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Archie Manning calls in to talk about the Manning Passing Academy and gives his predictions for the upcoming Saints season.  

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You can race one play in NFL history what would it be. The talk rule from 8655. In. Dallas grows. I mean debt could altered. The patriots franchise. And the dynasty that they have created that play alone in the AFC title game against the Oakland Raiders. My goodness yeah as if I took it outside the saints it would be the tuck rule. And nobody knew that that rule was even on on the books another one says. Everyone blames Marcus Williams alone for the play but cam Jordon shares blame for pulling up. Only QB when he had a sack or batted down pass while I saw that a look back and look at that is immediately after. The whole Marcus Williams as saints vikings game. And I was trying to criticize Cameron Jordan to. I don't I don't see it I didn't see it that way because I think he was beanie back in order to try to get a better angle at the quarterback Anthony Carty stepped up in the pocket. Some only Kendra was pulling up intentionally accuses trying to play leverage game and ultimately. Yet. Get the quarterback. Bledsoe getting hurt him at signal do yet is of Bledsoe could get hurt there's no Tom Brady there's probably no there's no. Patriots as we know today. Bledsoe getting area that's right I forgot and again I forgot all about that. Policy LSU is four games at best post run. Fired Hugh freeze hired as echo thousand oust the opera are crowned see LSU touching you freeze whatsoever. Before games those humans for games. And it is a if it goes if it goes on is he'll be fired for sure. But he shouldn't be the only one aspire to tell she was four games. Jolie was should be on Matt's car come on. You get it that in that plays out my goodness LSU fans are going to be live. On that they will be very hot. With deals you football program that I have Archie Manning forcing great and a few moments. Saints quarterback is on the right now. Archie Manning former saints quarterback can legend seesaw affair. Obviously academy passing academy coming up RG tells little about about that he got a fix something new this year women's clinic right. We have collected at the end. We'll start out as is it points bird shot toward third year Manning pass and an airport here. The only into the should oh. That goes. Thursday urged on. One. Solo around 12100 here so there Kamal a column 46 states and Canada this year. And go up and start on those. Monday. Clinics and evening for ladies and girl so quite a little. Session. All the ills we're. Football camp while home on Putin actually so that's some good news. Which you know. Archie what's your favorite part of the camp. Well so. It's favored orders guarantees maybe toward multiple wars. Oh count. Around the country you'll actually here we. Which State Department there campus in have a lot of like YouTube and do well. Along but. They actually. What shall we saw and so. At street level of misconception about there are you know it's not a it's not like a basketball camp somewhere and their prospects layered force or optional on all that it. Should. And have a quarterback which in the camp used to enhance. Ku football career. We're not. Charm and the problem. It would not worry about who go to college. We won't enjoy their. The days there as a group quarterback solution where. That's kind of our. I mentioned there was that what the award. Would go on sale. In the classroom lecture shoot nine. And as. Or column. Legendary Archie Manning here on saint radio W growing RG RC talk about the Manning passing academy that's coming up in. Com slash about you know would you love the most about the camp and would you for follows a yesterday. Well I yeah good day to church. Talked to Bob. To a must. One goods. And then burn it just got home from Altria you know what. Just finish there on the sluggish oh junior actually last week so these are in the media. New York area. But almost August mostly on the sweet they're coming into the present care about on corporate lives there with him. And we got together with Hamlet just. And had a great time. Woods to two days. Thanks guys and burden that I would cut true true. All the corporate beacon. He's it's an important one thing there. Insist. We don't really good basis so a lot of different things. Route traveled good. And so we're who report actually in the weekly company loves the scale. It was later about 23 years ago junior Tennessee anymore which started and he's never missed a minute of it as as. If you quote. You camper the first forty. You know we've been doing so all Kovalev on college so. We've been out of law firm and it's is it a hundred abortion. Hear about about the that got one rig would go to social Obama there were missed a minute of the camp they've always been here 100% of the. That's pretty special. And this is a conversation Archie that I get into everyone saw people ask me on its curious. That has pay never expressed any interest in being in the front office like John Elway in Denver. You know I think he has he's got a lot of forums. In call also had something political out in the commencement sometime war vote counts in the day to day operations in that collapse with. Would want to change it was yen. With a all the scouts want it to change and so little bit on the and so we'll have that comes together and something about that and export a little bit. Archie Manning here on saint radio and RG Ellis Schumer c.'s meet the the saints are obviously a hot topic and and been a fan base super excited about this season. And expectations around this team do you think they're Super Bowl caliber team. Although also broke out looking like last year. You know unfortunate thing while but. Improvement. Was. Where to prove lecture while growing what employers can handle it. It helped out much more importantly what they. You know with a part about four years rarely got their defense. Words could. There have opted. You know from the even need new young players two there's a lot of power on that thing. It's and now this album smile that seemed torrential consultant kitty is stay healthy. In Jerusalem to audio as I've been fortunate to be there. Science. The good forehand. Import you know or locally about the good principally will contribute. So. I think I have a chance great year. Archie Manning a legend here on Adobe to Roland Archie. Just tell tell folks about we check them out in the Manning passing academy and that does the ladies and girls clinic and also the dates and and for campers. What darkness version toward and I can't let up Bob does that almost twelve other campers usually vote. Come and live report from the currently have a staff of about a 120 coat as coaching scared. Probably another picnic people on the do all of a lot of the beauties detection and there's been no 101. Cabbie trying. By about those 120 countries. Forty much starting college quarterbacks. Well that's that you know the kids love those. Yes command that so our kids but also. Tightening on twelve people we have there work with Graham who they have two very different time on the field with a stroke working out there and classroom session so college it seemed like there. It's not about you know in what kind of have a the finale on Saturday Bible talks Saturday night why should we allowed them. There's potentially athletic department itself tickets and they all stayed in there come and watch what we first of all have a passing extradition. College quarterbacks in. Sure Obama camp receivers and you have accomplished. A quarterback challenge without college quarterbacks or wrong targets in the council didn't. Who integrated problems so. Or let them we militia without power back on Sunday morning. And then this year. Mentioned put forward haven't purged and and all the women and girls football clinic and a that'll be Monday that started public Calkins in Indonesia usually with some bones in the war. Archie Manning and forcing you guys down into the you bet most heavily comeback for Delco and Barr worked the sports talk here on WW LI MF and aka.