Analyzing Marcus Davenport and ranking the Saints/LSU games

Bobby & Kristian analyze Saints first-round pick Marcus Davenport with his college coach Frank Wilson of UTSA and rank the upcoming LSU and Saints schedules game by game.

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Author on an hour to hear sports talk cajun cannon Bobby Brown Kristian garic frank Wilson come up next. University of Texas San Antonio football coach at 520. Pullen drove a 5042601878. Text 8787 which. Game on the scene scheduled site to the most is the falcons at home cowboys on the road Steelers. Eagles other cast your vote on line. With blue runner whose opinion poll at W real dot com or call at 5042601873. To Joseph Amendola sec. Yeah and Chris you know when he talked about. Frank Wilson you know everyone. I don't know mentors the right word like get your foot in the door. You know who really gave Frank Wills because it all went back to recruiting you know games Auburn coach Jody yes then. You know you look at that that pipeline via pipeline in and why are you in and opportunities. Yes so coach O and frank and I go way back. You know spectacular group now well well the thing is. What is your bag are you all. You are also has football players the river power and you look at all that so. That's just interested in now francs at Texas San Antonio all the players in Texas and he's still have. That background and in the metric yards metropolitan area. It did decision to see how many players and the you know that I go on L issue or maybe. Not necessarily local. And in evident Texas San Antonio because different rules. Joseph Mann middle school on Julia on W him well you know. Hope. Is. You've got Kyle here. When it she. May collect ideas and let the arm we did and it union EPO yes and Marco. Direct descendants from. Right up and popped in a a game. Yourself and wait your yeah I am an acute apple. Well it did that that's a good called Joseph left call bank economy and say wagers on again a primo struggles economic agents and as France. Vs Croatia now that Joseph I don't know thanks for enlightening because because that is that is a good call. Maybe I should have thought that should. I should have been more quick witted to get on top at W. I just love the creation people because the bat passes. And the joke. And yeah I know I'm those arteries are a week. You go back to Napoleon and all the history. In all the battles that have been bought by. The thing is I don't know. As I get paid owning and a lot. The duke truly hate collegiate like underdog. That is in his second smallest country ever to win the World Cup final yet it and walk up five times. Bobbled the hole that point being let me tell you GO. And you like different July right now and our court and now now. You know what's crazy. When you look at. A Bagram. In market which is somebody's name bog B he's nineteen years of age. He wasn't even born when France won the World Cup for the first and only time back in 1990. Christie's second he's right that you don't go Brian James asked let's go right he is like this Dutch soccer overdosing watch. And now and cutter. The next World Cup that's and it thought this guy was gonna take it that vacuum passage it was like I believe we're showing you his balls skills. And I read this. You know you have. Like Guam. Puerto Rico Hawaii you look like friends. And you look wet weather is colonization. Await him volley Martinique and Guadeloupe their life part of France. You lookalike. The wanna meet that goal. That they get that a finals. In my fifty whatever he was born in Cameroon. And then about today TT. Yeah ice it and TT will TT corn and Mark Martin he's from Cameroon. But you know as French citizenship. Bill bell live and now Paris. And about today mark price in that name again who TT node on the one. This. A bop bop thing about me. Now and a look at this he's Algerian camera Rooney and that's where his roots are but didn't we when you look at him. What's crazy eat you know. When they won the world could have you ever heard he's the coach or was he got part for Rio Madrid listening to Don. He's from Algeria because now Jerry used to be a print column. Man dude you know what you Stepan in Havana but no the whole thing Joseph is right you know DNA profile and and history lesson know when you look at him melting pot and the French team. Ball boy that is great about immigration. And not to go to immigration topic if you. The best players in the world. That that that that that Coke to Europe country and you welcome them what they bring it to at a table. And and should tip me. Where France is that just look at the stud players. And how many are truly homegrown. But became a part of France and the very young team like England was but even on a different level Joseph save me please lead. I am gonna call it not been in Morgan turned you know statue of liberty who ran on toward granting permission. Why. Our Asia. I will subway come back. At frank Wilson have the ball go to university Texas San Antonio. Of course more is down four come from that school people off drugs via the latter probably. I'm glad your back its audience at a sports talk here undergo go blue. Welcome back to sports talk Bobby Hebert Christian Garrick you within. Our pleasure to welcome in now frank Wilson University of Texas San Antonio head football coach frank thinks that time how aria. You bet look. I do miss but it caught the gate right away and ask you about Marcus downpour obviously coats and there at. You TSA in I know you guys were excited when when he landed with the saints. Of course who were have a young man who. Friendly. Nineteen. Who are in New Orleans in the we have an opportunity. To plea for that organization it was a tremendous feat for he has been in record numbers being. Were just so excited that yet that opportunity as well. Now outbreak. Did you notice that Marcus had that ability. From the giggle or was he like a late bloomer. From a physical standpoint and also ability or was he like looked like a basketball players come in the play ball are well when you first set eyes on. He yet you go about this case you aren't there yet he would. He was a basketball player. I would say that he would forget that developed. In a lot of people would be everybody's been stone but I don't know unity people Mitt when he was already made. Because it came time in development. And fortunately you know he would any place where time was only he had an opportunity to be developed. And wouldn't you know meager 210 politics that we keep hearing the few sixty well look government. As a tremendous speed until the the amazing thing he can get bigger. Faster and stronger. Job at a time when all on board. We felt flashes. We we felt like that we had seen before a cat in. Turn it still wouldn't be in coconut quarterback they can go out been under Dayton peaking interest he would play with eating the curve the tickled with it at that tan and eventually EPA. Coach what do you say when you know a smaller school on time the NFL an adult critics might say you know we didn't he. We're concerned about the level of competition would you say that. Yeah world. You know is that it could again wind they comb roam the steps again calls when he wore within mobile. If you have any questions you'd think you can good Canada and they can't catch from Mississippi State Alabama went over the issue came. Put him against them. That he can you figure out implement it in the NC. And achieve court and I and I think. I'm mobile it happened yet again in the and he was tested and stretched in Prague. Could see woody wood and who he was. I think yet the question that's solidified his spot. Now break. Boy you know they are hard to find because everyone's our number of individual players and specialize on the pass rusher. I'm stout against the run and I can and may begin to sag now and then and it is hard to find. That every down glowingly cam darn first second third down. He finally got recognized and only his approval but all of parole. When Hillary mark is am important now I don't think is gonna throw him out there every down home. You know and hopefully gauges contribute and and for from the gaggle the point being do you think he has that potential though. Like on first down. He's in the he might be playing a running team big Iran right Adam deacon holes only do his job and an obvious pass try to situation. He get to the quarterback Izzy has that ability. Debated every down these nets have been. I think he'll you know. Being around those kept clear for many years. I think he has built tackles they attribute. I think his greenish current. It could be able to to Russia quarterbacking. In fact. Sacked quarterback. Boy I do think he has enough Couric in the fortitude and strength to hold the point. Once toward him. Certainly nobody has the ability to issue an account from time on a week. As well. Arnold booty he understands that which. He understands how to use campaign. How to disengage from an all that clear to put an open position. I want to be involved in the end and tackle well yeah at that think he can become an recount every down back. You TSA head football coach frank Wilson here on sports talk go to look at your schedule for the road runner Joseph W as Arizona State and Baylor he has come out the gate. Swing and on. And get that before it got here. But Billy. Arizona State Baylor and in the league of the men and can't simply can't state so. Relatively current affairs gave frank hermit island. The you know match wits against him so a lot of fun. Yet there they're talented king quote coach it was an outstanding coach and have done it all combat high level with great success so well. We look forward to the opportunity. To compete against equality. Opal program. Now frank you look via background that you and I go way back we've coach Leo and you look opportunity. That the new relationship that you develop records show and you look now at university Texas San Antonio and and one thing I know you know how important recruiting is in coach show the same. But being in Texas San Antonio and you have the University of Texas right there in Austin in your backyard and and all the universities there but to me there's so many players in Texas. They came UV. Difference maker and entice them. To go there but is it a case implied also that even though they have these number of players in in taxes that you still. Have a lot of ties to Louisiana and garlands river parish region then maybe being given opportunity to a diamond in the rough for a player. To go play for yet the University of Texas San Antonio. Yeah so we. Good question certainly understand the importance of recruiting I think we've done pretty am gaps since he's been here. Texas certainly years if we're recruiting ground and called the multitude of players into your numbers allow us. To be the recruit. In state. In the end to a very good and in doing well are to be boutiques in. To believe and into the other southern eight this is important to us. We kind of live this year from the league and the undeclared tree used to go from him. We have made clear committed four when he when he formal manner and shall. You know that we were able to pick a fight in the income in the area I'm the guy that they that the program fit for us. And give them up here and so we. You know we intend on competing having the ability to do that could lead back. From the lead in India and so so. We like an option. University of Texas San Antonio had the ball coach frank Wilson we appreciate of his legal road runners and I write video card doesn't like how like that finals of attacking can flat out coach. But I know sit at a Texas in its own is certainly happened at him his recruiting prowess but also his flat out ability to coach a game. Well. You know Christian obviously we wouldn't go from below the respective. The saints in market is that him. If mark is Davenport we you know he'd always would be comparisons. NFL comparisons everybody does it. Now if this turns out to be the case for him. Mark is that report compared to Ziggy and so now he did you know then again as the saints in with the lines but you look at the whole NFL Ziggy and saw. You look at his physical traits. As football experience before college very similar. As Davenport and you look at the whole draft process he was picked in his picked fifth overall when Davenport fifteen. And so I thought fifth overall in 2013. And to see his later Pro Bowl honors in 2015. So look at embargo is Davenport. But wanted to tornado. If he's a pro bowler I mean c'mon how can united say when it was the right. All of frank Wilson's response is put on the against them where about lower level competition just the obvious is big time players those big time program. Sports talk rules on here on W him well investment account. Which LSU game as you most excited 5042601870. Text 8787 saint for the saints which. Saints game as you the most excited. This season. It's got to be banned for LSU but were ranking the 28 games. Between a sixteen for the season at twelve for the LSU tigers we're at number 22 right now LSU Arkansas looked past seven times Ella she's played Arkansas. It's come off a loss to Alabama. So but the five into those ball games against Arkansas. Well. Look at the razorbacks though there. If colleges heading in the right direction I don't care if it's in Baton Rouge or at Arkansas. Alice usually when they gain. A civil is that I mean on that. Not what I'm not hate nor. In summaries of back and Bobby I don't know no hall. Well hogs surely couldn't take care a World Series. One out away foul play south Al ball would come on. That it. Was a little out away was the second baseman and overran. Who OK Christina baseball. He got the first base in right field that the second baseman. I'll go to the ball so the right to a should've caught it the tees were forward yes almost and in the second data set I got a guided many overruns it. I mean Ali that if. Three out here bush always call the into the when you're coming forward and other players going back where they were going. He was going more forward is the angle of his second base and was going backward let's let's let's let's be clear why he overran the ball when it went overhead as part of the judge that as your running backwards like that much either. To catch a fly ball judges final we're going to we're looking SEC SEC baseball. I mean. To me if you follow SE CB's all you do you would've wanted to Arkansas to beat Oregon State. I mean and you might say well because you know wanting V analogy and they've always had argued those numbers and we have you'd want maybe artist ought to be national champs. But to be so close but so far. Boy it went downhill from there it certainly did. Right in the games go on a 21 now saints and bagels and we talk about this would Joseph when he was. He was calling that I told you about non native a gradual commander bill. Show from a as a very tailored umps are the same to collect Christmas Day at La look. Anyway so Haywood were taller than our other hard. 87 that game a toy that they gain that that you were playing right you got did you get injured in that game yes my knee again and again my need drink before and after the game OK so young guys end up come at a time that was a largest. Second half comeback in saints history yes Dave Wilson and only 4340. Fort Worth while my supplemental or quarterback. From California. From the university Illinois. Fighting Illini the other memory I have saints bagels and 21 assists sweets and when. When Chris I ever ran on pretty good but more importantly though that's the no brainer freeze play in member who's in his fourth and one. Inside the five yard line the saints were in a battle with the bike with with the bagels this and he jumped off sides. They did a no brainer freeze play Drew Brees. Entice them to jump offside and I mean. By the park was stunned because it was that saw was losers to wait it was a shocking but that's all I do it there was there was no intent to run a play. Listen the bingo there achieved his team in NFL on any wrinkles the Bryant family. And if you get drafted out of angles as possibly the worst team. To be drafted by as far as stability chances old suspect players. Because it ought to pay him as much. Like perfect the linebacker. Who who could be potentially is but he's always in trouble. But when you look at that being goes away in Iraq. Their head coaches from all marvelous Marvin Lewis and now he's still got a job in this being neat. What if we don't partisan mainly cheap like he set could yet and he brings a stability. But I think he has to be on the hot seat. If he doesn't win yes to win now when he was supposed to be he was almost ousted last year that he cannot talk ownership and keep it around for one more year. Well yeah yes so it has to be a hot seat for the Bengals and I don't know of the being chosen to do anything. I look at the Bengals probably like the grounds. I don't view them on the level obviously is Steelers or even the ravens. The raise that rate was on the 'cause of Florida playoffs. Look at the big goals. I may be a little bit better. Then the browns 67 wins. Somewhere around there are so how I'll give Marvin Lewis keep his job now their quarterback did a redhead from TC any adult Andy Dalton. The red rocket may now now. I think. OK Andy Dalton look and ending on and what they paid any as you want anything no. But there's not enough quarterbacks. Andy Dalton in the right place right time. Might be a version of Kirk cousins or Alex Smith. It could potentially. May be winners who global on the right team that makes it means. So another words. To myself landing felonies lying in the name B category different direction. I'll tell you 32 teams Andy Dalton but after a sure hand Fallujah a handful of jobs potentially. Two lead that team. Who have put it this way. Your receded before Matthew Stafford. Kirk cousins let's show on paying coach him they do take him on a different level Andy Dalton would celebrating. I'm telling you. That that you do you make of elite. Playoff team and have a chance to voters who bowl and win it. I think Andy that's why I think the future quarterback. For the saints. Is an experience. Somewhat accomplished quarterback in and if it's on tape is still there yes. They yes not I'm not entirely sure that this jumping in just a ground much slower at the breeze. Why would any got so much power you are these are Woody's only because he's always said he's always it is not a lifer. He's he said he got a freaking amazing you are I love my buddy wanna go to a relatively light. And you know I don't wanna Coke that's. I'm not saying he's gonna go to another county might just be don't coaching now yes I agree that are today but as far as coaching. Cologne he has Busch crew could power you on any of NFL team here had I mean why would you wanna go anywhere else I used these to get that right quarterback. The continued the process. And I think he'd be more quarterback that's not. Coming out of college but does that so much success proven NFL level like I think Sean Payton. Could do it I believe the job I guess headed for Matthew Stafford. Kirk cousins Alex Smith and adult. That that that he's the quarterback was for us for sure that that I think when their offense. And what they can do. That's gonna be that drew reason replacement and to be some guy. Is coming out of college is not going to be BYU. Matthew Stafford is going to be a free agent. Intimacy neither is Kirk cousins no no but I think that outside got what about it and elm. Obviously I mean you don't know it's they who tasted hail. I mean okay. All of a sudden I'm looking at the times Picayune and and daylight. Jeff Dunn and Abdel over like Kate that they send mail to Sean Payton was and she is broken Jason Hill. He was acrid defers they've got other 45 practices he does not accurate. Vehicle on the deal on the level. Of a Drew Brees I don't know we e.s there in the same process so intrigue good training camp come and to see what the hell. T seminoles couldn't do in the preceding games because one thing about these Immelt Iran. Yes again advised those kind of plays vigilant pained as can be instant. But he still has to be more accurate. Bobby Christian come back for. WW LI MF and dot com. For you to number Tony and our list ranking the saints and L issue. Most exciting games least exciting games we'll get to. Take this is what I I think it what I am thinking. We aren't right out to jump street how to end Domingo are all people who don't go with LSU in Miami. For sure are either well whoa you know Jane especially. I get one of those first if you get an Allen Auburn. We'll have to get it out and if you look at it Miami. And then the next game he's gonna win and you should win obviously. I didn't and then Auburn and you have to be. Peta either Miami armored this that you lose to Miami Miami you're on you're on neutral site you're at Auburn. The weaker your home what then if you lose to Miami and and Dallas that you got to win at Armon you've got to be at least two and one. You cannot be won in two. Yep that's gonna that's gonna build a lot about legal fees from Ellis you do. That's arriving to leave them. Look at they go wanted to that to seven win team well done though is if it's wanted to. Bend and coach shows going to be on the hot seat. It is just comes at a territory is that. I'm not judging anything. He just comes Medina head coach at LSU. That and expectations. That he gets over gonna be Petrino at 33 however it was like boom you know extension. Of the but but but don't hold thing he has. Anita Alabama your extensive note that when we deployed being every would be optimistic yet if you beat Miami beat Auburn you three know. Well I mean yeah president alone. Well maybe you know the quarterbacks working out. And the thing in the Maynard indeed as we all coming together as a team have a hard time seeing that just because of the way the schedule lays out more portly. What that's why some weight gain grace I know I know I get that. I'm arms have a hard time seeing an Obama budget. Yes I she's a vikings. I think that game you can determine where that C championship game is awfully and it might even end Ambien read. Well don't discount Philadelphia don't discount the matchup against the rams either. Well do you know I. Indeed Ford one. Our five enroll you gotta go I'd Baltimore Sean Payton and Drew Brees never beat the ravens and you gotta go at Minnesota in the ramps and home. So all of a sudden. So let's say you foreign war on. Or. You five and oh. So Christian all of a sudden. That that. Five games you have three more than all of a sudden you can have when one and it's too. Like you don't win at Baltimore you don't win in Minnesota you beat the rams or you'll win one out of an X two and Elvis and you have. Three losses are hopefully only two losses but but it's unbelievable. Take this trip that had schedule if and I again I'm I'm I'm I'm reaching here I'll I'll admit that. Rams. Eagles vikings saints beat all three of those their hosting they they got the opening up in a one seed in the playoffs so Syria and the saints beat the vikings. Eagles and rams there that they'll be in a one seat. So we episode I mean you'd think maturity winning at least twelve games and Arthur W and once he. To be if they beat all three of those teams perhaps two out of the history. This is sports talk face a phone call Jay this is WL I am from Dhaka. Sports all Bobby and Christian here. Text here from 6809. Rams will be a factor they're trying to buy a championship eight may is when I see well. Look up arrow. How will say that they're they're not going to be a factor but. I understand where you're going when you consider the amount personalities that team is added in the offseason especially all the defense out of football he got a young coaches summit may but the wild card. Yeah was it don't matter they have a young coach's son and creating got wait that's around us say yeah wild cards all he's the was not to manage those. Those personality and he can manage those personalities against kids in a while he knows that animals do and what they'll respect and they're not gonna they're yes they're not gonna they're not us up on them if you they don't Wade Phillips you McNamara. That then you are a total jerk. He not a good person. And at wade can manipulate you just talk they're sort of butter just talk to Ricky Jackson. If every CM today's city champ. So what would you dig Wade Phillips and just wait for that response. Wade Phillips is that. Awesome. I mean I don't did. Duty even have this in a pro football main defense like an interview was recorded overtook our manners teaching that has to be in there yes. As a coordinator he's unbelievable he's that good everywhere he goes every defense he touches. Ends up being a top turns to gold top. Defense in the league or near the top. Sports talk rolls on here on WW LI MF on the dock up.