Are the Saints prepared for the "Dirty Birds?"

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 19th
Will LSU be prepared to take on La Tech? Also, the Saints will be heading to Atlanta to take on their very disliked rivals. 

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Steve how much trouble could Louisiana Tech actually present draws you a Fannie. Well I can say that lots cycle be at least rested they're coming off their bye week and arts who would know with wins over southern and south Alabama on offense the bulldogs were averaging over 300 passing yards in more than 200 rushing yards a game over on the defensive side of the ball watch out for jailing for decision he's the school's all time sack leader. And has been named first team all conference USA the past two seasons but overall LA she should be able to dominate in the trenches. Tech should be the one in trouble in this one Steve Geller how the falcons are a look at the season well David Lynn is missing some key guys right now which is good news for the saints on offense running back Dovonte three minutes banged up initially it was reported to be up to four weeks. The coach Dan Quinn said yesterday. If Freeman's dated date so we'll see weak on defense the dirty birds are missing two pro bowlers linebacker DR Jones and safety Keon who knew both suffered long term injuries in their season opener the former LSU tiger Jones has been eight saints killer. So I'm sure they Drew Brees and the rest of the offense. Who will be more than happy not seeing him this Sunday Iowa will see you this Sunday on the sidelines in Atlanta as the saints take on the falcons.