Are doctors forced to perform abortions against their religious beliefs?

Friday, January 19th

Today – President Trump talked to an anti-abortion group in Washington on the day of a big anti-abortion march. President Trump is creating an office aimed at protecting the religious rights of medical providers, including those who oppose abortion.Why is this good or why is it bad?  Are doctors forced to perform abortions against their religious beliefs?   Is this new office more about for show than it is necessary? Full 2 pm hour.


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It is a beautiful Friday afternoon and yes we are slowing out to do it anybody forget how to drive on the interstates as I mean it's been a couple of petitions to the gun out just the interstates. Hope nobody forgot the rules of the interstate not that many people actually knew the rules. In the first place some new some new rules are in effect for Catholic churches and congregations in Portland Maine I'll tell you about that in in just a moment. Also on Monday is the 45 anniversary of the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade the Supreme Court decision that protected a woman's right. To have an abortion today president truck talked to anti abortion on anti abortion group a for the anti abortion march today. In Washington DC. And we'll have some artists are comments are coming up the president also is creating an office aimed at protecting the religious rights of medical providers including those. Who oppose abortion. Our doctors forced to perform abortions against their religious police. Is this to office more about show or is it really a necessity when they do talk of a panel of I don't know I don't wanna get into the abortion debate. Party afternoon he got pick. OK so. Am not that it's not a worthy debate but you know we don't have to get into it today here if it comes if it happens fine. And for furloughed for those of you who missed it I'm gonna play back a conversation that I had with Steve Martin. And Martin Short Todd they're on tour together. And I've read great reviews of the shows are going to be at Sanger theater Sunday a show with three gonna show it tonight at eight Sunday. And my conversation with him coming up after the deuce in the 3 o'clock hour also here's an update on our pretty most opinion poll. Who would you blamed if the government is shut down. 54% Democrats. 32% Republicans. 14% say they'll blame the media. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW realm dot com. So we're still working our way toward the government shut down and that's our clock is still taking. Is there going to be compromised and this could all work out I don't I don't know. If it's all about politics and it's about it's about both sides doing what they always do. Which is. Just. Stand up for their party image rather than do what's best for the American people and I know you can argue well they're doing what's best for the American people by standing up for the party. But there's no precedent in our history. Where. Never compromising. Gets us anywhere. British compromising your relationship. This compromise. In everything that involves. Human beings that have a different view of something. And if there's no compromise to nothing to stone I mean the government could shut down but you know what I find interesting and infect all of this is it in a video. That I posted on our FaceBook page WW old radio it's also on the SO TA scoot on the year FaceBook page and it's about. It's about congress doing this. Kicking the can. Down the road. That's what they're doing. How do you have a just we got we got to do this simply got to prevent a shot do we got to do it now. More doesn't that said last time. So if we do it again this time then it's gonna it's gonna come up again and other words it if this continues to stay alive if there's no long term solution. Then it continues to be political. Gain. And it's it's typical. It's predictable. Effective it in the video iPod pester the question what is the word or phrase. That best describes. What's going on in Washington with this possible government shutdown. And you could join a conversation mr. some very lively conversations on FaceBook every if you already up. I checked that out so I gotta tag and the texture but Alexa. And we weird error promo talking about how you couldn't say on Alexa played WWL. And and it doesn't it I says I'm listening in my both system and every time you played a promo Alexa turns on WWL. Here's a Texas says I love WWL and Alexa every morning when I walk into my kitchen the first thing I say as Alexa WWL. And a place. So you know sometimes people ask interesting questions. Collects. So we asked Alexa an interesting question. And it's something that his Paris played before. All these years. This is still a question that I mean maybe we can finally bring some. Clarity to. We asked Alexa. What's the difference. Between ice ice baby by Vanilla Ice. And under pressure by David Boeing and queens. There's still within an event of the day than they ever Bennett are standing behind goes further. An event in which they have a bad day at an event being. OK so finally we got. We we got that cleared up and I mean now now we can relax because I you know people go through life for anybody knows the difference. A from Metairie Joan you're on divvied up your own good afternoon. It. You know. Well now people. Are more apt. 00. And about one. It would. Grant an awkward about the impact. How. I think. It's time. Our. That I have now. Democratic front. On the debt. It's just. Now it's true Joan asks are you doing okay now. Joined in the heart. The work on. They're digression have agreed to have a great weekend and pleasure able to saw out. From Jen Chile just a welcome to WW well. Hi this cute I. It in my line like selling your ideology didn't do it. Yeah I finally AM yeah like. Yours so no. No I mean it's amazing nights are still seen a few spots are downtown that have remained in the shade over the last couple of days and at the ice totally gone. Going to Arctic Circle and at that are silent. And let it ever is alive and I want it I want to say he's shall. Everybody who's out there and expert to Weber execute streets being policemen are. Simon you know our thank them for practiced energy to all of them. NASA people have to work outside Eunice. Before you comment on you're great interview Steve Moore and mark short on core X. Something about it. Growing up in Kane that reached this sense of humor and comedy Alex and myself try to keep reached comedy. And some of the best comedians in the world. Some people on their lives and not the does that say that those. You know I've noticed that too and I I did I did a television feature once when our son on the air and mobile I was also doing on the scoop report on TV on non channel five news. And I'm the interview included I'm a conversation with Robin Williams and and you know I I didn't know this about Robin at a time when Robin Williams passed away and then I heard about all of this stuff that was going on with him. I remember back on my impression of that interview. And what really impressed me was that Robin Williams had a very serious. Sides. That was it was very very it it is a lot of pain in his life and it was as if it was this it was as if the comedy. Was was helping him cover up all of that. And it also after that interview this was back in the late eighties after that interview with Robin Williams. The roles that I thought were most convincing from him were not the funny roles but the serious roles like. Dead poet's society or Good Will Hunting because I saw that serious side in that inner. Great movie does a great movie I've rumored what was is Patch Adams. That's a period. No I couldn't even bring myself to watch that. What are your. I am I acting because we care about the character. Well I don't know how old Leo the CH ER IC OO special. Robin Williams of the movie entry but the characters in a lot of ways had a lot of opinion. But you know god he's here and you request that. Yeah you know Ann and Steve Martin and I'll illusion that a little bit in the in the interview and I remember Steve Martin and the father of the bride movie and also I remember him in a Grand Canyon which is one of my favorite movies. Grand Canyon cinema and this one has to mourn the it was on the birdie run articles were okay well. On the checked it out ready to brag just and appreciate the call a stay warm have fun this weekend but yet the movie Grand Canyon it starred a Kevin non Kevin Kline and Danny Glover. And Steve Martin played a part. It was a serious part. And he played well but Grand Canyon to this day still holds up as one of the best movies. To define race relations. In America. If you're looking for something to do this weekend. Find. And watch. Grand Canyon Kevin Kline Danny Glover Steve Barton. I'm scoots will be right back on every drill. New rules for Catholic churches and congregations in Portland Maine I love it's. Doodle widespread influenza. The diocese in Portland Maine. Is suspending. The sharing of wine during communion. No line. Now I skipped the market and every recent. All so they are eliminating the holding of hands. During lord's prayer. They also suggest the parishioners to not shake hands during the passing of the pace. Plus. The diocese in Portland Maine is asking priests. To no longer place the host Arnie parishioners tong. I guess out of fear that their finger might actually touch. The bear tong. And you know the priest or not liked dental hygienist you know they don't Wear latex gloves. When and if they did Wear latex clause still if they touch somebody's tong then that would touch somebody else's tongue but anyway yeah so I I think it in my hand. So they're asking the host of the pre shot to do that with a host they're also asking priest to do something that you know. I guess this would be considered somewhat of an eruption of mass but it seems very practical to me. To use a hand sanitize or before and after communion because I can tell you last Sunday in church that the priest was coughing and his hand. He calls to his left a C I noticed cease. He calls to his left hand any cost is right. Because Detroit has a whim attached to him it's gonna give me post. And I sit on this side of the church some in the line with the priest and look. I guess there's some divine intervention here. But I'm a journal fault and I can't help but think about these things. And I try to remember but sometimes I forget to bring hands sanitized or with me church that would be rude to people but I I I would rather give the peace sign when it comes time to extend them to sign a peace. A brother give the peace sign. Then two to shake somebody's hand and you know in particular this time of year when people are coffin and hackers in season and he don't somebody could actually has the flu. Very early stages of the flu not really know what it. And they could just be out in public passing an architect I think gate correct me if I'm wrong but I I think that's when you can be a very very contagious. So you know it's a time of year to be. Cognizant of those things. And you know fortunately I I'm I'm blessed with good health I am a human being so there are times swear and I do I get sick but it's it's not very often. I don't know whether my. I germ phobia I contributes to my health or not but it's just a meets its part of going amp OK with these things would. Would it in erupt and the service I mean whether you're Catholic or any any relation. Woody woody in erupt disservice if there was more attention paid to germs especially this time of year. Would it bother you if if the priest before and after communion used hands sanitized or right after the altar. Man nothing to say any thing in the Bible against using and sanitize her. If you wanna join us in the comment. On numbers 260187. Checks embers a 77. And also you know when I think about the line I just a stop to start taking the wind and years ago. When I realized when they pinpoint that little cloth around the rim of the the cellist. That just doesn't seem to be an effective way to get reinsurance and and plus just they you know they. Well they use the same rank in the key point has so Richardson got to be. Building up parent. And then you know and god bless the priest detected that the last support on the back porch and the art acts just couldn't. Couldn't do that but again I mean there I guess they get used to it like you know doctors around a lot of people who are sick and they just. Don't get sick anyway these are just. Weird things that I I think about an amateur tournament when I I saw I saw this article about these new rules. As a Catholic Church I thought well this is this is good idea. No was there anything else that that you think about when it comes to germs in church or in public I loft to talk about that especially this time of year. When there's widespread influence. And it has really hit Louisiana hard in fact we've got an article on our web site. WWL dot com. About how this is the worst flu season on record. In Louisiana. Nearly ten on a ball hundred. On. Doctor visits last month were for the flu or related symptoms. Doctor frank Welch were TO Louisiana department of health sought immunizations. He says stating his twenty years of doing this he's never seen so many cases. To a shelter. And you go on the PGQ you you go in public can you touched off a new I know I know sometimes it's a little bit irrational but I'd I can't help. So is there's something else that may be our church huge should do or did people should do not do in public if you do wanna join us with your thoughts are numbers 260. 187. 5042601870. And our checks is a 7878 I'm screwed hang on it's Friday afternoon and we'll be right track. All right I am applauding new rules for Catholic churches and congregations in Portland Maine time due to the no widespread influenza in the area of course it's even worse here do it is they are all probability because this is the worst. Time we've ever had with flu in Louisiana. The diocese of Portland Maine is suspending the sharing of lying during communion no more wine and no more holding hands during the lord's prayer. I'm gonna guess if you were Stanley you could do it I mean they're not gonna kick you out of church if you if you if you do it but they're asking people not to hold answering doors for. Yeah I I don't tend to sit there by myself so why don't I do that anyway. And I guess that would make you know I I shouldn't feel uncomfortable about. How about that because you know here we are in Cannes church and you know we're bonding in church and you do you think that that would be something we wouldn't even think about it problem I've had partial graphic about it. If you would wanna be me. On that this is also on an area where they're asking parishioners to not shake hands during the passing of peace. And the diocese is also asking the priest and no longer place to host on the parishioners tong. And use hands sanitized as before and after communion. Do you agree with these changes. And did they make the right. Decision if you wanna join us for Europe comment our numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601878. Or text. Is he 78 Saturday. Also we have we still have the clock John can we check out there at the clock right now it's is still believe it's still ticking because as far as I know we still don't have any kind of a yep there it is. Yeah this is that this official clock. Your score ticking ticking toward a government shut down. Curious to Texas says some scoot how about shall we cut off funding for congress if they can't come to an agreement tonight. Bet that we'll get them moving. And other checks as sister government shut down or if it's the government shuts down while the legislators and their staff be laid off and not pay. If so can the people appoints new ones to run the affairs of government well you know here's. What you need to know. Government workers. And many people will go without pay. They'll get back to. But imagine if you were paycheck to paycheck. And a lot of government workers I'm assuming we're paycheck to paycheck. Tied its. Its arsenal you know eventually get the money but what about right now. Members of congress. We'll continue. To be paid. And they don't have to furlough any of their staff. So they're not even affected by this. And something that I just Lauren today maybe you knew this I did not notice. But did you know that some members of congress we have in their offices. On Capitol Hill. To to save money. Can you think about that a mere 475000. Dollars a year salary I mean if you had to have a home. In the DC area and home say even hear an indoor courts. If you maintain two homes on the salary that would be tough be tough mean that wouldn't be much money and you via a fly back and forth. So I just I just found that out to I had no idea that some of them are living. In their off I mean I am assuming it's like an office suite where. It's kind of set up for you can you can live in that as well but you know that would be a bad idea. Here is another checks it says so that radio news reports are right now is a bunch of DS. The truth is that two as they of this about the government workers save retroactively pay these people. After the government shutdowns so nobody loses well again. If you're living paycheck to paycheck you know yeah this is a loss for you and by the way the whole thing about how this is discovered shutdowns gonna immediately affect our military. The military gets paid on the first in the fifteenth. So they've been paid until February 1. So unless it goes beyond February the first the whole idea that the military should be affected by this is a moot point from battery pack your WWL. Hi I'm in a column about in. Yeah and I'm not there is an. And actions. Aired and choose. Will shine in it or leave it at Jenny sanction keep it quiet Ian were out there. Because Ian. Oh. Well. It doesn't work I don't know if they're not good enough to put an action. It doesn't even know if I got to god has energizes it is kills in 99.9 percent of the germs it did doesn't do that. Whether it is better but doctors that we are sorry and we both them and not at the end coming in. Boy that changes our world. Yeah. I had I appreciate that information. I think for a pre show I think I appreciate that information I mean it's kind of an unsettling to think it did doesn't look I don't totally dependent on that I depend on other things and washing your hands are. I agree a great as well but you know but I use quite often I use anti bacterial soap it says 99.9 percent of the germs. It was that point. 1% of the germ. To can get to you are you you're gonna comment it's free for all Friday about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Erica 0504260. Point 870 taxed 870. 870. Here is a text that says scoot the barge is called a pro life march I said anti abortion marchers of pro life march and it's. Different way to work it. Here is a Texas says government shut down wonder if congress and the senate. Had to go to work. And not get paid how fast these things out exactly. I mean if if these clowns on Capitol Hill as if they were gonna lose say even temporarily and and many of them can go without pay for a couple days or a couple of weeks. Because they're rich. And that your average person. I'm astute she will be back on WL. I mean you got a lot of and you know some of the stuff accounts from Washington DC electors this does it's going on right now I'm if this can only happen in America. Who do with the way it happens here and and they will get through lawlessness. As bad as it is yeah we're gonna get through all of this here's an update on our pretty must opinion poll. Who would you blame if the government does shut down today 63%. Say the Democrats 29% Republicans and eleven cents a they'll blame the media. As are some people who blame the media for anything and everything that happens finisher FEMA going to our web site WWO dot com and from Metairie Chris welcome to the show. Tasty thanks so much for taking my call to 2000 making the way seeing Buchanan's. I'm. And the first part of my career as a private sector. And a fairy. Collective. Billion dollar private sector. From there. I would recruited. To work for government and I went to work for state government. And after about six years I've decided to return to the private sector. The reason I'm calling is the ties. I just don't think that the average American the average Louisiana in realizes. How did functional. Government is. Still think about it and I'm going to be generic. I think about my former agency that I worked for for the the Louisiana. There were some wonderful people like and never wanna take that away. And I wanna give credit where credit's due. But it's cute it was just so well mean the amount of waste that the people that would. Come in at had a day at 8 AM leave at 4:30 PM. And literally produce no war for an entire day in and they're they're Christians this antiquated. Thought that up. Sit at my desk. And I spirits green and actually working. And on on weeks like like this week. Whip whip offices being closed state government closing down these people continue to receive paychecks it was one of those people. And so much of the work skewed. Could be gone from home it's a laptop if you functioning bone he could be gone but there is between particulate mentality. The back. If side if I'm not at my desk for pocket opted for parity in the phone going dead for 29. It was really really. Yeah I've had some of those experiences I've I've had I've had job and interaction with sun some. A government employees and it's almost as if I am an inconvenience to them I'm I'm like a problem in their day if I didn't come in they you know they witness to do anything. And an instant you know which released to what happens is. And as people really do it to the end of their career with government oft and the they can go to the swap programs where they are additional benefit benefit of helping him. With their retirement but will people within my agency within my program. That really had become obsolete because of the baby computers are doing things now that that they once did but they just continue to stick around. But. Of course I'm Derek and Chris would would you say that in in government in general and their are good people out there who are doing a good job. But would you say that there's just not enough pressure to. To to rise above total mediocrity. It's due. I think you nailed it I won't tell you in one cheer this which you. So I we've seen in the bio pharmaceutical industry before last at private sector and wanted to government. And that bio pharmaceutical industry. You were held accountable he do you job you'll call in which we know in the mean with governments skewed. Mean wouldn't that actually service the protections. The things that people get away. It's unbelievable Scotland on this note. I actually have in it would tend to leave my coworker this is government. I have a video of a coworker that would look at least sleep at his desk every day it's normal for Torre. But she also has protected thirty plus years in the system. And nothing to. Chris I appreciate the that the conversation the information I have every weekend and yeah I I know I mean more I'm not saying every. But more government employees should be fired. Because they're they're they're mediocre or less. And how are we gonna be the best country in the world if our government workers don't work hard. I'm Stewart will be back. Here's a Texas says this is about did the church or suspending outlawing in Portland Maine during the flu season because they don't want people continue to drink on the same challenged. Oscar maybe they could use the little airplane bottles of wine. When that's a good idea. I mean you get a little more than a separate you know they can bless a Bartolo bottles. Talk about the expense we'll just have a second collection. Today's record collection nine goes to the one bought individual one models for communion. I can go for them. And really honestly what are we gonna get to the point where we're gonna have a choice you know some people prefer read some people prefer white red white. Maybe some churches and really exclusive areas could have like a wine list and you can kind of pick catcher to wind was a multi grain host. All right I'm if you're Arnold stay with a switch your calls coming up in the next hour Camara is fighting this is free for all fighting our show. I'm scoop are coming up after the news we're gonna replace conversation I had with Steve Martin and Martin Short to going to be it sank on Sunday. That's coming up next on Debian bureau.