginning pushed back from them are they. In favor of it against it somewhere between. Our military actually have been. Four years. Nation and our nationwide it's on the war on. Completely against indications. Are that the direct competition due. It there. And their monopoly. And and I understand where are on the need to protect their programs. Well we also need to protect our owners of our homes and 101000 people that we employ. A living wage. Our and so yeah hotel association or regional wanted to level playing field with that acts. But now they are absolutely. Are lobbying. Neighborhood groups City Council persons anyone Accenture try to highlight all the potential. Negatives of vacation rentals in order to protect their business and understand their business that. Yeah we had a run I appreciate the time Eric may president of the alliance for neighborhood prosperity.