Are frivolous lawsuits why car insurance is so high?

Thursday, July 20th

We all pay high insurance rates in Louisiana.  We are not the best drivers in the country and we pay for that distinction. Is it too many lawsuits from accidents that are making rates so high?


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I did a blogger FaceBook outposts for every WOR radio offers for Peja earlier reform going on here. And I mocked those people who are on camera going. I just got a check from New Orleans attorney I just got a check for 800000 dollars I'm so excited I got into a horrible accident I was injured terribly and I got this big check I just don't even know what I'm gonna do now I got all this money. That's the way to make it seemed. This is horrible. And people buying into that those people are cheaters. Not all attorneys do that. But some do. I think there should be all of our law a law or rule that bans attorneys from using actors. Because they put in really small print actor portrayed paid doctor Trey. Or something to that effect. If you get a lot of money in a settlement. Chances are you're really injured seriously. You might be a wheelchair. You know you might not ever walk again you have brain damage. The problem is a lot of those people those commercials don't really physically visually represent the people who got those big settlements. So to me that is just absolute false inappropriate advertising and I know that to some degree theaters ethics involved Anderson a truth and advertising on clause somewhere I don't know exactly where it is part. It is somewhere and obviously. That doesn't apply to come to attorneys and and and it should. The real people on the I mean. Again these commercials make it seem like the testing that can happen you can do you have a lot of money and the best it can happen do you get into a serious car wreck. You can to a serious car wreck. You might not live. In if you do sometimes you might and one. Our Chris nor short here and having WL. They do guy is like in the coming out her more than once I'm pretty sure it's solid race made. The other reason why are interest rates are so it is cut which. Is because of blow and hand him one of the there is it law. Old remembered exactly. It makes probably the worst in the country in a testament to repeat. Press poll or jury trial. It's not my critique dollar. Something like. You have to. Reits that their goal for you get a jury trial think the united the year that she argues. Insurance companies the big goal for the judges they really did you know square root. Because the judges are all on the part of the crow either way that the point is. Our insurance rates are. No ties are because. Politics in politics to Louisiana in terms of no lawsuits in The Who followers on probably the worst in the country. And they could be changed overnight. But I doubt on built leopard. And his and should you know probably wouldn't do that and even Bobby Jindal I think tried nominally to change it. Parked it couldn't be done and again it's the same thing it's put so we than in let's wait until many politicians. Are in bed with certain special interest in music and liberals are excellent tourism and even a word anomaly at the local Republican state. We're not conservatives stay in Logan and. Comes to when it comes to frivolous lawsuits that that transcends political boundaries and then what their republic Jordan conservatory. A citrus. There are you kidding me. It Democrats. On bit with trot lawyers in the trial court. And a politician. Known they'd never admitted they never Seattle like frivolous lawsuit. But only conservatives or in favor of insurance. Sometimes to serve in a situation like that sometimes they might be for something knowing that it's never gonna change Chris you just can't tell me that there are not people out there with conservative ideology. They voted for president trucks that are not part of the lawyers that are going after these ambulances and convincing people you gotta pay day coming out. I do we do not want that it is pretty much. I've just that are just doesn't seem believable that it all immigrants. No secret. What I mean come on what whatever the percentage ears. A Democrat is much less likely to support. Legal that is a bit. Syria and that's it you're gonna to put your opinion will be back after our our news update.