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Bobby & Kristian talk horse racing ahead of this weekend's Preakness with Kurt Becker, then preview the NASCAR weekend with Tim Zimmer.


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Take a walk on the wild side Lewis and his fourth and final hour here on sports talk Bobby and Christian mark an artist master control come of this hour. You'll hear from Tim Zimmer NASCAR. Horse racing analyst and track commentator and Becker trackside coming up for the preakness this weekend in Kentucky Derby winner justify. Has the F seventh post in the preakness and right now lone sailor at the to post fifteen to one odds for a Gil bits and source. Lone sailor been finished poorly I think had a good showing at the derby. This choice Christian he's at 151151. Whoa. Now that initial lives start out 45 to war. So let me tell you what it's intriguing and Greg Biffle. You know Greg bit civil. Is involved would you look at GMB racing. We all know what he does this senior vice president to communication of the saints and of pelicans. And I've always interest in. That you look at. And I don't know enough about harsh Trace it and and you look at the Hartsock you have different jockeys a ride the cars. Now if you look at. When avenue Kentucky Derby day James Graham. That was riding along sailor now they decided to go it I don't know I mean pronounce his name right irate I RED I heard our teeth. He's been a mile long sailor for the preakness. He's replacing. James Grammy egg crazies no momentum. Builder that that's that you call and this is so nasty yeah I think that's paid his line and I. I just really set I was let me I could cut that bite off he's done now. And we get those of the Nelson there are you get on the harsh I 90 and a C I'm tell you gotta watch Christine. Simon and now. Greg did too and on this day we called on Byron RTs here. And no disrespect to genes Graham who love James Graham he's been great to us who we gonna try something a little different here. And take our chance we've got a horror sort of big engine who has held the who's down who's full of energy and why not. Now them. Christian if you look at where they and it as a legacy an initial live through 25 to one would you said you're. Fifteen to 10. I don't know what's gonna happen but it's things like. How you said the odds that maybe long sailor might. Have a chance justify that took it everywhere back at number seven. Today feel a forces quip is at the one post lone sailor had to. Three Killen is sporting chance diving king at the four post good magic at the five. Tenfold at six justifies it just said at seven post and provide so proviso 21 odds at the post look at the odds. Quick twelve to one lone sailor fifteen to one sporting chance 321. These YouTube is long shots diamond king also at 321. Good magic 31 odds tenfold at twenty to one odds justify one to two odds from Bravo also at twenty. To one odds will step away comeback he curb Becker horse racing analyst track commentator pat Becker trackside couple. Preakness CR sports talk on W to do well. He's been a model lol sailor for the preakness. And Chris he's no amount of no doubt that that's that you call I think it is still nasty I don't think that's. I want to back sports thought does abuse and butt head moment for your IV and now. No Chris Chris his mind now wonders at all Bonnie don't act like yours yours so hits and no I'm not so wisdom not his perverted as you and well me when I was young Maria and I was young I was as per his youth and capsules on an almost. And on and almost never the case almost navigate zone. Talking previous a few moments here to be occurred backer horse racing analyst. Track commentator at Becker trackside in a few moments previewing the previous one which lone sailors on the second post fifteen to one odds it's gone down as Bobby pointed out. Start out about a point five to one odds only obscure guy that was initialized whenever I don't know derby to the Kentucky Derby yeah those duties yeah. And I'm curious to ask Kurt though. Post positions as he sees it he's allowing us right now. Curt Decker joining us horse racing analyst track commentator at Becker trackside on Twitter who has the most favorable post draw here curt. You know I think a lot of people wrong they're they're much. It's much smaller Spiegel. Debit or you've got eight horses going at the preakness as opposed to twenty. A couple of weeks ago peace shall. You know the whole issue of getting. The hurry kind of diminishes their there'll be much traffic like now you'd like it. People action the post position draw which took place at 5 o'clock eastern time today on billion deal. That ago. I can't. They actually in adult life art action applauded it. When he drew position and they think that that luck omen because he put Kurdish and eager well. Now incur when you look at obviously. Bob Baffert and you Wayne Lukas and you look at their success. And you look at Baffert who worries that. But look the second two were crowned champion in four years as an opportunity. For that occur. And a win sanity would tie. In the history of horse racing. Aware Bob Baffert and. I think it's a remarkable achievement. You know per year long long time racing. I might people not remember. When trainer being shown string or Cali. Oregon and hit a K plus the late thirties to the early nineties bit these. And training for Calumet then show up crowd went there won't kind of Triple Crown races. Here's the thing that amazes me about the Lucas and Bob Baffert. All due respect to the late been Jones who look sick or. Led the ball back for did not have the benefit. Of being the price that trader put it. Power out three people America like Joan. Got. Look at that have done this with a edit. Their. Not. At home bred or he'll tailor made a brief bit stale air. The ground brought back. They got them and say OPEC report and it auction at the early. And he will we can make happen. For they had worked at all. Different connect. Pepper people I think that is what really. Bet it would back report. Now bug Kurt two part question now looking at. 2013. Now what you're talking about his odds aren't in his horses worries that right now. With the and you look at Bob Baffert would just applies if you win Saturday. It would tie him with. That twentieth century when it's 40% of in nineteen sentry trainer. RW Walden. For the most pregnant preakness victories I mean we dove on nineteenth century. Kabul you might be about pre World War II one as nets and only. Where that. You mentioned. That 93. Or one cent addition. Of the Greek state. Is taking anything away. From mr. Walden and what he used cheap way back win. Here are. People always. Think. You'd have had sold the war trainer and all. Firing at. For corroborate that they all feel. Like we all in the weeks ago all your greens look at apple or he'd. If you look at the short. I want the ball and were trading back 800. Taking away from. You're talking about or. Be an example citation. While the crowd 1948. Considered one of the great all time keeping. Re. When he bought the Preakness Stakes. That are remarkable act of what. Has done it look at it done. You know about it and work that he. Wait and who worked is going to vote. We're bought well to the Kentucky Derby and chant who bought. The Kentucky Derby were well they're one of importing and exporting. It on the morning line. Well look at that he's going to the preakness this year equally there to do with a. Carl Becker horse racing analyst track commentator at backer at Decker trackside. On Twitter lone sailor killed Vincent source Denny with a New Orleans Saints in the world children's owner where do you where we size him up in this eight horse. Feel an egg carton look at an olive like he's claimed that listeners it was like an initial 125. To one and now fifteen to one. When the old single. Excellent point regarding the aborting one. And we talk about morning line not. A second ago about. 21. Sure. That is just an estimate of them the odd maker. Public will do that there aren't any racetrack are acting thing. I think this is how the public is way too bad this race or. Justify. So much or where. It'll do they need in. L. On that you may or. The preakness. Record. A little. Great look at the Kentucky Derby a couple of weeks ago he might fail they'll be 88. People any union. On weeks where the problem and that at it. I actually me running back. In the preakness might or might be more clear that. Or a longer fight off a truck eager and. Change. Picks. I read or hear you but the jockey in New York to. Make it. Kurt was the weather. Forecast going to be like to attract but in the big. I apologize. When I talk. Or weekend. You about the weather. Or. Rain will be all right well at all re old. It was a web. Yet. That we. Were there. 8200. Per cent chance of rain or call eight. After day so pretty much is. It being a very. Sloppy racetrack pre. Scheck well less until Joseph one more time. Whose motor is a moderate. Pertinent question we believe. Card backer pat Becker trackside on Twitter. Horse racing analyst track commentator appreciative and and it. You base your policy look beyond everybody's intrigued by the Triple Crown right and apparently doors he had apparently justified. As an opportunity to do that I'd love to see it get to secondly I'll I'll I'll I want lone assailant to win some money on one little sailor that to win did to win and ultimately but I'll not be upset to see the possibility of triple ground. And our crew. In I think the public thinks they justify can win and nodded obeyed trust and Bob Baffert. But that's candlelight. Oh my understanding of a stroke of Bob Baffert and his confidence that the justify has that ability. To win the trouble crowned again. When you think about what it takes two win the Triple Crown. And you had along parity where one is not gonna happen is just too competitive and and horse racing. When you look at right now. That at 65 years of age Bob Baffert. That the Sega Triple Crown champion. In four years. Not as we've talked about pick and right arson and being in the right place right time. I mean I mean what we all. It just peaks the public's interest. When you have a Triple Crown win a lot of when you go to premiere is being going to Belmont and holding Kentucky Derby is a trifecta. Department of public I mean. That's what it is it's like all of a sudden. You winning back to back NBA championships. You winning back to back to rubles that's what the trouble crown is. Truly and Bob Baffert as a great chance would justify. I think is one of the hardest things to accomplish all sport. To crown horse racing may I know it's hard to the Triple Crown in Major League Baseball the home run crown RBI crown an average ground but this is pharmacy. But I'm got to treat you long sailor can be in that number. Win place or show in the Monday at the end of money and they might have been because I think maybe it jockey might make a difference. Irish Ortiz and that's a pronouncing it right. Oh man I wish you guys can hear the conversations that go on during breaks body wants attorney mark listen this body wants to turn me into a jockey yes he has been less than lose some weight elusive highway five foot seven at best no logo but what we're gonna make you real skinny so like 5352. Million kids they've 57 beginning devious starvation diet. So yeah so you make weight starvation and now is on Christian if you top jockey you can may not only six figures was seventy years. Pay little mind. If you guarantee me that I'll make six and seven figures I'll I'll starve myself for Britney came follow the hearts. Well I have the ability to properly trained here. No I just gonna make me lose weight in edged O'Donnell really got to have. Know him by 57 he's five by soaking wet patty that's not a that's out of work I'm I'm 57 Kristin we're making you lose weight. And we you put in harm's. And do what the thoroughbred to halt all but homeless now will only grow by radio version and practical jokers Zola yes yes that would be. Like OK Christine Cologne Poland continued their lives and an environment because they wanted to riding crops and beat him with yet and it. And then I go ahead with a sell these bigamy. So I learned this about body what does two months president trying to make you a millionaire night normally it's getting laughs you'll go you'll ever and to his credit would you additional Kate recruits him to be do follow the hearts and you make a million dollars you would think it. Amid a lot of injured they you gave it Kabul you separate your shoulder and that the we I don't want any life threatening injuries thank god let let it a bit separated shoulder you break if you double in a case other than one bit with you have about two months and as that goes around and distillate fuel as the you know constantly wants to. At physically torturing or are injured because we know what to starve me if Chris it was a little skinny here he could be a job unveiled he could be a jockey and he could excel at a high level because I think he is competitive. Andy's at a high level I'm just trying to get you said the thing that's good yeah oh yeah. I'm trying to be agent if we get thrown off the horse is separated shoulder because at that hammered Rowan Gartner surgery like rookie of the year end of the Major League pitcher the yet the Chris you could do I think yup thanks Maria and I are former marine. And you can handle it Kabul. That before I mean like I act tight race on race ride a quarter or two of them. Actually acting Gallup. Yeah because you activate a little boy maybe the growing again like rhythm that in. When there isn't your average them it's not on bounce and the other jockeys bounce up and down the saddle and this time right Christian. It I know you can go. And added that he. In an interview mega fun game for being Philip Rivers on. And that's not that that is from hearsay. A previous day hitters say this like eagle creek I reputation is really really stellar ride to realize that when you close that is. With so then I'll I'll write all the right now. Come on and you give me archives I was messing about mount. He argue with sound of what you have them out of hearts I know I know and I'm well aware yet Poland. Chris that you aren't jockey that could potentially imam ours how to not music but it's league. Now of course now will host the jockeys you don't know not always succeed Ericsson now odd and that I don't get any training. A mile it's wanting to starve me and then throw me on the back of awards and laugh at because again because I get thrown off. But I guess he's about this how would like some training to go along I think you'd be coordinated enough even though you'd be an array exit news. In the hand and on a southern and Taro for a 3% management and our Christian and then put a model is. Jokers punishment so this is yet you haven't of balance that you are warning of this deal on the hour. Not you kind of built motivate dollars to win. It's not an identity that you seven figures. Are I did so we'll sign you arrive little sailor in the future. I tell about this these days that you make it jockey I'll make you pro wrestler by. You're you're getting up there with with your ball these days have them so the problem joints mean. You could do. Mueller about I mean you wanna star care budget joints. So you have you gotta be the case intent wrestler and oh yards on add on that me and I'll probably you know Europe would definitely embrace. It. It's been whom he shall. Rule out the old guys out there that Russell. The ready players and hold of him that they haven't exactly hit as many times as you mean Atlantic because since the line. It is. He's I hit about Reggie White Christian. Goes Reggie White is dead to me. Maybe it was too light lie in. FaceBook. Alike mis sacking Chris seeing Garrett green or right here we gonna do right here in the studio. And I'm an argument that is that's open and it's against another physical threat to compete again about you there so no we thought you might contact you know Chris a look talent out because thoughts on today. There's no I will fully admit especially in the Wii you played it was total gladiator stuff. Today's NFL or. You're you're era of playing in Nashville bully I would not wanna take one it I'll admit that I would know well it by the whole thing is. He got to protect the quarterbacks. Loose Tom Brady drew breeze. Whoever you think is the best of the best. People wanna see him personally. So wet day it's ahead Shia are low shot you don't want him you gotta hit between. And the shoulders and ways. To keep him played the fight another day you don't wanna knock them now so. There's that I have no problem all the rules are structured. And now they is it is but it did know what I just said is. I'll have the toughness that you guys had yet fresher. Chris didn't know hobby and I'll be honest I put that that's some that's some painful looking stuff when president we got a Barroom fight. I would take you on our side oh like go up we were like okay how we gonna get out of this situation. I think you wouldn't come half step no. And and that case no announced sale will get hit by Lawrence Taylor. But but I mean you would be running now to let him instead of like those solidly scared I was at a if I had my druthers I'd rather stay with Matt. Sports talk here on Dario way. Christian in the bankable harvested a thoroughbred not know a quarter hours we should they thoroughbred we should faced a line that put me put me on tobacco horses. What it would that that will and a scalpel and hold on no. You have to sign a release could only hybrid you nay idea Bobby Christian Tim Zimmer will NASCAR conversation coming your way in a few moments here on W to to a. Tim Zimmer. Intrepid producer percent telethon double coverage steps in here as well gives our NASCAR report Timmy got off file wrongful with the man he just told me you're not a fan. In practical jokers I figured out of the year kind of humor when you year old sophomore like I am a juvenile the U wearing it's that's a very juvenile show. Yeah we talk Melissa double coverage of four on a more carbon are affect the mad men and isn't as he's been magician yeah I like that so I'd just like people go you know lose and and after is seen at all. I do like that MTV show that was on before rom back in the day on that's more my type of humor. The you don't you don't jackass yeah yeah it's Johnny on that I didn't know I was I like all of that so I mean it's what is their place. Like old footage you're gonna like all lows should yeah but look I mean. The problem I have with Matt. Magic is that I don't know I know it's it straight yes. But in practice jokes for me let's get to NASCAR. Yeah you could treat people but but Tim look NN. Let's pocket you know idea Kevin Harvick fan the checkered flag for the fifth time this season. The fifth win in twelve races you look is Stuart house racing. And what they've accomplished. What. He set a record in Saturday night in Kansas City at Kansas Speedway. By becoming the fastest of five victories. I mean is so what is your take I mean is like Kevin Hart are break all of a sudden you look at Jimmie Johnson is accomplishments. Saw how do you bring did out what's occurring. Well one thing that I see is that the fact that they joined Ford all of last season Carter equal as you know wasn't with Stewart Haas. Two years ago once he joined Ford it was kind of like a new thing for review was trying to figure out how to drive these cars and Stewart Haas racing. And then on Kurt Busch is out critique last year. He actually retired and joined the Stewart Haas team and he just pretty produces these cars now and he's done he's done such a good job would these production of cars. That the whole Stewart Haas car between Clint Boyer Amaral look Kevin Harvick and the Kurt Busch. They all are just been dominating right now I think all four of them are in the top ten and in points standings. Kevin Harvick I will say this is probably the one win he got this season which. He probably wasn't the best car tick collars and the best car but human right when he got into it earlier and in and I begin of stage three that race. I will say that Kyle Larson probably had the best car on Saturday night and he did when he came in fourth. But what Kevin Harvick stewards pretty pretty wild I mean that that's his fifth straight win at different of the season. Clint boilers got to win this year in Martinsville and then Amaral like we said earlier he is tenth in points but he could have had a win in Daytona in wasn't frost and on a Marino Brett and on the final turn of the raises. This is where I get to participate in this NASCAR and I got a contribution. Room. Are. Chris and that was read. That was big red though locate him so what about this what does it look at our reigning series champion born Truex junior. Okay you look at the Susan K now you said. Now this is talking. About Kevin our regret error there hitting on all cylinders. Any kind of marvel. You know in a web Herat. I and he was it a similar spot last season when he ridge when he reached big trailing eight times. So I think even more dregs junior. Is really impressed to Kim and arm. Yet you look at mark trick sooner over the last two seasons he's the king of mama half racetracks lastly to Kansas it was Amal happened I thought I came here last week was like. You know what I can't go against our tricks he's beaten to mama half's he finished second he did get as winds owned by a by Kevin Harvick on the final two laps would. Even with strict I think it's I think we're seeing a switch of dominance from the Toyota's of the last two seasons with Kyle Busch Savard tricks to now the boards with Kevin Harvick odds oh really got to this season so what I was third in points right now our second in points which is pretty impressive. The only reason Kevin Harvick is not the top top and points SCSI dig at us and I got deductions after one of his wins because of you know the thing in the back of his car. So I think you know with with with Kevin Harvick and mark Drake said. I still think it's owners have time to adjust that soderling kept Kyle Busch and and on March rate still have time to adjust our Toyota's. But I think this year is just your UCL a dominance of the Fords this is the Ford's fourth season next year they'll be driving the Ford Mustang it's when he nineteen so you're gonna probably see a drop off. With the Ford's going to between nineteen with the new a new I knew kind of car you know the the traders have the Camry the cameras in the best car the last two seasons. If what Sarah so EE and I see these ships and in in manufactures when you suited to nominate these reports dominate. I would be surprised that the next two or three years we see that we see the saudis you know finally make an improvement it's all about improvements and usually happens between two and three years segments. And this year with with Stewart Haas racing is not just sort costs it's also it's all still that Penske for a whole scene with you have I think it six boards in the top. In the top ten including Ryan Delaney. A practice I ask you Angel really got us a yeast you have always boards and Ricky Stan as he's done pretty well on the on there you know the restrictor plate races of the sport. You haven't yet oh yeah it is a lot of good Fords right now. And nom. I mean it's gonna continue throughout the season now when it comes to the playoffs it's kind of hit or miss I think Kevin Hart is pretty much safe. There but we'll see what happens when the playoffs start and how many of those up boards and how many Seve is get in because. Right now I think only two chevys are bound to make the playoffs and collars and and sees Elliott. Now Tim look and make a Harvick he began his winning streak in Atlanta. Many continued in laws Vegas made it three straight was triumphant beings. And then you look at you finish in the top ten in each of the next five races including a second place run. And Texas and add the poll in Talladega. Now you look harming as one back to back races after a three. Race win streak early this season and we just mentioned. Now. What does it take you heads into next week's all star race at Charlotte as one of guys. Head and shoulders above everyone else so what did you take. When I am going to Charlotte. We'll Charlotte's gonna differ they're gonna have needs tires they're gonna have their their Chara boss IRAs Conner has this thing where they used. A whole different type of like you know manufacturing cars with as far as like being on the fronts of the tires so it's really one of those things really just kind of test out things. Palm one thing I do know is Joseph really Donna is really really good at nine races he finished third place. Me and last week's race in Kansas and Arizona guy who has won this race before in the way of the all star race works is that they take former winners from last year and this year they take those winners it's a former all starred on winners which is Jamie McMurray. And they take champions that have won the championship like Jimmie Johnson for example. And in Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch and those guys they take all those guys come together seventeen this year what they're gonna do an all star race is they're gonna have a open for so what Wednesday's 12 and three and open a ball was drivers not listed. They gets advance the championship and is a fan vote it'll likely be Kate Dutch case Elliot if he doesn't. We know one of one of the open races so you'll see those guys go. And down as far as also race ever was driving hard so you don't honestly I can't give you exactly I I don't know who's actually get a win because of directed really doesn't mean much in the winner gets it's winner take all one million dollars the winner. That actually doesn't get to the driver against the owners and owner can you know give it's whoever they wanna act it's based on the contract so. If I had to pick all star winner next week I'd say Joseph really Donna just so Chris how good a job as a night. Tim Zimmer at tens in 1613. Our NASCAR report here on sports talk have fallen double coverage and media in August to stuff coming up. Yeah we got smell is your base welcome up tonight senator in cement wide at all curious what the tigers against him in the series to solidify their regional. Bid chances that come up. And on eight minutes here on double covered will wrap up sports talk next here on WWL. At a later wrapping up march when I was a Pearl Jam well done and not when not if I'm talking like a Bostonians. Said Dunlap Jonas he's coming up for double coverage meant go heavy on LSU right. Lot of LSU big series for them during that time for the tigers they really can't afford to get swept in the series and might even be able ago. Once you and you. Mottaki James ran an intoxicated Teddy K Gil about it. The baseball American dot com but I will say this I just found out I'm like usual very disappointed in Christian he's the nanny. I'm a laurel. You're the anti Christian again we're gonna talk about this next hour everybody you've heard this yeah annual thing I'd leave leave open ended until the T get in the show I Yuri and you know it is. Always close at army and a few well yeah that's more explicit violent record label label we're Elizabeth I heard that if you are gaining you thinking there is smarter than a million actually younger and thinking you know aka so you guys are younger and the older socially idea. Occasional more mature one in case you missed it says you might be post double coverage means foresight here pretty soon does. Bobby has an eagle off to be a jockey heard this you've got to get into some kind of training programs that feel like you weighed down horse yes yes I would oh we get it get it really get Amanda ranks who we you know like I'm finally on the hard or something. All I know I've I've wanted to be too I I did I did not want a Q Christine because I know he would follow all the horrors when you look at. Whether it's a quarter r.s of thoroughbred they go to Pass Christian would dabbling in her can you imagine me on a horse. Obama at this you'll have touched the ground though you convince us that dialogue coming up for double coverage that's about it for us more Bernard. Outstanding at master control big thanks to Steven Geller travels put together the show. Sent out an image thank you always hear a mile. Don't give up on the cavs could look at the bug series that you win two it only uses Selby I'm telling you watching ball on the wheel Asia all the night be able.