Are prescription drugs & video games to blame for shootings?

Tuesday, May 22nd
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about comments made by Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick that music, movies, video games and Ritalin are contributing to the epidemic of mass shootings

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While we have a lot to talk about this afternoon I'm quite sure where this as you can tell they're already some scattered showers around the county area. And be sure drive carefully and an even though I realized that there are some people some people have dis. This device in their brain. That causes them to just absolutely blocked out common sense. And I'm gonna say it anyway if you turn your windshield wipers on turn your lights on. I don't turn your hazards flashing lights on if you're driving down the street cassette that's supposed to be an indication that your car is disabled. Not going with the flow of traffic if you feel like you got to turn the hazards on to us all safer. Pull off on the side of the road smoke a cigarette do whatever it is that you. You wanted to Pope Francis reportedly told a gay guy. Quote. God made you like this. Do you believe that. You believe gays and lesbians were born now where. And when did you decide what you straighter gay win. Did you decide. Talk about that's a little bit later in the show. Starbucks has announced a new policy renewal Norman was talking about their surges from partial gonna talk about this again in the 2 o'clock hour. A Starbucks has announced a new policy. Allowing anybody to come in any coffee shop for any store any cafe in patio area wherever. And be treated like a customer even if they don't buy anything. The policies known as the third place policy. And it states that any employee should consider anybody who comes in a Starbucks cafe the restrooms. The patio any area to just treat them like a customer. Some employees and some customers don't think this is a very good idea. So should. Should places like Starbucks just allow anybody to come in all the time on me it's a very rich humanitarian thing and Starbucks is a very. Liberal slash shim humanitarian oriented part company. It doesn't mean that there aren't conservative companies that are humanitarian as well. The sharp let's just has this image of Iran being liberal to the point where it's not a surprise that they were just welcome everybody again. But this follows odd two black males being arrested and kicked out of the Starbucks in Philadelphia so. Is this a good idea to just let anybody come in and and and and hang out and you wonder if this is gonna have. I negative or positive impact on on Starbucks. I mean look there are a lot of homeless people downtown. And some of you don't see them on a regular basis I've IC homeless people every day. If I were homeless and especially when it's hot and when it's raining. Do you think I would be out on the street a decent going to be in Starbucks. I mean honestly I'd I would be in Starbucks. So we'll talk about that's a little bit later also mayor LaToya Cantrell. Has held a press conference about the city's flooding and trees issues because of the flooding that took place on Friday. I applaud her for the job she's doing. I'm impressed. Literary Cantrell is up front. She's honest about the issues and it is true. Did that if we get a certain amount of rain. There's no drainage system and they're never has been. There when actually pump all the water out. So because of our geographical location and because we are kind of below sea level in some areas. We're gonna fly. And we do get downpours. There were some people here Friday afternoon or on a channel four Eyewitness News. And they were from Seattle. And they said we've never seen rain like this ever. And it's true and I'd reduce Seattle and in important. And it can do in fifteen minutes what it takes two days to do they're in terms of the of our free fall. Sometimes it does rain heavy there but not the time immediate storms down here so there are going to be those times when there's just going to be. Drainage issues so we've got some comments from with Jerry Cantrell coming up from her her press conference and you know I wanna give her credit for being up front time she is handling all of this a lot better than they are Landry did. Also first up on the show it is the blame game. NRA president Oliver North of the I Iran Contra guy. Oliver North is president of the NRA and and that's a that's a good choice for the right. I mean c'mon if it if you're in the NRA and if that's your business to attract that you can you get Oliver North to be the president. I mean ya gonna get me you are gonna get Bernie Sanders to be a president so you get someone like Oliver North so it's a good choice Ford the NRA. Oliver North says that riddle and contributes to mass school shootings like the Texas school shooting. President trump is now treated out video games and glorification. Must be stopped it is creating monsters. Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick blamed abortions. Broken families. And violent video games. For the sixers shooting. Isn't it interesting how so many people who don't want a plane to gone. And got all these are the specific things to blame. Now I never claimed to garden but I'm not gonna blame Ritalin. And tumbling violent video games. Unlike in a plane abortion I don't know how that figures into this. Broken families they can have an impact on a lot of people put their for a lot of people from broken families. You may be among them core really great people so this idea that we we beat up on broken families and and single parents I'm not gonna allow that on the show. And violent video games again I just I don't I don't see the connection. I've got a text here that today came and actually before I went on the air. I'm with the suggestion that we're gonna talk about their sort of starting with you'll that violent video games are not a problem it's a live chat rooms within the video games. They're crazy. Well again. If people are saying things that gives you a hint that something is wrong. You can't blame the chat room. You can't blame the video game for inspiring the chat you play in the person that is exposing this part of who they are. And if you honestly believe that violent video games are to blame. If you think riddle or the medication of some kids Iran if you think this is to blame. Why. Why are you so convinced. It's these things. You know abortions are down. I mean way he weighed weighed down. Teen abortions wage. So. I I guess the argument would be that. Abortions. Make a statement about a lack of respect for life is is that the argument. We just out of here right how wish abortion I just don't see how abortion could be tied. To a school shoot. And you know kids are safer statistically. Kids are safer in school. And they are driving to school. They're safer schools and they are walking to school. They're safe for in school right now today in 2018. And they are running an error free to go pick up some to get the store. But this is how we as humans react to the meat. If there is a sensational story we freak out. But it does it mean that there is this. Increased danger. They disproportionate. To the amount of news that we see about it. Because the news is about bringing us sensationalism. Because that's what we pay attention to so that's a different that's not gonna change. A plane crashes and people freaked out it's all over the news over and over with the plane crash. And I understand it but the most dangerous part about flying is getting your car and driving to the airport but nobody thinks about that. So we do respond to. Sensationalism. I guess that's a press report. And maybe we should just step back and go okay school shooting terrible it's horrible what you all we can to try to stuff that I'd you know the looked. It's not everywhere and if you're a parent and shouldn't you be reassuring your (%expletive) like it's okay. I think talk to your kids about the stats. Because your kids are involved in social media advocates are involved in the media and their their their subject to all of the sensationalism. So sit down and talk with them and go hey you know what I know this is scary. But hey you know you're really pretty safe at school. All right. Is it fair to blame Ritalin video games abortions and broken families. For school shootings like the Texas school shooting. If you and join us for your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Perry Kurt final four to 601870. Text page 7870. I'm scoops and we'll be right back on data you realms. But I you know that's something that we has did you often in this city we have to reached a highest ground because of thought torrential downpours are just some heavier rain in the area right now. Before we get back to our conversation about what's responsible for the school shooting in Texas and other school shootings. I want you here part of mayor LaToya Cantrell to address she's been mayor now for sixteen days or politician's job she's doing so far. And I think she's being very up front about a lot of the issues. But we've got rained out scheduled this week and there's this tropical weather in the gulf to discuss arrive here around Friday and Saturday and it. May bring a lot of rain this weekend I wouldn't change your Memorial Day weekend plans yet because you know you never know what's gonna happen to these things. But we're getting close to the beginning of hurricane season. So on May or Cantrell had this to say at a press conference earlier about the flooding that took place on Friday. You know she also talked to bear out at a press conference our personal responsibility. As she's actually right of artists. You know if you leader. There's going to be later in the street. And whenever you see flooding in New Orleans you see like. Like cops and an plastic bags in wrappers and containers all floating on the top because we live our count here. And so mayor controllers right don't litter. I mean it eat you need to accept some responsibility for those storm drains getting all clogged up with junk because you throw it on the ground. So that some responsibility that you can't transfer to the mayor or even says a sewage and one report. NRA president Oliver North says Ritalin contributes to Mascoll shootings like the Texas shoot. President trump tweet it out quote video games and glorification must be stopped it is creating monsters. Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick. Well he blamed a number of things for the school shooting. You know that sounds real official psychiatrists tell you they're desensitized. There there are no conclusive studies. Lieutenant Governor Patrick. That support your statement here. There are not conclusive studies that point out that this is the reason that people go kill people. They're violent theaters is the reason is the source I mean this is a bunch of BS. Finally again when you think about the number of people who've been playing violent video games for so many years how can you possibly claim that would that would be more killers on our streets. And it's so easy for the lieutenant governor Austin the state of Texas. A red state and he's a Republican. Not there'll Republicans think this way. But it's really easy for him to say well I guess this is to blame you know let's not blame the gun and I and I don't blame the gone. Let's blame all this others really. You know I can make the same argument for violent video games that a guy like Patrick is gonna make when it comes to not blaming the gun. It's a tangible item. If you wanna join us our numbers 260. 1870. At a text is a 77. From Slidell Becky welcome to our show good afternoon. He. Didn't. Pay. Mole that picture though. I have thought. For a young. They're. At the internal. Keep it. Out. There. On the our. We. 000. I'm here and there. Our role is. Now. Is it. And why don't you telling him don't you find it amazing that these parents will say after a shooting for example a column by Anderson these other shootings ago. Oh my god I had no idea my child had bomb making materials and all these weapons. And or. Not you know in the strike. Your. Or it brought. Yeah. Well I think yeah it dies it it comes back to parenting document article. Us and or short Chris Rock into the show. And it's you are doing that and I'm gonna. So I'll just call him well about. This year and the other kicker is they're using when computing. Through all these games are actually all around the world right in the hot seat again you know we player made in Japan are animated Europe and Canada. And you don't see school shooting and auto parts of the world because they don't have easy access to go on. Animal blame on them saying that to. The take all the on the way from people but if you have hormonal teenager. That being bowl leader field like that the end of the rope it's coordinate and access to mental well. They're not being checked the board at home by an apparent. And they have easy access to their parents going. On you know sometimes they're gonna take the easy way out and the agony he would take to go on and there should school. And etc. socialist community where it's taken the easy way out and and and you know when when it comes to two Asian nations when it comes to many nations in Europe are parents. What this a reality terrace to a better job than American parents do. I. Not every American parent a lot of a lot of American parents don't do their job. You know I remember. That there was just such on such a large Asian presence in Portland and Seattle they're but I would be the airport just like back to New Orleans or. I asked her to go anywhere I would see. Are we see on a line forgetting our plan. And I would see the Asian failings and I would see the American attempts. And I can tell you there's a big difference in behavior. The children. Of the Asian parents. Were much more in control. Of the American kids. Look I'm not being critical here just have to criticize America I mean critically like you know there's some things that we should do to change. We shouldn't accept things just a well this is America where great okay yes we are great and yes we are America. Let's not allow that to stop us from making the changes we should make an as a as a nation we collectively should do a better job. Parenting. Yeah maybe it's not you. May be some AME we all make mistakes as parents. But here's the problem with blaming all this other stuff. Is then you take the focus off the parent. And that the dad ousted the shooter in Texas and while my son is bullet. OK so. That's not an excuse that's not an acceptable excuse for doing what he did. Something was wrong and sometimes which warned his parents don't even pay attention to the middle state of their kids. If you're on whole stay with the suns coach we're coming right back with more of your comments and Marty text messages on every WL. It came off all its pay my parents not my fault it's the riddler at the violent video games it's all that other stuff. And you know if you're a parent talk and you park and you can you cop out and blame the violent video games because you're the parent allows your child to play the violent video games in the first place and you don't have any restrictions on that. But I'm just really I'm just I'm I'm really passionate. About the need to set the record straight on what really is to blame for school shootings. Is it fair to blame brittle and violent video games abortion and broken families. For school shooting stats are pretty must opinion poll 63%. Saying now. 37% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site every of you well dot com. The lieutenant governor of Texas stand Patrick and Republican. I was talking about the second amendment rights and teachers say this is in and in ways talking about ways of how to stop school shootings. That would you know talked about a while it's. Our teachers are part of that won't run malicious but otherwise it's guns and also stop crime. I mean I understand his argument partner and he blows it what he wants to blame abortion. When he was to blame these these other things. Up again I don't candidate and again it's it's it's the blanket. And it comes from both sides. And I can make the same argument. About what the guns not to blame. For why the video game is not a plan B yet but is so it's convenient see it is convenient to blame the video game. We have a look at the Bible that must be a that's it it's not based on our parents just our societies our government is on our president it's backed. I don't fix it. From the West Bank Bob welcome to the show. You. Could like comments. One thing that I. I got rid of this bird are all about this year. And meats are what the statement that there for the ultra autopsy result. PaineWebber and and the more the result of friendly fire. Because Tibetan out there were like twenty plus magnitude occurred before complete surprise and this year about what between people in. People who have gone inside the school I guess point. That is not that is not information some people are gonna want to have released if it is true. Let Little League because it. Well at all argument completely. Well it never made sense to me Bob this idea that you know you go to a movie figured this was after the shooting and Aurora Colorado and then there's this theater when. You know the guy opens fire and some people to know whether mr. movie or the guy. And then this idea what would they just need more people in the audience have gone to really I mean what about all the innocent people that would be shot and killed. Well we may have burst. Occur well what can implement and then they know there. Well it is since so there will be an attempt is if that information is available I think there will be a strong attempt to suppress it so I will follow that story. There's an article from NBC news showing that the Texas students are not marching and this is showing that there's a different reaction from Parkland Florida. So that's part of this conversation why is that reaction different. Is it different because. Parkland Florida that high school with sent in a very. Wealthy. Upscale area. That the students were from more from you generally speaking more from. Wealthier families didn't does that have anything to do this for what wires are not the same reaction. From beaches in Texas. If you've got to come at our numbers 2601878. Tech state seven DH every effort vin rouge show here on WWL. Yeah. You're not being critical not to judge you completely rectory. At ball. The first should be should. Follow world right now and that's what I. Video and I can't. Anything part. I mean big advocate in the it but it gave the legal right. It can be. Made up everyday. Did they come at it and it was. And Jolie it's interesting that you bring an F because yesterday on the show somebody brought up the idea of a public firing squad. And you just blow their brains out lies in a tie and a public setting and that which show a consequence for school shoot X. But I just don't think those people who will commit these kinds of crimes. Aren't even sensitive to the consequences. It would be nice if they were but I just I don't I don't think they are. Here's a text and so are we saying violent movies have no influence at all. A violent movie cannot be blamed. For violent action in society. Now a violent movie may have. And may have an influence. On somebody that has no parents and their life. But it's not the movie's faults. It's a fact that there's a parent in their life. I mean there might be a physical parent in their life but it's apparently not doing jump. And and is the longest we continue to focus on the wrong thing. Then we're never gonna solve the problem. And there's far too many people playing this blame game. And my governor heard NRA president Oliver North blaming on Ritalin. There are there are medical experts who will tell you is this is absurd. There is some medication. And look I grew up with obsessive compulsive disorder I've talked about it on the show. I'm very serious case of it I hate in my lifetime my life is that you would not have wanted to be me. And you went wouldn't even wanna be metered act but anyway I'm grew up with that terrible case of OCD. And there were times when. I was so miserable. That I just I hated life but I didn't wanna do anything wrong. And then later in life I was on medication. To help. Help beef flights. OCD. Ritalin is taken in the right way can help children battle it doesn't make you go away but it helps children battles this. ADD ADHD. A dvd or CD. Any of these Steve spring disorders and I'm not a doctor so I don't know specifically what Ritalin is always prescribed for. But you can't win them addicted to medication itself was not making people violent but see that's easy cop out isn't. How are blamed it's a riddle yeah because people people get into social media and they get these conversations that they have a difference in bars you said Dan Kadaziz gays are. Honey what did EC unintelligent cop out that is to blame that. If you disagree with me. Or agree if you ever come veteran opinions are numbers 2601. A seventy. Very code 504260. What a seventy. And a text amber is a 77. All rights are scattered showers around the area be sure drive carefully if you were in some of them and yes we continue to watch this weather system in the gulf. If you odd haven't signed up for our weather alerts it's really easy to do just text the word whether. 2870. 870. And and confirmed by I think you hit why text the word whether to wait 7878. And today's is this weekend and through hurricane season. He will be the first to get to weather updates from WWL it's free individual plan Texan generates may apply. I have a commitment tonight I don't think I've got to make it but man I know at some of your Guinea excited about it to Doobie Brothers as Steely Dan and concert tonight. In New Orleans. I wonder if anybody's gonna hit the bomber was a tight before they get there. Are now nobody would do that right because it's illegal. I'm skirts will be back on Demi have Euro. Is it any jazz greats to go through life and you're never to blame. It's not by false. Man that is like the national Mon draw around this country. Is it fair to blame riddle in violent video games abortion and broken families as the lieutenant governor of Texas and the NRA have done. For the school shooting. That's our party must opinion poll it's 505050%. Say no 50% say yes give assure opinion. I don't are where sector behavioral talk count here's a text you shouldn't dismiss the factor disk it was bullet not saying he's innocent. But we all need and can do better. No I'm not dismissing effect he was bullied when I'm dismissing as the fact that being bullied is a legitimate excuse all he was bullied that's why he did it. On. If that's why he did it and somebody was talked. Not to deal with being bullied and that's something that I I think we need to be taught in if you haven't been taught that. I'm telling you when you get in the workplace. Long after Europe a kid when you're an adult and there are bullies stealing your life. Are more share a year and WWL. Captain gonna carry today the wonderful. Art. You. Could mail it people. Personal responsibility. And you think earlier. You are and it danger art school and they are in the coal ash and I'll call you think about it. People. Our guy. Backers to issue tracker indeed killed by their heart then. Women that are being physically Easter. People. Topic of the moment that goal back so many other people that are dying every single day. You know. I'm not take anything away. Children in high school. We get into the roof of the problem. I'd gone. It's. Yet to god is the actor. Are you take or are they you know. Car packed room. Because. People would call what you eat and are irritates. Me. It war. But they named Jamal. She should not eat the he got it dead lie in east could be locked away I'll come out. But it year old cushion and it in the hole. You know mental issue. Really bought into an archer and A you know you're right and I can't speak for other talk show host I can only speak for myself. By John both of those kids on the one name to mall and the to contain Demetrius column of fire I think creek dissent. On their boss talks it doesn't matter its legacy is something to describes activity and not skin color. And you know it you're addicted if it is a ballots if it is about the mental health issues and why are all of these shooters whites. Because are you telling me that there are no black Americans that have these issues that have mental health issues of course they do. So you know I think again that mean that that just blows it right there what why are they all white. Are you ready to only only white people have these middle issues. I don't think so. I love this conversation because since it's an attempt to set the record straight. Even though not everybody agrees is during our numbers 260170. Text it's 7870. Just found out they're Cheap Trick coming to this anchor July 21. Robin standard comforting that will be front. I'm student hang on we'll be right back whenever WL. John Maine sometimes it is. Sometimes it's all your fault if you're on hold hang on we continue his conversation when we come back. It's time for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest here's a code word this hour it is basic. Text DA SI EC 272881. That's 72881. A thousand dollars up for grabs next code word coming up right before the top of the hour news. At 3 o'clock you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars. Whenever charge for text an individual plan Texan dad raised me apply please don't Texan drive why did a text during the last hour ask me. If I am dating mayor LaToya Cantrell. The answer to that and more of your calls coming up. And to be WL.