All Things Legal - Hour 2

All Things Legal
Sunday, July 22nd
Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on issues involving trees, property drainage and leases.

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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews review of contracts and documents and research of the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorneys and guests of all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice. Communications with the attorneys on this program with a verbal or digital do not create an attorney client relationship. We're back that center Albert because you can hours all things legal whip back for our number two ended the BL AM FM dot com. You British Open watchers are you going to church. Looks like shifts shuffle. And Chappelle and speed or nine under Kitchener was nine under got caught in the trap and it took them. He he was shot to get our constitution has you know and so he's he's dropped to seven. I don't got a newsletter out here in the that we don't have sports today but we're gonna talk about two. If this is a minor league baseball knives or. In my guru this is as this is the sports headline millennial outraged after baseball team advertises. Millennial by. With avocados participation ribbons and napping stations. The Montgomery biscuits are hosting millennial like this weekend but their advertising on social media set off. An eruption of mixed feedback from the very group they're trying to attract. If I say lovers of snaps self fees and participation ribbons you would say Moline meals question mark. According to one Alabama model the baseball team those are the pillars of life for people born between the 1980s and early two thousands. Along with avocados craft beer in safe spaces. In an effort to bring younger fans to the ballpark the Montgomery biscuits are hosting when millennial like this weekend. With their advertising socially set off an eruption of mixed feedback. From the very group they're trying to attack the Tampa Bay Rays double a affiliate currently with a 1511 record. We did last week. Want three things without doing much work. When you're in luck. Who walks stadium will be millennial friendly on Saturday July 21. With the participation ribbing give away just for showing up. Napping and Sophie stations along with lots of avocados. So the bill article goes on but I just thought that was. Well you know the worst first ball. I doubt we're offending a lot of millennial because I target markets like Sacramento. Like I don't think Arnold. We're offending anybody people need to ever since you've been right where you know I mean widget but my definition you would defend Millen and listen in a lot of things a lot of truth is that congestion so. Instead of being angry about that is the only way you should be angry about that is its interest if it fits that description. If you if your life fits that description and if it does then you need to reexamine your life. But you know in this it to the doctor say on the and I don't know now looking at the wind and now this I don't wanna a signal any else. The SA spaces taken self fees that they're scared because of the things we just have defended exit. Well actually. You know. Like demographic wants Russia like in buck count over 75 were probably 80%. Look at us subsite we didn't do it there's too much long audience mean I've been here I'll I'll I'll will say this though. If Andy millennial a listening. Texas and we'll send you written. There you go for sedation and participation a listening reverend. That I would just clap for so as you guys are getting it just texas' 87070. And will on. In fact I'll go to whole foods and get some organic avocados got to mop and similar to get anybody on this thirtieth listening would love for you to Texas in your machine because you know who would be listened to listen to thirty. People starting for the ball. Good that we were helpful for help announce Ottawa which we've got a first hour and fifteen minutes that's gonna be anybody passable well if this entry questions we will we are finally gave up who bring barging into data probably over at least over ten years and if it's all online narrowing in it's just on what was the dispute schooling group via new school I know you like you like this writing the book extra apparently scratching stuff and pay making car and the more politics my second shot at Dan. Speaking of old school we have and calling back a column about trees they dad. We got to there we got a I got there and you twice but. It's. You know along the way I think it would make some money is just. Because of the stake is completely the trees. Put that. If we did Tiger Woods and bet that he is not win this year which would be to find out real bind and bond. And aren't. Six. Let's. Yeah that's him to a long deal. Field they'll. I don't know anyway two which you questioned the that such a victory tree guys itself look good friend. And he tells me that the law has been slightly changed on this. That trio of unique and so forth so I just like the death penalty. The lord has been changed again and I don't know wouldn't let him. Could there so I'm having that down the debt at this point that this multi. Well mom I'm unaware of it and and believe me I've been keeping up on because we get tree questions every week and you know it's it's a civil code article you know again that there may be the case out there that that's brand news that. You know interpret something a little differently but again it's a it's a fact by fact question by question you know. Fact based scenarios so. Everywhere everything's a little bit of with a guy called earlier about cypress means well that's part of the roots and so if it's interfering with your. Enjoyment of the property. You probably have a right to have that. Whose knees were moved by you war. By the owner of the property of other over the tree now if it's just leaves all trees dropped leaves so it's the it's going to be I guess the degree of does that leave staining and all that kind of stuff so its its effect please quote question. Domestic and you still on man I've solve that problem within these. Of debt problem and. The tree was obviously. Ultimately takes the act. And shops whose knees and put drowned out. The true and that got. I. They go area that's all we're Vito Carling on the salute were there you go direct Greg thanks for the call okay Albert I love this now you see you just offended the millennial that I didn't well it in instead now social media and our tax because that's the method community. Auto Hillary let's look at it throw let's look at the text on the WBO fees account rights as yes I'm a millennial and listening. I'm pretty offended by the napping participation awards stereo troops I think we should have a geriatric night how would people like that OK right now. Believe that at least 25 year old listener animal video I look forward to my hand picked avocados and listening ribbons this made my morning they. So we've got somebody with a sense of view and somebody do not so much of a sense you in the geriatric night would be great average area. You ought to have it here I'm out like the Metamucil. Metamucil or would do all get out out what a guy who they'd have their own little napping in the newspapers and newspapers at. Exactly. Newspapers. One. Art film. But that's. I got to Houston delicious as well my nine year old grandmother doesn't seem to mind. Not sure if you flip phone gets the mode geez here's a picture of avocados to look for critical but. That's funny. So knowing I mean we love. We got Melinda got fog a fumble I assume a little bit leather whip in the house we just have fun absolutely does have its form the idea here's another hey Doug I inherited some ruse bush is in my brother inherited 300000. Do you think that's fair. That's that's the Rain Man in his residence there at Reagan era was Charlie Babbitt yeah. We we can do that now. In Louisiana. Rain Man would be forced there. O ring there would be if he is here over 24 years old but he is a disability right and he probably had the type of disability where he couldn't be written about it as well. Correct so well and in this situation it didn't matter because yes it is now Lamar got the trust anyhow right now now Tom Cruise could be written out because he was over 24. Who's to over 23 over 2324. Over right and then you know use yet at that point. You can be written out but if you will buy you practice in Louisiana and Louisiana he can't do with who he got the rose bushes. Pride yeah but that would I doubt that would constitute if he was a forced error no it would do that got me a rose bush is when Jack constitute a fourth of the value of the estate right. So so sarge should Charlie. All right well sub. Let's take a break after offending millennial social hour really so low since you're so well be right back after his brief time out or back. Texans chairman equally we can r.'s all things legal. You start a firestorm with a small meals. That's our. So you will you wanna read the oh legal tax first of the millennial tax. Let's and you. It got a lot of I'm millennial Yemen offended yet. Yet I'm offended by that because you have an offender being yet come on you can trial. And of course not not good that we're joined defending the horses no punctuation so it is probably. Now. All right holiday hit it's if it like the the object was not a fair and it was to a news. Mr. it has a number and I got the green this wind I got got the flight time with the. Yeah I had a flat tire and cause why I did not hit the wall all my side airbags deployed to offer came. To help in that center reported to the collision report he said he didn't do report yet to report is a collision because airbags deployed true. I found that not only did some air bags deploy but there also may have read the computer says deployed but it didn't. So should I take and which EMC for faulty aerobics. There's two aspects of this the first aspect is. From may. Informative perspective yes she could tell GMC if he can bring to dealerships that this would a car. And then you could ask them to look into it now from a lawsuit damage perspective. Probably not because. You noticed you don't you don't have any damages ME IPO have had that all the airbag deployed in you know broke somebody's jaw. That that would be if. Email and I wanted to either this team's two aspects of a lawsuit. Okay the first aspect is. Some type of cause factional violation. Where somebody did something worth they would supposed to do. And they have legally responsible for. But the second part is damages. So you need both in a lot of times people do things like maybe a physician. They may make a mistake. That's not in accordance with the standard care. But the mistake doesn't have any consequence to. This is a mistake and it doesn't have any damages. So therefore you might have had a situation where for example if today didn't diagnose something the first time they diagnosed as a week later in this new low. Well should he had diagnosed the first time yes. Was a BI may be that stand preaching to stand here yes. But how were you damaged because a week later was taking care. And so in situations like that people's while the doctor did something wrong doctor did something wrong. And how and I jokingly say they are fine gradually say you'd have a lot of damages if you're dead. Right. You know but you know everything worked out so therefore even though they might have been a violation. Right. Of standard care like in medical malpractice. There was no damages all for example if somebody. Rear engine and Bob shoes. Can you get out the car you're not hurt there's no damage to the car. Right Dave violate. The civil it's a civil. Duty. Yeah us they were handed you. Is that is that a cause of action in court the house. Is that necessarily. Entitle you to damages not unless you have some type of property damage that needs to be repaired or your hurt but by the fact that they did that. In action to damages. There's not really going to carry the day in court so when you this is just for you bar bar. Students who have taken the ball you have to have both. It causes of action were. Right after he's he texted while you were speaking mark Karr is getting totaled out because of air decade ago. And now you have damages now have now I was I got before and that yet should take all the photographs bring it I would bring it to a collision shop. And have them. To inspect the vehicle to determine that there was no impact to the side of the vehicle and get them to write a report that's something consent to GMC. Along with need to file that which insurance companies to well it's gonna accept as the manufacturers while with the probably is that yet as missed manufacturer's defect right but the problem is that you're in unity and have been hit up for Europe. Deductible if you file a collusion playing with the now the totalling out his call. But he's gonna have to pay I would do both. Form a perspective a file with your insurance company. And also. Manufactures defects. In throw it all against the wall and see mystics. Aren't as good of Beaumont is go to Brian he's got a drainage issues they've prying and all things legal attacks concern now over Nikko. More good morning which got Parse Brian. After our opt for a piece of property terrible years ago and it's our decisions start this. Little barrier problem. During the North Shore. Yes or owner nor. Com. He probably. Two acre property in order for it will be toward. Column most of the property and actually the last fifty years. We're drawing from door to go corporate during onto my neighbor's property. Our portion of their neighbor's property it will and so. They probably never even news. You know. That the properties are trying their way even our home until structure. Or longer socks on my property. And what record do you like those areas where it's been actually doing it in years aero thing. If they see. Which work buoyant. On the low water. Where wooden which goes there to say about it as it would be highlighted their point they may notice there. Well you've been you've been Connor hitting the nail on the head come natural drainage. Hum. Is. You know flows with the land and so there's actually some some civil code articles that talk about. Not. Being able to prohibit the natural flow or natural drainage of lands that are. Higher than yours so you certainly have the right for your property to drain on others' plans through the natural channels. If they do something to truck that. You may have been issued now if you do something on the other hand. Two may be concentrate that and enhance the drainage. That goes onto their property. Then you know you may you may be faced with the new issue. In in having to correct that disperse it a little differently. So that's something that you you need to have to be concerned about. Well as far as enhancing that would be directing Mort we want to go to. Our area particularly aware that we share. Well yeah because if you if you directed to more. So what more. Specific area than that area of the that the lower lying property. Is going to sustain more flooding I would assume again you know without you and you have to get surveys and experts and all that sort of thing for certain litigation. But down. The Q were so there's a match business and a natural servitude. Created. By. The owner of the hire lane and I guess. In the servitude is on the lower layer and they have to accept your drainage because just water drains and so. It so so there's a way to minimize that in New York construction I would take all steps necessary to do that. Archer what are the you can tell me honestly I mean are you are. Or take away anything we shark grades. And found all elevations. Are areas that were naturally below their three separate area of Eden and all I see it lowers. Continue to get access to their water. How would you should be okay because while looking at right now civil code article 656. Come. It says the owner of the Serbian estate which means the lower land. Situated below may not do anything to prevent the flow of the water the owner of the dominant state you. Mean I do anything to render the certain servitude more burdensome. We can talk about this after we've got to take a break if you if you. Hold through brick we got a CBS update and then we got local news sold back about four men assaulting his swing will stay tuned Texan Terry Albert because you can r.'s all things legally in the also calls how law firm of Nikko and sedentary it Bible 483713045048371304. Let's go back to fall months go to Bryant. Where continue our discussion regarding his drainage issue owners. Rural property correct. Try it up Brian yes I was. Talking before the break. For those who just tuning in about. You have land that drains on to your neighbor's land and you. Want to add some Colbert for some further and further drainage. Too good to your property is that correct. Yeah yeah okay so again it we do music was cut a plane we have to go to that heartbreak with the civil code Oracle's 656 states that the owner. Of the Serbian state. Situated below. May not do anything to prevent the flow of war meaning they could not do anything to dam up your natural flow. Can I ask a question on that sure what we're. What did all under there is if there is the paper plan that wooded area. And course believe in him thanks all and end in their properties built out whatever are sure. You know would there be something it was a treat for you out there for the water can to continue to move. Well I don't think I think that if you're tapping happening naturally. I I don't know that they have any any positive duty to go ahead and clear that's who you're laying can flow. Or through you water can flow from delay and come. In in the the other part of that. Step they're so good article states that the owner of the dominant states situated above. May not do anything to render the servitude more burdensome. In case so when you when you look at some of the cases that discuss this this is a a a Louisiana Supreme Court case from 1838. Almost 200 years ago and I'm pretty confident it's so well. Same law it says the owner of the superior state cannot make on his only in any works. Which would change the natural passage of the surface water. On the one below by collecting it on a single point in giving thereby a more rapid current. It. Actors so if we if we are here are three. Year old. Point of global water. Work out what are naturally being. All we did you know give actor took their area. And everything should be aren't. What does that mean give access to those Ares. Would. I fart accepts what Colbert like the water flow where where where it's been slow from the letter. In years. Again it is if it's going to calm. The increase their daily flow. On to that neighbor's property. At this specific locations. That you might might have an issue. Yes so here we go at this is another case in this cases from 1980. In order and in the again this is just a little blurred the kind of toast you with the case is about. In order for owners of dominant a state to dig ditches and install car over to divert surface waters from that that natural flow. Owners of dominant state must require conventional servitude. Which means you have to negotiate and pay for that servitude. From the Serbian owner of the servitude of natural agreement does not permit dominant state. To me drained more burdensome by directing greater volume of water onto this Wednesday. So it longer arms or creating. Higher water flow our. You know our policy in normal problem and in any finger been doing and then it's. It seems like that's the case McKenna I'm I'm. It probably is gonna depend on on how much water tends to flow that way in and whether it's noticeable to the to them. And then all of you say look you know we're getting twice the mark twice the water we used to get because injured. Diverting it from other areas of your property concentrating it on these three Aries. Which I would've done that put but it might of you know seeped into your land. As it got to those points. So you know aren't ya so. I guess I guess try that your own risk you know and and know that there may be some consequences in the you know. Well thank you guys that are moderately appreciate I think they're helpful. Our prankster called. Did you knew all those Kuhn Oracle's and that 1838 Supreme Court case off tell you how that money there and carried it last night and you haven't started you know I'm trying to. Trying to teach those kids stake in the bar exam that's something. That would be very good beaten up possible question duel over proper question a proper course that's that's get. That. And again those those types of questions. You know as as our state gets more and more. Physically developed. You know you're gonna have fewer and fewer of those types of issues with. You know you're delaying flowing on to the neighbor's land although even in developed neighborhoods then moved the law is the same I mean you know you. It's why when you put up offense or if you had some. Phil to your backyard. Come in starts draining on to your neighbor's yard you need to put a chain wal on that fence and make sure that it drains towards the street towards the drainage. In the UC neighbors fighting over that kind of thing all the time the outcome. They are and they built their house so yeah you build your house and all of a sudden you know and all of a sudden an agreement sideways or upside decide on each neighbor's property. They need to build a chain wall and make sure that order drinks sports history and that's that's that's an issue this. A little more comments saint Tammany parish and a my expert coming MM you have we have neighbors are marsh street fight about that that that I'm aware of so I'm sure it happens you know more often than not but yet that's. That's the question and I think this guy was just trying to. Divert the divert through. Low water from his property to those three natural areas but I have a feeling it may increase the flow in the Azeri. All right but that's boy you got up early property class assembly area freshmen are now 73. All right let's go to break. Texan Terry. Howard Nico you weaken lawyers all things legal will be right back after his brief karma or backed exits are over Nico you we can lawyers all things legal poor get to attacks. In a British Open I'm looking at the golfers. And our I like I grew up in the bleachers mean no. Doug Sanders. Arab studies is Seve Seve Arab but you know they were like. You know these. Smoke. That it may be able cocktail on and frowned then. You know they'd they were like you know went after the after the they've play around they go and have few Beers probably have a big goof day in. These these golfers. Look like. Athlete tells you I mean whatever mare Lotta money Wednesday and I mean they are athlete they used to think if you go lifting weights waits in Mississippi gulf swing right. And it but I mean their you know their cut there they look like phenomenal athletes this is its interest thing. Contrast because if you look at the olds chose you say who these. Old soul ballplayers Segovia or Sunday that I dearly softball players we you know win in British Open but. You know heights it. Father died due line owned his head up obviously in my mother's is you know pro actuary does distrust alone at least you know you we sentenced Reid to trust let's read the trust. And it's funny that he put most of his assets in the rest with what's not into irrevocable trust. And if it's not an irrevocable trust and goes in we're gonna have as it gets thrown away you go through proving our succession. Now we'll say this when you have a rebel Coble trust for husband wife. Busy the language it says upon the death of the first spouse. It continues to be grab a cobol which means you can undo all our it becomes irrevocable. On most of trust that we do. With the living trust upon a death the first spouse they make any rebel Kabul because they don't want to second spouse three direct. The assets are you know provoke it and then maybe do something else when that'll get talked into doing it when they're in their capacities not there so so you have to read the trust. But it would probably say it would be a section where it says remic ability. As to whether there's rev a Kubel upon the death and the first spouse. Or your rebel cool or pointed out to the second spouse now and you see where Duvall also pointed out there in the in the in the trust them it may go to use it may go to you as a benefit that area and a second party who knows that little section says beneficiary in his said the following Shelby. The successor beneficiary of distrust of Florida on death and whoever's name did is so. A lot of questions is reading it in when she read it. Then you could have questions as to. How to apply the terms and conditions of the implications of that so there. They go on that all right let's go to Donald's got a question regarding a return and be deposit on at least take Donnelly you know all things legal Texans are now for Nikko. You know Kubel and applauding yeah. Questions regarding the return deposits. And I ran across. Because Louisiana law it's stated that. These lessor is through. We're returned to deposit within one month after the date and if you terminate correct. Already though you know send a statement. So I wanted didn't you remedy you want reasonable where they're so full right. Pan out. How does that work of forestry time mean. I'm looking at least that in that on June 11. So over says with a one month after the date of Tennessee terminates. When would they be obligated to provide this statement. July 11. Yes and so it's a statement it's it's an accounting basically if you gave rumor. Thousand dollar deposit there and do it they have a duty within thirty days to return that now of course you need to provide them that would triggers this though is you need to provide the landlord. With. A bit all keys return all keys and give them a forwarding address. Look at the incident or differences the keys were not returned to the following day that would just pushed back one. Yeah I mean the guy that's fun but I mean you know again if he would have to you know. Bring that up but again you'll case in July 12. OK so if they didn't. Provide a statement. Activists say it was a male vocal lines thirteen. Would that have any ramifications. Of foreigners. Who were mean did you get your deposit. No to the peace statement notebook. Against which is itemized yet they exceeded the deposit. But there was still obligated to provide that would do boot of thirty days correct. Yes. So that they didn't. Does that anyway absolved via attendant slipped called songs of any consequence. Nobody it may subject the the landlord to attorneys' fees for failing to prepare to provide the the organization. But no you got it doesn't mean that there off the hook because if you damage the property they have a right to collect threat now. What would technically happen is the could be the judgment in favor review. As you know we'll reconvene or actually filing that plane. As of the original plane if it could be a judgment for you for the thousand dollar deposit and for attorneys' fees for failing to return that. He would still there and have as the landlord have a right to. Come after you for any damages. That. War in excess of that thousand dollars so in other words you may you may get judgment for a thousand that it may be offset by 2000 dollars in damages in repairs. So are really wouldn't. These anything to bring. Up other Namibia negotiated. Oh yes you can give me optimization bylaw you required to do that if we got to go get my money back you look at right now I mean you are you disputing the fact that. You damage the property. Well we actually meet with a vote Tuesday Al wasn't. We wanted to attend electrical song. Slow love they give us a statement we're going to be would try and I guess committees. Yeah they got photographs or any of that stuff for a you know. Diligence there's got photographs after and so do you have been there before inferno. Volatile. I mean yeah yes I think so then you have an issue. Of fact that it's going to be you know. Proven upon. It Trier of fact in its credibility issues but. But still the police deposit issue is is absolute they've got to return that within thirty days. Or return to reduced amount within item is patient and apparently they're done. I look thank you that's. You can argue don't follow this as we're talking about leases from one needles in his sauces theme now you know like Mullen deals like the Shaka. You know I'm saying like this that come on over. You know they meet me in this statement about what we're meals and I'll like to. But now I must say this would happen does that happen on the one is that this really does happen the so once you know if you if you if you have someone you meet. Deposit Q. Some. And then and they eat meat and they come in and and implement with the and then you have a fight you you on the house or you own apartment and you want him to get out right. Lot down there saying you know what he can't kick me out because Obama resident here and you can't just could you loan it. I'm a resident here and you have to get evicted. In so it's it's happened more more more more I get that call all the Ottawa get him out of my apartment. And we'll get him out of my house I give it. So to couple comfortable probably question just beware miles here when you do that if the you know because I know when you need at JS that should all be doubly. And you know it's like who don't spend the rest well I've Yuma sun and you my moon and you complete me you know accomplishments. But then when he don't feel that way anymore and yes from the sharper with you and you bottom out you can't always ask them to leave right so. I guess someone to get the text now we don't war America arena anyway includes clips cookbook. Whoa man will be trouble mark is wanna come home so Wallace listed take a break and ducks and Sarah Albert Niko you'll weekend lawyers all things legal will be right back after street Thomas all right we're back. British Open. Shares fell shall file. Is nine under its beef has done under. And tiger's seven under making a little bit of a charge. Speeches mr. day 33 foot Birdie Putt Brenda rimmed the cup and he tapped in for a par. Also we have a tax good morning I have an LSU football question which I'm always applies to answer. How come LSU and Alabama have the same bye week every year than play each other. The next week. Is that is that fair. Does that make good TV ratings now fairness. It's not an issues. But I approached it's all about good TV rate well it's it's a couple things first law it is a testament to LSU football program. That Alabama. Is a priority. In scheduling to have that bye week before relish the because they haven't they have a rough stretch your play Ellis unit you play Auburn within 3433. Weeks vitro and in Georgia's within a couple we will do so. So that's why Alabama does it now she does have the same reason because Alice. Alabama's Ella she's biggest rivals no question about that its its arrival now the only problem with that. And you know wasn't as part of a road less files that you have been until recently. But when you gave less miles two weeks vs Nick Saban two weeks to prepare for a game. That wasn't fair and if you gave them a month and a half like they did or month like they did for the 2012. BCS championship right and I going to be a contest. So Alabama does has strategically because. They. Bye week because they got hellish both congress LSU Auburn drivers coming up that took the time do it you know she does have the same reason because they got Alabama. All miss Arkansas. Coming up does next for three weeks it's just a good time to do it. And yes. Fairness doesn't matter and. It has all of the file lose the money sure sure it's all about the ratings it's all about 7 PM on Saturday night. You know watching and knows what an Alabama and hopefully it's a game and people. Hopefully if who if we have some you. Equity as far as the LSU win diffuse it's going to be is probably one of top rivals nation and you know that except for the fact they'll she's always. Can ask a quick question yes mr. potter what if the el Sheikh Ahmad ratings and how important it is wonderful issue is really bagging this year despite just by chance. And it comes up on that will a major network even pick it up or I did I. I think very moved to till 7 o'clock OK so it's it's it's it will be at 7 o'clock in the we even with LSU Alabama arrive or if you remember in 1993. LSU was had a losing season Alabama was ranked number one would gene stallings. Ellis you went into Alabama beat him. An elusive and then knocked off number one I was one I think. Jamie Howard was quarterback and that was at the believe that the crow at home and there Harris who's this third year so even if Della she's having off year. It's the Conner rivalry that will attract national attention and I think it'll be. I think he'll be okay this year at again coach show I think to go on exceed expectations. I think we have a quarterback who could win and we've just got to get him up to speed next three or four weeks get ready for Miami Ellie she starts. And though boob who's received 47 days at the forty days the countdown LSU Miami took the first game yeah. OSHA and Jerry's dome which airs playground Jerry world Jerry world how little. I will be there I'll be called and that Sunday morning for that side they're all right so we'll see next week and all things legal B couldn't be blast.