AG Jeff Sessions says "no reason to doubt" allegations against Moore

Tuesday, November 14th

Now, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he has “no reason to doubt” the women who claim they were sexually harassed by Senate candidate Roy Moore when they were teenagers. Jeff Sessions is a strong Trump loyalist and is generally not considered part of the GOP Establishment, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Does Sessions’ belief in the stories about Moore change your mind?


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It is another beautiful afternoon in November I'm Scrooge collector with this year of 1053 W zero FM 870 AM and stepping if you don't dot com. Last night or Monday Night Football did you notice the empty seats at the Panthers dolphins game. One of all those seats empty. The Panthers fans just not as loyal as saints fans. Wow I was just surprised to see so many empty seats. Now Cam Newton and the Panthers. And looks good lesson. The falcons good. I mean these are too dangerous teams. But I still have confidence that where the saints are right now. And Dick chemistry with this team between the coaches and their that the players. I still have confidence by time. The Panthers are coming back and falcons are going to be a tough team as well. I'm the next big test and you know this is as much or on an emotional test as it is a physical test because we've seen. In the past couple of years. We've seen the saints. Lose the momentum I don't think they're gonna lose at this Sunday as they play the Washington Redskins in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Here's a story about Afro Alvaro Ohio inmate. Who's on death row and the guys really sick. Alvin Campbell 69 years old he's a death row inmate scheduled to die tomorrow. And his lawyer argued that he's too ill. For lethal injection he still is he's too sick to dock. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. He suffers from a severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Resulting from our twenty years of a two pack A day habit. Wow. So the guy is some of the guy is so sick I mean I I find irony in this. This sick inmate in Ohio it was going to be executed tomorrow. He's going to receive a special wedge shaped pillow. They won't help him breeze. Police put to death. I mean. There's something about that the just doesn't seem to make sense. Which Cantrell leads Deseret sharp today by eleven points but there are enough undecided voters to. Actually aimed. Actually gives the the wind do to Deseret sharpen it if they all won it for her tail wind for our we'll talk to Clancy Dubose and in the next hour. About the mayor's race and and where it is are you still one of the undecided voters. And as you undecided in which direction do you lean don't talk about that channel four had another installment of their investigative report titled down the drain. About the sewage to water board and the city of New Orleans. And the report last night he was revealed that turbine three. Which was broken before. It was fixed. By a sewage and water board employees are now telling general for its broken again and it's indeed a very very extensive repairs. Also. These huge tech company DXE. Has announced it's gonna open a branch in downtown New Orleans that could bring up to 2000 jobs in the city over the next few years. But will these jobs go to people in the city and the state. Or will they be filled by people outside of this area. And their filled by people outside this area is it because there were not enough qualified people in this area. And is this just a reminder that. It's very Smart to try to figure out from. What direction to go in when it comes to your career. And I think that goes for anybody at any anti seizure of their life. First up on our show let's talk once again about its growing more. I did a video from our FaceBook page WL radio. And I and I are so assured it on my FaceBook page skewed on the air. And in the background on the monitor I have hash tag no more. I mean really I don't. I don't understand. The logic of steel. Supporting this guy. And now trumps attorney general Jeff Sessions. Who I would not consider Jeff Sessions to be part of the GOP establishment that people like Steve Bannon are are fighting. Jeff Sessions said today he has quote. No reason to doubt. The women who claimed they were sexually harassed. By senate candidates Roy Moore when they were teenagers. Yesterday it was. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Take I believe that women. Palace of Republicans are saying II believes that women. And now Jeff Sessions says he has no reason to doubt the women. Jeff Sessions is a very strong trump loyalist. And really for a lot of Republican sees that this one of the sweethearts in the port. But now he says he EP police to women. At this point. Why would you still believe. Roy Moore. You know we're now learning things like he was. Banned from. A shopping mall. In Alabama. Because. He was trying to pick up teenage girls. To curb grown man trying to pick up teenage girls. And there was another woman came forward yesterday. Who says she was sexually. Harassed. And a story she tells us if it's true which really quite compelling. But yet there are people who are still. Clinging to this idea is that Roy Moore. Is just on is just a victim of a political which. I mean let's remember. This is politically motivated to some degree. Maybe to a large degree. There's politics at play here. What part of being in politics did you think we don't lead to this sort of saying. Honey this is what politicians do this is what the media does. The media goes after Republicans to media goes after liberals. Democrats. So this is nothing new. This is part of the game of politics so if you wanna be in politics. You just can't give fewer enemy any ammunition. And Roy Moore has a lot of baggage it is turned into. Strong ammunition. In this battle to keep him from winning this Tennessee and Alabama. Also Alabama's largest newspaper. The Birmingham News. Says quote we believe these women. The seriousness of these incidents. Cannot be understated I'll cannot be overstated. If anything the stories we've heard. In Ottawa county. Have only further cooperated them. They say it is time that he and his party. Read the writing on the wall his candidacy. Is over. His true character has been revealed. It's time for the GOP to remove its official support. You don't here's another aspect of Roy Moore. This guy doesn't respect law. Because he defied Supreme Court rulings when it came to removing the ten commandments from. State property. He doesn't appreciate the law he appreciates. His view of the law. He appreciates how he sees things. And in his mind. Maybe he didn't sexually harassing should maybe he thought he was doing in my favor. Maybe he thought they were lucky because. He was interested in that. But this guy has a history. Especially a recent history. Of of not respecting the basic rule of law in this country. And I still don't think that he is totally denied that this stuff happened. Is there any reason to still. Cling to the belief that Roy Moore should be in the senate. If you would like to join us with a comment this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Area code 50426. So morning Stephanie. Tech's number 87870. We will hear us some comments from judge Roy Moore and also watch Jess sessions has been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today. And he sent a lot of interesting things it's amazing what he now remembers. I'm Jeff Sessions didn't remember a lot of stuff when he was asked. And now he's now he's remembering. A lot to talk about what we're just getting started and I'm screwed too and we'll be back. Under review realm. Yeah I think there may be a little bit of that going on Capitol Hill but it also I think is something that terror relates to the is a topic of Freud more. How much got a text here that says says what about the women that Bill Clinton was involved in. But you believe he accusers when you don't have a fax what I believe those women as well. And I was tough until Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal our staff under Clinton when they were charges against him from Paula Jones and and others. So you know I I love this this. This tendency. That if I don't bring up everything that I've ever talked about and this is this is something that happens to everybody in this business. Don't bring up something into it that I've talked about in the past and mustn't talked about it and that's simply not true. Mean I was very critical of the same thing I try not to be hypocritical. And and I I I I agree with Jeff Sessions not always but I agree with him on this that there's no reason not to believe the women. I agree with Mitch McConnell on this there's no reason not to poised to win. So you know what do you say to all those Republicans who are lining up I know a lot of people don't wanna talk about this because it is that is that damaging. What do liberal does it its ban act. When a Republican does its patent. But. Winter Republican does it. The problem is even more accentuated. By the affected people like more. Act like they are so godly. They set themselves up like they are the moral ones and you and I are the sinners. And that they are the ones to rip percent could moral values in America. And we've seen countless. Republicans and Democrats but Democrats don't tend to run on Monday the god endorsement. And there have been countless Republicans who run on the got endorsement. And we find out later regardless. Here's what Roy Moore had to say about this being a political maneuver. And that's all it's. If you look at. This situation. You'll see this because I'm eleven points ahead or killer eleven points ahead this race being just 28 days off. If this is a political maneuver. And has nothing to do with reality it's all about politics. Okay I'm. The politics comes into play here. Did he deny it. No he's just that is politically motivated he didn't say I didn't do it he said this is politically motivated. That's no excuse for their not to be investigation. Should've happened a long time to go up of course. But he didn't this is. The way politics works. You can say it's not fair. And maybe it's not but this is the game of politics this is the game that they choose to be part off. Roy Moore also said this about. One of the women. I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false I never did what she said I did. I don't even know the women I don't know anything about her I don't even know where the restaurant he ever was. No problem says that. But he also signed her yearbook. He was in his thirties and assigned her. Our yearbook. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601. A seventy Texas 87870. And I've got to get text your doctor Donald Trump being a sexual harasser. Yeah I mean Donald Trump has been accused of that is well it's I don't support any of them. And I've been critical of trough and we'll continue to be critical of trop. When these things come up. But right now we're talking about Roy Moore initial reason not to focus on Roy Moore right now. I Janice you're under the WL. Yes dude I wanted to try something. Now make it quick it has nothing to do miss them more. It has to do it on election on Saturday and I want people to stop and think about this so he won this cited. Now you know new Citi credit. And you hit a part as well which it was giving you. Then you would not have to pay money back. Felt that it something to think about and the impact this can count independent. It means that he confused that they can't and that just doesn't set well let me have a good day get. I Janice I appreciate the call if you gonna join us for your comment numbers 2601878. Or text is a 7878. Here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour which matters more. The sexual harassment allegations against Roy Moore. That there politically motivated or the truth about what happened. 65% say the truth. About what happened. 35% say the sexual harassment allegations against Roy Moore. Are just politically motivated. Amid against us it's so what if you're politically motivated him I don't know why that matters. You know the the saints. Will try to take advantage of the weakest of their opponent Sunday afternoon. This is a strategy. That goes on every aspect of life. Including politics. So again if if you don't want to be a target and don't give the enemy any ammunition. Our Scotia we're coming right back whatever if you don't. I mean that's kind of what Jeff Sessions is saying is he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee it Jeff Sessions said this to say about term public topless. I'm the guy who's already pleaded guilty to. Having conversations with the Russians during the campaign here's what social tennis. Right now were well recollection of this meeting until I saw these news reports I do know our call. That the march 2016 meeting at the trump hotel that I missed that pop and jobless attended. But I have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting. So. I mean is it is unbelievable that you you'd Euro remember I mean made news. Is it believable that you don't remember until. It comes out in the median. I don't I don't or mean we have to remember that it's very convenient. For people to answer under oath I I don't remember. I mean that's a great excuse for. Not admitting some. Jeff Sessions was also asked about. The senate race in Alabama involving judge Roy Moore. The ethics people that the department of justice. And I've talked to them about that when this campaign started its proceed I used to hole. Today advised me that the attorney general should not be involved in this campaign. I have thanked friends in the campaign in general I am steadfastly. Adhere want to make sure that if he used to the united stats say I should continue to get it done. It got very content joins I was watching some of this earlier on the today before coming on here and the does that the session with Jeff Sessions before the senate how should you got sent to House Judiciary Committee. Cut to very very contentious I got an interesting text here that it says. I'm grief for the most part but what happens. If it's found out to actually be untrue the allegations against more. When did lynch mob justice become our new justice system. And I think that is that's a fair question to last. But I think this is more than just something about it superficial allegations. There's been some strong investigation into this this is not media radio talk show host who is the only one that has this opinion about Roy Moore. Now. It's attorney general Jeff Sessions. He has no reason not to believe the women said that earlier. Here's a text screwed Roy Moore's wife his fourteen years younger wonder where they met I don't know years ago I Chucky cheese. Here is a text ESCO you Earl areas it's worse when Republicans. Do it really well what I said. We stance it's. It's the same when Republicans and Democrats Stuart what makes it appear worse. Is the Republican Party has. Has accepted to god endorsement. And when when you go around saying. You know it's almost like they did appreciate the Catholic Church it is sexual harassment. Pedophilia is is is horrible no matter who does it. Put it it's exaggerated by the fact that these are these are priests. These arbor religious leaders. In the community. Who are part defying their religion and committing these acts. And so this is why it's it's wrong to run on the endorsement of god. To run on the endorsement claiming that your the moral one and let people use that keep people abuse that. Tenderly that's an interesting discussion accompanies it used to Christian symbol companies that that's. Explained that you don't dare they're Christians and and and hopefully they all are. But I I've I've heard stories about some companies to use that that really don't follow through on the whole Christian concept. But they use that to get your business. As a Republican politicians use god. To get your Accenture. And when they fail when they failed to live up to what they say. They are trying to live up to or were they when they when they claim that this is who they are. And we their actions defy that it's not to the action itself is worse. But the perception of it is worst because you expect more of them because of what they say. If you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Kerry code 5042601. A seventy text embrace 7870. A cynical bear last night time had some comments about senator Roy Moore and several of that four year. When we come back tears are pretty general opinion poll what matters more the sexual harassment allegations against Roy Moore being politically motivated or the truth about what happened. 64%. Say the truth about what happened 36% say the fact that the allegations. Are politically motivated. See I don't think that matters give us your opinion at WQL dot com we'll be back. I get a text here that says so. Many teenage girls are actively dating and having sex does that alone is no big deal. Well that that's a stroke in fact I think France is is now thinking about. Creating a minimum age of consent for sex. To be thirteen. The legal consent in Louisiana Toledo is in his seventy organ and this is the conversation a little bit later we're gonna talk a little bit about the mayor's race in the next hour but stay with us because we're gonna get back to this. Conversation with. I'm with you about to have Roy Moore and also I am getting flooded with Tex about our mortal life or Jeff Sessions is he's appearing before the House Judiciary Committee today and you know Hillary Clinton was really good tennis and I got a text reminding me of that I'm she she forgot a lot of stuff on but then remembered. And then I guess that's what you do under oath you know. Rather than admitted just say hey I didn't remember but it's interesting how quickly they remember when their memory is jogged. The facts. When they when they can no longer deny it. They realize oh yeah well I'd I'd I'd remember puppet doubtless yeah I remember that now I didn't fourteen months ago which is not like. You know. Twenty years ago. So I just you know look. They're all liars. And we shot to put off for them. At least until you and I can figure out a better way to divert the liars. I'm scoot we're coming back on Demi if you'll.