Alcohol poisioning

Have you ever had a drink that you would never ever have again?


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Max Gruber. Freshman at LSU had a blood alcohol level point four. 95. At his death we learned from the autopsy report released yesterday. We heard in the news WWO Jim Hansen daka folks over LSU health sciences saying that. That's. The equivalent. And it's hard to know. But physiologically. If you do the math that's the equivalent of someone Max brewers' size. Probably drinking about twenty shots of alcohol. In two hours. They say that once you get over point four row. At least 50% of the time you doc. If you do not get immediate medical treatment Max spirited not get immediate medical treatment he was left to sleep at all. And he never woke up. Twenty shots. Over two hours of trying to think what the most I ever drank this. And honestly I can't tell you because I have had experiences where I drink way too much Brady gets sick a couple of times in my life. I'm nominee. Because I don't like that feeling. I do enjoy in alcohol in moderation. Moved by it. Am I think back to college when I drank a whole pitcher of mixed drinks ones on a dare really stupid. And I really regretted as. I think goes recently when I went to an all inclusive resort in Mexico during a cruise and really wanna get my money's worth so I drank a lot of the bar. And had a really great day. But twenty shots in Lima area of pitchers 32 ounces of 32 ounce picture of eyeball each would have I think twenty. Shots of flickering ordinary I was next in fact it was amorous out as it was the worst thing ever done in my life. I haven't had one sense it's like drinking Kate well we were sit at a table. And they wanted harrah's. And I was kind of in a conversation up paying attention I looked over there was grab a pitcher wanna grab the beer. Before I could so I was left was amorous hours. So on I drank it it was a war tonight in my life. And I haven't had one since I can't stand the taste. Memoranda was ever a sour pork it just brings back those vivid memories of them they're much better going down the coming up. Thank you for that now most people have a drink you want drank you have met noted rank sense that you had a bad experience with bad knighted ranking. And why they even if it turned out OK I would never judge who's so again justice of tastes awful to think that that's that cute pets but I've more than one reason to not touch easily you know panel my we will get that story from him less than twenty minutes or no you racket or tennis movement we vote. Just halt the proper fit it in the wild that's not coming out people are taxing us about. Drinks they've had that is. Made there. And they will with which they've had an awful experience a Tillman story earlier. About emirate of Sowers and I'll never drink them again I can't even smell them or be near them. Without getting a little queasy just you refused to tell your story about what was the direct Enzo whose area one person texas' of compliments. I wouldn't drink that ever again thank you lord for sick bring me. Another person says I would never ever ever ever ever drink tequila sunrise again. Government synopsis another attack and has a lot of snobs tequila and Jaeger on my answering your tax fireballs another one and one president's tequila. Says tequila as a sound effect can't smell it or taste it anymore. And he's it's funny out we've people of a bad experience with a drank. They did just can't that innate in bad taste. Never leave your mouth. When it. Mated second trip through your dollars going the wrong way and preempt for me it's memory of those hours and you know. We talk about this light heartedly but he really no joking matter when you look at what happened. To Max Gruber and LSU and a blood alcohol level point 495. Reports that there were all kinds of wild and bizarre things going on during the alleged hazing ritual preceded his das. In calling hot sauce and mustard being poured it around. Them playing a game and game or use that word loosely called Bible study. In which pledges resting answer questions. And affidavits that have now been unveiled as a part of this investigation. Apparently grew over was kind of like the target. That night police believe. The fraternity members who says that while most members had a drink four or five shots. As a result of getting answers wrong to the questions but knowing they were testing group were very difficult questions and they just can't go running go on and he can't drink and then drink and then drinking. An expert to Thomas it was the equivalent of like twenty shots that he probably drank over to our workers that killed him in on a very serious and if you see someone who is no longer able. To function has lost their motor skills as a result of alcohol consumption. And goes into a depressed state of consciousness. If they are. In and out of consciousness or they pass out. That you need to get the medical attention because if they have a blood alcohol level more than point 40. The death could be eminent and it's very important that that's addressed very quickly so. Well why I've been you know talking about are bad experiences with specific alcohol. It makes me realize and stop and reflect on how stupid perhaps in I talked about picking up all pitcher. I'm amorous hours and guzzling it. And when you start to look at the impacts of alcohol over time and what second duty that was the really poor decision and and I really wonder what my my didn't have my blood alcohol level tested at in fact have never had a blood alcohol test and never had a breathalyzer. I've never had blood drawn for a blog out blood alcohol test either by police and medical personnel. So I have no idea what my blood alcohol levels but not Cuba and mr. realize it's probably been weighed two guys who taught you never even use the corn operator breathalyzer that they haven't some bars now you know I didn't have those back when I was doing my. Real drinking before I was a dad in before a family man. And before you're an adult I just have pretty much. And really the only time I can thing goes. That I had. I dangerous amount of alcohol since my eight. Really my twenties was probably last summer when I was celebrating my twentieth anniversary of my wife and we're on a cruise to Mexico. And we went to an all inclusive resort for the day. During one of our excursions. And we were just really saddened by the pool and saddened by the golf and having a bunch of drinks and they just can't bring in more and we kept cranking them. And I was probably pretty close to dangerous levels that day. Because I just felt like I had to get mine you know I'd paid a whole bunch of money for the excursion and as an open bar only take advantage of this. But that and desire to get my money's worth could have really cost. Beach drinking can speak up on YouTube. Beach drinking he can sneak up on my era there on the beach the drinks are fruity literally taste like alcohol. Next thing you know we looked down their like seminary in those little while liberals. Sit here at and every NS extra shots with the current. It was is margaritas and senior collide as with an extra shot on the side. And we had met some people from Arkansas's got to like hot sauce you add your own extra rom to the opinion a lot of guys you ordered tequila to drink the wrong Federline and assault and all that. And yes. Now I'm not again it was fun. But in retrospect it was probably dangerously on cells thank you Christopher Dodd MM bad night to drink during it but the bottom line folks is. You shouldn't go crazy and drink to excess and if you see someone who can't handle would and is getting sick and out of consciousness please get them help right away.