Are short-term rentals good or bad for the community? Pt. 1

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 12th
Tommy talks with Maxwell Ciardullo, a policy analyst for the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, about short-term rentals.

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We're talking money or B&Bs. And our blue runner foods opinion poll is asking you would you when you travel would you rather say in an air B&B. Or a hotel. And there are a couple of different thoughts on air B&Bs. They're being Bea says travelers get a more authentic experience. Residents have an opportunity to make extra money. People their slogan is. Don't goes their lives here because they're being NB TV shows people who get the belong anywhere again and know the locals by becoming one of them. But activists have said now that's not the case what's happening is super wealthy property owners are coming in buying up houses and a neighborhood. And then using them. Four of Caribbean be short term Reynolds 70% of them as a matter of fact according to a short term riddler pardon boo report new Rawlins. 70% of thirteen 135 hair be NB listings were entire homes our report apartments. And some people say that's not people looking to make a side income as a real estate investors. With a more sophisticated sense of finances. And doesn't hurt they're gonna help the community Maxwell turn dealer joins Rendell policy analyst. And the greater new loans fair housing action senator good morning senator. Thanks for coming on and annals say to people that are listening rural have very gray on the Eric may on rather a from the other side who is in favor of hair be Indies tell me about sir if you will. Bomb your issues or you organizations issues with their DN BA's. Sure absolutely. To say that you know I think that's fair housing and are we really. On housing discrimination housing segregation of what that means in practice that I spend most of my time and is ensuring that the teachers the bus drivers the servers the musicians to make this city run triple and a place that they can afford to call on and then down to push the. Tony and one thing up Macs all Psycho that I say derby NB. But that's not the only company that does it so I should have referred to them in short term Reynolds which I will from now. That's right. And I'll I'll put that from the outset that weren't actually a proponent of real option occurring and and I've actually bid for European these before. And so what I mean I think it's real hope sharing this woman sharing a bedroom and their home or the other half of their double with Torres in order to make ends meet and hit a mortgage. So in other words they are there at the time Maxwell would bed Jonas real litmus tests forward. Yeah and their property they have arms static touches down. Less than 30% of the people are from both the north country. As you mentioned. Vast majority here owned by real estate speculators and investors who don't live on the property and often own multiple bombs to that turned neighbor and a. So is this just about affordable housing or does it also due to. They composition and make up. Of the neighborhood. Where you you don't really have. Neighbors knowing neighbors jam the in essence many hotels would that be anchored. We've seen many of our core neighbor and becoming orbiting expensive and exclusive playground for tourists and about the and that means two things it means that the people. Who really make this city and the workers and the folks who power hospitality industry. Some are being pushed out to them argent communicate and even the suburban parishes like L West Bank. I'm opening gentler on the street neighborhoods that means you have. In more of these. Bachelor bachelor party dentistry instead of actual neighbors and so with that too old problem. So. Do you have some kind of numbers about or empirical data that shows. The effect did did his hand on people that it need affordable housing to people you know we win every service economy here the people that. That that don't work and hotels people prepare the food etc. And an hour it is for them to find a place live in New Orleans parish or close to where they word because I would imagine. If you are part of the working poor or you don't make them much money transportation would be an issue as well. Yeah that's that's that's real big key piece of the problem on its books being able to live your job. And sure we know that the city's majority hunter. Pomp and and more than 60% of renters pay more than they can afford and rent based on sort of federal standards which means that many big vote for transportation and and child care kernel sort of across the Turkey getting behind city. I have a majority vote in the Europe are renters and their struggle and sort of stressed paycheck to make that work or. An angle and their structure and to protect them make their mortgage and tax assessments and everything else. Doesn't it but we're most concerned about not the short tropical speculators that. Scooped up affordable properties and after my neighborhood and Chavez decree truck people instead of housing for people. Don't talk about gender sign neighborhoods. When we come back Max will charge you lows against. Policy analysts of the greater new loans fair action fair housing action senator. Next half hour we'll talk to Gehrig babe president of alliance for neighborhood prosperity. Who is in favor of the short term Reynolds just so you know we're gonna present both sides series Tony to traffic double WL. Hey Tony seven Tommy Tucker talking about the short term renal issue in neighborhoods and the house owners and are homeowners and real estate investors at setter and where does the truce Lyon where does a proper balance slime actual charge duo is our guest of policy analyst. Really great and Rawlins fair housing action senator but slowing it's it gentrification. Maxwell attacks comes in. And it says I'm really confused they keep hearing about low income housing since Katrina now. A lot of the old would we called projects are torn down in new facilities were built. And nine knows says this text for effect. That the new facilities like the one that's over by duke each case still has 40% availability. Says there's an issue with a affordable housing wire we've done it capacity. And that's all. There and all of the rebel. Development or bowl parliament and act that we haven't been away. Over thirty people waiting for the unit. Until that but the problem the problem that we it just. In a lot of in New Orleans who are not making the way that they need. To afford housing in this city. Blow relatively low agents and really I think ought. And so we have a lot of folks who elected that they make an impact on our core of our economy you know there you know. The server but drivers. The work at about Paul who can't afford to stay. More balance this out for me if you will Maxwell is it's always. Confuse me and it seems like a very I'm fine line that an important line and that is between gender vacation. And six and up woods' day Aron and heaven a neighborhood decent and viable and I guess what I mean by that is you know I don't want I wouldn't want. Out of town real estate people by an ounce is making them in essence many hotels and a neighborhood but yet. It takes money everything takes money so how do you keep a neighborhood up to a decent standard. If the people they are don't have the income to do it. But yet you want the flavor of the neighborhood to remain the same. Sure I mean I think. You know I think Turkey and authentication which is tumbling understood that ago neighborhood to improve. It was around and enjoyed the that at one to earth. And they'd. A sure thing real estate investing in speculation. Is that one is that a small short term rental. Only became legal two years ago to your argument pretty risky investment. Why not about the neighborhood recap on and rent an actual normally. You Sam Nunn and so there be NB weekend rentals of one to have yet. Make it six month leases yearly leases etc. Internet video to be real estate investment of rental. And instead here actually up in the city and and providing a which are in the people who call it cynical. The spot and live. Thank you meg so I appreciate your time their children below policy analyst for the greater new loans. Fair housing action center talking about they're being Beazer short term Reynolds.