Are police criticized anytime they use their weapons now?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 10th
Tommy talks to Chuck Drago, police practices expert and owner of Drago Professional Consulting, about how police are trained on when to use force.

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This story from. It concerns the use of deadly forces it relates to police officers and some criticism and questioning from the people in the neighborhood. But it was about dogs. So NO PD says about 7 AM they responded to a call reporting three Jere German shepherds chasing kids. After calling LA SBC eighty offices tried moving the dogs to an empty lied when at one point they say two of the dog she charged. And is over the radio live the scanner they were in bag in my house right there were roaming around so when they were chasing some kids so when they saw us. They started charging the three of us so we shot them said one officer over the scanner. Another offices that are any of the dogs hit. And neighbors say we came out so the police headed blocked off one neighbor talked about their shots Powell Powell Powell Powell Powell both dogs were shot and one died. Neighbors saying they didn't look aggressively and looked really that'll maybe one in two years old. Some neighbors is saying and I don't think police had to do that at all he took the wrong route you don't have to kill a dog. And it just seems to me as much scrutiny as the police are under. And they get a call about big dogs chasing kids. This not the offices Fuld is a fault of the people didn't contain their dogs and on a larger scale. In all I think it would be intense scrutiny officer. Scrutiny that police officers are under. If they're gonna start questioned him being questioned. So heavily in doubted by the community. When they have to shoot a couple of dogs that are chasing kids. I don't know it's common to I honestly don't chug Draco joins us right now police practices expert owner of Rodrigo professional consultancy morning chart. I'm well good to talk to you again. Your. You heard the story you read it. And I am I wrong in think in that did business is getting kinda out of hand now. Well it is well you know I I think the cops need to be scrutinized whenever they used here are are so I don't have a problem with the scrutiny. But if the cops are right there right and into a police talked servant doesn't have the right. And to use force. To protect himself or others and at that if that Rick is that where it. To him isn't warned that may cause serious bodily injury or death and he has a right to use lethal force to stop. Letting this would go that the question. What bothers me more is a reaction of the neighbors where you know you don't really know what's going on they didn't look to be threatening. Some of the other things that I just read. And at no point does a police officer receive the benefit of the doubt anymore. Well I mean he should. He should get the benefit of that I think in the beginning but then there should be a complete. And thorough investigation into the facts and whether or not. If that threat really was there which really necessary for the police shops usually easier. Par and I think that's the only way to get the trust that the community is to show that you do a thorough investigation at the time those officers. Use your firearm I think I think what you're saying and I agree we view is that. Instead of giving officers the benefit of the doubt today into us into the result of the investigation coming out. We tend to think it is something wrong he did something all right away now the burden of proof is on that off circuit show that he did do some. Yet I guess that's what I'm saying chuck and ending together at to take it a step further. I'm annoyed that says about recruiting efforts war. Future offices because it would seem as though. Less and less people would wanna take on this job where Anderson an animal is one thing but you have a split second to decide what to do with. A human being in any if you react wrong. You're going in jail or react too slowly you're gone to the funeral home and on a satellite between who the hell would wanna do that. Yet getting it's getting tougher and tougher for police department the fine. A viable candidates to be police officers people are really not interested in and getting Internet today with with just as you say with the way things going. And I know many police departments in Florida and you know cross country are struggling. Trying to get police officers and and even today where they're. And many cities are carry more officers because of the school violence that putting more opposition to school and so forth they just cannot. Fill those positions and if it weren't for real problem and an extra years shore some concern in terms of the shortage of police shot. In terms of training when he use force when not to use force. Power officers instructed and what is it that people don't get about that split second blue where decision needs to be made. Well officers are trained to understand that. You can't react. Faster than somebody or dog that can act. So officers got to keep that in their mind so that's why an officer. To a person who is pulling something black out of this pocket doctor thinks that the gun. He's trained to realize if that is the guns one key point today you. And mixes might have fired you cannot possibly react quicker and that child officer have to act. Quicker than that person acts so that's why sometimes we wonder why they issued Mardy and wait to see if it was begun an hour. Because he waits and it it is a gun at police talked Tuesday saw officers are trained to understand they've got to make that split second decision. As soon as they possibly can. And it's almost like a football thing where the offense knows where they're gone and a defense doesn't rank. That's great analogy that's absolutely at the hip. If if the nit bid if the defense knows what's going on they are either side note what's gone for the others it's gonna take a lot longer than they react to it. Thank you judge anything we're missing you understand. No I think that that I think we just need to wait and let the police department do their investigation here and figure out what went on with these with these dark before making any judgment. Thank you Jack appreciate your time Chaudhry go police practices expert owner Rodrigo professional consultants.