Appointment to see Santa

Macy's is requiring an appointment to see Santa this year.


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I said it causes coming into oh and while it's almost Thanksgiving in the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So it's time for. Yet you keep Donna he's at that day my bad days just out today apple way that it provides did you have some different it Macy's this year in New York City. If you wanna sit on Santa's lap and how much you want for Christmas you can make an appointment. Appointment only know walk dobbs no line of kids just waiting to see Santa Claus. Get a gauge on yourself on get on the app and make an appointment deceased and a now that may not be a bad and casino waiting in line for an hour with a much of crazy kids can't be funny there. And now you can make that requirement up to thirty minutes before if you lucky enough to find one. Anywhere between thirty minutes and five days before you can schedule an appointment to see Santa. There's been a fan of damages to see cynical. In the first year was good with with my son yen last year was terrible and different about it I was there was terrible twos last year yeah is his third currently used in January as it has is get that at a and I don't know like you know he's he goes as it is now he's announcing Gatti want that for Christmas. Now in trouble. Parents that lets them this year against bringing embassy the stranger at the mall in the months of the conflict that I didn't thank you day forget what it does not monitor from the pin point forecasts.