Analyzing Drew Brees's new contract

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, March 13th

Bobby & Kristian take calls on the new contract Drew Brees signed with the Saints and break down the numbers.


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Yes indeed sever pardon Tuesday addition double coverage here on WW LA MF man dot com more art a master control across from me the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert on crushing dark. As always phone lines are open. At 50426018. Semi first though everybody do this would mean and do group exercise here. You connect sale. What is that he's a sigh of relief via breeze in the saints' two years fifty million dollars. 27 million dollars guaranteed. Absolutely the cajun cannon and hometown discount for the saints when he. Was getting offers fielding they wouldn't feel we offered what he's getting flirtations. Sixty million dollar guarantee he confirmed that we have Drew Brees later on at 510 you don't miss that interview. Coming up with the saints quarterback. Well and listen. When all said and done. What else you gonna do I mean if you want to win a championship. And you have a championship quarterback there's there's there's not enough for the morale. Look at Kirk cousins he won anything. And he bettered himself with the Redskins you know he's franchise tag and they get eighty form going guaranteed over three years so. It just religious goes to show you look Sam Bradford in an outstanding game against the thing says kick goal of the season. 2017. Last year he even play after that. The cardinals and a number of NFL teams so desperate they gave 120000015. Million guarantee. So yes it was unbelievable discount of the things in obviously drew worries that now he doesn't wanna go anywhere because he moved to the supporting cast. The saints are in the hunt mean how opinion I'd say the in the hunt and NFC when you look at. Obviously the Eagles the thinning suitable champions. But you can break down the division on the same test of thing they gonna be in the covered division in a seasonality Carolina. Is gonna be even better I think this year. I'm looking at. The saints right there in the end Carolina chase and a more than Atlanta even bill and we don't know I was gonna say one year may be Tampa Bay will turn the corner. But you look at the Eagles you look at the vikings. You look where the rams are rant. I'm regularly and have some other incoming team that now like maybe a 49 as he grumbled that they've come out of nowhere but how can you not say. Let's say from Vegas and whose favorite. That the saints are right in the thick of things in the hunt. To sort of well now we just don't wanna learn to play health. We got to next to see is how do we get back this Ruble to win a championship. And then when you look at drew reason. Why can't we get off to a quick start. Let's face value and is scheduled first came out just look in the competition who we play and you know us to buy you know tennis exit via a great season that. Almost looking at now how can we beat it noble or number two seat where. The road to Atlanta and the suitable growth through Mercedes Vince Tuberville as far as the NFC. Because even though they were underdogs in the Omega there was an Eagles the Eagles were underdogs in every game they got the play at home. And I think the parity that we need truly taking care home field advantage it does give. Obviously teams edged is even. When you look at parity NFL's top to bottom. You firmly stated before is those saying. Can you know how can you get the double digit wins can you go fibers are on the road. Can you go. You know four and four. Christian how how many times you've heard that yeah can you go for import somehow at home. You know be 62. And oddly you would think he's 718 and eight in oh. And home but they might take debt that it's almost right now you know policies that are full. You playing well to have a chance you gotta win twelve games to be a twelve report tag team to possibly have a buyer you hosting a whole game. But you know again have a look at the very first you're Sean Payton and Drew Brees there were ten things in India we're number two seed the way that unfolded. The outlook right now by it and the saints screens he's off to a bit of a slow start. They were in the running for Jimmy Graham tight end Jimmy Graham signed. Outbid him so wherever the saints focused now we'll talk about that also are pretty Mazda people on line. Adobe to while not come. Drew Brees signs with the saints for two years fifty million dollars 27 million dollars. Guaranteed was the best deal for the team ended Drew Brees body made the right decisions yet offers of sixty million dollars guaranteed. That familiarity I think comfort played a huge factor and greet returning when you consider the offers are on the table for. Breeze while he was single and he necessarily want the stability keep his family New Orleans and let let's say that whole Lotta once I get outs are a wanna jump on this tax for what are gonna. The saints signed drew greed 79 season. If you if you're paying attention you cannot say drew was being greedy in this situation cannot but while at sixty million dollar until he left luckily with what went from 33 million dollars. Witness says that a serious Texan is that just I don't know try to get to us I don't know but. Know that that that drew agreed building as any whoever the mean girls guys whoever does that mean come on at the there that they have no clue about the NFL. And what the market is supply and demand. And who's truly a franchise quarterback winning quarterback playing at the highest level right now drew greet the older Drew Brees gave the saints though hometown discount. I mean it just is this a fact just an opinion. That's a fact and you look at the market right now four quarterbacks in NFL. A pretty much the people on line for you cast your vote at Debbie duel like com or calls at 260187. Drew Brees. Saints ink a deal two years fifty million dollars 27 million dollars guaranteed virtually itself it's a one year contract with a club option for year to. Was the best deal for the saints and Drew Brees 504260187. To text 878 semi. This is sports talk on W into LA anathema dot com. The guy with the most extensive T shirt collection. This side of the Mississippi River Bobby there by Lucci got on the Damon. Missoula Montana doesn't an honor my best friend. Who with University of Montana. So you know year Mazzulla was filed and no. I'm sure you tell me history eight in 891889. And I don't know like Natalie do you have they're not celebrating. The tri Centennial. That'll schooling your own not only the had the most extensive. T shirt collection you also have the east the most extensive. Useless information of history sometime Evan I'm gonna go board games that he gained an intriguing yeah I had a pretty good at that left the sports talk trivia Monday. Like you know how to adjust interview and yet in what goes on random trivia on sports talk. Media on the last night what's going on your on sports talk on W of OBB. What's gone on I want to talk about on the timing treat it right are you. You know have a twelve where all of the ever changing it. And I think that it would that meet their course and make the collection the pig remark I think that would be a good selection and I think there opinion. Mile Green Bay you have about a few or give equal ads Ingram. Because he's younger and if you go baking unit is on eight when he was coming out the com buying you operated at. Yeah but he did on their achievement and a thrill it on the audit and a little bit let me lately basically some dvd I got insane honestly I was told early on when when tampered treats heart of that. Austin's very Jenkins is on the radar but he wasn't the top priority now the saints missed on Jimmy Graham. I think you see them maybe circle back and had a conversation but the thing that I had them nervous is the DD UI arrest when he was with Tampa. Yeah I'm glad we don't get married only in state and let him. You don't like Tony Parker though yeah it's definitely let I'm a bit. You know wealth there does that BB 2000 incidents anywhere at the University of Washington. That's in Seattle just like the Seahawks in the Seahawks lost Jimmy Graham heard. That he was ready visiting them. Yes and number and I disregarded every how it's being bought by Mubarak never never ever this group or debate medals put an. And I thank you put America. Thank. With his prototypical size and in no wings standing in you know. Problem is though we were sent a CD about Kobe cleaner. Well yes let out of these Serpo boiling called fleeing right idol and and net and plus I mean. This is viewed as tight and an and you want to continue career in. The get recognized why what you wanna come would Reeves and I can understand that he Jimmy Graham said that earlier. To me in less I'm not going to bears or any. I'm long like that of Packers saints art of patriots because it Drew Brees Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and so that may purposes to me that he goes you know legacy whatever. To hook we Greene B just just goes to show you. Where where really was Benjamin Watson. Before he came to the things that he was doing on a nice tidy annually with yet but it's far from his first tropic. But Emilia put up monster numbers that all of a sudden might come into play we Drew Brees in the saints he parlayed that. It's a great deal with the ravens. You know so it no tight ends are very aware and in free agency now I don't know where Ralph green thirty draft the saints gonna target deposition. You know you look at that tied in and out I seen this might mean hockey become a become line. That pain Hearst. The soccer on a tight end that can be a late first round in my glass to. The kid from South Dakota State. No I was in good to my Hayden that's what soft on Hayden yet hate her soccer on a South Dakota State is is it's going and line right Calder Dallas got her god daughter. And unless that colder. But Goddard yet sounds like a friend for Nazis did it definitely has kind of ideologue like good there a better. Yes so life added late first round the Soviet and residency with the saints to. Because whether it. Yeah free agent tight entry draft that. Cool viewers you felt Nikko drew breeze. And stay healthy you have the opportunity succeed at a higher level. Robin Metairie on sports thoughtless Little Rock you on the B Demille. I. Somebody but we drew sixty million Erica I don't. A team as good at the same teaching us yet to teams that one in particular with him he would be a no brainer. If it drew you know can be toggle a draw was when it's against Kubel. The beauty things right to gonna happen in your calls but. The as the vikings have like two years saying they like six million. Guarantee. So he gave to say that's saying a hometown discount. Whoever athletic that he would be greeted a complete more. I I. And he did it was truly about the money he left and yes he and I had fun the world and Israel always this thing I'm taking that money. Well right we probably talk or we talked to drew earlier today we wanted to Jay Leno played an interview at 510 the you'll. You usually are very candid Drew Brees to modify captain. Bought and yet art technology no matter what it and let it out. And stay here. Ten million dollar what do we them with the you know my eighteen million dollars. Get in here sick or let it get. All. Began. Right right I get out. Exactly and it had to listen it's a beaded T auctioning. If drew does help in his rolling now it's one is having guaranteed the fees rolling in and play like he's been playing against fifty million. Yeah it hit me right right. Deploy deploy Iran are opting to doughnut burger factory. Look I got it. Look I don't think the other thing about about this is you'll hear it so much is. So much of it is about the respect I think. That the saints extended him we were talking yesterday about about. Is Mickey was playing with fire here and and may be an argument could be made because of the offering got a sixty million dollars but it comes down to. A little bit of leverage that Drew Brees is willing to give up because of how comfortable he is here new worlds and also. The respect that he has led organization also respect he has for that organization making loans and Sean Payton. Here's a thing to. It's not just on down discount PF to consider if you if you were to go to Minnesota he took that deal the familiarity of my exam are not the same as the familiar with Sean Payton. Rut right now though what went on and not even always Sean Payton you know we're Bonnie you know and he was now. It was like Shawn Bates got liberties to leave there because it's his office records Carmichael. It in Aniston right and I was like sit three headed monster is and it's like unbelievable system. That it's still style and strong. That he too was Sean Payton not being there the saints are. Common sense of the time ahead they were number two off offense. And showed paying getting involved in the meetings because the system and is a quarterback. Having put this that you know what this instability. Little look at Cleveland. Support Cleveland Browns were there it just goes to show you supply demand among quarterbacks you have a guy like Sam Bradford. The plane and getting twenty million from the cardinals 59 guarantee you look at Cleveland. They're next starting quarterback Christian. Will be good teams 29. For its 1999. And then not grass that. That that as a and the two decades. So twelve toys I have starting quarterback and one point five a year into the like one point but important starting quarterback so you may say it in nineteen season you had 29. Starting quarterbacks mean that that's mean. So when the likely than not winning aren't that the stability there. For those wondering what the cap hit is for Drew Brees this year it's only six million dollars that another another indication that. He didn't just break the bank here. He gave the saints opportunities throughout there's been money and freed soon had about thirty million dollar so the about 2.4 million dollars he could have eaten up half of that easily. If he was all about the money are most. A majority of come back for Troy in New Orleans. The sports talk. CBS. News headlines as well Bobby Hebert crushing Gary this is WWL. Will pro death comebacks Warsaw Bobby and Christian poll I drove a 504. Tuesday so white semi tech's 8787 yeah party Mazda ping people Drew Brees signs of the saints' two years fifty million dollars 27 of that. Fifty million dollars guaranteed was the best deal for the team calls a final four to 60187. Back to the phones Leo Troy New Orleans what's going on Troy. I don't they're gentlemen Wellman. I I can't guess that thought out and yet though how out of Balkan beat you with without. The dog needed lack maybe you'll lose your. Played like any buy because that's the been their stance they're in dire times is the offseason breeze dynamic element. You don't say Drew Brees could help him back a plan well what does that back. And who you're. Yeah and Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady coming here in color. They had to get it worked out is is that that to get to this point. I don't know it's just it makes fans worry or are you get stressed about. And bring out simply because what occurred. During the playoffs. Between new England and the colts. And apologized Daniel OK our all of get a coach articles. And then he don't sign anything that you know one of them as the new means that you never know also glad it's over with. Two identities yeah. You in. Effect. Yet they make because as we got a chance it is that it. You can hate this saying it's like the saints love the saints where every year right you like pro football. That from a national respect does not mean a homer. The saints are right there and think of things two represented NFC. In the soup bowl the next two seasons. I don't know it's gonna happen. Bubba but that's a conversation. We can have now vs. Previous previously reported 2017 season when they had three straight seasons seven and nine whether there it is my ninth day. Those policies compared to where we are right now. Thanks a full called Troy Johnny Metairie was going on you're on W did well Johnny. Hey how are. You John. College well. Weigh in on the on the question in the truck idling. But it is the deal could say I mean it could've been any better yet. Right some of us they get dot. Or back out. 90% of where Iwuh in his prime or ability. Burlap and Alex met Kirk cousins and then again it means that how they can go to gotten any better but the thing. It eight could've got any better and if you look at his consistency. He had. The second highs QB rating so basically Drew Brees out of 32 starting quarterbacks. You might say well. You know candy staying in the top you know ten which anything that companies like the second best. So I mean that's why there's a lot of hope going forward but it eighteen in nineteen season. You know a McGill pushed back honest as people are not ultimately care about stats in the stat energy into all that matter EU seven and I'm for three years. But he's only about forty year old or fourteen or yards away. For me the all time passing leader in the National Football League. Well he's gonna do and I think uniform he needs. He needs 15100 yards to surpass Peyton Manning to be no more on. He needs 14100 yards to surpass spread far. I mean have people heard who you know Brett Favre and Peyton Manning it's kind of you got a big deal and then you look at Akerson completions. Room he's gonna do it. In September is still around. He just complete 78 passes. He's going to be no morning NFL energy surpassed and again. Brett Favre but you know what what I owner bring up because it's only merits it's individual who cares what in the vigil. Well this is now the crystal ring this up by a team. And the magic number is five so it's yours 32 NFL teams. If you look at. My Drew Brees Sean Payton a dozen years since 2006. You know the saints have the fifth best record in the whole National Football League. So haven't we been west witness an overall unbelievable product you'd only be Green Bay Packers in the NFC have a better wreckage. Then the saints obviously repeated to no one. Then you throw in there okay can you be road warriors know what you do on the road we'll of the last nine seasons we're number five. Be behind that we're right on the coast with the Packers again new England's on the line. And then you look the last decade regular season home regular Joseph think can we get dead don't feel advantage again and we got that this past season but you don't look at a seven and nine. You know when that lull. All the Packers in the NFC have a better home record the past decade. Then the saints. So isn't that like team effort but might go what are you doing as a team. And just to say when every department lately. The last nine seasons again. Number one regular season records as the patriots number tutor packers' number three to steal those guys of them before. The same thing. So cut that lets it do we got to appreciate their product to what we have now you wanna win now the phase looted 2011. Dalton league gold that a second to a bowl last year and of opportunity where I looked like. We won in three wood Drew Brees off first ballot hall of Famer or at opportune I'm not saying I don't know Beagle win threes rubles but to go to three. And I think we got a great chance next season eighteen and a nineteen to be in that number might who earn eleven after eleven season and and 2017. The free agency primer coming up at 535 named her flying off the board recap some of the big room rumors are some of the big moves around the National Football League the NFC south. Also gets in latest on the New Orleans Saints saints quarterback Drew Brees coming up at 510. Fuller malicious I see you're up next here on sports talk on W two well. Well another name coming off the boards Malcolm Butler. Not to the New Orleans Saints though to the Tennessee Titans he apparently is on assignment. With Tennessee what he had thirteen million don't know the details yet I'd say 1213 Hingis and these guys and I assuming pull it appears. Because I think that's where he's that is far supply and the man again you see the connection though Mike Vrabel. Now from linebacker for the patriot pays its right now it knows and make coach was with the line magaw the cornea with a Texans right. But the see the connection airmail when I doubt that I didn't. I want to get in this room good body fluids or malicious. We'll get a lot of text Jordy Nelson released today by by the by the Packers Ndamukong Suh. Availability. Dollars and then Donald it's who's not in the company of Jordy Nelson would Jordy Nelson 33 is old. Never really recovered from his ACL injury can't really run his short term fix I think that eBay get off keep Willie Snead. If you pay when Jordan else would ultimately get. But the bigger thing is. You start to seal only names at once had a name being on the open market and saints fans kind of glom onto home and that's not dare him well. That's not the way they typically like to operate. They don't like now if it's a one year deal to fill a hole I mean look I know that they've done and a past. But to bring Brandon Browner Brandon Browner are Darren Sharper others and the other it's it's been a mixed bag. They typically like to operate in that. Contracts of hey let's get that guy that's coming off his first contract 26 point seven years old. To get him. After the market settles a little bit that's why you're wondering hey by having the saints made any real big moves it typically like to let the market settle and go back in slight last year AJ Klein. Others did Allen and our outlook before they signed them off after the market so this this this first wave of free agency. Teams are overpaying because elite heat they can do so because they need to retool the roster and have a salary cap space the saints don't have as much space and then not in the position where they need to completely overhaul a roster. Well I'd be interested to see a dom Akins who when the hell he wants. Because. He got paid by the dolphins in Indy win anything by it. You know they brought in nick fairly. I cannot see how they can that welcomed I don't know what's his market and gruesome and do some homework on that but it. To be guys that thing watch an odometer into how disruptive. Aaron Donald's the man. What you're talking about top five artists say to have does indeed this attack was I still think it dom look at who's in the number yeah whistling. Is the numbers from Malcolm Butler five year contract. With the Tennessee Titans. 61 million dollars with thirty mean guaranteed. Yeah and twelve million ring though it's thirty may guarantee from Butler and and eating in is who rule right. I don't think that's my point that's my entire point you see the numbers don't look I'm sure Malcolm what was gonna have the you know a good career in Tennessee he you'll see that five year contract but more importantly. The titans to a boatload of money Adam and it's it's an over it's over reached pro west Alabama. To get thirty million Armenians who will hero to get thirty million guaranteed. It boy he's like thank you Jesus right now you write like praising yeah I don't know what happened is suitable what how quickly things have changed for yourself and your family. So what does that make now. Because I think he could play zone man true main Johnson. You know the rams went a different route when they got mark is Peter's. LB had arranged yet that that end of that range has to be yeah I think he's about a quarter of them I know that it took yes they're truly a giant is thinking like man. And you set the bar hawk yet his agent for sure Cerro. In this it was gonna happen now will win or my deal. Flirt Lucious was going offload Alicia on W two well. Thank god what a great day today. It is yes four lets you got a good look at barges job and at the bit to the 2018 season. Com and I'm reacting instantly that I thought that that we. Good guys I know again I'm going Green Day and how much fuel would that be his contract wouldn't be and it became a bullet. There's one place in my opinion and hopefully that we give read but up until we get the cat get done and Annette island and. Glad that's loyalists who what does that tell LaMont today is in a situation. Okay was to be a starter and not right starter now be played over 600 snaps so he was a look like the starter but let's say that. You know the money is the scene with the saints are another team that it sees promise in him. Daniel via a starting offensive guard Dennis then what I'm saying we're not just. The number one back up to you need that a book but. How do you blame. This video to leave it and that was the keys to these not gonna start we're ready have all five starters. Illegals in the game is great insurance policy who'd NAC and it's only gets hurt. And that was the case last year he's gonna play every position even a Max Unger Mack center played every snap Ryan Grant he played every snap the beginning to play center. So it has only things did his career right now. That he might have an opportunity against supply and demand that this kid's he has in the wall to get starter money or even into. 200 to start and to take advantage of that policy of the city a donut day and you have the luxury to to pay. A back up. Start a money on this team if you the browns might idea FEM. A boatload of salary cap savings but the the message is real simple operation the the the way they're gonna attack this thing is the saints feel like they're closure asking about eight. And an organization they feel like they're closer look at that one or two more pieces. That'll help augment the roster and an Allah be more of a luxury peace keep in Sanyo rank that that it would be a hate this guy is gonna. Why spin note that a lot of money. She for a player that might be your your ears swing your swing guards we tackle or your your Jumbo sec guy it's well territory nobody else yeah and the Mazda is gonna get. Yet and think about that OK then let's say big deal the saints and offer and then nada. Another NFL team will be similar but let's say the situation he's in. And it league down the human guaranteed him two million dollars more in the saints are you freaking kidding me. He they feel like you hit the lottery somewhat yet they're digging even you couldn't blame them if you put its W objective in that position. That an opportunity is starting to get more guaranteed money quite got to get a white Canas NFL. Florida listed here from man don't be stranger the sports talk here on dummy to do well enough and dot com. Yes we got out we got her. You people look out you people Susie in Atlanta what's going on Suzy here on WWL I betcha gonna comment about a birthmark on Drew Brees is right right cheek. The concurrently people aren't angry because it. The real and it can't command line to take it once again. And we are certainly lay. We have information I don't think that with one name and intensity as they get the backbeat hurt we have a lot of good at. Are overweight or close to achieving nobody around you know people comment as that device the vikings when the Drew Brees. Well look I don't tell I think there that he felt like he's very infected. I think he needs it he would speak stare at him he needs to learn how to act and that he needed to work he's. That I mean I always know he'll supply you know I'm sure I'm not a fake and I got my shots. Well anyway we can't wait for great comeback kids. It'll and there are lying to kick expect once again thank you. And the falcons have Illinois up Susie that to line up is with me to play gut the Davis's camera and come on Susie filling out one you people. Well the one you people out of season I'm disappointed by that well she's gonna paper or a speech that are put in here and effectively when he infected with. I mean I don't know I I got Russia and but I mean how old would you be infected with evidence affect your speech. In. Being raised in see them as she says. Outlook I'm a little disappointed in Susie she's usually she brings it pretty hard and kind of lame though that we now. She was. Maybe talking about the best of events. Matt Ryan Drew Brees. I don't think it from a national perspective to go poll. Matt Ryan is for sure first ballot hall of Famer who most of now you might air Iraq is. Tom Brady. Drew Brees had a conversation. And Matt ran quite Matt Ryan considered and enjoy everything and this is really close other suitable Drew Brees. Did Matt Ryan a favor. By by get this deal done because some eyes you'll be the next thirty million dollar year quarterback. Mean it's it's it's vastly approach and Matt Bryant could be that no no errors I gotta agree with you when it. Drew Brees gave the saints have been me and I get the quarter through my boyhood and still send them he still set the bar in on -- anyway right Kirk cousins you know he'd probably be ahead right here right no -- they high five incurred 'cause there's all the quarterbacks. And then even Sam Bradford. With Sam Bradford when does he play. He hit the corner of the solidarity of the game and twenty million. And watch your speed does also with the caller of The Who who go by nature and get another pay day.