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Newell Normand
Thursday, August 9th
Newell talks to SportsTalk co-host Kristian Garic about tonight's first Saints preseason game and the anticipation surrounding Zach Strief's debut as play by play announcer, and Steve Geller's move to Sideline Reporter

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We're gonna talk about a lighter subject this hour but. Even more anything they're very important to make big huge saints fan they start tonight Jacksonville Jaguars joining me in the studio. Is Kristian garic and if you guys are looking. To have a laugh. You might wanna take a look at Christians lay eggs in the Dong tank. And I got to tell you Drew Brees really good. Bobby Hebert NASA got. Not so much he's still. His he'll still bruised over go and hope her thigh with an adult thing no doubt without a lot of fun if you wanna see it. It's on our FaceBook page RW to go radio FaceBook page the other day we did and I was partly QB challenge. They and ask for volunteer I quickly said I'll do it and as lot of fun begin in Iraq for those guys and see in. The guy accurate in particular Drew Brees as he threw one ball when it wasn't his turn. And I saw pick up the ball and throw it now's our minds is go in because estimated. And he did get up at. They would it was really a lot of fun watching all arrests each other and in that thing you know so I didn't really crucial let's start. You spent a lot of time is the sideline reporter in ten playoff games one suitable nine years on the sideline it's a different view it's a different perspective been there myself. I always word about not getting hurt firms because when they come running to. And it's not a lot it's like okay where my goal and I had an escape plan every type much. Always look at I do guard if it's something comes my way where which way am I going Ella. You gotta have you had a civil down I told Steve god talked of earlier today obviously his first game and he is our new guy gala asylum yeah he's our new silent for a super excited for him and his opportunity but. Thought and detailed look yet have you had also done there has. We'll begin appreciation for you can attest this new eyes how fast and how powerful. These guys are you don't get the same appreciation watching from the stands on the press box but just how quick these guys move. How powerful they are it happens really fast right in front of the and you can get. Tangled up in that fracas pretty quickly enough and that. You know what I realized right away was that model 195. Didn't look like any 195 that was out there on the field yet go figure that right that. We'll have more compact and we'll have more. Well the more density in terms of no structural muscle mass as generously and you won many five they'll pour everything David did exactly what you said anatomy at the so also a new opportunities for a lot of folksy you and Bobby will do pregame post game. Real post game I'm really excited about that as the another opportunity. I think you know obviously to work with Bobby Hebert who grew up watch animals is not use my boyhood idol and Portland my sports talk every day and also now pre and post game. Really sad about the opportunity to talk to saints fans before and after a be the first person talk to him before and after. Gains and I'm really. Pumped about that opportunity you watch the game I think from the sideline a opposed to. Up in a Booth are the united. On TV in a totally different way I haven't watched the game. A saints game on TV in nine years so it'll be it'll be different for me. And a lot of minutes and it it it's an incredibly different view and it's from the sideline and a lot of folks don't realize. The the hope in the middle of the field will probably grow the crown thank you hear these on and on to turf fields on the grass turf fields you know that they have. Is you only see from the knees up ya if there on either opposite side there's a lot. Things you pay attention to as asylum reporter that year and probably not. Some of the you're not gonna even use he just paid attention to because. It's right in front of you and to where if you watch him on TV. I'm seeing things it you're not gonna see on TV invited as the opposite now but really. I'm really. Stouffer for Zach Strief. You know has his first opportunity at the new voice the saints tonight he'll debut and I have. Unbelievable much confidence how good he's going to be tonight and I know he's a little nervous talked to him earlier today but he's been he's been preparing. For this moment for a long time and then I'm excited to hear what's not what he's gonna say tonight the trees and to leverage up now of course he's working reduce so it down any better. You absolutely not I'm just looking forward to. I mean you talk to guys that are very learned about obviously that's spent their entire life playing football. And you know they they note from a perspective that most others don't who ignored from. And his near experience meaning he's just walked off the team trying to tough it sucked up. He actually knows old most if not all of these players very well. And these coaches and the coach and he can tell you sit in what you gonna hear things tonight and throughout the season that you probably never heard about the saints just because of the insight of both those two guys. You talk about twenty years of NFL playing experience and one Booth right so you're gonna hear some things he probably could never hear will never hear from from a safe radio broadcast ever and I think that's what's. Really attractive about it I think. That's gonna do a great job don't play by play but the magic between he and deuce. During an in between plays is going to be something that it will be totally unique to sing tree. Not like any other pre season we're gonna see a lot of young players will see a lot of players first time ever in an NFL stadium yeah. Jacksonville great venue. And what are what are we looking forward wanna see some standouts on the lights tonight yeah outlook. A lot of lot of people around I was somewhat guilty of this at times you know with the pre season is like nine it's hard it's a regular season you know me. It's it's it's it's it is a sign footballs here and you go right you know football not a the game is not as crisp because of the starters are not playing but there's some things to watch for tonight in particular I think a guy that stood out a lot in training camp. It's a tight end in all its second season last year he was alive receivers who's convert over to tight end and he's made a ton of plays in training camp I wanna see. Is something that I've that they not a lot they the saints defense has forced a lot of turnovers in training camp practices. Typically. You wanna see that translate into preceding game or two or three and then that tends to follow you into the regular season I remembered 2009. That that not first you're cover the saints and I noticed the theme in in training camp practices that year they were forced a lot of turnovers. The first possession against the bagels that you're in the first game of the of the creases in the forced a fumble and I think those good habits like that if you if you see those. If you if you demonstrate your ability in a pre season to force those it has away of trickling into the regular season and following you into. The regular season saw wanna see some of that tonight and see if they add that. Propensity that they've shown in the regular I mean in training camp. To force turnovers and get the ball out whether it's fumbles or interceptions. And Dan Arnold mentioned him to punt return duties as well. Let's go back to Dan oracle once I don't I mean we we've always had a very productive offensive seasons. But you know there's a difference between productive and explosive in our most explosive offensive seasons has been. When we can exploit the play of the tight end and it is Dan Arnold one of those guys that can bring us there and potential. Leave but he's been he's not going to be used in a running game so he's going to be limited and I think there's a there's a degree that. Teams all know all right we'll probably not gonna have to guard against the run here because panels on the field. However Sean Payton loves the matchups he's masterful. At at and put his strengths against your weakness and carbon out those matchups that are mismatches in favor of his office but I agree with you that. If you go back and look at 2011 when they were set new records left and right passing record yardage records touchdowns set up. Scoring I think it. The weapons on on on this offense could rival that of the 2011 office they've got a ton of weapons going back to Mike Thomas obviously Ted Ginn junior trick once Smith. Cameron Meredith out of Camaro you don't have marking your info for gays but. Mandate a look at this offensive in our offensive line is stout if you stay healthy there they can put up some some eye popping numbers this year. We're gonna get to a break we wanna hear from you 260187. In Texas say it's 78 ceremony we've got the expertise of Kristian garic in the house who will be doing pregame and post game in his new position he's off the side lines and he's actually dressed up now say here we go we'll be right back this is Nolan Christian not. Where backward Kristian garic he'll be hosts in the pregame and the post game show days off this. I'm lines he's dressed up be ready to go out always stressed that. Not a sharp review dressed only. You are the sharper dressed men and Aldridge I gotta get your evident iron or spending let's go on line just an engine Tillie let's say you just and. I think the same call you personally I don't use. Well I. But and its stated that racial policies and as our starter we hear. Could mr. Benson has now and haven't. Jim Anderson has gone extremely common and you moved to figure now starts steep two hours on the sideline. With the change in the changes people's outlook for two horses that. Yeah Alabama and I think ever as excited for him and look change comes with time it just happens over time these things are going to change in. It's part of it's it's exciting though to be a part of a new era if you will and and and sacred. Changed its opportunity. Has been a big fan of yours personal line for years and congratulations you're a person go with Bobby. And good luck with it and he's a great person listen to what. It's it's it's different this year and I. Have to given that conditions are we gonna do well here I will have a good feeling about it. Yeah he should person I've not heard from a lot of folks and Justin thank you and it's a great thing just has not Albert from a lot of folks. There's seems to be. Conover a revitalizing energy and they've been singing heard through some folks say out its summer camp it's kind of been. A bigger bounce in the step in law takes. That has to do with just the fact that aid they've. They're excited about their team they know they have a opportunity to be a really good team. And have talent for the previous three years prior to last year you know he had guys undrafted players. Three and four along the defense align alone make an a team because it and have a lot of depth he's not gonna see that this year Tennessee when they pair this roster down. In the beginning of September. You're gonna see guys that. From last year or two these two women he caught touchdown pass when he made a lot of plays force and then they're they're not on the roster because. The amount towns they currently have guys like Tommy Lee Lewis the RD sought this past weekend. Brandon Coleman released in any ability for four years and they've been a big part of some other some of their big moments in games in particular last year and the running game so. They just got a lot of depth no and that's usually a sign of a a good team as you're going to what what what happened last year you saw the office of -- get riddled with injuries the reason why they were able to have success is because they have depth the teams that whether the injury bug. The Philadelphia Eagles they lost atomic guys well but they were they were deep that's a that's a positive when I do like about this training camp that again I always try to come. And who might not always be fair but I always try to go on what I've seen in the past past experiences. And when I've seen the seat in training camp when he had highly competitive practices. On balance whether the offense wins of the defense wins. That's usually a good sign you're gonna have a really good football team in and I think that holds true this year with a twelve practices that we've witnessed it's been competitive. Hoover competitive and I think that's healthy. Alert talk about the backfield wolf but before I do so a wanna talk about the front line pitcher everything starts at the Frontline jerk write him. And so what is it what is it looking like and what's it shaping up to the law. Last year even with guys were injured they still had the same starting combination I think in five games last I was it was normally look what they were able to do. He we've even without. Those guys and with the injuries rushing the football protecting Drew Brees. If they stay healthy this the one of best offensive line it's not the best offensive line in football. Toronto often left tackle he's been their body injury bug in the past he looks is good is that as ever looked he's healthy not talk a mile day feels really good of about where he's at physically. And and and just. UC more more from him. After this first pre season game again getting back into routine stuff he's doing a lot of individual work contracts right now Max Unger is Max Unger I mean. You know just he's just an all out stud gay or. You know he's he's an a for every every game. And right guard Larry wolf for I think is is one of the more underrated players and the National Football League in terms of office alignment the guys that he can absolute mall. At the point of attack is impressive he's a huge man he's really get a pass pro as well. And right tackle Ryan Grant check in his second season what he did a year ago he's only gonna build on that and I know is actually don't talk and and that's the position he played rice and I think Ryan Grant check. Could be at an all pro right tackle and next two or three years. Yeah I mean and I think that's going to be the key and then you know let's talk about the back feel obviously Ingram four games and that's. A blow for shore. Who steps up. So we'll look at on this marking or make no mistake about it you don't take a playmaker on this offense like that and and say oh he's going to be just fine. Now fortunately they have number nine they got outlook Tamara they've got them that the receivers in the the weapons out there are so they're going it's gonna make it a little bit more palatable. But you know Johnson wins the player I think that stood stood out and I think that he's right now the early front runner. To get some of those touches that would go to Mark Ingram if they were playing a regular season game. That's a player keep an eye out tonight also Terence west Shane Vereen and also Boston Scott I think you'll see a lot of those guys tonight. Get some opportunities. And the thing about marking on him makes him so good is not just run between the tackles he's a weapon out of the backfield in the passing game. But he knows what he's doing a pass protection. In blitz pick up it's an important job to protect number nine and sometimes someone that can't always grasped that or they can't physically do it and marking arm is an all around all around running back so he'll certainly be missed but. On Ecstasy all those guys shake out I don't know right now that there's a definitive answer out in front of everybody on hey this is the guy and it's going to be. The the guy that spells marking for those four games but I think in other early candidate would be John always. They have a couple new receivers in camp to that look very promising from uncle yet Cameron Meredith came over the Chicago Bears this off season and coming off an ACL injury so they've been. Kind of on a pitch count if you owe him and not necessarily is many reps he's he's had his moments in camp where he's looked really good haven't seen anything. I popping with him but trick once Smith is an intriguing player third round draft pick. Sean Payton when it comes to picking receivers. He knows what he's doing all right and if you go back a look Ries lag said 2011 I think this offense has. The potential to rival that of 2011 is what's the common denominator they had been. A Robert Meachem and it Devery Henderson INS and they can live the top off the defense but also. Really help you in the running game so defense has can't sell out. They have to honor the running game and oh by the way that they can get behind him on double moves and and post pattern to set or citric wants Smith can do that. He high points the ball really well he goes up and get city's aggressive in the running game and he can he can flat out motors. Who's got there we look foregone over the middle. You know about them tight and it Brad Watson did Watson guys like that tight end I think Josh hill's gonna become a better receiving tight end because not at or about the blocking much. Now and that's always been a key to amenable to open and up the sideline tried it yeah it was all over the little girl game are gonna work in and across its alternate Drew Brees has always been able to exploit. That many times many seasons really didn't have the assets to do so we still did fine but it is steam game if you get a tight end down a scene in today's NFL that's money all right we will be right back Kristian garic we wanna hear from 260187. Or Texas at 87870. Says Newell and Christian on W DeVito. On a blue runner opinion polling you're excited to see the saints on the field tonight 89% of the folks say yes I don't know what's wrong with the other eleven I had Christian what's going on there. Now I don't know wonder wonder where their live in these days I say new site here than in the news. You know tees in the game obviously Zach Strief and and Deuce McAllister and I here's silent report so long he you know use our minds following that then you're Steve Garza's little. It's a thing that constantly back a little bit on the anyway. A little weird moment a let's go I want talked to Andrew what say you Andrew. I'm pretty confident that at all. Yes I'm into it he just under object. There is no injuries. But I guess my question. About. It vendors Georgia. I think it. Sure yellow or civil let me let me start with a -- the dog back to the office and where they're thin ist and oh look there's still deep on the defensive line this is what's going to be -- about the pre season. The right now they do have a lot of depth at linebacker ton of depth at linebacker and a lot of depth in the secondary that's positive and if the I like the most about this defense which traditionally. When you have a good defense you have a playmaker at every level of the defense the saints had that cam Jordan along the line. DiMarco Davis I think the new addition from the jets at union playmaker linebacker not to mention. A few others and then in the secondary. Marcus Williams and Marshall out of Washington Marcus Williams I think. When I've seen this year. Man I would be surprising he's an all pro this year I just would now the offensive line. You've got the starters we talked about earlier but you've I think he added some quality depth this offseason yet you lost city of comity but Jamar bush tried. Coming over the offseason. Of course fourth round draft pick got a thousand originally with the saints. And he put left tackle play left guard play right guard even play right tackle fees to. Can't play sinner but they've got enough quality depth along the offensive line that if they sustain injury that they can they can plug plug jamaat bush brought in there they comply a couple of other guys in there. Will cap will clap from the military I think is having a pretty good camp. I also think though that with the injury to John fully to who's getting a lot of snaps. With the ones in stead of and just Pete like he was coming back from injury he got put on injured reserve basically. So that's present an opportunity for will clap. I wanna know who's going to be. The back of sinners are going to be Jocelyn Revis are the gonna be a guy like will clap will find that out but they've got depth there they've got depth and not as concerned about that position group. In terms of injuries I'm really not know her concern very much about. The entire team when it comes injuries did that deep they've got a lot of quality depth look at the line backing core two years ago. This was a major major eyesore for them and now they in the last two off seasons. They've added so much depth there you talk about guys potentially like needs to par might not Craig Roberts and I heard somebody say that I don't agree with. When that Craig Roberts is on this team he's going to make this team we've got guys like needs too far and others that. Might have a hard time making this team because of the depth they have it Eleanor. You know and and that's the thing it I don't know who made the decisions last year about the O line and a year before and all movement that went. But whoever was in a masterful job as Dan roach ER I mean this. I you know I was just incredible I mean that they didn't hurt themselves right I mean. They they they did that they were able to maintain and and they were able to plow through it and get keep some people back and have actually lost somebody for the Seattle city or. Element day is a good as of really nice luxury peace. To have and what they lost and he is are we get paid I mean there's not a lot of guys in the NFL I can play all five positions along the offensive line I was happy for any of Almaty get the opportunity to get paid and free agency but. This offensive line is still very very deep Andrew Mon bush rod is not quite Sanyo come a day in terms of BL playoff five. But he can play you play for the five positions in the Nona guys can do that he's. It's go to Chris a long drawn out Amanda though what say you Kress. And that. And let them. You Chris. When a name. And the thing. We're gonna come. Out that. The market. All we're the seasons are zeroed Chris Chris Chris Chris I love you man and a woman you call. You're super you're super fired up all the time. But man. Were predicting the score three seizing. Let the dogs out and a pre season. Do I get off in twenty minutes where you all I got to. But dole have a talent here Chris I you know and a Chris has been known to start the adult beverages very early very early on. Game that's a good priority thanks Chris for Colin and you know. Oh and lost my train of thought for a second really. We wanna come out would no injuries yes and we wanna have the the ability to be able it get a chance to see. Them in situations. Right that you just can't stage right and right and then see how that war. Is particularly younger guys the I don't know how they're going to react you haven't seen them. When your own eyes how are going to react in a two minute drill our Internet in it. In a conch and out controversial NA pivotal moment of the game where it might be situation or third and third and eight what do you play I play third and fifteen. You know your responsibility. Is shopping talks about all time he's not a play guys that he can't trust a lineup if he if you don't know what you don't can't play. So if you you'll look for that to who's lining up correctly who's not. That usually good indication that they're gonna be buried on the depth chart on and have a law on hard time making this team. Yeah so let's talk for a moment when we come back got to get to a break about special teams yeah and it's something it's been a little suspect for us over the years and we've struggled a little bit not. And it's one of the few times you've seen Sean Payton stretched Croatia on this and lines. You nebula in a very overt way. So we'll be back with Kristian garic we will review talking about the special teams when we return this is newly Christians on debit or Leo. Where evacuees have Kristian garic co host of sports talk Guinea's also gonna be doing pregame and post game with Bobby Hebert trying to keep him under control lots of full time job. But we look forward to the journey on nonetheless and couple of friends and viewers who I guess they're brother served which in the military said they were disappointed in you they yelled actor for twenty minutes it saints' training camp they have a division shirt. That was made Korea. I'll want that shirt out I apologize. You still listen I apologize I didn't hear you. There's a lot going on attorney gets look email me who have that text or email me. Christian at WWL dot com Christian with a K at WWL. Dot com I really liked to get connected with the ink and get those shirts at. Especially. For the seal listeners out of town you can pick up the game. I own radio dot com. On a desktop. Not on a mobile app mobile app is controlled by the NFL we have no say so there has yet to get to a desktop you can pick it up on our desktop and radio dot com Chris you're talking about special teams. And this year. All kinds of crazy rules like kick off solar and watch Dallas whose audience about. Yeah I think kick offs are gonna look drastically different this year in an effort to lead to try to make the game safer they've they've instituted a couple. Rule changes. And I think it will make it safer. But it's also make the kick off a lot more exciting. We saw a lot of touch backs the last couple years because a balls at the thirtieth 35 yard line and guys are kicking and into the end zone and see a lot of returns but this year. The kick off team can't keep that running start array that had those one or two guys out literally start ten yards behind McCain out and get that running start and head down the field. You'll see that this year and then as a returner and the return game yes that nine players lined up new for the space than fifteen yards parts of the guy in front. Ten yards away from the ball is no no farther away they got the guy behind him is known for the way than fifteen yard behind him. There's no more two man wedges mavericks are out as a five man wedge and went to there's no more wedges. And then I think you're gonna see this strategy of these kick offs. Change you know see a lot more border kicks you know pop up kicks trying to kick it to cavities within that return team. He Tennessee the opportunity to return more case because you can't have that running starts it's going to be a little bit more difficult. That that that coverage team to get down a few so quickly so. I'm excited about how I want to see how it changes now one rule that does have me. A little concerned it's not kick off rule but it's the leading with the crown of the helmet he sought in the hall of fame game there were four calls for flags. And I came in I think they got three out of the four right by the definition of the rule. But now I know it's a point of emphasis this year in a thorn lot of creases and you'll probably see tonight the saints jaguars two or three times if not more because they wanna try to get that out of the game. Where winning the regular season. You know the players know they will call this so little bit more. Cognizant of it so. I think in the regular season though if there's a chance that if you lead with a helmet you can get ejected. EMC net pre season I think an issue warnings in a pre season and perhaps in the regular season go hey look you know Al I was close to it the throw you out of this game but. I think it's gonna impact the game one or two games this year will be impacted a player probably will get ejected. For for lead with the crown of his helmet so those rule changes keep an eye on it. I'm I'm really anxious to see how the leading with a crowd that helmet. Impacts games I think you are always tweaking any other tweaks. There's a couple of duke would know better. He sat in the official meeting but those are the two that that really stood out to me I think there's a couple of weeks that of the that the ground cannot cause. An incompletion. So they need they redefining catch rule again they've been tweet and app for for four years I don't know what a catch is these days and it. I really don't it's so convoluted at times and so. I don't know. As you know maybe help the receiver has to do is touch the balls from India actually it's a strange it's it's strange in so many ways. I don't know. I can't explain it even if I had the officials here I would still be like ha ha yeah well explain that to be here. How how I'll admit I don't I do not have a full grasp of what a catches and unifil. I it's we're gonna take another break when we come back we're gonna talk about the quarterback position Perry and I know we got to starter resolved but there's a lot of competition. Behind it. And and that's important as well yeah when we return. With Kristian garic cohosts a sports talk in the pregame and post game show where Bobby Hebert will be right back after the break this is new ruling Christian under the video. We're back Kristian garic who host us sports talk in the pregame and post game show Bobby Hebert and we wanted to just touched briefly on quarterback caveat. They Drew Brees he's not probably gonna see any. I'd be shot I saw him and I if if he does I'm turning the TV off yet you show up I think hot probably to mention Ron and I know screaming we'll talk we're talking about predictions you know the the prediction is the plan. The plane lands safely they place safely and apply it comes back safely no injuries that and it that would obvious successor as. I would be a success but yeah. I can make the argument that I don't think you need to play Drew Brees and all in the crease he's he's gonna say I need the rats. But whatever it I don't make those decisions and I'm glad I don't but but behind him you know Tom savage. Pace of hill JT bear this your first opportunity to seek hasten hill Tennessee uniform number they they got him last year after the creases in close when he. Got cut by the green bay Packers and Sean Payton as very high on this on a young man in. At practice at times. You can see where they're entry ban he's very athletic he went four for forty he's big but he's an actor in a pocket. Young quarterbacks have to know learned this is about the pocket passing. Game and passing in the pocket do this successfully being accurate. Is what the NFL game is about they'll forever be about the pocket passer I know that these run pass options these are POs of these mobile quarterbacks are currently in vogue thing. But the thing that's tested by time and time in again that that will never go away is the pocket passer they always have success and national. The more the feel like you said it's it's up the feeling is seems in this team's best place to be as in the pocket yes I mean you can run now. It's good to extend plays on the video Russell Wilson right and accurate he also extend plays that's what makes him run so deadly now Jason Hill. Can beat him if he improves accuracy. So who Ruiz who do we think is I'll ask you might as prediction who's gonna get the most reps the sea and at quarterback yeah I think you'd see a BC Tom savage start this game. For quarter case of bill for. About a quarter and happened JT bear the undrafted out of Ohio State and a quarter map so. I think that seats wanna see you know what you haven't concept. I want I think they wanna see Jason Hill and GT bear a lot of I think you have that opportunity tonight. That's what I think is the most exciting as seeing. The quarterback play and running back play of people that ordinarily wouldn't be there earlier thanks so much pressure for joining us really appreciate it's time again. For that national cash contest ready for your chance to win. A thousand dollars in the inner calm cash contest the code word this hour is. Crab. Taxis are a B to 72881. That's 72881. Tex now and you could win 1000 dollars cash listen for the next code words do it's gonna have and at the top of the hour as well every hour now through 6 PM. Thousand dollars is up for grab good luck from all of us and every WL we never charged protects an individual plan Texan data rates do apply. Please don't text and drive thank everybody. For their participation today it's boots up.