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All Things Legal
Sunday, June 17th
Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including the New Home Warranty Act, prenuptial agreements, title issues and questions about wills.

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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews review of contracts and documents and research in the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorneys and guests of all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice. Communications with the attorneys on this program with a verbal our digital do not create an attorney client relationship demonic death since. Albert because you we can lawyers all things legal happy Father's Day all the dads out there are closed and Albert before others you've got to. Thank you thank you and where are. You know heed his call to six felonies heavier Texas a 787. Anyway if you legal question will achieve sports question. And you know it's in the middle of June. When the big news in sports is an ops Q or interview. Tune ups or. Radio station in Houston by an obscure former coach of the LSU tigers last miles I'm throwing you a softball here. And tomorrow you know I and I wish him the death and in this I hope he goes to coach and program that's. And she's been through for pro for a long time but. I'll I'll now. As as in the dignity and this time a year you don't have. Saints you don't have LSU baseball he should be having LSU based on normally would with the World Series. You don't have. Much going on that the US open I want talk about that also about the golf who whining about the of course yeah and but. Less miles had made ticks and took some veiled shots. At coach closure on. In a radio interview and used in this week in basically with coach only he was to be relevant again is that it well coach showed basically said. We've only put about thirty for our pursuit of profits and orange spray. And that we haven't we haven't unloaded our arsenal Leo on offense and basically says such as cool out. In coach coach miles took exception to that so I and you know when Europe. LSU football coach you shouldn't ask for cool patience. And that you are on safety net it is. Being the coach to bail issue and you get the most committed hard to hard working and talented players and you should be whining about this you know about patients. And I are you know out I've always been. Not on average. Can't say. I'm defending Kuchma this year I have a I have I have offended what eleven years. Well I'm not saying I was a supporter of him but I did given credit for what he did it. But. I was very very. Is a very interesting comments I guess he's got some banks about coach route taken over. But it is ironic. That a coach who probably go down in NCAA history is the worst clock manager. The worst probably hit the worst management the quarterback position the last five years of his arm tenured relishing. Being critical. And probably the most conservative. And unorthodox. And most out of touch I offensive power. And in in in football. Is gonna criticized coach O about the installation of our friends and I just. I just I just find that just in over the top and you know. I guess that I'd I didn't dump on coach miles. Let you do. But not down but I I I thought you know he won a lot of games he took over great program. And continue to for a period of congress national championship another one another lost nationally and who issues. But. I'm just floored. That first of ball. He would make any critical comments about the installation of an dolphins. And the second part is there now so it. He's been out of work for two years he did not get the used in job. He didn't market to produce jobs. He did not get the Ole miss job he did not get the Mississippi State job right. It there's a reason for that exactly now and not to say he was good in this time but right now. This time is apparently had. They'll let it you know with his hands past few minutes ago quote some high school in some way they'll have to. But it I just dumb you know it's it's one of those things where. You know regardless. Of your abilities if you're having some success. Especially in Baton Rouge and in college towns. You're a celebrity. And so you know he he got used to that celebrity got used to that salary. And then all of a sudden. You know he sees it gets pulled out for Monday you. And I mean how many years how many years did his players save his job you know in the we're gonna keep him another year and a canoe. You know you're not gonna. Germany it is his to his job in his you know lose his position ex senator senator who now he doesn't have that in and he had this this. Unrealistic impression of himself. As this great coach. When in fact he was a horrible coach in and everybody else in the country. Knew that he was a great guy his players login and his great recruiter. And he got like he got beat up players he got players but was it him what was it or throwing getting pointers while he was the bodyguard was only there a year islanders yeah Brooke Burke or you know actually. I'll in this in in a listen when you build the program. Right what do kids want. A Libyan TV every week a wanna be in a winning program that's gonna make him miserable. That's what they want when Europe they're telling them they look come to my school for the last X amount of years. We've we've got this program. That that Nick Saban built. So he rides the coat tails for a couple years with nick Stephens players. And now all of a sudden he's struggling here and there are struggling here and there and and he's still getting. Good players because some players. Prefer his personality. Right are two big teams in the SEC businesses this is the expert I don't want I don't want this to Larry and approach to coaching that I'm not gonna go because you know yelled and screamed at that area the authoritative will probably our quick quick throw up but you know but by Nick Saban I'm gonna go to mr. nice guy who's gonna be all warm and Fuzzy to me so -- Have fun and do what I wanna do right I'll. What was a quarterback that you know gut get kicked off. Give her a parallel running right through you know that wouldn't happen and Nick Saban team. In so with that that's the kind of athlete that went there as opposed to go to you know so while he was and aiming at getting good players that wanna play on Sunday. But his coaching. And then there all though I'll in the NFL. And Powell's vehicles and how would they go to that school where we're gonna run the ball 80% of the time it's amazing to me. In and who he would get players to come there. But if his coaching skills were terrible and here and had a quarterback. He mismatched quarterback. I think into the account for half as bad as you mismanaged or Jordan Jefferson and that whole debacle do we need to reprint and revisit all that on. I mean it's just he and terrible I'll say this bug. Coach arrow which he underlined first of all coach shows about accountability in the short tenure. He picked offensive coordinator Matt care he saw it was going south he did not try to continue to bad marriage he sucked it up. The finance he took the financial hit and got rid of him. The second thing he did was he went through spring training this year he saw that do McMillan. And now Brandon whose Darcy who joked coach show didn't cut it. He was in in the news wanna you know these were his guys are pretty much Brennan had to keep Brennan. He had to do salvage job with him had to do salad sharpen our ceases mood in the recruiting him. And they didn't cut it in you know what he didn't set sit on his hands and say you know what I've. I'll lomb last miles to right Brandon Harris Anthony Jennings or anything like that he didn't go into the fall season sitting sitting on his hands. Knowing that the quarterback position was deficient in fact he went into the year after armed. Carol Lu. What they transport quarterback from the IV week. I don't even remember his name exact and he was a store opening day he didn't set on sit on his hand these did you know what I'm on go out the transfer market to get the best quarterback I can manage Joseph Barros and eating care whether he heard. But our miles Brennan's feelings make villains feelings are no ceases. You know out then god look what you look at why Sean Payton wins right side the head Thomason. More just got in elected to the hall of things right. Well Thomas was would was not evens drafted. And he ends up these they've drafted a fourth round running back that year and he ends up starting in front of their running back in that running back and make it's absolutely so here's you know I'm gonna play the best players that I don't care. If if you know you're my golden child. You know top seven pick. And and then the other deficiencies he saw our. Was when the players were getting here they would night getting coached up specially in the wide receiver position so would does he do. He gets which she's been criticized for but I think it's good he gets seventy year old Jerry Sullivan. Who's probably one of the greatest. All top assistant coaches at the wide receiver this position you can ask Eric Martin about terrorists all right he brings him in and said look not only are we gonna get talent we gonna coach Yuma. Now whether that translates into winning season next year that remains to be seen listen listen buying he's been dealt a bit I mean to come on the season this season he's probably got. Hard is no question no quite a hard schedule he plays Alabama Georgia Auburn. Yeah Florida Florida saying now all the girls cleaners all the these teams are going to be in the top 25 in the play it'll. And if it's going to be run he better human and you better have by and beaten so these workers now in his goodness he's gonna struggle and it. Whatever happens and then I believe. That the expectations low and he's gonna exceeded figured he Lindsay games this year as the view YouTube you know there. But one thing he does he get rid of that sense of entitlement on that team. He's brought accountability. And yet he brought accountability and Hollywood is needed coaches. You brought accountability when it comes to the players and saying you know I don't care if you mark guy Annan. Mean if you not perform and I'm Margot upon someone else who's gonna who's who's who's Gundy about and so. You know there you go. And om and if so where you know I got a caller asked to talk law and not sport now you're talking before. Yeah I got a call. I got it just got a text from friends this is sports show and AM. I got a call this week. The guy you know I've been running some spots and their Vigo real big 87. Who read a mission claims and claims under the new home warranty acting different things like that. In the guy called me up about new home warranty act claim that he where he you know we have a new home built we need needed to make claiming to contractors. And dumb. He said look rings that I listen to your show every week a lot of these ago talked law. And you talk tigers and you talk to sinks to your house Brady's you know you talk law the whole time I've probably you know turn it off after while BC you know keep it interesting element which you're gonna do go. So we get it from both sides I'm not sure which means is that. So you know an automatic I got an idea call in with you legal questions and of course we will talk long. Actually Doug we do have. We do have a divorce. General notebook Tex okay well let's take a break with unrealistic break. The ducks hysteria over Nikko happy Father's Day tell you there it's will be right back if this retirement or back ducks and Terry Albert T co U weekend lawyers I have a good it's a subject. To transition. From sports to law which is thought of something we deal we're deal with right now. I don't wanna say who it is. Because it's assists I don't wanna do Jonas FaceBook page her. But it's involving a very high profile. Person. How are a monetary wood industry is because I just don't wanna you know material errors hints but. One out is on new rules shall. This week in the subject was. Social media. Preen ups. Where people or now do pre nuptial agreements saying that if he get divorced or UN. You get divorce that you are agree. Not to air out your. Divorce. Right on social media. And you know what works you know and what it will were experienced right now especially for. I'm this family this high profile people aren't going right on through web page is. Is. Is win a high profile person it's now getting divorced. That. The aggrieved spouse. Is going on. Social media. And just airing out all the dirty laundry that their particular lots right. And I think what we're starting to do now to and recommendations if your heart you know hard proof car and you do pre nuptial agreement and we're starting to. Consider putting in. Social media restrictions. Mean in case of a two war. A non disparagement all that kind of stuff we've been around for a long time brick through the medium. For those not disparaging up for the disparaging statements is in his room. Well to that did the issue is still lost not really catching up with the technology has dazzled lacked harm no question. And that you know if you if you're. Let's say a politician and you Earth Day entertainer urine. Athlete when the high profile anybody right and then if you even if you're not even if you just. You know doctor in the community you know somebody who's has a reputation with a lot of patients or clients or customers. Hum. But that's it's in. Is thing new phenomenon is coming that's that the current. So all right let's go to phone mom let's go to each coach has got personal injury cast question hey Joseph you and all things legal deductions there and over Nikko. That or. At fault as it is I don't think. We welcome welcome. In the I guess she called the operator or the engineers the audience in the ball. I did have a chance to do it it has something to do questions hasn't they would personal injury in jewels. Critical to a divorce right now. And supposed to be. And a couple of weeks. Did not have an attorney at Rutgers. Prob is mrs. My ex she told I'm not familiar with spam law whatsoever. She told me that the property. Her past. Of the attorney fees that herbal it was quarter of resembled a vote not found out that abdicate. That well no but you would be liable on the community property to pay half the attorneys' fees. Up until the time the B prop termination of the property. Yeah. Well you're you're in other words reliable by law to do that any. But you would be liable to pay him a few wars right if you haven't heard. Well well well. Pain in my half and ticket agents that you know unfortunately. Can't afford to to have an attorney right now I'm on the public schoolteacher and I'm not using that as an excuse but it is don't. Have the resource what's wherever bush at the same time. 22 questions about. I about the situation searchable. We took out home equity line of credit. While won't matter I I gave her but I'll. Yeah all you donated hand fall all the house. Don't hold I gave the whole Al sir is it all on account so. Com. So you have no ownership. On of the house seat as far as the donations discern you retain any right. Nano. We need but to agree. But you can't you had a home equity loan that you signed off on that score so up. My first question about is oh win when the divorce it's finalized. Am I still liable. To pay half mobile home equity lot of great yeah like bode well yes. Well artwork that that's no problem there. The second question. I'm not a selfish person whatsoever okay bought. I have a up pending a law suit on personal interest. Personal injury lawsuit sure is a must has lost wages. Okay. President spoke did you press out. MI in my liable in your perhaps no settlement. Now unless you have a trial and part of that goes to pass laws wages for a while the lies that you don't personal injury yours. All. Artists are. Thanks for Karl okay we're going to CBS news update we're going to local news fully back about four minutes in all things plea closest state team were backed exits area over Nico you regulars all things legal it's called 260187. Or Texas and 8787. Alright our -- and on less miles I think he deserved it. And because. It serves no purpose. To undermine LSU football at this point and if he's gonna do that clause are maliciously or plaza on our you know. I don't that happens when the more at least but. I'm he's gonna do little small rant about the US open. Just a little more. Golf this fall Tuesday as US open right and like for example. If you have football game in the conditions are bad debt and the players complain about the field. I'm like you know the weather everybody's playing in the same way tour. So we're going compete directly go to play in Denver. Right you go play in Denver it is compete at altitudes very high quick quick client yeah now the great the great thing about the US open. Is the great thing about US open is. Date may. The course like you did you while you watch all the other tournaments in the winners twenty under 18125. Under and had birdie birdie birdie. But here. They make the course very very difficult in the X it just expands. Every ounce of golf ability to have every ounce of creativity. Every ounce of patients as you watched Phil Mickelson yesterday. Out of frustration. In nested beauty that the US open. Is who can conquer this this is golf course that is made. To be almost impossible to complete. And to hear you know an aunt and in the whining about all the fun playable it's not fair. Ball. It's just you know that's what makes it to US open right instead of whining about it go play it well and announce on looks bumpy and here but. Here you know so that that's the beauty of it and I just don't understand why they gonna sit and complain about and say it's on playable it's the same for every player. You figure it out and that's why you the winner of the US opens the ones who don't complain no Juan who go out there and play it. Deal with the bad breaks. Faced some adversity. Instead of whining about the adversity getting out there in figured out how to overcome it. That's the winner and so you know anyway I'm looking forward to a peek at the last round I think it's very actually is very interesting to watch the psychology. Where you watch these golfers in the last nine. Final nine holes when there on the leaderboard how they respond. To that. Two through two mile know when in the US open and difficulty of the course so. That's for others that's part of Father's Day for most it's so there you go all right this go to phone Monfils go to Randy he's he's he's. Got a question regarding both titles which are probably defer to Albert hey Randy and all things legal attacks and turn over Nikko. More. Quote. Com I brought my problem. While candidate note on the and not gave him that hey all I can do. I've got the orient our titled. Book by not seem to get the vote high raw. From them yet they okay. You know I don't want her. Idle. Hours it did. You know well. Right right. Com yeah. That that. Yeah that just that could be an issue because the the finance company will typically hold the told the title until such time as them is the note is played so well. Usually. Audit but what do you ship which and there are all these you know a lot where I'll be here. And the mandate need to know our. Or the people of all I could the boat and motor. Well our call those people there won't you call me but it. Call brother in law back I don't know it was the it would not call me and I'll act which it would have been. There's been eight weeks now and then. I won't vote that they shall be here. And I don't know what now on number eight and one problem while. I I agree I agree so. Do you have a do you having notoriety is bill of sale. Okay. Do we know who defining its company news can you find that out through the book companies. How well they told me. Dark there by an ancient. Apparently I believe it openly called there and he placed at a. Right. Two on our part if you can send them a copy of you would know arise bill of sale. And say listen I just purchased this boot I'm interest in obtaining. The title. It was finance politics you know my axis is. Since our own brother all on about. Well of course what they're not doing written so you need to get to where you need to be and so this this will. Yet two years later suit might be time people that send that letter. And if if you don't they'll cooperate with feuds and all or they might tell you you know that that's still finest that it's not paid off. You watch it. What this. Problem find out. Who who has. What would be. On active in local party oh. Yeah our it. Or. Well there's no real tight poser you're title is not like the public records for for property real estate it's it's more for repeat. Yeah you know you have to go through the Department of Motor Vehicles which. You know big gonna have to register. Well motor vehicles deal while you're here yet and I. It was yours. New up and do you know. We're right on and on saying that you you know you can no one knew they told you they paid an awful you know go confirming with Greek finance company that it paid off that. You know they had provided me with a with the title here's my here's my eight. Bill of sale. I'm on I want you to send me the title I don't vote nail. It is and it and it and it's paid off and he might say well they might say that you know it's not often in Yugo others. Ending what what you know. You know not sought world war three here apparently you know well there. If they didn't pay them the mayor Rudolph that they argue that these are they showed they did know that I look like they owned it but they just don't give. And I'll tell you how to date black run it. Isn't our our. On the issue quickly yes what kind of person do to avoid that situation future. Well you can make sure that you write the check directly to the finance company what's the name of the finance company gimme the balance. All right I'll give you know rise bill sale for and consideration of payment of this. You know this and I just seen seen seen the title before you baba. Well they what you can't see the title with a lot of time to finance company will hold title right all I'll verify verify yes who's Julio finance companies told in the title so. It's like a vehicle you know they'll they'll hold your title until I tried to loose at times it's paid off that's there's security interest. So did you get a hold you'd get the name address all the information the last. You know finding its payment that they made. Shows with the balances you write a check for the balance but it you've got a document that confirmed what you did. In your right put there with that company's name in the chest in a kind of let's go break before we go to break coming to happy is today's have a vote on. David by it that they sell there you go are hi this getting to be the same thing with a chimp owner to I'll tell you that. Front area all right let's go to break Texans they're covered because you we can roars all things legal we right back after a brief time out were backed exits are happening to you we can or resulting legal so it worked Doug. With that we talk a little sports and we started getting some calls from big give is to stop dark for a path to come out outlets tell you something you do we get calls and so talks to sell that but that's all right let's go to let's go to phone mom goes through Jay's got a question garnered so scary for mom hey AJ you know alternately with the X concern over Nikko. Oops. Woo the that is my bed and I. I was too quick though what about the second call now that that are you there. It just call back I hit both I hit both Iran numbers and I disk you know what. At takes talent. To disconnect. To callers and one push and I mean it in it takes ten years are doing this before you head that you develop that talent. So armed but I think we had a question let me let me go to a texas'. No more that says. I've just been divorced what is illegal require legal requirement for recalculate and Charles Porter who bought more. So you have to have a change in circumstances article back in wreak calculate Charles Ford because it they say look. He too closely aligned to where you were before when are gonna take a look at it to let's go to Malcolm Malcolm got a question. Got a question regarding both title page Malcolm and all things Cleveland our ducks in turnover Nikko. Question is that mission there you all right good form the original social as the title so you have a title trailer. I just so. You go online to while fisheries. And Thursday registration form. And your native Rose Bowl Shaquille. And it will process. Would about the same thing. I didn't have a title to that either it was a title was to betrayal they you do need it and number for the motor right. I. A couple of issues but it's or. Wallet with an interest that you are talking about there is socially as the title to a vote. There you know Derek all right they don't much appreciate you are also Don TBXs forces or listened to us. And is born does not always tells us and I know Donna's answer that question too so that don's listen. We welcome our let's go to shells got a question I had. Rudely cut are all but unintentionally about his question regarding artwork and will hey Cheryl sorry. I know you've got a problem it was not it was comical quickly got caught the strategy US open yesterday election a couple of players. Explain about the raptors so. What little on the ego and doing all of our. That's why this ride I hear you. The question for you I'm looking out towards making we all parties done that I got a great deal for ritual our war. I'm bad I'm worried about leaving Ayers because I'm worried about Deepak. Implications. Of those probably pitching in a whale. It would how much do you think that that art work is work collectively. Along with your Irish state. Along with the entire eight. The artwork probably is probably weren't sure in 2000. The U okay and your dad yet we we've there's a federal exemption. Under the federal state tax laws and they are no state taxes I'm assuming you're calling from Louisiana. And you will not yet you have the federal ex state. A federal exemption. That exceeds that by millions and millions so you don't have to worry about. In the estate taxes and in adding those two will also you might wanna you know either re draft the will. Or Tom or effective cotta sill to the world that account of the art in any other movable property and you may not have listed in the world. OK got app helps tremendously thank you very much looking. Carol thank thanks to call let's go to. Today online through got us obscurity. Question for his mom hey Jay you know all things legal attacks in turn out for Nikko. You guys don't cut me off yeah it does not armed with. I was telling element that recently it is openly agree. Mom has not bored he would wow. Issue entitled true. This myself stupid (%expletive) purposes so you're. She you can tell us he's Royce on his yep they're so his income. They're pretty it's based on as but it probably. Small or. Well I mean it's all how much you pay in its you know there's a formula for all that let me ask you this question though did you did serve in the military. Who did you hear you he served active duty. All right. So to a website called. And attendance. Need an attendance. It's a very little known. Government benefits for veterans that have served in active military duty for the spouses to it again and it's yet and it's it's to help. Assist their spouses that I wanna say it's up to like 2100 dollars this is for the spouses as close to about 11100 now for 11100 dollars 100 dollars. 800 attendance aid AID. And attend and it's. Right go to that website and if you are you father mother spouse served in the act served active duty in the military. Bigs they show you it's you know FE cues as to. You know who how you apply and with the with the limits our senator senator and and it's been very good resource for a lot of our list nor. She didn't not a good jobs. Did that in addition correct some of the guests arrests arrests up yes Barbara are darker. She Richey can't and so security zone some of them people aren't the most helpful. Well what you do is he my favorite quote. A statement at this this Kerio offices Massey you supervisor. Because a lot of the front line. Customer service people do not have a full grasp. Of the total integrated event or very tough and very complicate essay just justice here. Go up the line and and talk to the person has been there awhile that's got a little bit of I got to blow real sport guys are tied all. Look at thank you for your service to recruit the issues. But but you know my brother Philip Nikko I don't know if. There I don't know close by not under the name. But. So I currency zone program book. And they tell me it's like getting out tension from the police that I won't get them but I have been working in the products directly to do is update water. But they don't mean and it is much is exposed. I didn't among you know it's. True. Yeah I think there's some sort of offset. That that they do. Through that way you don't you don't get both but again you know it's based on what you paid I ensue if you work in the private sector where the private sector. It's gonna be us. All warm up. Boca yeah some Juan Antonio woeful act. You know you know the UU gonna opt in arouses a lot of state employees in in municipal employees have. That retirement system as opposed to this as security administration. But again if you worked on the side you made of you know than the minimum amount to qualify episode of security you reduce that to but it would be small. All right we got our anti U Serbs expect. All those that Alice go to break that's in Germany could you we can more resulting legal right back of his brief time out that's there governing tell you we can lawyers all things legal is gonna follow Moscow about two minutes before news break this code to Bobby's got a question regarding cares responsibility for debts they Bobby and all things legal. Moderate. Or a month ago. Leo is there Edwards negotiate with the credit is better. You're failed yet but it's the cart should go well they picked up 20. Are there because property. Or no war. Are. To the state it they'll war negotiate the this. We shouldn't throw short answer is yes if debts exceed. The assets. The and you don't have to be you don't have to accept the succession if the deaths are smaller portion of the assets. And you you do have to deal with them deal with the deaths I mean their creditors view state now. They don't want have to hire lawyers to go file lawsuits into all these things to try to call collect those debts through these states. So here is an incentive for them to negotiate the exact. Did that. I Koppel it. Yeah that's usually they're cut off point. You know keep in mind to be higher a lot of these third party companies to go try to collect that money so they senate for them. To collect as much as they can because they get a percentage of. I. Oh are accurate and what pre. It. Up. Will you can put a check on their final payment in the memo and if they catch it if you say endorsement this year constitute full final payment on is on the estate of someone tell all right we got to go to news we are gonna local news slash news local news food back in ten minutes for second are halting legal says state team.