All Things Legal - Hour 4

All Things Legal
Sunday, December 10th

Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including divorce, wills, and car accidents.


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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews review of contracts and documents and research of the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorney suggested all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice. Communications with the attorneys on this program with a verbal our digital do not create an attorney client relationship they were. Back for a last half an hour all things legal secretary Albert egos is this marathon marathon. Who got paid double today that it got here in this morning got paid double you know bomb also the talk about to break pulled for you know Carolina Minnesota. We all agree pull for Jacksonville and Seattle correct we definitely want that to happen correctly at 3 o'clock. All right let's go to phone models could wait got a question regarding divorcee wage and haltingly with Jackson's turn over Nikko. Thank you ticket golf. The question is well liked walked out there seem to go you pop petition but people. LA proper person and he was behind you. But we don't ever judge that. But that is it yet they see it. Joseph. What do you get this whole oh. Now you do you get probably go in there and they're afraid of feeling that the judgment divorce. It. Yeah yeah I mean. I mean yeah it put you want to mark the you can you can which you have to do senator for caucus that the hearing the judgment divorce. And then com is your wife good with that. This is your wife still want to divorce. Yeah anticipated he'd never in the Al both come in and final losses divorce. Okay well one little question yeah. She strike. I looked at it probably I would. Did you contribute to the can be retirement. Dar had four years. Yeah you got a ticket myself. Yeah she used to dated she's entitled to half of the contribution during in the four years. So you. Yeah and I'll make it simple let's say he had a torn thousand dollars a year retirement account and dornin for years she'd. He contributed four she'd be entitled to half of the four I'm being very simplistic and its illustrating it. Yeah it at that they. Keep what you. Now she gets she while she SAS for her but she would be in time to tune she asked Florida commute property settlement when he I'll settle that would be part of the settlement. Now now the detention if it is a fine pension. That's a little different palm. She you know. She'd be basically entitled to about 10% any pension meaning. Because she. The portion of the tension that pair for the time you were married two kids twice a year pension you married four years you only married 20% of the time. While you work and this employer she'd be entitled to have that 20% which would be ten. When you retire that's defined pension plan. Oh. All right that's a lot out there are a lot actually very short period time but if you need clarification just commute called a law firm fumble 48371304. And I can probably give fuel more XD tailed explanation all right thanks for the call is gonna Jamie's got a quite he's got some talking about being one of the first ball boys hey Jamie and all things legal ducks' turn over Nikko. The first ball boy up the sanctions 67. My story is already equipped. And guides at aboard air in my book called collect up ground in Ethiopia under option like in kitchen all the games. Which you forgo Bartrum Russert Alia. The whole was one of the ball boy also was it was good. With Dooley yeah. For security ride yeah attending the last name bullet. Not that it not be a ball boy okay. Who was your favorite old school saints player. And sixties. Uh oh well in 67. I'll all for inspecting you know I don't like Jimmy jailed created and played that much you know I'd like to the village almost story. Okay because. You know he was mr. Francisco it's also to remember that. Outlet wants to practice incompetent to Guantanamo probably the applause it was going to be demand is still kill you know it was. Or you know law all it. In India and you know in the fourth he can mop on one date date. Dividend policy in order that date downward that night it was don't drink beer. That's water is cause they had trouble you know Billy Kilmer was part of Warner most famous plays in NFL history. On the wrong way plywood Jim Marshall where he picked up the final don't want the wrong way. He was I here's a wide receiver from the 49 he got hit and fumbled the ball Jim Marshall picked it up I ran the wrong way person. That's the way up. I've got a question where this car which got look up double and as a double next to my property and has only about. Shepherd inches that separate the property. And the property just don't interpreting don't know how should the new owners of the property on the person that. I was to war for what able or insurance. To protect myself from their war as a file vault in the war on. That property from a property. Yes you would you would you would want a column as this year and indemnity agreement where they're willing governor and them to fight you for any damages. That you may sustain on the property or any any personal interest to any of employees. Any worker's comp you know the whole bit you wanna full condemned vacation agreement we're real income fund. Which one ratio by acts for its borders to. To protect me. Colorado they're gonna have insurance for their Britney you wanna just be sure that they're gonna cover it in any damages. That and they do this for certificate of insurance first of all. And don't get anybody and yet you might even wanna see if they have a builder's risk policy from the owners well. And also have one in my name aways. Well thank you maybe Mamie was an additional insured under there work our policies in June working begun working on new proper. I OK Jimmie thanks for the well. I'll will be back with you well Courtney well I you let's take Courtney yeah according work very good state court hate. There you are courting. You on all things legal decks and turn over Nikko. Year. I was involved in a car accident that was rear end in the state while beating via the world. Which therefore. Rear of the car in front of me ha. To make a long story short about the sheriff with. The carpet in that it did it hit me up about it cleanly in the future you property damages. Yes. Called back a couple of days later to get an update basic we reached. Clay yet to gauge his side of the story. Called again maybe a few days later I would meeting apart it was unable to do that for you we haven't been able to reach our. Do you know that you have a an item number for the you know please report. Exit that the problem it was not a police report we waited about two hours. Our immediate comment on the outside world they waited two hours but what chilled taking photographs. I took photographs of the cars that hit driver license. Chart information sure. I would I would take send them the photographs. Are you communicating by email Howard took over a telephone. Call. Yeah I would get somebody's email address send them an email saying I'm making demand for payment. Above my damages do you hit if you had your property. Appreciate your vehicle. I I am tomorrow morning. Yeah go get your appraisal take photographs etc. And and send that to the insurance company saying here's here's my hero my damages this is what occurred. Making demand for preparing. And on and I wanted to rental vehicle. And you can set them up for penalties and attorneys' fees in the event they don't want it out. Our Rick thank you call parents go to break Texans are average weekly we can orders ultimately we'll be right back into his pre comma or about abduction tab Nico your weakened or is about seven minutes before we head to pregame coverage of the Indianapolis Colts in Buffalo Bills. Filed by Seattle and Jacksonville. Go Leonard good Jacksonville and a tonight we got buffalo ravens in two spurt Baltimore Baltimore it's says buffalo honestly I'm up. That the club Baltimore. And does Baltimore of course that you the could the former Cleveland Browns exactly. Good room while it's. Oh a couple of taxes. My dad is about to die he has a will that leaves all of his guns and go and seek to me. Can his wife which I'm assuming by the text does not mean my mother. And his wife do anything to keep me from getting bat. The only thing she can possibly do is if those guns were purchased in the currency who purchased during their marriage. There's new pre nuptial agreement or anything like that then. She could possibly own half of that property more also. If if it was community property was purchased during that period of time. She is the surviving spouse with heavy use of Procter over the property. Unless the will says yeah. Again unless the will says otherwise. And so in this situation if he leaves it to. Him he leaves it to you outright. And they were purchased prior to that Mary Hardin and no she can't do anything to prevent. That's the simple yeah. He we're talking about the. It. My surprise back in 1977. When cable TV came out my friend got TV. Yeah can you Ian in ESP yet and I'm like a 24 hour sports you know I don't raise an obvious. Aggressor real quick if we get t.'s story you know I tell my kids often. That when I want to switch to channel our knowledge you know. I had the war traverse eleven feet yeah share carper. Then turn and and then traverse it back to the sofa and sit down and iron there when there are flabbergasted he had an awful I have to adjust that you have to adjust to gravity well. There are just returned horrified. To feel like they you know they were very active man I can't believe conditions you have to. Osama recent attacks 44 hour TV yeah right you know they play the National Anthem at midnight with a flag waving at midnight come on guys 24 hour TV will go war. And that was kind of a joke you know making fun of me saying got vehicle we've via they're gonna have 24 sports network. But a quick story about that Edwin Edwards who may be less thing and call and maturity could. It is if you could permit truth the other truth of the veracity of this story for it. He was running for governor. One of their new many times you ran for governor. And come back in the day was it was channel four channel six channel a channel twelve. And so if you will running for office and your election was on a Saturday. The thing you wanted to do was buy the spot at 10:30 PM after the channel four news. And so he buys at 1030 spot he's gonna run a thirty minute. Come to basically. Segment on him what he plans to do for the state and have a bit hit to have that thirty minutes right before the election. Well his opponent found out about it. So he decides he's gonna get the 11 PM spot right after Edwards goes off and he can then. Drove you know rebuke everything he says instead you know talk about it and get the last word really before that next Saturday. Election when ever which finds out that his opponent has purchased the 11 o'clock at power. So he's does his 1030 program and he's about fifteen minutes into it. And then he sits in he says goodnight and god bless the state of Louisiana. And plays the National Anthem and runs the American flag images during the Newton. And in the channel goes blank fifteen minutes is just high. It's just Bosnian races so everybody's turn on the TV back and forth though I guess achieved through the channels signed off. I'm gonna switch channels and watch something else to nobody watched the 11 o'clock spot that this got to pay for and I forget who was appropriate laws that around. It was Louisiana politics as a it's by now that you know the FCC is now dead there anymore during during broadcasting it com. Now as it did a possibility that. Governor as sort. We might be listening to outs and if you all are. We welcome you to confirm that story or tell. Yeah I would that be great home. The other thing is so here's our tree questioned tax. It's might be able responsible for the cypress tree knees in my you'll Wear an hat trick question then and and a week. It is a cypress tree needs you know that means that pop up the and actually that would be considered the roots of the tree. And if it is impugn eating upon your peaceful. Enjoyment of your property. Then you would have the right to contact that neighbor and say you need to do something about the cypress knees and they don't you have to file something with probably. Justice of the peace and small claims and and have them. Removed through the roots from you know poking up that is way to trouble without killing the tree and and that will be something that the judge justice and peace. Don't and other taxes and remember you only hit four channels changed he did not have to get up very often it's true that you did it was 468 and twelve was public community. So you the worst part was if you was sick. If you homesick at school from school. Then you have 46 and eight which ray and soap operas all day law all you have to put today's game chest sitting well with him later in the afternoon you have been hit that you hit a four for all of us and they just hit me with a stick earlier allies who goes up close with a new cartel twelve. And catch Sesame Street. Or you know like you say dumb B and pokey or some of that though Gundy came on at about 535 yet they came come came on early in the morning. There did Allen down palace that was totally vote with Obama person of the stories. Yeah listen guys are you we are going to be here so you guys have great. Christmas agree merry Merry Christmas Christmas happy Chanukah. Look great new year we will see you the week of the seventh eight I think yeah that. And the unless the saints are applying the apple probably been out ceasing to be in a playoff suggesting hopefully they have a bye weekend that we can yes who will argue it would be aggressive. And you can call us at our office 5048371304. And I will answer your questions. During the holiday time. Yeah so. Hopefully when we come back the saints will be. And a number one spot having a bar. That only one or two we'll take that into we'll take it to be hopefully number one would be smiled Los Angeles not Philadelphia where we would have to go. Writers to try to arm through there. Com but we still have to call your cold as we've got we got a lot of business Dell aero yeah we're going to be the jets and you need to plan Diana and be okay all right so we'll see you next year and all things lead will be good to be bless and Merry Christmas.