All Things Legal - Hour 1

All Things Legal
Sunday, May 27th
Lawyers Doug Sunseri and Albert Nicaud answer legal questions from WWL callers on topics including elder abuse and uninsured motorist coverage.

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Assessing the person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews review of contracts and documents and research of the current state of the law on the issues involved. As a result the information provided by the attorney suggested all things legal is given for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal tax investment or other professional advice communications with the attorneys on this program with a verbal or digital do not create an attorney client relationship. Good morning welcome to WWL all things legal mrs. Albert Nico got ducks in cereal on the long story this morning Doug. Lute or. I'm good you sound like you'll under the weather. Little bit wounded in the field. We are all political about it. Yet to seek a so you've been holding things down at the office while I was editor. Our year but. But under god our government has Packard machines will probably work. Plan allows users can. Cool so our work sorry I missed it. So you have mum brought good news about the the tigers on peak and at the right time baseball. If there were. The other day they really. Quite wrong and calm. Down. Yeah who lose you know what. Who I'm. Right yeah that's what they do that cop out Syria on it. That it goes out and eat there. It would be in the finals people who should know. Viacom. So it's that army years you know they win today you know rajat. K you never now you know you know yeah. So I don't know if they went to they'll still get regional. But which will be thought we're watching L should play. Houston or Austin or somewhere like that but. You know that beacon at the right on. There. A lot we'll watch. Yeah you know I I couldn't watch a lot of that I missed all the basketball. Playoff games because they were at 3 o'clock in the morning. And so eleven but not that much so. We're. A week ago we started in Rome and took a cruise. You know around the booted up the Adriatic and ended up in Venice and it was beautiful wonderful. Had a great time took the kids with this. And and and they loved it you know it was their first trip to Europe and what it would move good good time unfortunately the the travel agent booked us on this this old person crews. And no offense to the elderly but you know when you're twenty years old and in 23 years old 22 years elect our kids are. Home you know the entertainment wasn't the same the ship experience just wasn't the same as the is issue or more geared to different age groups but Rome. Oh. Oh no there have only truly there had been a ballroom dancing. They had. Yet the view of the fifties and sixties show who. You know you can just give them your foot through the channels on the TV it's it's it's kind of sit and be fit at the that the fitness senator and just I'm gonna have a little talk with these are travel agent once. Some. Do dialog bow. The exact or 01 minute to write. It down but now but today the tortured ship was beautiful from the it was very nice it was. You know the poor support wonderful spent a few days in Rome on the front end and a couple of days in in in Venice on the back end. And we have the weather was terrific if if if you've not been to Europe people and they are the time ago. It was cool. And and you know. It was just brilliant of course and in the Europeans are not on holidays it was not a crowded news. Typically news. And you know spent a couple of days in Venice and we got time to kind of really. Go through all the little sidewalks and C of course must seem for good old churches looked each one is beautiful as. Good news is is. Now. Along. Yeah. Pretty much but pretty much like. You know it's funny go around talking to do we did air being beat. Department broke both of them were great one in room was like a cross street from the Vatican the other one was. Coming close to the real to bridge in Venice and very reasonably priced considering you know hotels sinner when you gotta. You know older QG need to hotel rooms but. Legally who's running one of them says that in in October November and Venice. Everybody wears rubber boots Gaza's borders six into the war all over the ground. Everywhere they go 00 run and go from from high tide to be in Venice is sinking. And you know it was built it was built on piling I'm still Tuesday not sure why they did. Is there's layer right across the is likely to cause way to pick the connects I don't know why they didn't is. Build all of them right there along that the land but. They built it all filings in the course hall all the walls are attached to one another seeking. Raise one structure without raising the whole. Area but it's beautiful we do the gondola ride in and you know to a group that border taxi down on the canal. Greg canal and his two you know lots of July 2 lots of pizza. Good fun and fun. Oh. What's that it was. Yeah. We you know not a dud Hitler and but it tomatoes. Came from South America and Su win amber yeah Columbus Columbus brought those back and it wasn't into it really kind of catch on all the you know the eighteen hundreds in Italy. There you would have thought that there where we are tomato vines grew everywhere which they do now. But. The the news became from the new world in pants and New Mexico South America. Those coming here and anyway solo look what's happened on the on the legal front. In the any strange case is fun things you do and to do in the last couple weeks. Well Lou we talk more about his ability. And on about. Did you know they planning and it is according well. And there's a lot of the heat the more. Things that are not. Hide out where and what the oh yeah. He'll look into it what you got. Your you know who may be or. And very all that typically but when it does and it does you don't get things. That you don't. And mapped out how to call me the law will watch ball war. You know oddity. Who is you know. You know that the RB should soak. I've you know I think a lot of what we've been down and talk about it in support of all get get things in order at all so you know people. Living longer to. They're not. And we. Problems if he's that overturned and people. Well children are under we've been handling. A good bit of that on our into the office as well you know people that. You know we we've we've got one right now with a nephew. His it is probably pilfered over a million dollars from this poor lady and you know just had her sign checks to him you know 20000 here 151000 or 30000 there and you know the book the funny part is. Her brother. Has Apollo overturning over by. You guys now of course he's he's he's come seasonings exit you know. Executing it and forcing it but it you know who she was just writing checks in to the bank lose was honoring those checks so. There's some some really. Criminal issues and even civil issues for the nephews that. We were looking to enforce. It is while all these. I. The and wanted. And I'll give. It one forward. In the. The out of pocket you know obviously earned that there. Seven. You know bubble is it well it probably is it because they would eat them. Crime. Or. Someone didn't turn. Com you're. What if of the elderly. And encrypted or don't want currencies and they try to isolate that particular. Person you. It is my. Yeah. Yeah I know it Omar for talking is saying what's going on right. Sure. It. And I've got a story got a bug a good friend of mine. You know he's he's lives out of town knowing Houston in his his mom was here. A mom and live with the system live with mom. And you know he just just realized that. Google will wish changed. You know and in sue actually leaving everything. To do to the daughter except for you know like 50000 to him and his brother in this discourse in this state news. Substantially more than that so. But Padilla started looking into it right right off the bat that kind of sounds like. OK you know that that's a problem. Come to find out who the will was drafted. In 2012. And so you know. And I asked us to do you have any. Information to establish that she didn't have the capacity in 2012 any medical any anything. He said now is accused she was fine back and so that's it you know the there's situations where you know of someone has their VO. The state. And wants to leave it to the kid that they may need it the most even though they may not be worthy of it. Or be. You know took care of me during my in my later years you know you've spent so I'm taking care Meehan and wanna warn you that in. I'm not necessarily gonna tell you about it because is. Ottawa the conflict you know I don't wanna big fight before him on rather I'd rather not have to deal with a yell deal with a book. Serving an odd that the east Indian Wii U I'd like to look into it a civil it's going to be pretty expensive to look into net stick a lot of depositions they're gonna have witnesses and you know of course it's a it's you know the material will which is self authenticate you know if the presumption is that it's valid and it was you know. Exe tutored in the person has the capacity to do so do a lot of hit a lot of hoops to jump through to kind of get to that point. But down yet you it's a real fact intensive kind of thing and in union depending on the value of these stated it could. Could cost a bit of money to even find out if if you got a good claim. To have the will throw out what we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back all things political take your calls and your texts were back out Nikko ducks in serie all things legal. And Doug got his own issues worked out. So. Yeah. You know we're talking a minute ago just about you know an elder abuse. United us this story after story we can tell. Bum one. One in particular again it's a nephew situation where mom. Alone are not mum but yet there was an elderly lady she and her brother lived in in this double in that city. In on either side that they go in the brother died in years past and so he was kind of taking care is it looking out for. The next thing you know. Some literally some used car salesman from Kenner. Is is befriending her and taking her to the bank giving her sob stories and you know she's she's writing him checks. And you know course we we've wilder and temporary restraining order and injunction and civil this important. Own judge Bruno was was certainly wise enough to see what was going on and issued an order and and I'm I'm surprised the guy even showed up you know a non family member getting money from the Slaton. But he showed up in in you know he. Was never be seen again but it which is you know cost money to the stage two to protect this lady. And her heirs from the elder abuse that was going on. And again elect elect decent people who lose it in the moment some time but the pin. Data brought I didn't. Eighty pennies in there's the ability the ability is a vulnerability. Oh. You know a year ago here. You know. Maybe they need to be. To keep the peace are maybe I need to be ignored if this. Is great. How to market it. A and so you know a lot tops you know you had your own abilities. We wouldn't. What and when you're younger. And it easier to get easier to intimidate and I you know art an Arctic a lot of you know. I know the man they wanna be ones here yeah and then go a lot of time. Brett could be made what he is Larry he don't play always is. All. You in and out again Doug with your phone try to talk closed him out if you could. Yeah Allison editor of Congo where. Is there and put it. And in particular. Is right what is. It wouldn't. You know what maybe it was being done on people is here it is. I get quote. You are if someone there not. Knowing not. And and that because. But. And that it is it's that you haven't. At this for. There's more cases of financial exportation elderly partner's child that he now. Good to talk to you about shifting demographics. And and they differences. You know where you know the baby boomers on the page and and you today generation. And the big boom for most artwork. Where's the generation and that consumers and a lot of consumers or you know at a point in life where. They're consumed. Everything has ever made and they're looking into action on an an article or. Our prayer in April by taken advantage of. Correct. We we have the same you know we have the same issues down and are into the office a lot of roots give him sane people. But you know at the end of the day what the court is gonna do is they can try to determine if there is a will involved. And we have a will situation that's already the next Q Edward now. After the fact. They're gonna try to determine what the test staters intent was the person who wrote that will what is there Internet would you know one of the surroundings say in some circumstances. So. Anyway so we're gonna we're gonna go to double Demille CBS news update. And local news with done things will be bad they were back all things legal. Thank you for joining us this Sunday morning ovule Memorial Day weekend or his people used to say Memorial Day weekend. We we here until 10 o'clock after that Christian Garrick will be on. And L issue please in the championship SEC championship game at 2 PM. First pitch it to 130 is pre game right here on the big 87. So please stay tuned in turn up your radio. And this into the tigers. In the SEC championship after coming from nowhere come a very very very much a longshot to do so. Yeah you know pulmonary is pretty I don't. There is gone. Well yeah it says and out. Football baseball game where. Either the young when it was you know what to prop. Eight. That would be although it's very. It it is more coal. Win a hundred the crown court who I would I would. There's. Yeah I mean that impeccable record. In in in the U turn. I'm and then I think is it is he would beat me. I think they've more. It more difficult when it on the college world not to say that. When there is becoming so called. In their comp. It is probable probable not our. Well and you know again it was just like in basketball this year. You know that that the new coach decides who just picked a big year to become an SEC coached his. Everybody was so much better this year. You know Alabama and them Mississippi State and Florida mean all these teams are Kentucky. Kentucky was and even the best team in the SEC but demeanor all of these teams. In the SEC or just picked up their game and in other sports besides football. And we are indeed oh certainly one. The my. That is. The there and the being. Capable. Making. And in the chronicle written. That it is. One thing did. And is there. Won't go long or anything. Is. It. Great. And then we'll bring. If it is the age because. It was. There a bit. And by Bloomberg News the day. In the game again the options out there on. It would be. Enough. But completely. And that'll. Pulmonary or them yet. There. When. Is. That there are legal yet hurt that way you know they did. So that. Is. The cars now. On won't be. You. Hit the ball right at them and art are you go out there. He is double the walls what part of and and he didn't. And because there aren't that. He'd that would. The truck car. Well. Oh luminaries that you know by secret only because it is you know. I would probably want to. He. Born more generally only lesson lesson to kids out there go live you can track path. Rourke play. And then in court. And exactly. You don't shoot threes right now we're trying to sell him on the clock you you make three episodes ago and it's there you don't shoot it. I've got a man. Take another break will be right back all things legal. There and go talk a little long we come we're back Albert Nikko dug in serie all things legal again thanks for joining us this anymore and got a few text. Please discuss the reason for uninsured motorist coverage particularly what does it cover. That my normal insurance doesn't cover thanks. Are stuck you're. Acting get on the and you know must soap box again. Every every lawyer. That handles any type of injury claim. Will tell you. Did. Uninsured motorist coverage added to your insurance policy if you don't already have. A mom. What is it if you don't know and I will tell you this. Very many of you or insurance agents would try to talk you out. Because they're trying to being no insurance is expensive in the new year shopping shopping price ensue if they come in with a quote. With uninsured motorists on the quote. And it's a few hundred dollars more than the other quote. There in the you're gonna get the other quote so unique person compare apples to apples but what uninsured motorist is. Yet. Stands in the shoes of the motorist. That is uninsured underinsured so for instance you are driving down the street. You have 50000 dollars and liability coverage okay which means that if you're at fault in an accident. And your insurance company will pick up the first 50000 dollars of damages. But uninsured motorist coverage if it's not your fault. And somebody Tebow and you or somebody. You know. It's it's the other parties ball and that person has no insurance only has the minimum limits of 151000. Dollars. Then you lord to damages or limited. 2151000. Dollars and a story is no you know sue you won't of course get anything for pain and suffering you'll get anything if you have. Have to lose time from work. You won't be one did anything in if there are uninsured completely. And you being you warning me give you medical paid for election you have some sort of medical plan or you have what's called medical payments coverage in your room policy so. It is it's amazing to see. I had a situation with with a guy call me of front month silica I got a guy that these different monies looking for a lawyer his. Car ran out of gas he was walking along the server running neck and shoulder of the interstate. Somebody was texting wasn't paying attention and raining over he had closed who have mean dollars and medical bills and you know he had he had a 100000 dollar policy but did not have any uninsured motorist coverage so he was unable to collect even that first 100000 dollars. Of of medical bills or any any type of pain and suffering or or lost wages or anything so it's a very very inexpensive. Protection if you compare to liability coverage it's maybe a tenth of the price. And it'll make a claim under it does not go against you war. Experience. Model far too to pick establish you rate because it became re view based upon. That on the uninsured motorist because it wasn't your fault it was the fault them for uninsured underinsured. Quiet in Colorado that is current. Obviously we there are quite what the race war in Colorado prepare the culprit. In the reason why. Because it is it. There's members opposite that you know there area it Prague on earth. Right or driver just a minimum limits. Right 'cause they have to have insurance and so they drive with minimum what's 151000 dollars as a minimum liver limits. You know that it's eaten up pretty quickly win. Over you have. Medical bills to pay for with the cost of medical care center and so. It's just really hard to. To try to do anything for someone. If there's no coverage of the and so. You know move the moral of the story is go check with your insurance agent and does get a quote on adding uninsured motorist coverage in in you can and it. Ought to the value of your life bill ability if you have a point 5000 dollar limits of liabilities. And you can 25000. And in uninsured motorist and there's even something called. You you him bodily injury in the knew him economic only damages which means. Damages for medical bills and lost wages. If you wanna forego. The pain and suffering aspect of it is cheaper version of view and where you can collect your medical bills and also collect. Your your. And lost wages and lost income. Okay. Let's go and take another break and will be back with a few more tax rate here and all things legal seen a few minutes they were back last few minutes of our first hour just one last comment on the view him. Issue we were talking about. When you go sign up for. Coverage automobile coverage you change carriers you change you know insurance. You're. Policy will automatically include include uninsured motorist coverage up to the amount of your liability limits. And you will have to sign a waiver. Of the UN coverage for years the courts have you know people who fought. Home the one a a valid waiver would be and what it looks like and finally the commission entrants got together and they put Dave. With the legislature and they put together need a we reform that all of insurance agent Smith used in sued if you sign that waiver form. And chuck off all the boxes etc. It it will be valid waiver in the and you're no longer have that coverage. There are also some success. Of that coverages well that you have to check off what do you want to economic only damages where you want. Too we've just the bodily injury sent to its own little checklist of items you have to go. One is that all of the Koran is the problem with it maybe it is that. It's the way we know. And it won't. I. I don't court. And hateful network. And people. Would mean. About it color. Are about it's about. But I. It is. Not part who's. Issues regarding. Trying these you know. Quote take advantage in terms with apple. Wanted the law. There for the inter company aside hey you know just send the ship built experimental. And then yeah one year Berkeley. I'd and then when they called back and Harry you know will will raise. Bill. It didn't. Quit their call. And that that. They called are growing up Obama. And and basically. You know the vertical he did all in one year. And you are and goes well. And their position was hacked in Antarctica or they would resolve it. Take care of the medical bills on. In the 11 year. You. Wonder what. Who is the app. And one year there number it's. Critically little excited. The the party group at all. It was our current company. Now the ball in the car and it. Who is there a medical bills go to our deal all along he appeared. And they and as an updated app. Well me people who. Trade. Maybe someone at their word. Wolf with a year ago that it is there. Yeah period paper right revolver. I'm just so they would take care of it who are are you believe it would not or right. Well I think our and that's just that's the nature of written so yet be before warned you got one year. In most. Court situations in in situation involving a car accident vowing some other harm that someone else is done to you. In in most situations you've got one year from the date of the incident. Sometimes we look at the date to a bit of the damages of the damages sustained it. You won't have to worry about trying to prove these exceptions you wanna get get a file within the ER so I will be back for our set an hour of all things legal.