Alabama Senate Race

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, November 14th

Tommy speaks with Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about the allegations against Roy Moore.


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We are talking this morning initially about I think the thing that has. Then on on the mind of every American has been following the news and that is. He Republican senatorial candidate from Alabama judge Roy Moore who. Com as stands on family values and morals and ten commandments and so forth and now. It would appear to manages my opinion I agree with and Mitch McConnell the senate majority leader and that is that. These charges are true and this today it's a shame that he can't go to jail I don't think he can because of the statute of limitations. And that's another issue I think when these people would abuse kids don't realize that eventually these kids are gonna grow up. And when they do they will eventually feel empowered. To say something about the people and abused him and it's happened in the Catholic Church it's happened in politics is happen businesses happen. Just normal people everyday life and within the family where. And I think that. Sometimes it is a family member that is most often the one that is the abuser in these cases. And I think that the UEU would be hard pressed. To say that you don't believe these women. Andy Smith is our guest director of the university in New Hampshire survey center morning Andy. Murray. I'm I'm puzzling got to tell you because. I see on Twitter. A lot of people come going to the way that the victim read the statement yesterday. And they defected GA Gloria all red. It seems like they look for every reason not to believe this and I don't I don't understand how they can be what happens politically in these situations and he. I think politically or more accurately be talked into dropping out and my senses that you'll have to say something like that that. There's an attack but he doesn't feel good people out there but he does this sort of thing something along those sort life. I hope it anyway eaten in election. With this sort of back my senses that this is it BP dark truth there'll reed morrow each and just continued to drop out of the election gets closer. So I think that your concede that increasing pressure by Republicans. Pushed him out there and what that might be the only way Republican dealt with that C but even that of the port. Haven't colors that remain the comparison to Bill Cosby before too. Louis CK I had a caller on Friday I think it was that said Louis CK. I didn't do anything wrong that these comedian these women we are comedians what are they called were just. Trying to advance their careers at Saturn and that theory pretty well fell through when he admitted that he done everything that he was accused of and look to his credit. At least he did admit it. And only gets a trophy for that but at least he did own up to what he did. What does it. I don't uses a new thing in the country where we view everything through a political prism and you know I got to get calls constantly about it somebody criticizes try to be able what about Obama. And the thing that. Confuses me about that is will he thought it was wrong and Obama did it by did you think you'd would you think it's okay renowned meaning it's. Wrong when Obama did it by it why would you think I I understand that day is it always been away in this country are we becoming more and more and more polarized. There are some and political sides of the country is more more all right we can see everything through are more people tend to see everything to those. Argument that there's always been people that have been impeached that way. And it's it's more so today that you researcher of the study chose. But how Americans are becoming more more polarized on issues just over the last twenty to thirty years. I and it's pretty stark that the differences now between so but there are Republicans and Democrats we've done some research here where we. Ask people about what what things that happened to them economically during the recession is to lose the job. Today. At every kid living in their basement they lose their health insurance whole number of things. And then when you ask. Republicans who had the same thing happened to them as Democrats. Republicans at this time this was prior to the 2012. Election Republicans said. Because I'm terrible in the everything's going to help Democrats saying everything was great even building at the same thing economically yeah. So yeah we don't usually our own world are working in with postpartum and that's the. When it comes to people letters saying you know what this is all apply to mum. That is did it's a conspiracy to bring down a true conservative candidate. Explain if you will the timing of all listen to the anatomy of how one of these stories break. Well it certainly be applied. But I think that there are a couple of things are going on but if it to plot adult witnesses. Serving that is not true. I think that the he'd give them the timing of it couldn't happen before the election is terribly surprising because this retirement. That person. May have been victimized by something like that that word of feed him on TV and probably group Rea remembered all of those things that happened then have. And they're angry and environment that we are living in with those distinctive going on with our New Orleans during an end. Point drinking still don't copy. That list of all people become more evident it is right now that would normally would come forward. And and talk about the six. And I think that era that far. Lawyers who are now old very visible like Oreo. Very visible on television who. Actually encouraged to call so I I think it is a saying that it it's conspiracy is. Probably too strong but to say that it doesn't happen in the arm by a portal let them there's more visibility makes perfect sense. I guess a question is do they sit on a story like this or. Is a cause and effect is that them hide the more of the person rises the more likely people are to come forward or maybe both. I think it probably will that a vote but you write more than it if it's that or more and never been running for senate without any. But the fact that he has put himself in public side and much more physical than ever was. I mean it's gonna come out AM there certainly are going to be people on the democratic side are going to be looking for anything to pick against him. So they're going to be there's going to be more encouragement. Would come forward in the made them just regular car. I think. Some of those that can kinda step aside or in a way and I'm no where near Yuba kind of look at these things reliving a bomb can pretty well tell when a politician. Does something that is just strictly pandering to their base. And along those lines would when did. Would like Roy Moore with the ten commandments he knew damn well it was gonna be struck down the Denny makes a stand he's fighting for. The Christian right even knowing knows it's not gonna work and he just winds up wasting everybody's money went when did either party get into the morality business. It's actually been going on for quite awhile to become more visible with television used repeated the morality. Card was played more locally. When it was. You know local politicians talking to people that they knew. But it begins with a diluted and television became much more. Standard operating procedure. How people make yard that was with the Ronald Reagan. Let them making eighty getting and a the moral majority on its sight visibly before that. Evangelical in the United States would not engage politically. For the boost. The 1980 election the party evangelicals out and stayed down and appear important force in the Republican Party but and sit symptom on there but the thing is the evangelicals are rotten not always. Have not always been republic split they were core of the democratic coalition going to start with apartment Roosevelt southern Baptist. So that that you are absolutely of the system knew that there been involved in politics and the television aspect of it. This new morality part as always that they were acting constituent peoples throats with something like more. And I think that's one reason he's in bigger trouble among some other people might have been typical Clinton because he you'll. More it's only been playing indices more moral than everyone else two when you do that use it yourself up at all. Now who is a decent claimed to be more moral. Are dirt poor yet but let me generally full relate to go is only get this answered in terms of Democrats. Do they is this a bit one sided thing to the Democrats claim the moral high ground there were proclaimed to be the Stanley of values in all. Are right I mean that the party of family values. Nobody ever Durham animal that that big he uses well Soviet morality about. Quite aware of the morality about right for. People. Who were gay and lesbian or transgender noses at the morality if they're used to use those as political weapons to just like Republicans do. Anything that anything in the campaign can be used or candidate and used to beat up on their opponent. Or two. Put themselves in and the stronger position is going to be used in politics so really that surprising that putter. Trying to be a holier than now whatever holy means to them. That's a long standing tradition of politics practiced in the United States and other places as well. Anyway love you could you write down the middle and that's hard to find these days and I do deeply appreciate your time. Eddie. You know good luck down there and I hope I hope you have a nice cool fall weather. You know what we deeply appreciate wickedly temperature roulette I get 59 and sunny which again. Got about it by her she always beat thank you Andy had a day but here.