Andrew Doak on Saints Mini-Camp

Wednesday, June 13th
WWL-TVs Andrew Doak joins the show to give his thoughts on what he saw on Day 2 of Saints mini-camp.

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Welcome back to the show. No short shorts here in this studio. I can never get into this thing. Our pilots have access them some hard sports news Syria talk a little saints camp as it was day two of the three day mini camp. And in my blood at this earlier in the show. Usher who stood out strong wanna get another perspective here on this it's go ahead and bring in. Andrew joke sports anchor for WW LTV channel four Andrew. OK I know you're your browser Christmas up there. It brought to a country that that the problem trying to get better it got so yo you're now we're talking out there were both not. Louisiana New Orleans natives guys that we we struggle with a submitted a little bit after it. Yeah will be so often it's a little bit humid but it is the total. The rainbow like Coke off the coast obviously just preacher like it's there all day in the pepper soft and it just Dixie you. It it's a trade issue appeared. Yeah it really now I'm amstel like the Mets sticky stuff off that yeah. But let's talk a little saints mini camp here and see what's your biggest takeaways here from from today and no it really is a setter in the program. No literally stood outs in a good or bad way I am not sure what that means but I had a hard time latching on anyone to this story. Yeah it means the second day of the injured being hat. And I and I think recorded media get that way all the way through Germany can't fanatic the first three days of our. Training kit so big so low that talks would be you know. That's in complete full contact even though I will say that they were pretty physical or only have an app on maybe the best to play. That book out we were. It deep hole that was well I've read down the sideline the Tommy Lee Lewis a couple of beautiful pat. And that all the sudden markets Williams came to like across the field and broke up the patch. That was a tremendous play for him in. I would kill concluded that she would look to see another great year for it especially the great. He alas he's in did. You know will be able chat with them about that too or I would deliberately bit slippery in the locker he at. And I get on the opposite side probably about. Offered the plants all was that the into the too literal. 312 out it quirky group record I lock. On I guess the positive thing for saints fans is I mean marking Google looks. Like he's in good shape no probably there's not a lot of people who too happy that he was. Wake from the facility and everything throughout the summer and OT eight but he'd be looks like outside of their afforded to stay Jewish people. Should be upset about are you look silly in good shape. You know going back to Marcus Williams I kind of seeing the same things you have the last couple days he stood out to me he's bigger. And sideline to sideline he may be fashion than it was a year ago on. And I know that that final play kind of skews people's perception of him but he has such fantastic your people forget he it was a friend all pro guy not just. All rookie guy the fringe all program last year I think he's going to be fantastic Andrew. I'd hate to enact I think sometimes. Did not not related don't graduate it's all it there's there really is. Just so much talent in that secondary I think it's easy just the kind of you can go towards martial a lot of wars become when you're watching him play on or you know maybe. The sex ritual which would be tailored you know gravitate towards percolate because we haven't talked to him. But yet they'll market Williams's. Unbelievably talented player and you know that one play. Maybe twenty years are now. Out of the one play opposite record thing was against the vikings might still be a bit at six under or twenty years later but he has watched. Incredible to be able. Like that wrong if you Willard in Abu unbelievably. Successful career received that help. Yeah I mean it Tony Romo early on his career or the second for your starting at first fully area that Bobble snapped the loss in the playoff game nobody remembers obvious people were members gathered in. Define his career he talked about Mark Ingram as well what what do you make of what he said yesterday in and I believe him by the way when he said this wasn't about. A contract dispute this was just kind of been a false media narrative I actually believe him. Do you what do you make of that and and you're right he's looked really good here the last Phil's last of. Well robotic I I go back and forth between the leading and it looked at port city now voluntary Gauthier. There's there's nothing that he had to gain as certain web rich why. Our export health wise. Just running to be able to trick out your order not so. You know a position to get hurt during the you know that training period and didn't lose all of your leverage I can understand that a little bit but. I think at the end of the day you're seeing it and don't be so good about it. Skip voluntary OT it is these that was your big name players. You know throughout the last several years and Tom Brady all of the highest subtle way that that. Yes it that multiple times but beat war within about the four games that you that he got up to serve. And it's Forrest doesn't compete used to concern you have an opportunity to be able to say. This is why you disagree with it and even take that it certainly. You can disagree with the Dali like but where allied Hewitt is that you didn't take the steps necessary. In order to be able to cover all the bases. Forever or that you're taking. And pretend that reason. Think it should be yet that that there were irresponsible error on his pork. What were lockstep there about Inger talking to Andrew don't who's a sports anchor for WW LTV channel four braved the heat up their saints camp. Today everybody's watching the quarterbacks as they shall we know drew is drew aegis is that look like he skipped beats. What side of this taste some whole debate I suppose our you'll because it seems to have faction eyes. A little bit people who think hey he already looks like the heir apparent or people who say hey pump the brakes here a little bit what in recent days. Well look I kind of like him to go back to lax also in college. Like so somebody has been in college like urban out of college for several years now like UK. You can't get get Alice they can grow with being around at all the super couple years. Boy when he was at BYU even much more water and he wanted to reward. That's the facts now. That the habit or you have looked like he does but I. Really wanna see it with the lights on inside a stadium on Sunday to really be able to say okay do this guy who wrote at our biggest. You can do in practice all you want and need to do especially with. Your body really don't want lied yet but whatever you put those pads on and you get between a lot of Sunday having that's that's is that different level and I think he's an unbelievable athlete as you saw boat. You know and special teams let surely would that it plays. But if it would need to take a greater Naples side from me says it checked out boxes say he's anywhere near to decrease your parent at this. Indeed even today we saw him running a couple of times says throwing the football I think Sean Payton probably would have preferred him stand pocket find receivers. And it's it's just that the classic. OGA. Overblown hyperbolic storyline right or remake. A lot out of belittle my that's what I think we're seeing from Jason Hill here a both sides of it. Is it it's just OTAs right Andrew we let the self work itself out is I can make himself the heir apparent believes that here in pharmacies. Well Syrian and boy bootlegging it's option in the basilica is accurate he did she agree or don't know which rapper out. Keep Seminole or would you rather have that first round pick next year that you don't have to really go to the court let it be in QNBAB your capital group. I would be in the boat right now we're I would say I would want that first round pick to be able to gates. You know quarterback at some point got that they don't have any reports and all you got or understand the hypothetically. If you did the first trafficking to go to court back at me I would go get one rather than depend on take until. Did to your quarterback of the future that should be a bit somewhat western. What parts of this team concerning the most right now at this point of the season couple months away from. Training camp pre season. Well I did the easy answer would be there running backs I think there's talent but YE here's my worry I worry is that. Don't know how to watch it talks on Alvin players play. And I just I I feel like they found a number last year that worked for him. He said he basically stated the same way and did you know there were times where whether that thirteen I came at DR choate. She even that. Gave it its. Minnesota yeah in a seat delusional round matchup where he took a couple counselor. You know obviously it was a question. Are you eating could be. Limited in his role where he is able to stick to that. Number that they have for him or even most efficient and just dried apple being told dies but he is over used that that's the fear that out. What that means is you know either Terrence what today signed today they're gonna need it takes a horse that didn't predict the little drop of their. Bought since Scott in the cap factory head peaking goto data where it. I think that's. That's the one that that kind of makes me both nervous and it even debate that like the most nervous I have about a condition group. That's out of work position group to be worried about a four game. It's so true. Andrew for really young massive everybody right now do you have like any one dollar to put on a team or LeBron James land and I said. You got to put it somewhere got to put on one team wears ago where is LeBron James when. Iowa City and I don't like saying that because of skirt and outraged used it. That doesn't obscure I don't I don't think that is child. Being rolled them that belly high school or whatever came out how to do with him and where the best history. Yeah I I have the spurs is one of my dark horse candidates and he likes pop too much and be our courts are a bit. Standard though sports tiger for Debbie to appeal TV channel four thanks for the time and we will see this one out there soon and saints camp troops are. It areas and rideau and catch him. On WW LTV channel for every single night we'll take a break and come back we'll wrap up the show. And we'll have our moment is an album for Marist sounded a from him. Out its saints' camp to set the left double coverage wraps up next on WW.