Are men better navigators behind the wheel than women?

Who are better navigators in the car, men or women?  It's a hot topic and the debate is on.   

A new study in the Journal Memory and Cognition suggests men have the upper hand.  

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So. New research. And who's better with directions on how old glory our men or women. Better at finding their way around. Well for most people. If you use your. Maps on your smarts on the voices a woman and sorted defaults to. I don't know what that tells you doubt mixing it tells me when to turn want to turn right way to go away you know all that kind of stuff. Since it's a would have snagged on for us but you don't have that. And our men just so. Stubborn I know I'll give him an old stereotype is that a man refuses to ask for direction and I'm in my hand I'm raising my hand I'm confessing do you men refused to use. Google Maps on their Smartphones to tell them where to go. It may be a little bit. I know I'm going donate some songs now tell me how to get yes I am I love I love the maps maps out well I'd love them especially when you know you're really in the political. But if you if you. You just feel like you'd go yeah you know where to go in and then it's just not work and I. I don't know more and more lost I used to carry a map and car. All right newbie when I was going somewhere I'd never been before I'd look at the map and see where want to. Or if you're going somewhere people used to give you directions well go to the third sub point after the exit in turn live and when you see the big yellow building turn right. You know stuff like that Hillary Clinton anymore because now we have got wonderful. Maps thing on our phone tells where to go but the stereotype. There's always been that men refused ask directions are more likely to get lost out and we kind of Google master one pound fifteen years ten years and you're bound navy. It ten years and years yes so. You've got the rest of that charm we did an album and were there arguments. IE I got us yet. I I asked him. But it's just because you refused to ask for direction now I mean you didn't know where you're going. Here's a thing I don't know why this is a gender thing I don't know why it would matter. Gender wise he's inveterate yeah navigating and knowing where they're going in and finding directions. But a study in the journal memory and stagnation. Says that men are better. Time and knowing their way around. The research says men are more likely to also take short cuts. And have. Better. Routes to their destination that aren't necessarily directly in terms of staying on the interstate taking the exit that kind of thing now men make better time getting where they're going according to the journal memory and cognition maybe they just have a better feel for the landscape maybe they're more concerned with it maybe it's and they pay more attention to I don't know but overall. The question of who's the better driver. Men know men like to maintain that there are better drug I women don't know what they're Dallas masculine thing now we got web female race drivers pitchers come into the scene not that long gap battling him ever wanted to. Well. But there are in there he added there's never been a woman NASCAR champion. I mean that hasn't happened yet and all in fact I don't know that as have been a woman won a major race. That having been sent. Insurance rates will tell you very close your face he then women are better drivers they tend to get in fewer crashes anyway. Now if you wanna judge their skills and ability to make high speed you know he had hair pin turns that kind of thing I don't know what I do now. Is that statistics. Show. That women get in fewer crashes. And are typically. Less expensive to ensure than our male drivers. There are more women drivers in the army are more women than there are heavily on the real guy that would Mexico assuming but again I don't know why this is a gender specific thing. I don't know why am I having you know male or female sexual organs would influence. How your ability to operate a motor vehicle is or your ability you know warrior go. Are always doing but there are genetic domain genetic packages come with certain things are certain genetic inclusion succumb with your race years. Your gender your birth nationality. Those kinds of things tend to come with you know specific genetic. I did out in Vegas Hilton. In the and the firm I don't know all those hundreds of years I guess thousands. You know the mail was out there are the harder you know hunting down the beast. Finding his way in the wallow wilderness. And I was ready get back home got to it's not pointing getting the obesity can't bring him back to you better understand. That's a what do you think it is gender specific amended people are in the business of statistics will tell you that women are better drivers men eighteen year that. But they're less expensive to ensure because they get in fewer crashes now I don't know if that's the only way to judge is a better driver. But now there's journal of memory cognition says manner better navigators. And get where they're going more quickly because they're better utilizing short cuts is that your experience in life and doesn't matter text me they'd 7870. I'm amendment right 125 years and never read my vehicles as one text message to date 7870. This in response to our discussion a little while ago. Based on a new report in a psychological journal that finds men are better with directions than are women and not get where they're going and get there more quickly than do women. My point was overall. Women though given fewer crashes and I are less expensive to insure because of this. One person tax mandates 7870. Says a male driver of an eighteen Wheeler who calls shippers and receivers for directions without a doubt females give terrible directions most domino ought to get themselves and our house or to work. Very batted street names and state highway numbers noses when I can't even tell yeah what northern south usually. Does this sex message today it's seventy it's seventy it's called testosterone. Gets zone. What is have to deal with it. I do look Texan made it 7870 also about this report the gym hands are sharing with those that a new report and a psychological colonel Klein said. Women's. And as good with directions as our man there's of the women said no it's very that they don't yet they don't agree. But then men that women believe they are better directions and man believe there are better drivers overall both are wrong. The statistics and the resurgent bear out that men are better read directions. The women are safer drivers overall anyway one present tax mandates 7870 is what it can't even tell you what's north or south usually. Knows his men spend more time behind the wheels and when I guess this thing saying that's why they're better direct. As as Dave my girlfriend and I have lived in New Orleans our entire lives. She made times forget how to get to the airport. Now. Not often that you get the report yeah you know Grover author Joseph it's I don't problems on the West Bank. I have it's not every time. But I. I I get glossed over there he had 22 years ago when I first moved here at lord I feared going to the West Bank because they re aired few times I would go there. I would get totally dissed combined related and turned around just like the streets are running at angles are so I think it's just sent me I think it was just I was unfamiliar with that now that I lived in this long and you know with so many important things on the West Bank in terms of a guy out there for our jobs. I now understand it it's laid out very much like Metairie is where there. You know a few major north thousand few major east west roads as long as you know those you can find your way ran out you there's you know look Alco I think you. Probably figured out I guess that's just one I don't that's amazing if you don't veterans you know everything in mattered after. Nonetheless I understand your point yeah. Speaking of this woman has no idea how to get to the airport. She's really gonna be confused when they move the new terminal later this year and they don't have an access road to get there yeah. That's left. Big meeting today to figure out way to minute. We're open in the terminal but the access road from the interstate. Is still at least a year a year and a half away it's almost like a comedy routine is hypocritical open it but I get there from here there's what's ice over there. Now there there working on extending Loyola. To the new terminal. By it that means you got to get off the interstate that loyal line and then you're on the surface all the way to determine on your fighting with traffic on veterans to get there. And this is a brand new rather doesn't even exist yet that they're talking about in theory. So interesting meeting today we'll continue to get you ready for that and and follow that used to open a shiny new bigger better and brighter beautiful terminal around. And getting there's going to be a real pain in the body apparently bit. Hopefully maybe some kind of re older sons and hopefully somebody figures it out in the news. Pittsburgh after him and take a lot to plaza Heidi and get him in the parking garage now another roller Sharia are the rental car facilities is gonna be all shuttle. Summit seems to me this wasn't thought out very well but we shall see if they figure it out in due time.