Are NFL players rights being violated?

Wednesday, July 11th
Do you think the NFL's new national anthem policy infringes on the players rights? The players union does and has filed an injunction against the league. Do you agree with the owners or the players? Full 1 pm hour.

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Mark Jefferson but that's. It has made Bob Mitchell and first dude in the afternoon or this afternoon we hope to be talking about such things as what percentage of your income goes to prescription drugs. And where does it time to hang up the car keys when is it time to say Graham on Graham ball you're too old to to be driving around. Probably the thing that is interesting to most people. Is what's going on in the NFL in the NFL players association do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes. On the players frighten. And that's what the union. Is say in the NFL backed and I think it was in May approved a National Anthem policy at its owners meeting in Atlanta the policy. Allows players to protest during the National Anthem by studying in the locker room. But forbids them from sitting or taking a and he. If their on the field on the sidelines. And of course if you do this teams will be subject to fines. If players don't comply. They will actually have the option of polishing that player. Now hey here's what you have to I ask you to consider to understand. Win a football player plays on Sunday. He's going to was job. He's like any other worker. May be. You by Deepak yield plunged you're not gonna pack a lunch for president NFL player but I'm just trying to say that players have to come out together. You can't smoke on the sideline. You certainly can't light up on the sideline. You have to where everybody has to Wear the same uniforms. Have to Wear but the same shoes the same helmets and if you violate any of that. If you Wear the wrong Sox. You can get fine. Because you work for the team. You work for the NFL so when you know when you work you have no rights as far as what you can or cannot do. As long as the company says you can't do this okay we don't want should do in this day and that's sick you work you work that time. And what what I truly can't understand. Is during the National Anthem. What may be two minutes to a half minutes. You mean. We can't come together we can't. Forget differences for that period of time and stand together. And honor the news of the flag and our our our country I think when it comes to the reason that these players have been protesting. Very very legitimate I mean anyone who thinks there is no more discrimination in the world no more racism no more cops. Acting like they should not of course although it continues to go on but if you're going to make that kind of protest. Naked off the on them and not not during company time I would not be able to walk around. Intercom studios holding a sign or just say and I've I'm on the against us I'm against that they would not allow all that because. This is where I work. So do you think that these players have a right to do what they wanted to do was forced protest in. When the NFL says these are our rules. And of course to the new guys coming into the NFL they know that is the rules still apply sign a contract with the NFL. That's the rule that's something I'm not supposed to do. So didn't give me your thoughts on that and if you work in charge. What penalties. Would you give to any player that sets or noodles during the National Anthem. Or do you think like our opinion poll or blue runner WWL opinion poll do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy. Infringes on the players' rights to a whole bunch of phone lines open. So if you wanna call me at 2601. It's seven you could touch date and a 7878. When the we will talk about this here's one. Oh billion like an NFL player. Does not like any other job cat you'll brain. Handle this. Just don't watch the National Anthem. Oh what why does it bug you so much. Well it it bugs me because I I believe that there's no disrespect to the flag and I remember even as a little kid going to school. You know putting my hand over in my heart and say and the eligible legions of the flag and I'm one of these people that if I see you burning the flag. I'm gonna say something I'm gonna get involved because I respect the flag that much but. Why do you have to protest during that time. Why not why not have a rally after you know if if you're going to blow protest. During the National Anthem. I'm not gonna pay any attention to under the right you'll. If you have a rally after the game you know something. You might even get you might even be able to get your point across to other people because then you'll have basically a soapbox and you can get on an endless and let people know what you think but during the National Anthem and agenda and get back ovals in a -- commended it gets back to one day you're at work. The players are not work. When you work for someone today have the right to say these are the rules and if you don't like the rules and you're gonna have to work someplace else. All right let's go to Mike Mike thanks for calling WW well. Woke scenario for you people who tend to agree with you. You know about their protest. And it being network and almost always ask you this scenario. If you work for a company that was owned by and muscle. And the Muslim owner. And respect for his religion. Passed all its employees returned that day when may have to pray. That you stand. In silence in respect. To. Damn. Playing. And if somebody wants to and try to fight. The fact that this must homeowner was making me stand. For what you need to stand for the same people that agree with you when it comes to these NFL players I would feel. In that scenario. I believe if you work for someone. I believe that that. Person has a right to tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. In their office if I were in a situation like that even though I'm a Christian. And I'm I'm not a Muslim. If I worked for a Muslim older and he said we're gonna have this prayer. Three times a day and we want you to stand on the sideline when that's going on I would then have a choice to make. Do I love my job enough to stand on the sidelines or if I don't like that and I should find another job. That's my opinion okay. You don't have to agree with that. That but that is my opinion and when he come when it comes to the NFL say we look at it as a game it is this just this big wonderful game. But as far as the NFL it's a job they go to work that's what they do that's why are again. Would would you go for a should players be allowed to smoke on the sideline. No it's the rules you can't do that what happens to a player breached the rules he's gonna get fund. That's and that they go to saint and I I don't necessarily disagree with. But the reason why it's become a hot topic and it's become political. It is is again if this trial if there was this scenario and became a national news story. Do you think trump would be on the side of the most remote. Know you people. How a seventeen year old owner and you have to stand in silence would know we. We we both know that that would keep the conversation so I'm disagreeing what you are saying. But the reason it's hot topic. It because it's. Who are making forced do it and why. It's big to meet it comes down to why it's a big issue because they're black players standing up for a black issue. That's what got that good again. I don't think the push back and that that the political nature of this would be saying. If it was a scenario that means your talk about I agree with you I'm not saying that they don't have a short. But there's a real important topic. In this specific issue. Is all over the news and what the president got involved. Well to my knowledge of not heard any protest in the NBA. Or Major League Baseball. What would mean as far as that that that. As far by the NBA rule is that the NBA rules they have to stand. Correct. Correct. It can choose to protest another way which you correctly it would be an element at rules fort. So last year before this was going on there was anything but they have a green looked to have the rules they'll correct they do not rule out. I think that they don't in what I'm saying if I'm not saying that company doesn't have a right to place rule you. I'm saying the reason. That people are on the side that the NFL the reason that people on the side trump. Into that because the company has a right. To make the rule it's because people don't like the people who are protesting. And wider protests and that's what I'm trying to use that scenario. With the Muslim person. Our butt out but with me okay here here's what I say. I actually agree with the the principles and why they're trying to bring these subjects like police brutality and racism. I understand that and I believe that but again. Day and it's hard for people understand of these guys get paid millions of dollars. To work not just play a game the boss has a right to say here's what we're going to do much thought to escape the ball in the Donald. And the bought satellite fifty years ago you know in parts of Louisiana. To tell their workers who work in the kitchen and said during your lunch break you can't sit at saint caller's one. You know that the day but that doesn't happen anymore right now because somebody. And protest the death. But say it's all it sounds like what you're saying is the only time these people and I mean mean in the players the only time that they can protest. Is during the National Anthem that's the odd bit timid and not an option. No no no no no absolutely not what I am saying that it absolutely brought more tension. To the topic. We're still talking about it two years later but protests in general aren't supposed to be done in quiet protests in the nature spots something that draw attention to. All right Mike thank you us so much for phoning in to a 601 leg somebody do you think the NFL's. National Anthem. Policy infringes on the players' rights on Bob Mitchell and astute in the afternoon our phone numbers 2601800. Well hope you have made a great afternoon. Our blue runner WWL opinion poll question do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes. All the players right that you can go online at WWL dot com or you can culminate. That's why I much prefer calmly at 260187260187. Let's go to and Marie. And Maria how are you this afternoon. And do you think Aaron and right now. I'm frontal what do you think about the policy that the NFL has been passed at inmate they've approved a new National Anthem policy. What the owners in the policy allows players if you want to protest. Venue you you stay in your stay in the locker room mute you you stay in the tunnel on them I guess that if the whole team comes out and then you know. Five or ten players come on after them then you will be able to assume. That they war protest. Does the NFL have a right to tell league's player of what to do during a game or during the National Anthem. Well partly being in should open policy which is. Any cheap Inger come out. There that you should be suspended. Each. Game. There. I think there's just humans is she back and get firm. You know that you mentioned this is. And that game. And it GAAP Japan but it. Is. RV owners terror and then. Coroner's. Yeah and I am prepared than years if you go to court and you aren't that you claim there. You're fired on the arm and I think. That you let this. And earned him the other people are saying it differently and I worked in Marie on religion are different. That they wedding would be where there aren't apparent back to work with. But where. And that's the problem tapping. And in Asia and our change afoot. Which is. Our I will apparently Peter and I are. But you might. Edit in debt and not been back for our current and the important thing actually be getting the what. That she couldn't see they work in any you know. Keep a destructive. That the rule. I learned I do feel currently. He is not. Scared or. Every weren't sure. If you're right and if any he played in court you know. In cross enclave in Canada is an. Or lack there and the Canadian. Armed here. You are and in. You know in America re just like a never marry again this job. We are running at this as well coming to gain a few it to is bound. Well under this new FL policy teams will be subject to fines if players don't do it so. The NFL is telling the teams this is what you have to do and if a player violates that the teams. Are subject to fines and the the team can punish the player and what ever way they they want to to me at all balls down to one thing. Do you have the right men let's let's let's forget about even just reflecting the flag is which which I object to more than anything. But do you have a right to protest on the job. You don't have you don't. All right and an active at and where it goes to work to Chile. They are or aren't that are in your paper and you have a threat and that's expected. More quiet in. You know. Yeah. You know captain I'd. Have. You. Used. In the you don't like it. Yeah. Listen many years ago I worked for radio station. That controlled. Holly your hair was the lens of your hair. And we know you would think that that's a basic human right you mean I can't grow my hair the way I want to grow it. The general manager was a an ex military guy and have a crew cut and he just did not believe your hair should go beyond your collar and whether you'll like it or not. You could lose your job if you didn't have you heard just that simple. Exactly and from me effort in nineteen. My career. You'd. Injury. On the web. Camera you've got now. We will never make. You had way as well you're. Checked in action you're not paying. From people at the right to say it. All right Anne Marie I enjoyed the conversation we will continue. The take your phone calls at 2601878. Do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy. Infringes. On our players right I'm Bob Mitchell and historically afternoon on WW well. That's not a lot with. What really grates on. I hate our. Blue collar WWL. Opinion bold question I got some results for you to. Do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes on the players' rights 88%. At WW all dot com. Say no. Great text message here. You do have the right to protest on the job. However. Europe actions have consequences so just because a person may be reprimanded for protests and on the job. Doesn't mean they don't have the right to do it. Let's go to Douglas Douglas thank you for calling WW oil. And power you today. I'm fine. I'm here in Europe and hear about that I honestly but. When you go and I'm and then we were you have rules. And they've been all like some unarmed. Because Doug market value what you Wear I Wear a wedding and the and I think it's great news in I don't know why you go on really. Okay here's what Douglas because in May. The NFL approved a National Anthem policy. The policy allows players to protest during the National Anthem by staying in the locker room but forbids them from. Sitting or take heed indeed if there on the field and if they do that do that. Teams will be subject to fines and players can be five so that's what they set now can I just that was yesterday made the day before. Beautiful players' association filed a grievance with the league challenging so now elbow to the players association. Is saying you can't do that to us if we want a protest on the field we have the right to protest and we shouldn't be penalized for. That's kind of world missiles going. I don't mind and then in the locker there an element and in the locker room are. I really don't Obama that but it beyond the trio. You should let him. And you know I'm what do you brought to you. That it is their frightening. You know I've I've mentioned this a couple of times since Sunday and on you you're telling me that with all the opportunities to protest. You couldn't Putin protest after the gave her a lot of times players after the game. Meet in midfield and taken neat and price so you could use your you you to do that you can you can hold a press conference. After the game and make your point and and Y all why you were protest and but you mean to tell me that we all can't take two minutes two minutes. And say look what we're gonna stay and which would be an honor the flag. But aren't great so IRI. Appreciation Sony and then are right let's go to. Coordinator you offensive or defensive coordinator. None. Of these on this hanging in there. Yeah detective that these people to let us know. Eight I mean mark felt personally. I don't people very able critical. What did it come to be. Seen. We have a lot of people when you. Gain and everything else people abide. Stanton out talking and renowned and how would. But definitely I mean I I'd it was. I think their run I think you're right there. Beverage hypocritical about what they're. One don't when I don't expect. Emmitt now about the they didn't do you know because. That's what people now can't. I do not. And we had an American man I am I mean that in answer. And it would do. Coming out and serve the people. And it's not about the way. And brought. Them bang you know well just because you know the you haven't gotten a job to do. They do not. Agree. You write her a bit now but now they do. And fit it if it goes for now if if the players association. Is able to to stop this that I gesture okay but as long as the go ahead. But it about it by a company. Not biggest part of him that Matt Abbott. Alan Ackerman and here we go but that aren't. Don't read and I did it before any day. And didn't stop. All right but I appreciate you phoning in. You have a good date to 0601 late Saturday you can text me at 878. 878 do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes on the players' rights the NFL has said you can't do it. You have to stay in the locker room you can't protest on the field. It's a job. Could you protest on your job with on any type of penalty to a 60187. And I'm Bob insulin for student afternoon. Maybe it. Maybe I'll just shut up and play music for a couple minutes. Bob Mitchell in for Stewart the afternoon on the big day seventy WWL AM FM and not dot com we're talking about this new policy. That the NFL stab bush back in in May and things have been quiet. But now Leopold players' association. This filing a protest the policy. States that players can protest during the National Anthem by staying in the locker room it forbids them from city they're taken and he. If their on the field on the sidelines. The NFL players association says that ain't right. We don't want that were protesting in total bit further teams will be subject to fines of players don't comply. So the NFL. Is telling the teams if you're guys break this policy. We're gonna find you and of course the teams that have the option of a punishing players all boils down to one day. Should you have the right. To protest on the job with out any consequence let's go to Larry Larry thanks for calling WWL. I see him. One. Good cook report. Due. Have been put out. Well about certain conditions in the street waiting. And caught. Oh well. And it and again what do. Showed you. All you're doing its partners. Art to all people. Should know people. And doing that you won't. It there. All to larger it is appreciate it or near. It was Spain have been yeah. You're not. You should if not all under. Look and ignorant people involved. With your article. Wiki it's war. Prince it is he who expects. I'd do it when we went out of the corner but it it. We went with you. Saying yeah. But all we don't want wall or radio couldn't make you. Choke point oh. You. Put it shall award. Well bullets that rumble you. Do not. All you would be. We. Don't do. I think what you know all yeah. I respect the flag thank you Larry got to move on to someone else all right a lot of calls not telling you up we'll be able. Lot of people want to give their opinions and wanna give everybody time let's go to mark mark thanks for calling WW well. I don't merit based bird that you McCaw there's there's a couple of situations going on here you know aren't we doing work at lower you know. The NFL right now we've rolled right on on on on air tape that. Protests there is talent where protests that right. Now now now. To our economy and company had the right to make policies and procedures. Or you going to work which you do that word and long those policies and procedures. To all and arranged all your constitutional right. And or argue the law. Not your time you Ager Erica we advocate Jerry Nadler. In out party Erica now dress code. You know you know that there in her or at the game now American Indian. And you. Hear its partners there really an artery and he. Wear your hair that imprint you know your constitutional right. So they have right. World role we stand. And order national. They can make that rule. And the mayor bag that rule is to eat this and it's where we'd be at the net capital it's only been here recently that they make one guy. Better. And so. They can protest that where. You've been protests that we don't know. But you know and that they can't protect you to where protest. Correct and if if it's not if it's not about the flag. Then why did protest or in the flagship doesn't Collison both not I'm not about the flag while the about the flag protest some other time. That the players should protect been on the field yet duties like say the protests out that'd appealed. But to make the wrong can't protest that irked him right read speak. Well look down the road building. Another rule the rule does allow players to protest during the National Anthem must stay in the locker room they can't come on the field. And go to art that can be find out the jets general manager has said. That he will pay the fines for his players and I have a feeling is depends on how much the plot in czar if they start making big big big fines and a lot of people do it. I think you'd that you see a change of policy there. Thank you for calling phone numbers 2601878. Do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy which tells players you can only protest. In the tunnel. You can come out to fill in protest infringes on the players' rights you can go online at. WWL dot com or you can call me at 26 year old woman it's seventy Bob Mitchell inference duke in the afternoon on WW well. There were talking about the NFL players association sliding the NFL's National Anthem policy. Saying it infringes on the players' rights the NFL so as you can protest. What you have to stay off the field on text message football with one of the things that brought us together when you went to a saints game whether you work. White black oriental whatever. You look you celebrated winds and mourn losses together. Now what helped bring us together pulls us apart one more thing the final football was fun. But it's not now let's go to we're shard were sure I appreciate your call and how are you doing today. Final game but it doesn't. And it doesn't matter. And in America voted on in the and in the course of the states in the liberty. And clear if you knew anything about being alone in the depending. Policy he's been. Only one reason and one reason. And that's because ago and that means and why. Is it in this country. Wait are you know what does what does protesting. At the football games have the new Donald Trump its start in the forefront took office all right. The no one. To do what he do to lead critic of tension. It is issue number one and look at them. And patriotism. People look at this thing mixed played a call to me. You know we think we got me in light out dead black hat. Every day. To an American people. Can you tell me where the secret is in him giving him and people to current. Rashard out and Rashard and I know the thing about the thing about this issue is. It's a rule. You have workplace rules you can only do a certain things on the job you know for instance here here at WWL. As much as I'd like to have up a couple of costly llama on the year. We can't cam that in the control room because we've had too many accidents so. We are told that you're going to work here and you're gonna do a show you can not bring a cup of coffee you can't drink coffee in the control world. That's our role and I have a five I don't like the rule book if I wanna work here. I have to honor the rule not the same thing with the NFL it is a rule the NFL passed a rule that you can't. Do this so alive I putt I appreciate you filling and I see where you're coming from a what this all boils down to now if the NFL players association can get them to reverse this. Then all bets are off I still doping you should protest during the flight but. The ground the people stand on right now including me that says you can't do it is because it is a work place. Rule the NFL pastor at the end the owners approved it and that they say that if you violate this rule. It's going to cost you. If you're on hold like a bunch of your please hang on we will get right back to you after the top of the hour right here on WW well.