Analyzing Saints-Vikings and previewing Tigers-Bulldogs

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, September 13th

Deke & Bobby take calls on the Saints' loss to the Vikings and preview LSU's next opponent Mississippi State with Brett Hudson of the Commercial Dispatch.


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And a good Wednesday afternoon tea the nose or our show tonight at 7 o'clock here on tiger radio WW ago the great when Deuce McAllister with his weekly reading you preview. Comes up from five until 630. And of course will be visiting with some move was in focus time to get familiar with LSU next opponent may lead the nation in defensive efficiency. Sony the FCC is well it's a battle of lead as an efficiency offense of his disease and thereby LSU defensive efficiency led by Mississippi State. But Hudson who covered the bulldogs. For the commercial dispatch will be what does at the top of near the top of the sell for 45. News as of this five to 630 being QB to QB Bobby desperately counts as we Drew Brees takes place it's export. Had a question a comment to six of 170 and you also invite to. Two part taken operated jaguar opinion poll it's online at WW real dot com what would be more disappointing. LSU loses at Mississippi State or the patriots beat the saints but when he won. In the don't cast your vote online at WW Kodak count seventeen out of eighteen I wanna say Bobby LSU was defeated Mississippi State. On the deck press got Victor a few years ago in Tiger Stadium with a long one. It's a series that is did some very good games especially last its last two years is this is decided by a touchdown or less. I think this could be one of those gains about a found out awful lot about not its thing and whoever loses and in the want to come on have a bad performance. I don't think it's going to be any indication that this is what we're gonna see the rest of the season but I think when you see two teams that you differs two games. And they play as well as state did an Israeli issue did. This is gonna be a very good matchup could both on the plane and how level. And I think both them understand this the conference opener it should be a good contest on Saturday night missive. You know digging you look at would Mississippi State as of today I think is a seven point underdog the saints are seven point underdog that a patrons. I really think that. The red nation would not give of the goals that as far as. If you know we played a hard fought game and he goes back and forth and maybe the patriots win in the end and if we get blown out by. The say three time zones. Twenty points or more prominent nowadays day definitely are going to be frustrated that. I think I'd be more surprised. If they'll issue will lose to missing beast even though they go on the road but you have to look at. Where the same threat right now begin has to be in the back and air ahead because. You know in their mind the saints will look to avoid the third consecutive bowl and to restart the regular season. And then you look at it doesn't matter who you play in for the saints first eight opponents. Made the playoffs and sixteen you look at the patriots said the dolphins in the in the play right after biting lines in the Packers and and and only two posted a losing record to pass season. In Dallas Carolina in the bears so they just look at that was gonna happen. Before you know at that being the first aid a boy his opponent she had a halfway mark. Andy we don't think Carolina. Is gonna be big and not their senators who bull run when they were 51 with the real like their new were last year community and you look up the bears played Atlanta. So they got to know it is going to be tough sledding. But I notice who detonate you know we're hope to afford the that magical night November to thirtieth 2009. Oh win. That's when that we knew the saints we're viable soup bowl contenders the nations on a given moan for yes woman and I just said golf Cole's call south manages the hood NH RA. From a local perspective we were getting credit. Because we are we with the patriots. 38 to seventeen and it might take this kind of outing Drew Brees had a perfect quarterback rating. About a 158. Point three. Did did you almost could do nothing role. He was the first one to showing how impressive was. He was the first quarterback to throw five touchdown passes. Against a defense coached by Bill Belichick so Bill Belichick can never witnessed that. And the saints. If you look at it begin we brought this a ball at time that time left in the game over five minutes of market recall. Tom Brady was on the sideline for the patriots final two offensive possessions. That you probably have to look at. It is ironic because against that that might happen at Kansas City. He email with a paid his guy waxing 41 another than there was some of the ridiculous and you look all the way open to achieve just put on him. So a lot of new rule that our football fans they cannot. Perceive our witness our thing getting it come about that the patriots the world champ to start out owing to. But the saints seventeen years and I think sixty use a less time based on who into the did. They get the thing is it's like that I don't know 1012% the have a chance to make the well slow when you when you owing to so. Maybe they can be a little bit magic in the Mercedes super dome we need to truly have. That don't feel advantage the reason why they needed to be loud and proud. Could this is just started yeah it is now like you are disappointed nice has a point in the first await this the first hole gave the ball slipped his hair so. Get involved in the game and then. You know of their of this saints word again shellac. Who abide to recharge on the toward a boy Jack you should be ticked off and hold their. He threw a far way and it's it's basically Bobbie you know after 32 week after week to 32 teams in some will be to an oath on the go into that will be warning warm and if you just one and one at two games it's a lot better than being 02 well. And the way the union Alla I tend to be a homer about this. When they're still lighted in at a tunnel that even if we are owing to it depends how you lose. It depends how we lose some of patriots I think of for Oleg to because I thought going into a bye week. Can't we be too into this it's almost bigger for diseases charges like OK it's a must win to get on the fast targets of like it. All aggregate value or to be old to get the pages then. If you are owing to the likable and you've been you're going to be underdogs do you have that win at Carolina the ending you have to win in England against the dolphins. Are bigger. This how could you bonds' value BB alone for now this they told CNN even if you wanted three that's why. I don't know how I was gonna come about but dig that's why would also added Dunn we have to be two in two. By the time what does that October age divide we like as soon as October 1 yet at that don't mind you and that's over can we be tuned into an all said and then right at that time New Orleans east than Nathan anything good evening thank you for calling talk on WW. Finds them hey David. I would do totally out of that let it when our daughter who didn't realize that they're put everybody they're not needed. More than they did back. It would you played chair and Jammu and you're queen's first I thought that preclude this girl that is important. Files we spoke beat Chip Beck he. But no I think they did not necessarily. You can have zero safeties back if you play in what most he would call cover zero. Where you buy you bring you the house in their bodies demand demand now you can play man free. And in its out and out not in milieu bring in the house as far as a blitz but you know the problem is they've been. When you bring the house and blades you've got to get to the quarterback that you don't get their car right you letting it burn. As well about the Arab member of sorts so. If it was. He'd go to our book bubble anymore. Watch twelve yeah because that credit just about the very. He can't be that of the vote like. You're. Well we not good enough to their bows out Expos did not think about Disney than we had the worst pass defense in a National Football League last year number 32. So the evening we can afford to put anybody on an island whose new book when you when you blitz in. But when you when you blitz in no it is like 101 all across the board now good quarterback dig and sort of goal of the ball. And they go look at the payroll matchup Vanessa Bradford did so if you don't hit him in the mouth. Know you've got to get ball burned you know if you live by the sword you die by the sword feast or famine. Yet if you don't get that acorda baggage you've given up big plays and that's wild aside what he had eight Saturday at nine toss like go over fears over fifteen yards a. You know those old to let me get burned men are resolved their. That why. People say you played Monday. On terror shall we want it to the pew. I hit the driver of the speed of these these. Ryan and I and I and I am angry from it yeah image from that standpoint I think we think we. Didn't and so. It would also be doing. A teenage. Though. Hi Nathan thank its owner of the called upon our economy to use I think we would all agree with you Sunday to Monday is a big deal and I'm I'm making excuses home. But Thursday to Sunday. That's a big deal when Sunday Monday might not be that big of a deal but on the other side the patriots yet Dick they're gonna be well rested no ditty and even OK let's say you know oil and throwing that the physical aspect of it. They have extra days to prepare as far as the game plan and you've given what many people think is from a man has raised its about time to prepare extra. Know that that's an advantage in New England after the physical stand by the by mentally how you prepare to coaches and assays can even burn the midnight on this film I gotta catch up. The extra day's a New England had to prepare producing. But this line started sixth in moved to full because people saw what Kansas City did to New England. They did jump back up to seven now and it may state they can fluctuate because you got rid of debt is pretty much even now when the money years because a lot of you barrel in New Orleans. At its 66 and a half the mood and mind down the full forehand. But what's the heiress to see though is that Bobby and one last thought experts tomorrow night to view from Vegas 7 o'clock. If this game was in New England upping the New England could be an 1112 maybe thirteen point favorite over sites. Yeah I'd and I think you know you eat you buy into the pre season being very meaningful put a saints defense and like you said the cheese beat the patriots. Then at today's scene with the vikings job as the top defense it'll what is Tom Brady in the back not but I rally telling me rant about it but yet not to but I I'm telling me. That. This and that's why we cases excuse we don't have Willie's been Tom ray I'm Julie Nauman prying until Willie stayed like a poor man Giuliani is good we've got to Julian animals levels. What's up continues to 7 o'clock tonight and it's LSU football the exposure our show here on the home of the sites in the tigers' WW. And welcome back what would be more disappointed and LSU lost as a seven point favorite installed Vegas. Davis wade stadium Scott field now bailing haven't we talk about it at that in about ten minutes here on and blew out a home loss. By the saints the patriots has that they're quite anyone's vote online at WW again BP sure in bonus and a skating candidates on down team unity I don't I don't do real well my questions. No doubt that that's a good that's a good course project eat I just saying. You know. Yeah did you say on all out excited home gas eight UK just say like oh Ellis who's been missing these data are artists saints losing that are patriots though because it be Ellis should be there when you say. The same is getting blown out yet know the hood detonation would be I think. Really take all of that in our backyard of the pages to blows up but three times on Jose beat him with Auburn it would come up. I uptown for Larry Larry good evening thank you for calling WW real. I. Well now. The meat of the issue out deep to put it back you know. And Wednesday. I call it we. Did it out. Game of all O. Lugar on the dollar up. To do yet no that that's important as one thing you could see even had and it was squarely Devery Henderson. Was not drop them balls that when he was catch and have windows explosive plays look at the timing. We Drew Brees and and Devery Henderson Drew Brees alliance more power I know that at that that's critically need need that. Coming back to layer Robin a longshoreman the first up a CBS update. I'm already more disappointing a loss. By LSU had stayed as a seven point favorite all the same to lose at home but when he wanted the patriots Sunday in the dome it's operated jaguar opinion poll you can vote online at WWL. Got context does have a semi senate before we get to some text back to the phones Slidell thought Larry Larry thank you for calling WW ago. We'd be in Lou and then you Larry. Don't agree with did. Well I think they'll pay and time is it's coming up because. Yeah in the first we got and then I think we got down on you know. Well call time out. Well okay and now your point Larry let me explain why not and over is good logic but Sean Payton was trying to against show confidence. In the now I met and I think it was like when it's negative five in 31. And you call a timeout. Gaudio is now it's not like we have the doomsday. The visit of purple people leaders of the adapt to ensure we could maybe some of 31. That both Bob that we did. 00. Okay you called timeout I saw blades playing aggressive but you call those kind of timeouts when he did. Is when you defense is kick ass. And I think it does not so it's like let's divide is being conservative. But all of a sudden we held them you know to go on that a big play drive because we use those timeouts no alaskans got out coached we got uncle Ted coach Payton. He rolled the dice. Though he rolled the dice thing a divas is gonna come out being and he guides and got smoke. I know I know I agree to do the and and though all pulling for him in that the Fed up but right. That thing go on. Like right. But you know I don't and any coach's defense. But not think about this c'mon. They go to 95 yards none of that how hard that is to do in a nod as the NFL to both to be hard. Giggled 95 yards in a minute forty seconds McConnell. Well I mean doesn't last two drives valid the same all save the lives they led three plays 74 yards a minute eighteen. Did you look ten plays 95 yards a minute forty. And a big event we're just sending did what the hell happened. It is actually so are you busy parent dynamic I you. Yet know that that you have we don't get out to Tom Brady I don't know that they do well. It will I don't know how to how to get a generate a pass rush give Al Mohamed chance I mean I don't know hi every. You know could you gotta mix it up there you cages blitz all the time Tom radio will burn you got to win those 101 when you Russian four when he got his own different and yet he had this drug Tom Brady. But right now vegan OK we might have a chance of offense plays great to win a shoot out type game McCoy you can't really sleeping gonna stop the patriots. Metairie for Robert Robert thank you Colin WW TO. Bobby be a lot of feel like there was Felix's are you always kind of have that but but I don't know what what. Are you gonna do. Yes the deadly at least Selig we get out flanked. Al coach. Al schema I mean yes and no it did seem like that. Libya Bobby. Have you ever seen or have your been involved in game where linebacker is here your play calls they're in the game. Yeah now that. The pinning. You know that they knew we'd almost like face a wave and even some blind PC begin to read your lips the big anymore. They don't is that the plea be more like this snap count trying to jump and get an edge. And now and ended team that way but as far as the play brilliantly you could kind of diagnose I run a pass or pass and run. If you know depending on how loud it is. Look here it took on them minute aren't dirty on the first on the first drive. Right after the the piece penalties for yeah. Because you can clearly see on TV where linebacker for a permit for the vikings bar is standard and with the state witness state back to the huddle. Over here and what's going on in and as soon as the plays called he communicates the rest of it on there it was going on they they move forward. We you can communicating is good position would stud you gonna run doesn't mean you sort of played now. The key would be any top player when he when you try and and you know what you're doing he trying to get an edge would be. To diagnose. Not to be no Minnesota play but if you know it's a run. Argued open short of passing that's a definite edge for the defense but you don't really. That milled the actual play when you have you know that's a runner past use different technique. Larry thank you for the column are much more of your calls coming up next plus we will start. To break down LSU next opponent Mississippi State that's coming up next here on WW. And welcome back Saturday. At 6 o'clock 609 it's kick up between the two and a Mississippi State Bulldogs in the eleven ranked two or no LSU football tigers October taught at 1 o'clock with tiger tailgate show here on WW with former tiger great hurt Tyler. And we'll get the mania. Right now from the commercial dates back to Columbus Mississippi State and medics in the bulldogs' football program brick huts in Britain. Mississippi State dominant nit berth to performances. Leading country in the comments and offensive efficiency. Defense efficiency. I think everybody knows has come to know Dan Mullen is the guy who's gonna find his quarterback in once he gets a quarterback picked in really. Run his system he's gonna have some success he's doing that when Mickey fits neatly fits those big FitzGerald. This team what they're doing defensively is it that look they've had they've had some talent always at the right mix of talent hi grant them. And I know a lot of people will say look you gonna find out this week because at first two opponents but still and all the numbers the numbers and it's it's fallen not to admit that does. Does not look it does to me like a much improved Mississippi State defense. Oh it is very much emperors. I think a lot of credit had to go to the beauty of the coordinator Ron grant them way which you mentioned the sent it and now but when he talked about the positions. They were there were signs. Where he kind of had it own it or like while former high. When it. It hurt in this position very clearly at -- predict when do examples have been legal linebacker JT grey out the KE perform. Very well there in the eerie green he's now got linebacker. You can be called her Ellen you are on the edge on Saturday hypocrisy and the that are. A lot of credit for that but I honestly and that you mention. Go back that the damn ball under the rocker itself deserves a lot of credit for that they win now on the Q so market got a lot of immediate. Impact guys there the biggest one being the equipment on it at. But it goes back and the other rated grind it developed the from last year so. What shall partner. At quarterback Leo Lou it is better at linebacker so it Dan Ayers Jeffrey it and what is what a freshman tackle Nate Carter last year now he. He looking at as dominant I think anyone yet he see it looked through. Do we not think they're a lot. Credit ago now they're but out of it all on. You repeat that the coordinator grant that the leak case where a lot of credit he could hear clearly much better players and word this time last year. Now Bob Brett look NN what Ella she's done and miss at least it I thought this is in is there records show. That twenty true freshman. Are played ten or dolphins ten of the events that's the most aid in the nation. As far as our true freshmen contributing it doesn't. And did doesn't miss it is they have like four true freshman that are playing also. Yeah you're right it's not be reluctantly. He that the younger it would secure see any. Relative I get frequent these linebacker Willie gay is regret and running backs and it'll. We were the current record a boat the boat to rotate in other right. Tackle it were Hillary he'd wreck sure it meant. There's a couple of rector rightly that the wider eating corner can rotate your pocket see a whole lot and they know that you're right it. If that theory Ole. Rocker but it not a theory pure raw circuit is running back wide receiver. Beat Clinton backer repositioned. Dot got a lot of news analyst being Kia rancher who last year now available plate but all the junior college guys. So regular it's not appear you know author but they'll little inexperience and in that. Now Brett you know Ellis should no matter how their structured I think now they can maybe change if depending on the quarterback position but did things like. That L issue even if they can pass the balding and a wanna run as far as power football. But what would be a good number and what I mean by that as part of Mississippi State the allowing what only basically two and a half yards. Opera plays so far so well what what do you think voting is LSU offense would be success the Bulldog defense. That the group one I think the EP we eat pretty clean quit less than a 150. Rushing yards. That now mica a big number by that image in in a relative scope that is reality football program that actually. Pretty impressive and I think there are a lot of optimism about this all of here here at our leverage and nick picture real. Earlier the running back core it is really do it let I hear you midget Kyle until correctly earlier there the optimism about the ball there where. I'd guess that the lately statement don't feel like I have to win it gains into things they feel like they can't win that game. 27 to twenty. Something like that though I only allowed you to about a hundred it eat Russian art. That they be willing to take. Ben Hudson Brit. How can he look you've always you get the latest on Mississippi State owned Twitter. Everything you don't Twitter and a breath underscored. Constant got them that I'm not being Election Day. Hell copper earlier to the you can total capital if you wanna do that. Vento to Brit thank you so much will lean on you later in the week. All right Mississippi State LSU converts on Saturday at 1 o'clock I get tailgate. Officers 60 man sadly here on WW we will continue with sports talk. On the home of the saints and tigers WW. Our I commend backed let's see is you don't longshoreman longshoreman thank you for calling WWL. 88 but thank you opera that in my column now anyway now welcome you go right. I can't wait to come out well and he got beat by eight K yeah we DEB kimono yeah all right. My day albeit a and what about the column and it bit about drew. I. Well I'll bet that that's actually did that bad and he called the idea that so called note he's been hitting on Drew Brees is 2012. The Sun City eventually you gonna be rushed. One quality. It would be a joke about. While we pulled out from black quarterback. Yancey says why don't we have a black quarterback even makes the point why. Would I win any big because Drew Brees cape scramble. Busy Dana. Wright does that's what I told you can hang hang tight with welcome back to your own backyard and it's not at all what are under you did you know.