Are bikers safe on the Northshore?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, August 15th
Guest host, Bob Mitchell, talks to the Executive Director of Bike Easy NOLA, Dan Favre.

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The recent death of two cyclists in Slidell has sparked calls for a for greater a bike safety and I don't know what more we can do so we are talking right now to the executive director bike easily. Nolo Dan Farber and you know I'm gonna ask the question. You related Bart but a. And now and they favored you guys. About the little differently and could and I view accurately that Carter got more in Celtic but my left arm. So what more can be done to to protect cycles. You know it really is it tragedies in quite though pointed out there really highlighted some of these issues. That. Chase people who were right by on the street then. Think there is more than can be done around the region you know you broke the law clearly everyone. To be looking outward to other on the road game attention and following the rules of the road you know whether people driving by in. But I think especially in which it is the lack strategy. So. What are there you look at the person on the bike with do what things to do it it to with earlier question. And I don't know that wrote their notre super well literally more cheap from photos that offers. There's not a lot of space and the idea of insuring that we're. Building our road you know in ways that they're built to share so that there's actually staged. For people who are writing by suppose that we know we don't need likely on every street by any definition but we need to make sure that people you have. They have. There is populated state like ways. Where they're going as more and more people are up and serve right by the court. Don't have a choice don't have access to vehicle after it they're like two worker to liquor store it's just. They're district on our. Well military it does get quite busy day and through I'm a bike rider I tell you something that but that confuses me. Now I always been a climber all hit me with a net. Always have always run my bike with traffic. Oh yeah yet. It wouldn't do it for her. And yet there are times I'm riding my bike with traffic and eyes I see people coming. Against traffic and near all wanna yell islands like get on the other side. Because look when I'm driving and it's it's happened to me where. All of a sudden now and I look up and there's there there's a cycles like. Right next to my car because they're they're going the wrong way so. I I think one thing we can do is that you won't we we preach helmets on selfless that we also have to look preach the rules of cycling. Oh yeah no where I would like easy we we are committed cue it up and make sure that everyone has the skill and knowledge they need to ride. Right. And that's definitely one of the biggest. Tips you know I'm writing traffic you know you're going to be the Spartan right the puck well and heading in the direction of traffic that's. The key component to CP. But even when you know people are right right we ought to rely on took striving to make sure that. We state say no more biking and so I think it is you know everyone to the kitchen to make sure you deliberately set. Cannot throw in one trip. Only certain only bike at night if you absolutely. Have to do and make sure you know a lot of lights and reflective on. Yet they can you know your bike and I don't play or make sure that you Utley. And there there are required by law in most and more importantly it keep you say. Meant though. Definitely important is that out of like on there and you know I think detonated the court for butchered drive in the big picture precautions stunned about the people bite in a more. Well Dan thank you so much let's let's hope things will start to improve. Yeah I appreciate it thank who thought all right.