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All Things Legal
Sunday, July 22nd
Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including the legal aspect of NFL players and the National Anthem protest, an upcoming Christian Brothers fundraiser as well as tree issues.

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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews reviewer of contracts and documents and research in the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorneys and guests of all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice. Communications with the attorneys on this program with a verbal or digital do not create an attorney client relationship Dumont. Since there covered because you weaken or result frankly millions call 260187. Or Texas at 87887. At WW LA MFM dot com's. And we are so Albert. That Albert because this morning why Albert that they are concerned this morning to sorry go right in the middle of summer. You know newest unofficial starting talks. On official marker for the starting of training campus with the British Open Brit U got the British Open. In the following week he started having a smattering of openings for trying to do this is like. The last event that Wu. Preceding. Football. And football more football for months right now I remember in nine years ago I think as a second year and show. Tom Watson that 57 years old was winning the British Open. By once drove rather I think on eighteenth hole which would have been. Probably one of the greatest accomplishments. In sports in the history of sports for dinner seven year old man to win absolutely median 5556. Tomorrow. I can appreciate that. But. And we will watch in this and I remember I think woo who were on in about 945. He's on the eighteenth hole. You know trying to keep or you know do and show watch and watch match and then had a little meltdown he had the melting yeah. I I really kept up to that I don't hit TV sir we just moved right and I'm dealing with the efficiencies. Of the utility companies. Are here which. It's been three weeks without. TV so I've been out of the loop on do you miss it. On burial and the I obviously. I shouldn't say this I think about 80%. But what's on TV's describe. Our our I mean I don't know just judges and on. On the major stations. Now I'll watch sports. Alike to doctor you know History Channel and you know watching us watch so religious channels but. I don't watch anything else I mean there's not really misses a lot. People have you know cut the cable and got away with game got away from it and now it is you know by a couple of services. You know the Netflix and that kind of stuff in the just watch what they wanna watch and then go over the air for the and it's a mission as a make you Rangel did in just like I just my opinion my opinion of ducks serie a which. Mean absolutely worst not what you know the problem is. You know when you have 300 channels. It's just real hard for those people to come up with new stuff and come up with stuff that's. Going to be you know. You've been through so what which is why sports and reality have become so popular. Because it is it is alive it is unpredictable. Ince turned to sports it's it's all you know it's it's old. Competition and you just don't know the outcome. In the instinct thing with the reality show you know the who's got talent who's got this in all those kind of things. The some of those some of those can be found a fund you know reduce it in again it's all live in spontaneous and the scripted ones like. That's scripted but. Comic can and they tell them what to do what to say. I could live without all that but you know I think you have some of these channels like HGTV channel. And they're gonna play fixer upper five days straight property Brothers five days straight. And so it's like that all day long if you don't particularly want to watch says you're never gonna watch that trails I understand the whole. The whole binge walking out there all weekend all the talk policy. Truth is stranger than fiction. And SY watching like watching the History Channel. You know if Winston Churchill. Something on now. Law mall over it because that's I mean that's. Interest and it's it's it's why we're here today brought a lot of reason that a look very interesting story about that you talk about History Channel. And Bobby a beer and hourly a lot of people know this. And one Bobby retired. From. NFL he lived in nice suburban neighborhood where a lot of players Clinton. And his kids would come back and talk about. How can I say this nicely. Till they played football. So maybe they were not. Interest as interested in other subjects moderator TO. Until Bobby would did wanna be a prototypical. Ex NFL player right we just played golf and just sort of you know lived on as prior career. And he decide to order at the time I think is in Atlanta they set of encyclopedias. In random from a disease. And learn everything about human history. And he would tamp things. Like you know something he says will we get a book on this when we do because he wanted for his kids. To be more than a football player maybe someone who has a lot of dimensions and very thoughtful men and after you people under forty and encyclopedic. Is is a volume move collection of books that talk about certain topics in new indexed alphabetically but in the in the NH UTT Bob. Not that. But he Bob the one used to work would W that goes in Baton Rouge mob wanna play they'll sue right. He. He's if you listen to when he was derby derby are populist do matters very very thoughtful and very very multi dimensional and is now Isaac. I agree in and around. And and and so you know and that and ask carry over to do not that was interesting story that I'd love like he's a big fan of Winston Churchill picked and the World War II right. Right and you read up on it and our blood you know. It would it would be very fascinating to do to get his take on a lot of you know a lot of historically events that he really I mean he dug into it that you know I don't wanna. Right really learned this in itself just sought in Kensington. And storybook. We got that on TV. But we do have the British Open now I have no idea who's winning and who's now when it. But will when they went he's the espy's has leaves. You're leading the restaurants because who is wearing right now but again not. You know I I've I hate when the good news media. Hi oops Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is his. Has been irrelevant for the last five or six years but they keep trying to. Insert him into the conversation over and over and over again to lead story even right here and every W well. Was you know Tiger Woods in the U we get the British Open Tiger Woods whose numbers unit is finishes is that six right now. Well let's talk about the guys who've been playing hard and great let's say Jordan's speech. Is winning me. We've beat British Open right now. And Tiger Woods is you know if somebody wants to say which you know they're gonna follow Tiger Woods through this whole thing and so here these new guys coming in to golf. You know these other players that are out there and it's like the Tiger Woods is not why people watching us well. A killer application is leading America. Well. It's interesting Powell. To tie the meat you know the sports media and the EES 10 PM ish media. Bills that guy up. He at the pinnacle. Has some measure of enjoyment and turn them down. And now there. Error. Golf. Realizes that he would he'd. Brought the popularity of golf back to its glory from the you know that the Jack Nicklaus on all former days and so. I get that but at the same time. Look at the popularity is there the people you know these other players are out they're playing great golf and you've got more people watching. In you know who. All we can talk about a couple of tournaments ago logo you know Tiger Woods did make the cut it over and over and over. You ruling was so what. We know what the British Open if you remember it was the tournament that John Daly excelled and I think he won twice in John Daly came out of nowhere and and he was sure. City park. North golfer. You know I mean he's out there he's spoken during the round prize he's from here. Probably got something in the water he's got a Bluetooth printer he insists that he Hoosier. Blue collar. You know just just just sought of pedestrian. I call for a Hmong. You know the rest of the country club in well cropped and very you know very. Against polite and so you know that's I fishy if you have like a Bill Clinton. Or some type of antithesis. Of you prototypical all right the this auto market saying sorry Eunice yeah this is fun this is formed well. They're in the bad boys of sports have always gotten their dues you know the from Rome what was the what was your quarterback. For the bears. Jim McMahon and McMahon yes there's a bunch of religious a lot of lot of the the guys that are out there you know. Being that stupid. That's the system make in my mouth beans and it felt all right but we're gonna talk along its you know it's in middle. Hurricane season we had had a nothing to see you know luck on this Formica table you know that the hurricanes when they say it's a prediction. It means is and yes as far as well limits yeah but we're so our I wish you know I could go to Vegas and say look I think this incident saying to gonna win nine games. And then all of a sudden they struggle Erica I think they're gonna win seven now I want to change my prediction. He's these weather guys are mean I ever and I appreciate that. There with so this is what's the point you know if you get if you unit. Change your prediction by three war came to two more named storms it's like and we really telling us though don't. You there so. All right we'll listless let's take a break we'll talk law this coach Jerry Albert Nico you weaken or is all things legal. We're not call for analysts just for show will be right back after his great drama were back there since there over Nico you we can lawyers all things new we'd like to talk sports and we elect talked long. So would I wanna talk about has a little bit of both finishes this one Amare. Clarification so I think is needed. Four. It's civics purposes or purposes. The generation of school children who aren't being taught civics and have been some. Interesting ideas about constitution government First Amendment and that sort of thing. The NFL. An NFL PA NFL is about to implement which is NFL players association which is to implement rules regarding the national audience them. And then. And then you know which NFL if they had. Did have a weak kneed wimpy. Scary. Boom boom. Commissioner right who who probably responsible for losing 10% of the populace watch an NFL and spoke to decrease the sponsorship to a certain extent or to GQ increase in the increase of sponsorship. Is is has. Has decided not to. Implement any rules and take a pause on the National Anthem policy. Now everybody has an opinion about that and I don't really wanna get into it but what I wanna deal with as a warrior. This to get to clarifications. Because I hear these knuckle heads. On ESPN. Who obviously didn't take civics. Who is borrows. These Talking Heads who espouse that hate these players have a First Amendment right. To protest. In a NFL uniform. On the field. Doreen work. And again and so then you have a whole generation. Of young people who don't take civics who do watch ESP and and believe debts to truth and it's not the First Amendment com. Only is a right for freedom of speech but it does have limitations. And when you're working. In Euro on the job. You do not have a right. To express your First Amendment. Your opinions. And keep your drop. I mean you may be able to do that in new employer may say which he NFL's may be saying right now. We'll let you express your political opinions because everybody has warmed. And you can keep your job but if they wanna make reasonable restrictions. All on. Oh X voicing your political opinion or other opinions they can do that. So vetoes so for you young people who just got a job and enterprise leasing or you know working your first job. You know and in and you see something in the newspaper or something that upsets you about our country which that's another story. It and you decide to make a political protest about it. While you're getting paid. Why are you supposed to be doing it job for your employer. You may be fired. So just when you know it but I think this part of that. So our frustrating to me. That people take. Or. Sarah richter the service less perfect example in a forget the name of the baseball player but he was his baseball player. And I I've I don't know if you made a comment about race or. That would somebody who is gay or something along those lines. And he was released. They fired him from his from his job. And so and this was not in the context of playing the game right he didn't do it on the field he didn't do it but he did it outside of it and social media. And he was he was terminated yet because there's some things that sports you know and I think he's got a better. Argument for free speech to those outside because it was outside of the arena it was outside of the playing field. You know if if these guys have their own. If they they've got their own soap box. You know a lot of them do these endorsements in the big it interviewed all the time. And so they have the opportunity to make those kinds of statements outside of that the playing field and like you like you mentioned before if somebody socks pulled out of their shirts not talked yet. They they can they can get a fine Gary barber wrote an awful. Reported to the NFL and you get five that's right and budget yeah so I'm not Eric and again. Will you. The debate as to kneeling and not dealing the national anthems probably debate for new show or Rama show. But we're told it's a legal matter it's a legal matter but I just wanna correct. The misconception. Especially for the under forty. Who probably want to school and it didn't teach civics they didn't have missed a great house like I did in a missed out to Belo who who were. Would be to if you went to delta and took them so they can brother Gail Obama leading in Israel grow leading into your nice clothes segue a secular congress that if if if you if you didn't if you would not wonderfully educated like that by some brilliant teachers you may have real misconceptions just that role of government. The role of the amendments bill writes. Can you saw alike say you know what. This bill this this this amendment it's black and white. But we don't really we don't wanna pay attention to that one but there's all these other rights. That would never mentioned by the founding fathers that really meant to be there right and I think that's why. We haven't such a debate today as to you know with federal constitution but a lot of it's due to. Respectfully. I don't wanna say ignorance because that's hard but being. And in form as that is that's what ignorant means but that is equal nice either over or under its means that you just don't know. And so so anyway my only point being is if you watching ESP and they start lecturing you about the First Amendment. And the rights. Just to saw like you know turn it all right so take it would bring solace is is just a couple of guys talk in that to happen. People over here and right in the subject I have no idea what yeah. Everybody if somebody was at the as it used in in our office Duggan and they walked in in there be one of our employees and all of a sudden they decide they're gonna protests and sit in the middle of the hallway. You know and in do whatever. Sorry you know you gotta get to work or audit it's time for years ago. I'll I'll tell you this if you wanna go work for Nikko and sincerity he can still post a lot of bad things and social needs. The worry that hired people who fizzle if they don't we go higher on the way right on the way in and look that's a that's good advice for any job. So Benet but it was that you look so we're gonna have brother Gail conduit Condit Condit. From he's got. Christian Brothers celebration coming up so we just gonna talk about that. And we're always saint Paul's guys and they'll sound our will were yes. We're indebted visitors who broke left to lose the most value tradition there you go so we'll be back with brother Gail and dean if you could hold hold on through the break and through brother Gale Norton was called back there are call back so will be right back after. CBS update and local news we're back ducks and Terry Albert Nico you weaken or is Albert's graduate Saint Paul in 1979. Schools all the records and hit lot of records to the quarterback era and around probably holds a few records about maybe rushing rushing rushing yard records to go our way through. I don't know if we've ever captors but I'm I mayor as a quarterback who I don't know and Hillary and from a life but if I hit it in Dell's and that's not a cut testament to the offensive line but and also normal grad from. They'll sell 1980s. And to Christian Brothers were. All arms were wonderful they will break it just phenomenal Diller still beautiful tomorrow. Are and will be eaten and we have brother did Gail Condit on the phone hey good morning brother Gail. Good morning event brother Gail I don't know if you remember but at the Dell sciele. State championship game when they're playing new high. I saw you wave to you and you'll probably very polite and wade back I don't know with him in our laws but I knew who you are. And just not thank you for joining us this morning and Alberts and take it from here. Yeah abroad I understand that of course through the LaSalle Ian tradition from ships are. Saint John the Baptist still a cell. It weighs. Started this whole Christian Brothers thing can you give us a little bit of that history and tell us about. What we're celebrating. Well I'll be happy to before I'd do that much credit Doug. I've learned and a chance she get over thirty years Beijing can't forget. I. Thought I heard so forget that indicated potential action against member. In terms. Don't well changed about diesel into that the club opened at first Christian Brothers school. And 1680. Can't went. One job that you still outside and 1790. There were 25 Christian Brothers schools and French. And change try and they have advanced. If you will eighty countries of the world all in now close to 1000 schools in this country. That's awesome that's awesome now. I do do we have a a number on Louisiana how many we have here in Louisiana. At the present time for school. It is today. Saint Paul and Covington. Which the Brothers took over in 198 G and prior to see that it victims that are in June. We're running school Brothers took over 98 she. And then we open style high school in 1949. Following. Christian Brothers will city part. Which opened in 1960. And then archbishop rumble eyes it was opened in 1962. So these are the force schools that they ever. At this time. But I might. We schools and reaching prior to that. Going back certainly should. 1851. While between 18511890. We have changed who. In the Louisiana are primarily. Occur add agency keeper and financial difficulties. To brother shall not able to Maine and change schools here. I think. I assume let's say you've been. It's been a wonderful thing for me growing up and and I remember saying cause there was something called due process structure and really try to live my life that way in this. The way it worked was if you have an issue with someone. You approach that person and you you know as politely and respectfully and you try to work out the issue. If you can't then you go to the next step in try to have some sort of intermediary. Work together and you keep working your way up the latter and it's. It's got to help me in my life to to try to not let things. Sizzle under the surface in and get things out in the open and it's gonna it's been a very good. A very very good lesson for me in a tale about had nothing but good experiences with the two Brothers at saint Paul's and brother ray was actually my. But the gray bubble yard was my guidance counselor. In in high school and I was pro principle for quite a long time and I heard nothing but good things about his job the job he was doing there and I would have expected nothing different. Well glad I'm glad to know the brother potential option to use. I sheer there were number like Parker's injury column agency. Christian girl absolutely absolutely and maybe work as one group chip charged. Like mine. NN and and basically the Christian Brothers or is the group just dedicated to teaching right Wu's submission of the Christian Brothers from the beginning as it can also Louisiana. Well primarily due provided Christian education. What young people can try to achieve their sheer. In the very beginning as I mentioned earlier 68 urged the school. There were audit number. Work teenagers or young children running streets. What to do not being educated. And changeup but geez double file. Who at that time whereas in seminary. And Paris and bogus a lot of this. And major action and bytes bytes. Point where she opened this more maturity these fortunate. Right. Is there Russell and then that there was greater financial more forceful. And the Brothers that Christian. And really developed a very fine methodology education. And shops that are well on that ditched. All the pros teaching me. So whenever tranche was Joseph wants another big one for short of these schools which brought this city. Brother we're gonna we gonna take a quick break if you can hold on up the break we can talk a little more about the event coming up that's a sure. Much will be right back on all things were legal brother Gail Condit aria is free time out we're back ducks and Terry Albert neatly weaken lawyers we approach via Condit. On the phone if we did a list of all the people in new loans in around country who have been educated by Christian pros. Our country's a better country because Christian the question America and we have an event coming up brother Gail for a celebrating a hundred years of Christian Brothers in the state Louisiana has a direct. Yet it is them that you can check under years. I have been shot that as I mentioned war this morning. We have schools prior to 1918. Mean that we Gianna but now we are celebrating. Can check it 200 years and we will be. A match at this coming shattered 28 to July. Chamber street legal. Two solid right it's very special occasions in which Arnold Bastia. But we're not locked. And it'll be consolidated by archbishop great. How much Brody mobile. I tell us how grad. Or the 1967. They'll talk. Jeanne archbishop Brody rule will give humble match. Are there we have another event. Later that evening correct. Following them. Is reception to be your first line. That in order. And all people. We want people know about this. In particular people. Why. I bought by the Brothers schools. And you've come true. Be part of this special. Celebration reception my. The although we call it historical. Sort. Highlighting. Jeers of the Christian Brothers. That's awesome and then then there's an event that night my understanding this. It's like a fund raising type event that there have been either in the evening. Not a socially. A particular. We're highlighting the always will be involved. And of course it's actually a about it. You will there will be yet to be our brother's coming from all over the country from what they understand. Primarily on the West Coast okay the short years ago. In college problems. Which is but this stage Louisiana purchase New Mexico Colorado. Or years ago urged much and California just which entailed states or Washington Morgan. One result we are now eight states where the elements see forum. Duties sharply changed or warlords district and it will be probably close to forty Brothers. The problem child or to see and it's a while now. They should have read about it. Yet states. Now a brother gamble for to wrap up I have a comment and a question artists like my first comment in the hundred year exhibit. Please do not put Albert passing the ball at Saint Paul. Because chances are all going to be I don't want asylum through their new pictures that. At this and this that it in the second part. We're heading toward football season is either Saint Paul Rommel or Dell Sal. Are any team's gonna make this state finals again this year. Well I'll I'll put these. There you go straight ahead just do it. All I hope so anyway I hope that they were target. Yeah yes you have to do you get. We are there any other comments that you have brother promote your event or you let anybody else know any other information regarding this. Well against our stop what you put up certainty now have to do is to share this. And application encourage people staged they have that on Saturday which and it is July. 2. 8 o'clock mascot to properly because he pitched well. A large crowd knowing or still more mature woman who are they here are some Cha. They are my next Saturday I had on Saturday night right. And a senate Saturday the other Saturday in the in the reception after the mass. Got to meet tomorrow. Thank you so much and yell you you do bang up job and then you know keep keep things roll and it's it's a great great organization that it's you know. The dense so much for so many. All I'm like shave they'd do you came man do a very fine job as well. Ha ha so my thank you but are there. Are those gonna break. Texan Terry happening could be we can r.'s all things legal we write back gift is Freetown that ceremony really we can lawyers all things legal I think mama tell salad days I still have a voice from brother Kenyan brother Kandahar I did have really Kenya people. Open new missile looks at page 42 am not George pollution and yes now think we go go to amber did he was he was there for quite a long time I remember he was still involved with the bandits thing polls for this new plan or as a right there great he hit this up my refer. The buy newer code I try to a couple of years. Insurance which we live bait glare and gladly gladly problem we used to that was a wonderful campus at saint Paul's and is anybody's not be and it's gorgeous to sort of follow college can't it's like a small college campus in the North Shore and it was just everything was was was wonderful and you know we used to joke that if this is. This is poverty we'd love to see chastity this thing because we want to see Rommel. And Saint Paul and the state finals for football once he dealt sound finals now there and we all divisions and they were. Well well this trees we've got trees trees and trees let's let's go to John he's got a question regarding treaties. Hey John you know things legal ducks and Terry entry expert over Nikko. Hey guys hey John what's going on. Wouldn't stand on the back deal. It all collapsed. A few years ago majors weigh it against a tree that sort property. I don't want it to tree and then house extortion used to be good in a difference but also the world is or world. If I take that trio appearances on fault there's at my responsibility. To police. Who well who built the fence. Reno. The original patterns. It wouldn't cents thirty yeah it would there have been years ago neighbors. At the cost them that I think. After he became mineral property. I'm really chew or think they're doing off. To people that old house then property replaced its okay. Com. In other probably way to work they're assuming if you get the tree removed it's a wooden fence my guess is there's a section of the fence that might need to be replaced in the two pretty inexpensive fix. Where our enemies not to be the same color as the rest of the fence but. You know it's gonna be little new bills over and you know about a year or so in the new you know inning it was we talked and you know hundred bucks. You know they're not gonna I'm starting to replace that little section that once you remove the tree from. We're going to treat comes I think we can be chain reaction all but are afraid of the chronicle know well I mean does it have foot fence posts. Yeah but there are all week that's the problem well coming in that case it probably needs to come down it's probably a liability you know what fallen some kids so. Come right there's not a bad idea to maybe get with your neighbor in the CB exploded again. Well a cult of rental company or just don't I'm all the people from. I just one thing likely when you gonna knock it down placed on hold trying not only know Dutch crew on. This thing through there it it's. You know you can build a fence back in builder with you know the boards facing your way in the stringer face for pace in the other way and I don't think that's a big issue if you are. But knowing it if I don't think you'd be charged with any damage to and if so it's gonna be depreciated damage so. Right. Well aren't all right thanks to call you can have 10 yeah sure sure. Chart Busch brewery in up indeed the real world while the war on he has but. I'm 71 content. They've grown. Wearing me out via they're responsible for it anyway. Well. I mean if it's if it's. You know it it's certainly interferes with your enjoyment of the property. You can maybe ask them to trim it back and they would be responsible to trim it back. But. But beyond that. You know apartment I think he's grown up around Cottam out on top right edge or right. Okay we you know you can probably get them to it to come in interim mop I mean it's good to their tree and it in the roots of growing into yards. That would be something better. That they would be responsible I would think they would be responsible to do it. Okay. All right. Okay thanks for the college on let's go to Dan and Dan you know Dan has probably been around as long as a Christian Brothers in Louisiana so let's clarify hey Dan you and all things legal Texans are now we're Nikko. I got you I got to do and it's and a story. That you. Yeah you go let three minutes and yet again I'm gonna let it out Thelma trees up after the treatments. The out. I was on the border. 08 years and two sons go to. Consecutively. Our memories arms. There's got to keep it hello this policy song at a cut policy. Older I'm 55. Until tomorrow there will be 56 to. You get out get into mud about love it namely case you've forgotten it I now. The de Leon this. Anyway. I've decided this invite it would host city. Sutton and his close guy and a way to get it. Meals like yeah one vote this way visible to take it you look good stuff. Now of what the biggest pool house state could. I've been at level rose. And I think I'll be again and trying to. Put that there. And equipment back into that they. Don't go one minute. Up from one bit not certain that London probably. And he's go to an immunity to easily ended an audio these in well written and and I'm in it would be an. And call it that much at stake it. Didn't get enough form to blow them down. And yeah. If you go on little dance your way you could you wanna hang on recall back in ten minutes for your tree come. Question yeah and part tree expert Reza entry expert Albert. Oh. That's right that's right. All right so that's a wrap one our number one we're on till 10 o'clock all things legal we're going to NASA news local news woo back.