All Things Legal - Hour 3

All Things Legal
Sunday, December 10th

Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including the Volkswagon settlement, unclaimed property, workers' compensation, child custody, property partitions and life insurance claims.


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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews review of contracts and documents and research of the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorney suggested all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice. Communications with the attorneys on this program whether verbal or digital do not create an attorney client relationship hey you. Back abduction Terry Albert to tell you we can Moya all things legal our number three where our until 1130 we'll have a triple header today. Starting at 1130 pregame he gonna have Indianapolis vs Buffalo Bills Indianapolis Colts and then you got followed by the Seattle Seahawks. Vs Jacksonville Jaguars win only to pull for their. Pull for Jacksonville and Leonard for net. And tonight we got the buffalo. The and it's it's it's it's it's on his it's the ravens vs the Pittsburgh Steelers that's arm. The armed Baltimore. Ravens and so. We wanna wish you'd. Every once it's is programme lash at the end of the year are very. Christmas happy new years are happy Chanukah. And so was very blessed holidays you know. If certain parts his country sought to get whacked out a little bit in now like it's you know like maybe on the West Coast sooner or certain parts like on the West Coast like just you know. South of the house to smell like parts California. Where. They don't he can't really say Merry Christmas to get all very upset you know hearing that I mean you can't pick you I mean I think digital too since it's on Tom thanks. Raised I mean I knew how many people of different faiths that could careless and run well in if somebody says happy Chanukah or. I think within a great great joy to love it you know enjoy your faith and celebrate your vision does a son a whacked out parts of the country and they're upset with Santa Claus because these. You know eats a lot of neat sound like a vegetarian and you know. Does he think he has a lot of it's a lot of reindeer heart or his the other thing too at the Peta people have a big problem with some new people. You know ethical. Treatment. They got a real problem with it rained years I think they think that's just over the top now. And it did they don't get rest in between runs and we're talking about your ring bureau bullies and mean you so rude off. If you're on holiday ornament reindeer games because of his nose and you know the other thing too. Is he really get upset when you call he talked about Santa's elves. They say no they did their there they're they get their feelings hurt because they did in under vertically challenged. So you know as good as our income plus for. Plus plus like I. I got to know over time either you know I work and all kinds of things so we're saying now Merry Christmas and a happy Chanukah tong and now hope is very very last. And does have everybody a wonderful wonderful holiday. Let's go to Steven he's got a question regarding Volkswagen settlement hasty in the on all things legal secretary and our Nikko. Seatbelt and keen Turbo diesels and of course of these missions so I just got a letter problem. Andy said they would like he gave me 7100 dollar friction car and meet key to. Well it just happens to be that way and he started processing this paperwork. Our code 7100. Dollar on this call. I'm wondering if that tally came up with the settlement. And who aren't and on top of that what do bought the car. 101000 dollar down which is more than most people do not have also been paying 200 dollars per month. On the pavement totally call option on the court down you know and now in the 68 Kroger. Dollar range. And I'm wondering what yeah. You heard some audio that. But have street Bernard. Call should I mean it's so all the same boat poured into this Batman and cheaper models. And this garden. Talked to so well in ten now. I know we had more moral and did. And he had a bit cheaper and well being between. And he probably 101000 on it right. Here. You know what nothing prevention you. From going back to them and saying look we can do it for fifteen and then we you know settling somewhere in the middle I mean you know whatever you think it's fair. I don't think that it's gonna go away. You know they're gonna have to. Seven you you know settle for some some amount so. I mean they just put pretty apparent that little boy is jailed for seven years last week so. I don't. Yeah but not think I think if you have there is a contact number or. If you get get a hold of him NC that we can do for fifteen and go the Nazi with Hewitt they sent that everything's negotiable right. Yeah because some choose to read and am Lehman and a few. Shadow which is it cheaper. And he receive. Our 6000 dollars so he's receiving them much. You know mark are doubling the Iraq War a thousand dollars more than it is what. And it was a year older so. You know part of the work probably promote this price so that maybe that's what are owed him a slower than yeah. You can bet. You can bet if you know people be like oh what a great deal my car we paid off and I'll get my emissions think fixed and all you know it'll be wonderful but you know now thinking unless there's some sort of time period in the letter. I don't think there's any reason. Why you can't hold that rule. In our. Thank you all right take care let's go let's go to Michael's got a question regarding unclaimed property hey Michael you and Carlton legal Texans are now the Nikko. Our. Question that's a web site I go to. Our. And grew weary and he sort out. They're currently. Or. Did it. Make you more you. Go out. Would that would perished you guys. Who. Was who want it what the security. Well they're gonna want they're gonna want more than that they're gonna want a judgment of possession because of someone dies they wanna make sure that the money goes into the Iranians. Of the legal Ayers weather you know whoever the court policed in possession of property so. I if you can you have a copy of a judgment of possession. Are knocking gift from the court if you go to a civil court and pull the records they can make a copy of four. It's. Yeah that's that's on the corner of loyal import procedures go to go to there and and go to the clerk's office. Bathroom you know look you can the other computer you can look up his name to get the case number. In just get a copy that judgment is that it's sort. Here in which would well yeah you might have you we get that acute can. You can probably get some good judgment possession and your Social Security numbers of the state will know. Who report that payment to. All all. What are your. Omnibus. You know yeah I. Go to court. It. Will. Assert per. Hour. Now you go to out yet on the fourth floor. Utter civil of the quirks are any go in the clerk's office. And there's going to be give a couple little computers around go on the air and in it pretty easy to do just type the last name first name. And it'll pull that case up and you know look for a succession. And then. Pull the case up and then you can get the case number of go to the desk and say look here's the name in the case number I need a copy of the record. The last thing in the record should be the judgment was. Oh. According property that. Yeah yet that you do it of course your church do go to be checked with the NC would of the documents that number probably some sort of affidavit that sort it out I parked my car. All right thanks in college go to Dan's got a question regarding workers are paid in in all things lead to a Texan terror now over Nikko. You know then again I don't go in nets before yeah. I have Merry Christmas Dan but I really real quick Leo. Forty years ago retired. And I thought Ohio workers' comp retirement. And it my employer is at all and noted that this does not work is gonna happen. Psychiatrist says that my problem was caused by. The word. But I took the regular recount made on. The idea that the employer. Was kind of forces Zealand. Because they had no that was not. Work related. All donated some problems was that it will work related. And that's about it cause united problems with the simple but that was always. Writing Leo and that sort of thing. I was present at the local unions who who. It is it really wanted to get rid of me this. I took the there's. Normal rate copy it atom bombing of the probably handle it is kind of release did it legitimate workers comp. Well is it too late to go back now and try to get the money is it would open because of differences. And he it would be the would be tremendous. Prop yacht yes indeed he. Basically have to do it either from one year from the injury all are. Concern occupational injuries that. More like two. You know maybe exposure to some type chemical use every year from discovering. Right that particular conditions but put it basically you'd have this to type of injuries in workers' comp this fiscal into history is physical injuries then there's. Physical injuries that. That spawn a also an emotional or mental injury and then mentally injures. And basically for our mental injuries they would say. You'd have to file within one year the manifestation of that calm and injuries so you probably. Police say as prescribed or expired. Yeah but is he that you feared that she you know you wouldn't know what. Well that has been very would be now it widget ER do well. I think they could probably pay play the tapes for you called for the last nine years and probably pretty much determine you're OK you're OK do you feel that would go side we have to burn the tapes the you very lucid. On you calls we have to say is he called mr. Arnold lucid in a bill and the rest of the time you're out of are arrive Amanda and Merry Christmas. Will to will talk to you next year for sure let's go to break Texans area over Nico you we can r.'s all things we'll be right back here this brief time out they were back Texans are covered they tell you we can lawyers all things legal let's go to phone lines let's go to Johns that question regarding child custody hey John you and all things legal actions or our Nikko. That's taken morning. I have a question of trying make it clear. In that in this situation temporary child custody agreement. Where the non custodial mother. It's visits once a week in every other weekend. With the job with the stipulation. That he picked him up from Arlene the gap compared. And then return him to Arlington gap and perish but at the Bob can pick it up. But she's driving him to patently. And dropping them off in Baton Rouge. Requiring the pop it got to batteries. On which to me against the court order. Serb. The court yes you know the server as as explained to me yes it if it's a written. There's a certain dropped off at a certain places a certain time yet to comply with that. And it's it's if you do you know if that's not occurring and it's been done deliberately. That is definitely. Contempt of court. Okay. But that does not but the father can't which hole which now because of mad because he'd be in contempt to court to. Right well at the radio address that is is. You have the attorney write a letter informing the opposing party are opposing counsel that this occurring. To immediately stock comply with the arm court order or the consent judgment they don't do that then they would file motions. For contempt of court. For failure to comply with consent judgment as part of that relief it's you know had to incur attorneys' fees for on this motion we'd like to have that. And possibly some other sanction. Issued by the court. Okay want to aside that the accused. Okay thank you okay let's go to dean has got a question or running partitions of property hate Dini on all things legal attacks and turn over Nikko. I don't think I take my column should learn. I have a question. About partitioning. And Harry house with my sister. And she lit at a town he gave her to come to agree to put out or they'll burn they're right. She told in the upright guy. Began about cricket I. Like to mention that it locked up. Not necessarily an owner can live in the house pending the partition. That they can and opinion partitioned along you see she can't. The state is she calm and days. You won't wood about when she's not there who stays in the house. The allies. If the owners have equal access to it so. And yet throw. Oh yeah and and and we find that happens quite a bit with co owners and you file petition for partition. And generally. You can asks court to point you know Astor courts appoint a real stage and to sell and then. And then if one of the parties has a problem with the price. You know the court and deal with that pretty quickly saying which unit. The other court gala that. I thought they would do it it would it would do it was court appointed. Appraisal. Well that if they can do a couple ways the generally do we try to get a real estate agent. And appointed and wants the real estate tanked agents appointed. They'll make a recommendation on a particular price based on market survey are possible appraisal. And if there's an offer and is a disagreement as to. Whether to accept it or not we you know that that can be thrown to the court the court law make the determination. Yeah for mom from pragmatic standpoint yes. And actually. Now. Yes. What does. It took a price then then then the court could order yeah. I got her opportunity to win and you'd weigh in and there. Oh. Yeah and yet are they keep. Now you can you can you'd give him server once there served in their put on notice yes. If you can give us a call gavel 48371304. Inevitable questions we got to go to a heartbreak. The bottom of the hour but that Texas Kolb didn't call we can now and we can walk you through a little bit more all right we're going tune. CBS update and also we're going to local news so we should be backer about four minutes and halting illegal so stay tuned in fair or back Turks in Germany could you we can r.'s all things that'll be on till 1130 I cannot go or broadcast without talking briefly about Ella she's going to Citrus Bowl. In their campaign. And I think what crazy about going back to Citrus Bowl but I am a love. The Notre Dame deal. He murmured you murmur you know south Louisiana was very. Notre do you I guess when LSU played today in early seventies I was like. Huge has probably the biggest games have played a shot from national championship games in the 171. And in I think in 69% money and jobs do you remember now when your kid. Do you remember Notre Dame come in on the highlights that 10:30 in the morning. Paul horning in on Lindsay Nelson told this before ESPN news before all ceiling had wondered too. College games right and then you have on Sunday morning and she would have. The Notre Dame highlights. LSU our allies and to land hard on its right and that's our that's all you got to seek you never saw the games on TV. So sort of grew up. Cause I entertain tan so that they be pretty good match up here. And ego let's go to the phone line it's let's go to mark's got a question regarding life insurance hey Mike general things legal effects of turnover Nikko. More good. Of course you all used to be buried mark. I hold my short form. And then around. There before he left among all figured out paying more well. So on that. Up from now. The fact that under the you know it's critical part of the aisle and get sick and money Apollo. And then there are laws that after seven years of they hear argued that the turtle state. I don't know the duration but yes that's typically what happens. If they if there aren't able to locate you disposed to senator had did you check the State's website. No I did not what your bed by eight months ago they called LeapFrog current art but it's a bigger Apollo the air mark what. And well I'll is that partly for. And is there any cash value left in ya know about miles yes within the debate did he DJs counterclaim. I did I hear that. Out period of about seven years they argued journal report. Well good thing they did you have to go through bunch of hoops are the you know you were able get your money. And you know cash it out. Yeah I got it boom Marty goes up. Marty. It was make without optic copper. Hi there but it would if they didn't find you you would had to go look it up on the State's website or on a policy that you didn't know anything about. I want to deposit money anyway. It's do I don't also. Count our count your blessing that count your blessings in your money go crime a bag of money and has had at that. Hi my card thanks for that. I'll think my phone call dial himself back and goes the guys and grant got there there I mean think about it you know the they finally did find him in and they notify human league they pay eighty miles you know it lost a little money because the policy was still in effect in the of course they had had to pay a premium price to paid premium of course so who's gonna pay if they do well exactly and so if they just turned it over to the state. Then nobody is gonna pay the premium it's gonna laps and you know so worked up and he had to go find it through the state. I so it was so what you're trying to say is Mike would have found a quarter on the ground he used that old honest non dollar known as an adult right. A lot of people like there's. Get that phone call right back to the coming year. They look arrogant angry at 41. Archer doctor are Willis will tell you let's go to break that exits are ever to curry we can lawyers often legal we'll be right back here is retirement day were back Texans area over Nico you weaken lawyers all things legal you know on the DL I'm mama get back on hellish future Dane. Back in 71 this is from Ramallah O'Neal's. When LSU played him I think he played your thighs then I think listen seven and it lost three nothing nickname in next year and 71. They beat Notre Dame 28 T eight which was probably used. Sop from national champ ship one of the biggest wins in history relish too it was on Saturday night Tiger Stadium solve a mythical night. But the interesting part laws. You know south Louisiana Tech hat heavily Catholic you know we all week you know sort. And one of the issues when LSU played Notre Dame early seventies was they were parishioners there were concerned. That the internal set the eternal salvation may be. Impaired. If they pulled against and a today. And so while some in the priest's. Priest had to say it's okay. To pull for against Notre Dame right one they played relishing the idea so. That has to sort of cute if you watch Notre Dame player and so and on Saturdays echo for church. And now but you know what I don't think they can have masks. Door and attending game could he got touchdown Jesus watching the game in the but he can be more whack was seen from the stated it's a beautiful I mean it's a beautiful statues though they touch on jesus'. This right there are so no I don't think it is. As prize either possibly for national championship game they could be a special dispensation that. That's that's way way above my com. Pay grade I doubt that that was it I remember that it was that's why it was such a big robbery back in the seventies because. Days they had they did have an emotional attachment people of south Louisiana who Notre Dame was that was the Catholic school right on TV every weekend. On the highlights and a lot of people you know the only sought three teams soil she to nine Notre Dame on the loose we cannot. My friend buff Myers. Was the first person to get cable television. And ESPN. And I went over there and unlike. I can't believe they got a 24 hour sports they talk with a no way this is what we're gonna make it way I'm gonna make 24 hours a day they must be bigger. Much repeat things over and over and over again this station and and load OK here and as it is here we are there's ten of them right well actually in early seventy's they would only have. One or two games the weekend one TV might have an actual game in May be regional game I was ABC. That was saints game saints game four blacked out because they've hardly sold out there were blacked out there were blacked out while there at Tulane stadium the most Martin. Because they had a black out rules I even even if there was a cell Pakistan far remember correctly I don't know but if there was a sellout big they would be on so that that I'm not in the beginning so maybe not Meryl got to begin early on that one allow gays you know being built. The purpose of the blackout was a certain hip people go the other two people go to regain its. Now now all we used to do. And our remit this is you can catch the series games on channel two in that owners and saw a member going my grandparents' house at times and get now. Get that TV antenna trying to catch that crucial I look at him pull them up you aluminum foil. NN and catching the snowy version of the saints came at Tulane stating from the from the Baton Rouge feet yeah yeah so but a Q usually when LSU played there's only three games there worn TV LSU maybe all burned. LSU Alabama. And possibly. LSU Ole miss but that was hit. It is so if you did good game you didn't see it now you have to listen to. John Ferguson Walter Hill. On a radio but that you know there was that settlement and an impact the Ellis unit to gain gain that was three nothing was not on TV but the one entire stadium on an unarmed 1971 when Andy Hamilton core two touchdown passes. Is it Byrd Charles was quarterback. That was on ABC national champion I was a nationally televised game which was really a big deal so it's okay now do you think Darius price. The gonna come back there's some rumblings. That he make combat. Well you know it I think it's a type of situation where. If he comes back. Our offensive line will be improved. They're gonna be a little older. They're going to be improved new quarterback inexperienced quarterback dumb and so. He had his draft stock MW officially he's amid he's in mid first round pick this year is that what they're they're gonna do they say did you ever see I thought it was me he duplicate of a second or third now that in the cities and he's a first round that I wouldn't combat. That's what I'm saying I think I come from a twenty year old kid. All my life wanted to play in the NFL and somebody's gonna play mean pay me millions of dollars to do it on a I'm gonna go get what Kevin Faulk came back if you remember. Alan Faneca and at the yeah denying marriage is that while yes. Well I wasn't his situation. He was I think it wasn't a financial situation with him. Well let me what was as far as patent I mean raw bars pains me in his living expenses and need to take care of family. But. Kevin Faulk do you remember the year that Kevin Faulk and Allentown or coming out the same there were juniors and and in Saudi expected that Alan Faneca with its today in Kevin awkwardly. It happened the reverse happened. Data collects his junior year and Kevin talks they proceed news and had a wonderful seeing year on the team didn't do so well but he had a great seniors so. Maybe that is a possibility I'm not. I don't know. But it would be nice he narrowly now. Crisis sought in the situation like the blind side he's got a couple from mom a famine from Catholic car this thought of taken command and you know if they did do something like that they can take got a big insurance policy he got hurt so they become financially and possibly ago but we got Kerry and a lot about to Ellis unit to dating game from 1971. They carry on a halting trio and sometimes sports. Out this week you got out. Erica nineteen. Right. In all. But two straight. All I wanna say listen. The word Al hunt if you don't know who is now. Well. That's you are. Now get it. All. Open. Yeah you saw that double move he did double move on. Dead dead OK. I was ten years old guys remember who's out who's out its allotment for Notre Dame on that game. There you go. You got. Probably three times. Is that directed to. The depths that that I got it. Why are you that would that game was sought to head a mythological. Since I mean this was like probably the most exciting game Tiger Stadium since the Billy cannon did it. They're in about a bank could not at. All in speaking to friends and defense but then. Debate. Its popular. Need to. Use that I'm able to being. Don't vote. They they wilted that's right they will it. I I cried because ago Terry Terry Terry probably watched games things how much do when you to be in they got the six minute highlight film of that do contain games so there you go all right take a break. All things legal sometimes sports will be right back at history Thomas Hedo would tell football stories I just got a call from bill back now who used to work for whose counsel for Johnny come. Back for you know four he still counsel for John beacon today first owners saints' first ours Sainz was now Copeland was dropped on me to some. But he was Kallis he's tell me a story about when John William caught the first. Kick off the rim ramps and on John was that talked to bill this week com. There's a friend his died in Nam he talked about the Atlantic game. And it's John union's response when he saw the ball coming to him on that first kick off his whole lord please the ball don't come to me. And then he said he caught the bondage ramp behind people's scores touch him because he'd never played in front of so many people. In particular game. Nick who's 83000 people right so when a ball is kicked off. The thought was oh lord please the ball come to me in that caught the ball and I just ram Han people aren't for touch and here's a guy making the best of us. The so thank thank thank the story bill so now bill's got more institutional knowledge of the new wall saints in any by work in this. Facing earth could he start out as a ball boy in 1967. And one up to be business manager assistant you know this is that your complaints Indy five and and he was sick counsel when they sold. So he's been on the show before. Says the site go back to Super Bowl definitely have him on field agree but he. New target guard you wanna give us a call back will be on for another thirty minutes. Yeah call us back we get a ten minute break we're gonna go local news and national news. And we'll see you back here in about nine or ten yeah.