AJ Monsour Previews The Vikings

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Thursday, January 18th

AJ Mansour of KFAN 100.3 in Minneapolis previews the Vikings in the NFC Championship game vs the Eagles.


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And joining us now the program his promise AJ months sewer covering the vikings for Kate fan under point three in Minneapolis Saint Paul and host of the power trip morning show. AJ was somehow manage past V. Pretty exciting week up there I'm sure you guys are still celebrate met incredible finish the miracle in Minneapolis that happened on Sunday. All week certainly airlift him the dreams so your answer to overcome doubt rare but. Yeah I'd stated that upon week you know obviously. You can't go anywhere without without seeing the replay on TB. People aware of vikings purple everywhere you go were legally. At an appearance in southern Minnesota right now and there are bar full of people like commuter Thursday night dispute random stood up. It's good Ole days excited and like you live to fight another day. So what was what was your reaction to that play when you sides where you were you stunned or camps where you silent support he showed jumping up and down closer reaction. Why I don't know what to do we are I grew up in Minnesota. Before you know becoming immediate jackal I would like spam. Or would reply I've caught up with the disappointment of this team beat 98 team mr. Steele Gordon missed about a championship picture and have won the 2019. You know growing interception caught body or Walt fuel Gordon that they have the vikings. Are usually almost always on the other end. A situation like this so let it happen in the you know we were just sitting there in the press box ready to say a record yet this is another. Another issue another problem and other that they let slip through their hands. And Bennett didn't olive garden and admit it Democrats are actually classical you don't. You don't hear you don't do their. Will peddle the other we can go to do we get no way you know or do we beat colored do we do we hear the record. This is gonna stand I think people were or were convinced that there would be a flag could be a good miraculous play. Would be called back and we wouldn't be able to actually have a victory but it stood and at the plate when not to got a cool. The stadium being clear out for 45 minutes after reverend David or seek or their gal report wave their flag and enjoying it watching what was happening. Alt field so it was back have a real moment that under the old didn't really know how to react the leaders have always goofy. Yeah out all look it's it's a moment that nobody will ever forget and even though everybody the saints game. Up on the short end of it down here I think it's a moment it will never forget even brits special what would the coolest things I think. This Moline both sides of a bad game saints fans vikings fans they have been I talked Russell my program a lot not sure if it's like that on your program to but there's a lot of trash talk going back and forth I think all the fans down here AJ just kind of recognizing the moment. For what it was and a lot of the fans lot of people call my show our. Talking about what you just talked about the the futility in the bad moments the vikings have had in their past or maybe it was just their time. Yeah okay you know it would be these two teams out special rivalry now you know each team got. One end of the back in 2009 you don't like got it this year. Yeah you're right it is I think there's just it's just too good community too good dates and bases that are supporting it even understand it the name. You know at there are some that are more passes than others but at the end of the day you have situation like with with your partner Robert Morse said. Minnesota fan donating its dirty him coming back up your. Deliver but Jack for the Super Bowl week candidate a typical story. Is bigger than sports it's bigger than big game that's real life and an epic of that so expect that that. Both these same bases of both these teams out or each other it's become got a local went. Yeah over a 190000. Dollars now donated it to us Thomas Moore states charity from fans appears to Google Talk and age in months or covering the Minnesota Vikings for Kate fan. Under point three in Minneapolis Saint Paul here on double coverage all right AJ now vikings they turn the page they're on to the NFC title game in their favorites. On the road against Philadelphia what's the biggest keys in your mind for Minnesota in the skin. Well I mean it's going to be two talk the defense gonna give each other so protecting the football I guess you know any any team could say that on any given week. But it is especially in the playoffs do you protect the Pope or you don't turn it over should have a decent chance to win yelled lighten our paper. Or that region obviously the other one of the best defense in the league with eagle. Discrete on off side to side football. Like you might have a little more with case genome to wide receivers and the Allen and big 22 headed running attack. I think that people just think that there's a little more on the offensive arsenal weapons. For the fifteen to put some points up. As opposed to the Eagles with Nicole that is a big drop off Carson where they once were still in it'd be a different scenario but the way it is right now. Mike come out as paper I think that there's just a little too much bigger out on the up and decide what all. But I do think it's going to be a low scoring game I don't think there's going to be a whole lot going. On the opposite side of the ball also. Protecting the football becomes of the most important game like that and whoever has the fewest turnovers I think you're really going to be a lot of walks away with a victory are you worried at all. Abouts. Not a lack of focus is not gonna have a lack of food settle they can and NFC title game it may be a little fatigued from. All of them heighten the excitement surrounding that play in the aftermath of an on Sunday. There are certainly worried their inaudible hangover from by the celebration. The experience that they have they've been a lot of TV interviews this week obviously you're in the middle order based. Dollar tax let's do it like Cory you're right now but I do think that this team understands. They're kind of live and our org I'd right now you know they were given dumping that. So many teams that don't yet know most of the time clock runs out you could you please could you cramped up. Year and then you lose that but that's not what happens this story book ending of the like weapons saying Mike it was quoted saying that the good guys won the this week it has given out obviously that bear bear and there opinion but the same type. I think that there are approaching this just knowing it. Well we've been given a second chance let's not go waste that will not take this complacency on the road. If it was the whole game I I'd be more concerned about Taiwan. And they were going to Minnesota orders it would be a little more concern about the attention span that they'd they put into this week because they're they're stain it or Spain and then they. But the fact that they're going on the road to a top and fire at the top team. Ian kind of you know over a blue collar outward their pocketbook articulate leader not going to be kind to you in the stands in the stands. So I think that think they do take a little more seriously hopefully they don't take this scheme for granted even if it is nick all out there is still a good football ethnic group last week. They're still able to win games are still able boot keep the score lower it to a different way that a lot of course what others are. L a little too early for this question is are rapid up AJ. But is this case Kim's team now for the foreseeable future now these lead you to the NFC title game and really had kind of a top ten year here in the NFL is assisting on four. Then I think so you know I think this this team has shaped around him. And given the way you know there's a player tribute players should be an article that he broke last week that kind of went crazy you're not sure. On a national level I'll prevalence was for you guys what. He protocol article about how the community has just. Able to in late Kim and and really except two years in that span a week 22. Will be the cornerback for this team started to see that. His is. Affinity for the the community here and also it is easy you know they are after that game a bit because you know it could that you can't really. Predict that it's going to go that way so. Opposite experience for him their Q and is that that he wants to figure this team wanted to stay here think that they can get. A little bit more reasonable deal and you'd get a free agent market if you were cast doubt but I I just think. It's a good fit here in Minnesota with case. Well AJ monsoon were it's Elliott it was an unforgettable week down here certainly comfortable with up there in Minneapolis Saint Paul. And I think a lot of people especially what happened with Thomas More sincerity. Down here become vikings fans over this week and maybe on into the Super Bowl as well it was pleasure talking Syria. Have fun this weekend and hopefully I'll run into the several a couple of weeks up there in your home stadium. It. All right very goes AJ monsoon were covering the Minnesota Vikings for. Hate fan under point three in Minneapolis Saint Paul and host of the power trip morning show he can get the follow on Twitter do it great follow at Ajay K. FA NAJ Kate and on Twitter will take a break we'll come back and we will speak to our Eagles who have moral goodness tale of the tape from that side. Of this game on Sunday listening to double coverage. Except on the response would arrest a dumb on WW.