All Things Legal - Hour 1

All Things Legal
Sunday, June 24th
Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Michelle Demarest Sunseri answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including lien involving back child support, estate planning, state taxes as well as a little LSU football.

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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews reviewer of contracts and documents and research in the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorneys in guests of all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice communications with the attorneys on this program whether verbal or digital do not create an attorney client relationship. Good morning Derrick sincerity shelled Emerson serie all things legally gets called 260187. Year Texas and 87 EH everywhere here till 10 AM this morning. And so we got our life. Law partner. Partner and wife Michelle Obama's sincerity good morning. Good morning so thank you for responding to our album my album this morning to carry out your not my elbow you're welcome. And so arm. Could you I can't I can't like say Michelle Tom the wake up to anywhere near play at a RT. Talent and they're like that the camp was. That via below are we wearing your spark plugs to begin was because he should know. The decent I you know I don't I don't hear much I do not hear myself snore so. And I it was like a relatively new things so I would invite you they are there it's really great. Did they work them into work and I got up this morning when the cameras crying too. But here I think. We kept our out in your cat. I'm not you know. That's the question we head was this is a legal question. And we can get this. You know for many of our com listeners is that if the cats and dogs are barking. To get out and you can't hear around but they really barking at this does does the fact that you could you know as far as we're concerned so. For me this morning the airplay and Ricky case so. I think it's that there are quick drink eat cheese that's. I mean ice train to. Although I screw you tiger by the big ice removal yesterday from the girl on the pottery place from artifice. I don't think because I think obese norm. So. We will talk thought today okay great and you know we got a guest Renee Nadine. He's the he's a fox sports car out analyst he does that on Saturday afternoon games. He's BE SPN analyst and target vision with the occurring guard he's going to be on 830 now it's always dilemma because. People like some people get upset that we talks sports. And some people like. Would listen to you show Peter and talks in sports because I'm not a listen to loft the two are shaken the very point there Brian I mean he has Albert says we could read from the civil code and put area by loosely. So we try to mix apple gonna have Renee. And Rene it's 68 days from the LSU opening up against Miami but his name but who's counting. So but so at Jerry's don't. At Jerry's palace features cherish playground we're going we're going absolutely we're going we're on our early Friday wouldn't take it all land area. And so he is going to come on a Perry talk will be about relishing the saints are. And he is he's he's got a TV show I think our recruiting show. And he's he does the regional games for fox used to feel as can so he's been around forever and inching here's somebody else's view than yours. Yes it is sometimes you know a source to material from him at times but I'll tell you just east. The story about Rene Rene has been doing sports for thirty years he was that is on the squad LSU Derek when Charlie McClendon was coach and pledged southeastern also. And he had a show The Daily Show. And 1994 in the summer and back when I was in sports do a lot do and Jerry McGuire thing. Ice come on quite often usually. To fill time you know through to restate the artist or whatever. And so Renee had me on in our guest. After me was before me was no other than OJ Simpson. This is in the summer I think of 1990 four's about a week or two. Well for the infamous car chase. So OJ was on now he was in from colon and from Los Angeles and then I was applied in the studio next. So at that time in 1994 cell phones were less common in if you hit someone's cellphone numbers sort of big deal. So you know people being given out like it did before it was sort of private deal. So Renee head. Oh Jay's number receipt call he called. And they handle nicely interview and I listen studios really fast they would OJ it's normally I was a fan of him. Prior to the you know propped prior to murder obviously but I must learn. Yeah. Legally. And obscenities that's who that's that's a that's another store we can we get them a hole while the shows on that one. But I'm I'm negative there. But you Alice a lot of fans. When he won his plan USC I was a kid I just she's news and to or watch from and then we played buffalo. But. So when they had a car chase. I called opera day Dorn a car chase Nasser Renee. Calls number CP picks up. Audited. Left. How does that caucus he's he's on the high last amber Mac told us they want to try and see if you pick I mean you're doing and what did do an interview would be that would have been one of the best but it was busy. I'll. You know digital content of these so that fellas that's RO judges that the that was would Renee. Remember where you are in Manhattan and the parties have done a house that we're here I learn there's a couple of things in your life he'd remember exactly where you are and was anywhere exciting but I remember exactly I know where was we were. The reason I was armor. They show that you could one of my players was due and hold out. With the New England Patriots and he used it was a big deal to tar and so I was actually. I was negotiate a contract with Bill Parcells. Which is like. Negotiating a contract would Vito Corleone me that I mean you talk about getting the crap beat out of you I mean the guy's just like bigger than life I. And Allard a lot about negotiation from him because he. He's very intimidating. At the time and but he was very armed. You job sort of third that he we were doing that contract at the time. And that's why I was on Renee show that summer so we're talking about that situation. And you know that but yes who is I knew where was the cartridge case that the tar word is not funny to say she can remember exactly where she was an. Like Kennedy was shot and this one is not eleven where where where you're worried then. He where we we work are not allowed and now was not I was ER at a technical health club where you are just trying to Cason home and I assume we should that there with the judge in home. And com. You know we're listen to Mario and house. Holistic and I think was safe at home mom I don't think of the al-Qaeda is cut into your home is I mean I think to have their eyes on homeless are increasing. Assistants and yes so remember that. But you know those storage and so we'll talk we'll talk we'll sports who don't talk legal I think we'll talk about we talked about this too you know the states. This so many estate issues right now in so many different ways. And down oh we got a tax. We a lot of tanks and looking around time at first television content is unlike. As he child support and I'm like that's there's enough for a minute ago that the newsroom from Alaska. Okay it's as spanky forget about OJ we that's our mother Jane what he's done. It's great when east to talk about LSU baseball rally pop some knowledge she was too great okay first of all talk relish baseball. I'm watching Mississippi State which lost last. Nice him. Think they came ninth in the SEC in there in the finals and then a final four and college World Series always said this always said this. It is harder when the SEC tournament in the World Series. And I'm just like oh my goodness we beat Mississippi State there route SEC. Tournament. And we beat them all year and they're in the semifinals of Maine sick now it just made me sick. But that's okay hurrying bureau right. Here they didn't have pitching and tried. It but you know L they've made the final four that's how good to SEC is so Arkansas plant ordinance state. Go. It's hard for me to say this go would would you say picks go pick two weeks in week. Go picks who we want to SEC. On a dog fifty theory critics really go hawks. Now what these left coast this to win minorities and I had. We know we we don't need this left coast to win the college World Series. So on so go picks and on its two dollar lectured for SEC against. The leftists on the coast. So I knew I could script that you. We don't need another tax so when are gonna talk about that we'll talk baseball but. How would tell you associate baseball will be loaded next year. And also have to edit game winning their games on how we were busy this year. And so in out as far as our alliance Renee about less miles to I want I was upset about last. Yeah and it's as it is serious David I mean last week but her that was part of what you know less less system. Look I given credit for what he did but the reason coach O is rebuilding right now is because a less miles. He's not re loading he's rebuilding because the last miles analyst Masha now of that and shouldn't play this Tanzania and that's that it there you go. And the C would elsewhere directly to us that Michelle. This is just to listen from sweltering detailing. Taken annoyed orient board and an implied in my street every downstairs has never called the police played John's. You know I think has premiered at times it warned mean Emmitt acquaintance now. Now we got to figure out now do we have a new noise ordinance for snoring in saint Tammany we shed. We should appreciate it how I've been jail right now I am a beside he'd be after him. There ego on any other on tax you know we got that we went on on lean com and a okay. This is one for you that. Okay can you explain how collection of lean on a house works for child support a lien was placed in my house back in 2016. For 8006 house for back child support. The non custodial parent is still in arrears for 7000 on her vows that the state has since. Says his fate payments in the amount of the lean. And even though it has not been satisfied please advise I'm confused. Where you confuse and he's yeah well it's if there's only if there's Alyssa is just talk but this conceptual plea. Is it if you have a judgment and the judgment is made exactly Tory I wish he can mean income and Donna right and then there. And then if you filed with the mortgage you dance records in that particular parish Dennis patches discovered Celine like any more children. It's a judgment attaches to the home correct. And that should not be. Should stay attached to the home Mikey could not sell that he could not refinance that amongst them. Let the amount and tell him that dealt with and then distance and can't and yet in you wouldn't have a clear title to itself. Theoretically if it's not paid to wean should still be there are act. So I think you have to look a little bit more into it. I think there's some that there's some disconnect between that fact scenario but the green is not paid should be still on there. And you cannot transfer property can't refinance property can do anything with the property until. It's taken care may so there you go all right well let's let's go to brake ducts and Sarah Michelle Obama's in serie all things legal. Sometimes sports. We'll be right back at this retire my ducks in serie a so Deborah sincerity halting illegal now Albers to Manning passing academy he's not. He's doing now at the Manning passing who. That he was quarterback for Saint Paul 1979. He was. Very good athlete. But they didn't have the Manning passing academy back that. And when it was third in 27. They would tell Albert to run the ball that's how good his passing was that the tar. Put me at. If they quarterback you conserved water like Mays ago. Big credit by yes so he's there and he's an island that vanity. Now I this that he they had a they had a great player cause JC watts. He's played quarterback for he was congressman play quarterback for Oklahoma. He surround the 300 yards and he couldn't he couldn't hit the sub mom would ball will lay out. It's nice to say that Albert Meyer and wanted JC watts passing a cap me not to Manning can't pay cash. So. I'm out I'm Ali dollar amount that America criticize him for criticized Drew Brees because you got to improve his play action pass in play action pass stake. You know so our inaugural Chris and it has Al Albert is a very good analyst they confined. The least bit fall. In perfection that talks. So there you go and I'm all right. I think we'll have a dominating thirty for we're gonna talk a little bit about the states because that's sort of a sort of exploding in so many different ways it is. We've got one issue yet. A lot of adult children now on this special needs. And the parents are getting older now wondered how wanna hit my kids being taken care one I'm not around. Where they could still receive government benefits but received the benefits of their state. He got parents living longer which is great. Except as they live longer than losing cognitive capacity you know physically you live longer but there's more parents difficulties with. On alzheimer's dementia of some I explained even know you live longer. You still have day. Use your your your cognitive capacity decrease is or tar. Tank adding that continent did to capacity of people I think is famous just relented there and rods mom brought. So that poses condition complications because at that at that point Tom your parents become my children. And kept care from day to day and then when when parents are in a compromised. State. That's. Makes them subject to exploitation from vendors. And other children who may be having difficulties. And so that poses a whole set of new problems. And then you have a state planning. Where he have a. Dynamics now where our parents. Are parents parents were savers. And so in our generation's tends to be consumers make the F. And so there's a stiff sought about. I guess they dynamics where. The yet yeah I was caught on the sabres are. Have said a lot of my threat to like Tom and consumers. May see this is an opportunity. Two. And be a possibly cash and a little bit you know an NA NA. Bad way. You know. This course children exploiting their parents have an elder thieves held there as well as his college town about it's I'm used for Yastrzemski. I apparently trying to find elder is a seller of financial the financial exploitation of elderly actually there's a lot of issues and that's probably one of the fastest growing and then also to. You know families or a little more. I guess it different now than their war. Now maybe thirty years ago you know you have Blended Families. Yeah I think I think what we're seeing more of is for CN we're seeing afraid of more divorces because now we're doing expect it interests me lately pie last six months. We've done more state planning that blended families and then dealing trust in connection with that because you don't. It's not is not always your your typical had Maine mother and father and just children of the marriage usually have wind inept having. You know blended families and what's that brings a whole host of estate planning issues and. And it also to the hard part is trying to. Deal within away where all the armed. It's siblings. Feel like some. I guess that fairness but they're all treated appropriately. Because there you know when you have maybe his hers and ours. Not you gonna have more some more civil and moral rivalry than you would normally do. Officiating does have his and hers and no wires. Yeah says that poses a problem enamel ware CN is we're seeing. Issues where. In you know 1 am has passed away in in the succession litigation has gotten much more tremendous because you do have such feelings have feelings usually running your state. Here's state issues. And a lot of times that's whistling at them and yet. How would talk to you a little bit about the difference between trying to resolve. The stated she's beaten purses may be. Eight issues involving unwinding the business partnership because it dynamics are totally differs could she have a real strong emotional component. That you have to get through before you can even deal with the financial issues I've ranked and so will talk a little bit how that little different why it's good to. Playing your states he can cut through all that. So all right. We're going to go to a break. We're going to us to this CBS news update then we're gonna. And a local news and then will be back with. All things legal and I think Renee Nate is going to be comment about 835 we'll talk will. Well LSU football poor get back to our legal. So we'll see in about four Foreman who backed Ericsson serve Michelle pharmacists are all things legal we'll talk a little Ella she's forced this this would not be all things legal. And I'm on it when I got talked policy. And we govern a native. Fox sports caller now also stormiest. And he's gonna talk a little well she's forced hey Renee thanks for comment. Good morning Asia and Doug to assess it is strange to reverse the roles yes I am on my radio show and and in fact. I would listen earlier you go back to 1989. When you first one. Artillery usually Slidell. Goes back in nineteen and and actually started in and so it was a you know what I've been in the long longtime public rights in Indonesia which. Anyway it's it was is its it was great. And I do remember the case. It. Which was quick to try to do. Like that it was on the 70s80s. And early ninety's I used to try to do it. As you as you used to do that cellphones so again. The best I could possibly get and I would say that we try to get some money that would make you stop and listen to review shortly stay as friends I'd probably as. Can lead to three names of people. Former players a court players in any sport that you would stop. You and listened to inability to I was alive in the debate and soldiers in which is more of them haven't John Wooden article which it usually. Our membership in. Recent audited Trevor click on before flight. Remember Bobbie and Lou Holtz with the help of some friendly had been more on the Thursday before they square. In the big game count two also and maybe rambling here but responded to the best guess and it was increasingly which at a time. We just didn't know it was coming weeks. That's right that's right you that you would I tell you try to call the news biz the Kyoto and noted in this interview the centrifuge got a one highway there. That's right. Yeah is good enough I wanted to talk I would just talk a little bit LSU football seemed like LSU football is on upward trajectory. As of the last. Couple months you start with Joseph Barros some recent commitment. Com what is it seems like. Things are starting to fall into place will be it for coach who has drawn after you know may be Iraqi you know not last year but some some some rust spots. Yeah that they is that it was some dissent is people really want to get rid of both are of less miles. Took what I guess a number of reasons but. You know I guess they'll honeymoon that has very long and are delusional and it's an and I guess. As the question fans like an experience at any school they just what this school would go to war and so this is not gonna happen. Again and I guess. It is not the abortion eloquent guys for speaking and things like that and he's got his own divorce battle. But he is a great job recruiting and and I also think that some changes need to be made. Would Matt Canada. Being dismissed a parting ways last year I think I actually think it's been some things get a B and be done. I've talked to a lot of offensive lineman. Who said publish an excuse me I don't want change practices. Did an interview which probably says you don't without bread and I did episode logo and most only. The offense was a little complicated under my candidate as an example. Miles mentioned that. For a jet sweep which is nothing more than reverse. Built we're different checks he would do as a quarterback and what you got that many checks off a really simple play. You're inviting a lot of potential problems and you know upsides and things if it does it check. Although all ten guys if he had those checks and you know so things to happen this. And ended is set yourself up so I'm by simplifying the office but bring in Steve as mayor I think they have a lot to do. With would with the you know calling the office that'll be it Joseph blow is is a great addition. This story and that's what miles are still think that win. Relishing squares off against Miami on September 2. I really believe that miles but it will be the starting quarterback now what did you. Overtake him. During this season is in those stores but I say that because. The question report on August 6 to rape as an example and the game is on September 2. It will give the team. A little more than three weeks to prepare for this season but the last week of the season last week of pre season. Which will be only August would be game planning for the Miami so the starting quarterback have to be in place. By the the second week of August and it's going to be really really tough Bjorn both our economy and into an F we can overtake dressed to the quarterbacks for distorting spot he can be done. But I just think at this point. It's a two miles an addictive there's there's the first snap against Miami. It could be a two quarterback game. Joseph blow would be performed well and all right pre season could could. Maybe give it more reps as the season moves on and we don't know miles Levin is gonna play it is historic. He may play lights out in and not give up distorting spot with. You know a lot has to be decided before before the distorting Noble's for the season kicks off. There's so would also assume many spats if you both know I'd ocean right now that you know they don't know exactly. Running back is in the other one that was cited the key is going to be would be it. Posted this. Nevada is a quarterback in the running back and everything at that they'll issue this year the defense. Is one of the best. The front seven is cut to be. And and you and that defense is gonna make it easier for the quarterback because the offense is not gonna have to score. Thirty to 35 points every game because the defense is going to be very very tough to score against and that's going to be an ally on the court of that which. Does me any quarterback of the quarterback's going to be weather is more houses Joba and whoever. You know Evan and that defense because sometimes don't happen to get the ball because the truth will make it the ball in the favorable. Position are also they'd be off Padilla the Apollo it will be just going to the ball away so it's going to be the defense will be a tremendous allies look at quarterback and in for the. Just seems like coach show is lining up by great recruiting class from nineteen already. That seems like he's he's he saw a bag in Louisiana. Are putting a little fence around Louisiana because last year didn't seem like he has many. Good oh great Louisiana prospects in past years that looks like in nineteen there will be and it looks like he's putting up a wall. And it just means that it was include the cities which backed. And that in Astoria a couple of weeks ago week or so ago. The pastor in question was done with the top 100 players top rated players from Louisiana. And this coming year 2019. Louisiana is is struck with the with that top 100 players. But from Louisiana. Yes he has that was recruited well this sixteen recruit to commitments for 2019. So fought this war. Quarterbacks they spot that she was really in the street really need quarterbacks need this year but it didn't next year. Through those quarterbacks almost one as a possible of course to extinguish. That there is some of this and talented players Israel suffer. He's got to tackle out of the meat is what the top three of four players in the country a device I think it is a sixty to a twelve pro wide receiver out of meat. Are adopting Starks is a line back to the best linebacker in the week yet he plays with John and and trade former is a wide receiver. Kenwood Louisiana those four guys in the in the top 100 place in the country. And they all looking very seriously and should dished out is gonna make this commitment on July 8. And right now it sure has the ability favorable solution. And of course some goes to show you got a commitment from quarterback. Out of places Alabama appear to Paris entrances. And have a some school was come after him in and just execute commits doesn't mean he's gonna be able. Shoes and a great job on in recruiting these kids and I think that the commitments that they currently the 2019. While very very solid commits could do wanna do yes. Because even young commits. It just kept apprised recruiting of the schools that way and did you guys question goes. Kiki you hold those three break I just a money issue prediction for the season. Couple quick saints questions and I'll. So if you can hold off one break for now he can he do that okay let's take a break they're concerned Michelle garrisons are all things we will be right back pictures pre come out we're back ducks and Sarah Michelle ever since aerial things legal and sometimes sport governing Nady. Farmer and day. Fox sports call announced an analyst former tiger region ES TN. Renee okay quick question. Who would would your prediction for LSU right now. People around the country it to happen maybe six to sixty minutes to the schedule and that my game is gonna tell about this team. It's certainly winnable games relish you. And if you look at the schedule. And we just could attract one year. I mean Shalit if it's that the established here the question is going to be the Florida Tennessee. I'm waiting ship but it's and there's no way I don't think election do well only one. Three games that a lot of people picked it'd be on the talks on it in Tennessee. I didn't winnable games here and and just look at the schedule Miami. Southeast Louisiana we've got to tackle is Florida. Arkansas writes in the Texas and a winnable games. And and you don't know what happened and a in the Georgia game Alabama game Auburn game I don't you know and and and those those underdog gains for Shubert. Realistically realistically I think he can when he changed and and that in Miami game could be swing game when I mean that even taken to possibly win. It could propel would be to win nine games. This is a tough schedule she's got it published as a as a country. In the history of NCA football probably. It is target and then the thing is about she wins not gains or say whether or not games let me tell you. To win nine games in this schedule is such as this. They did that they certainly could do. That would put you on. BCS poll. I wouldn't permit the captain to shoot an end and I think that. Another thing the struggle that was should be issues the offensive line everything goes through offensive line running pass protection. And they have a Berry Berry good offensive line at two guys. That our SEC guys at Ingraham. Another right guard and city Charles left tackle post on this from freshmen in the world today because of that approach once they got to put a lot as well. Eight wins or really really. But doable I think it's it's and it's the situation we injuries gonna play into it. And things like that guys and they'll shoot right now again assuming he knows what that was shoo in. And they didn't want the best players on the team there's no question finishing plays Jonathan Giles to wide receiver to step objection stick was yeah. Political are somewhat semifinalist two years ago we had the sixty get to people we love can be yours she's going to be a tremendous upgrade. Well who is levers quarterback can overshoot so I guess they have to question. It'll all around. I think he wins all the really really. A legitimate guests and you know with a little luck. They could win that they could vote 75 you don't know because you know would have thought that notion lose Detroit and it will those kind of situations but. I think six and six is is is really no and I think your question is much better teens and then add in 775. Or nine and not when he's it is something that Serbia religion. Of switching gears real quick before ago one last question who is a sleeper in saint saint training camp that you think is going to be a breakout player. Well let's etc. gets a good question. I know this is not a guy that you have thought of by a guy who. I think the defense going to be great and did Dennis Allen critical minutes ago people and I know he's a safety Big Apple Carolina. I think he really going to be good. And and also. Dawson's got is that is the daddy draft out of Louisiana Tech he may be a lot better than people think. Yeah there you go as allied Boston's got to he's going to be a Darryl Darren Sproles type. So Renee thank if people wanna contact you guys stay in touch with you give us your contract if. Assistant sports accessed and I write and I worked as CBS radio as well and that will be Brooke I was prepared the next couple months so look affordable policies and dispense anymore and with YouTube god bless. Thanks thanks thanks all right thanks for call her height is Renee native local friend we will have to day and LSU is gonna break the with a start talking all things legal be right back after his pre Thomas who were backed Ericsson survey showed Emerson serie all things legal or making the complex understandable right that's right check this out on FaceBook page we're streaming live on our pages Nikko and sincerity. The steel always looks better when you hear his post now on today's accident. In like mix show warming on how warm and Fuzzy there. Let's go to Beaumont to scuttle lowest close got a question regarding Louisiana State tax issue hey Louis young helping lead the ducks and Sarah Michelle Emerson serie. I think it's big Mo call. Quick yeah guided I've filed my taxes put this state this year and I made a mistake that this state call. Instead of me following this day 35 dollars. They owe me 300. I we don't complain about. Our bed in all of my taxes electronically at the Olympic ticket draft. Out of my business account. But at 35 dollars. Well they sent me. The check but 300 dollars I guess it and I thought we were good. I got a letter a few weeks ago stating that it was NSA -- but 35 dollars. Are a lot about it yes sold the business place here and I guess closed the account. But they're charging me one need now is. One account and I. Look at. As settled. Okay I'm gonna give you the pragmatic. Solution to this kind. Com an op after the break I'll tell you story about taxes than. Dependency on other aspect of it but I would call up to the Louise and former revenue in fact when John Kennedy was a treasure. I could actually get him on the phone every once and a while he was great he was a fantastic pressure and he would solve the problem for you I would go this. I I did call. And I spoke to wicket defeat you rooted. Person out of at all. I understand and that's that's what you have to do is go as high up the food chain she can. Get there get there personal number and get their name. And an end deal with down exclusively on this issue. In try to get as high as you can would you say is mass speak to you supervisor mass BT's to prosecute this high she can't. And then when you have someone who appears to have authority. Get their name and her direct number in correspond with them on everything and then now with sending latter a detailed letter. Explaining everything that are current. Descended directly to him call him about fourth a week later follow up. And deal with one person at the agency. And I find you have the best success doing that. That's my only select a suggestion because yes it does get you know when you when you when you talk to the front line. You just get rerouted. He gets started all over again is very very frustrating does that not it is not a leave school. Advice this is pragmatic advice. We had to do sector from Katrina for SBA had to do with road home had to do is always government agencies. Get up this high she can't an ad agency. And then get to direct number in deal with them politely. Don't quite have sent politely but also. Persistently. If you have the time in you have to wiggle. 2222. Arm deal with them over the course of several weeks they're gonna probably fix your problems just because they want to quick call. So it got a letter this week from them against the second one hit point states that. It's gonna go into collections and while I have the possibility of losing personal. He added that the collection letter. But yes so that I take oh go higher to food chain and non try to get it fixed there OK we got to go to our break we've gone to USC via CBS news local news we're back in tennis all things like.