AFC Championship Preview

We preview the AFC Championship between the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the New England Patriots with reporter John Reid and Doug Moore.


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They're welcome to the show tonight so it's a New Orleans across the gulf south and you listening wherever you are including on our WWL dot com. Or WWL radio Al. Or on your favorite podcasts if you listening to the show afterwards. Yes we podcast should you know on his favorite podcasting out of the reason our local news there was a little bits briefs is because in New Orleans water boil has been lifted. Other parish is still under a boil broader dries jury Kenner Saint John Parrish with rouge parish and conserve water advisories in effect for saint Charles parish. We're going to be talking with Dave Cohen the WWL. News director here soon for. I'm more updates on that tonight. Welcome to our show once again set Dunlap plan solely with solo with asylum on Twitter app set to lapin. It's prediction time here tonight on double coverage we wanna talk a lot about these AFC and NFC championship games and we want your opinions on this who do you think advances under the Super Bowl it's. The patriots heavy favorites up to eight now went from 78 last night some betters back on the side of the patriots last won four hours. Over the jaguars and then you have the vikings is 33 and a half point favorites on the road in Philadelphia how do you think this is gonna play out. What are you looking forward to here. And our jaguar up ready jaguar actually pretty Mazda opinion poll that I would have been perfect read it was still a pretty jaguar and ample bugs Freddie must opinion poll. Tonight is why are you rooting for the jaguars this Sunday and I as we put that up there because that's FiOS. Most everybody's eight jaguars fan for some reason this weekend down here and we wanna know it's is it because you like the jaguars or is because you hate the patriots. I think and how that vote gonna go but you can logon to WW all dot com. And Caster out there will keep an update on that throughout the night but it's prediction time we have going to the Super Bowl talk about that. And will give a preview of the AFC championship game. With both the jaguars and this patriots beat reporters we'll talk to John Reid at 831 he covers the jaguars for the Florida times union. And Doug Moore who covers the patriots for pats pulpit. Dot com right after that then we're gonna toxin LSU football and basketball at 9 o'clock hour with Cody or sham. Will way it has to be LSU tigers of 500 in SEC play Tryon to get this young team turn the corner. We still have some trouble closing out games but it's. There's perhaps a bright future ahead for this program a little bit of excitement brewing over there in Baton Rouge including worship in the second hour. And three and it's oxen pelicans are the pelicans mired in mediocrity and is it time to make some changes. From the organization from top to bottom and do you have anything at the polls and make Iran. Through the playoffs this year and actually have a successor what do you think the tokens can do to have a turnaround like the saints did this year is that even possible. We'll get into that throughout the show and it's Friday so that means open lines Korea our show until 10391030. Because of NFL preview. From west who won the follows at 1030. Phone lines open 50426. So one it's seven the end of course. Therapy a week continues simply stolen dish on the saint season the saints offseason that. Terrible loss in Minnesota he won events wanna talk about what the seats he did do this offseason again give me a call 5042601870. Timmy was that Dave. No. How castle have Dave here in name just a little bit but let's get into this AFC championship game a little bit and the story lines that I think. Had been overplayed and do this always happens for some reason with the patriots. Always there's some. Extraneous. Outside the organization. Clough what it seems like hanging over this franchise when they get to this point in the season. Whether it's just wait gate spy gates. Whether it's now Tom Brady's hands. Bravest and everybody's talking about how injured is Tom Brady's had all and I just that. But now we have the report from a couple weeks ago that talks about Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. And bill bella checked in the rift between all three. And all three of them vying to see who gets the most credit for this dynasty right there's all this talk behind it's he gets. And I just have to laugh. Really. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me and fully seven times. Really shame on me we're used to this by now are early in the fall for this again. That all. I do there's too many is too many distractions cheer for the patriots. I'll leave the go on there when this is a generation game. Brady's hand man. Bradys and play the Jacksonville Jaguars haven't been to this spot and over that. They're playing Blake mortal soon while he's better this year. He still only has a 21 to thirteen touchdown interception ratio barely a 60% pastor only threw for 3600 yards. Game manager at its finest. And I don't use that in a negative comps text necessarily I think game managers. In today's NFL it's starting to morph. If you watch the teams that may read it and then of one Super Bowls the past. Seven years or so. We see those game manager. Nona. Elite level tier one type of quarterbacks. Having a lot of success and being able to carry their teams are released help their teams Kerry's probably the wrong word wide to the game matters not carrying their team by definition. Beginning their team stood to the Super Bowl and I think Blake portals can certainly do that. Just like we're gonna see a game manager type quarterback do that the NFC. With cases in women with Nicole's. Nobody's argued in its humor foale's is an elite level carrier team Canada act. Still we called morals is a game manager and not only that it's nothing wrong with that. Most quarterbacks in the NFL or like Denver many quarterbacks in this faux history of Mae fine find careers off of debt. I mean heck everybody I think today who's my age or younger in just here's a name Terry Bradshaw and he thought that he was some. Delete all world guy I don't know Terry branch caught a Terry Bradshaw was a game manager. For those steel curtain teams the Pittsburgh Steelers in the seventies. Nobody holds that against him it's count the rings on his hands. I think this is gonna be a fascinating matchup in the in the AFC are really deal. And it all comes down we're talking about yesterday to the first ten minutes of this football game watched the first ten minutes of this game everybody. And you'll know how this game's gonna go if the patriots score on their first two possessions. Get out to a two score lead a double digit lead this this game's all over. There is zero chance the Jacksonville. Is gonna climb out of a ten or fourteen point hole. In Foxboro. As an inexperienced team bright lights and all. Blake morals forced to throw it's not gonna happen. On the other side. If you see this game towards the end of the first quarter. As kind of a three nothing a 33 S six snapping a 63 typing game. Watch out. Because that means that Jacksonville defense has scheme to prepare the right way for the patriots. And we've seen over the years and I know it's cliche to talk about but it bears mentioning again. When Tom Brady has struggled in the playoffs. Forget the playoffs on trot Tom Brady is struggle. It's against greats. Front seven pressure. Back to buy in the scheme because a lot of these teams he's faced have that great pass rush the don't have the secondary behind it. To lock down receivers in man. We're in the short results Jacksonville has that you Oates what's won the most impressive things about this Jacksonville defense and why I think they're going to read. For a comparison why I think they're gonna be the next legion emblem. Well I think they're going to be in the next Seattle is deep defense and everybody aspires to be in the NFL just like that Seattle the fence. Of the past five years. They don't have holes anywhere. They're very elites. On that defensive line in the front seven. Cops and the Seattle team try to were very early on the back in a pretty darn good up front of the opposite they're extremely elite front seven. And pretty darn good in the secondary. No holes anywhere. Schemes incredibly well. And one thing that. That the patriots and Belichick and Brady you've always done they find that one weakness. And exploit the heck out of it. I think they're gonna have a real hard time doing audience this Jacksonville defense because you can't point to that one weakness and say it's glaring emeritus. You think it's grudge against those linebackers know. Those linebackers. And safeties improve at all season long they do locked down tight ends. We think it's on the outside no. Not against the patriots receivers patriots receivers are good. With famine dole and and and cooks. Not great. We think it's the running game the patriots. Might be gets might be yet. One area or Jacksonville a struggle this year. Is when opponents are in that one receiver sets or two back sets too tight end sets. You're very good. Against us. Three receiver for receiver sets single back sets. Best in the league in nearly every category across the board. We have fought its lineup two backs one receiver to backs a couple of tight ends one receiver. Start to pound or on the football they drop down into the middle of the pack there about fifteen to 22 and all the categories sharp. Efficiency per play yards per play class yards per play completion percentage. Simply for what they're like Atlanta. Was. Over these last few years when they're Berry good attitude tight end sets the patriots can do that sports. They can line up with with a couple of backs couple attendance and be. And you asked me what I expect from the patriots and how I think they're gonna try to exploit Jackson I think that's I just I don't know that they're gonna have a lot of success doing that. And the X-Factor. You know what I gonna say here if you listen to the show all right. You can say an X-Factor here for Jacksonville one guy Belichick and Brady didn't wanna see. Tom Coughlin. Tom Coughlin like go to the jaguars would be using that front office. And you know he's had a big hand in the preparations this week for the jags. I'm Koffel one of the most underrated. Guys in NFL history. Brees with Jacksonville. Win in the first five years of their existence they made a couple menacing title against truce some precedent. Benny takes. The giants a couple Super Bowls wins two and now he's back here with Jackson on his first here's the president there and has them and championship came. We certainly knows is we've seen in the super balls. And not just assume rules the other games. Knows how to be Brady and Belichick. Doesn't going to be fun. In the line is up to gates has gone from 78 was nine when all the way down to seven all the sharks put their money on Jacksonville. And now like me were skeptical Vegas is released the bettors in Vegas. About that line. I'm on the patriots here I may not take yesterday I just. I think this team is it's too inexperienced Joo young a year away. Talking about Jacksonville. Bright lights I think it'll be a little too much especially there in fox rush things and you jumped on early. I think they're not going to be able to recover. And doesn't mean I don't think it's going to be fascinating to watch. What you think I think it's gonna play out. You may call 50426. So 1870. Of course also a lot we're talking sates of there'd be weak for it. When it talks of saints and saints offseason toxin pelicans open lines on this Friday right there on the phone lines you follow me on Twitter SF Dunlap Tim Zimmer. It's double coverage right here on WW. Come evidence couple minutes we're gonna go back to back. Out of Jacksonville and outs to new England's talked to reporters for both of those teams reprieve VAC championship game we preview the NFC championship game last night we might replace those who knew interviews. As they were pretty darn good. As its preview day and prediction day. Now Tim and I are on the record here last night against the spread we haven't they are straight up predictions yet it's. Against the spread here Timmy I know I was on new England's at minus seven. And I was also on the Eagles bats. Plus three and were both on the same page there. That Eagles lines a little weird to me. In Philadelphia. In a title game a defense that is. Just as his Minnesota's. Oh that's not fair they're almost sisters Minnesota's. Maybe just is given that front seven not quite as good on the back into in the secondary. Nick full seasons. He's is all that bit them in the kind of the most head scratching thing in this whole week or the last couple weeks is. Ever exactly like nick pulls is Charlie Whitehurst. Like he's Tom savage. Like Brock I've read bought rock Gaza Weiler. Like he's some. Third tier scrub next to me because again I have no shot to win put it. What are you what are we talking about here what we're doing and knicks bulls. He's not Carson Wentz. He Matty meat case kingdom. But he's a talk and should. Backup quarterback if you if we saw in the pre season went around the league instead okay which teams have the best backup quarterback situation. How we said Philadelphia because nick holes. Today restarted for a couple years in the league. Had a season Horry went twice seven touchdowns two picks. He hasn't NFL record Tim says ray still does his his group might think is his cleats are still in camp because it through that seven touchdown game. Think this big cable NFL cornerback here. Not saying he's Brady MIC's Drew Brees I'm not saying he's going to carry this team on his right arm to assume rule championship. But I don't think he's gonna be a liability. I just find it. Can't tell you very skeptical. Then Minnesota is going to go win. Too we all know Philadelphia that is going to be war and hostile environment. Human going their outdoors and every team is used to playing indoors now they're built to play outdoors with that defense in that. At least that defense the run game hasn't been any good. But go outdoors at Philadelphia and just whacks the Eagles. I just don't think that's gonna happen. I got the eagle straight up here spoiler alert. Alec Beatles against the patriots a rematch those are 2003. That's 2003. And that's Super Bowl. Yeah I'm McNabb Q looking on the field. I'll make fools do that RA he gets there are now. I don't you tell me am I crazy here. Audience I think the vast majority of our audience is gonna disagree with me on balance. I'm a Minnesota fans who now with. How they're fans have reacted and donated L over 200000 dollars they've done and Etan Thomas Moore said Cheri Moore stood gonna fly up. During the Super Bowl to their charity hospital. Numbers in a check for whatever totals going to be it's still rising well over 200000 dollars right now. Good on Minnesota. I shot even tweeted out today there was kind of a good back and forth going from a furniture store I don't know if you saw this you see this Tim. That furniture stores tweeted out a picture of a sofa and said that. Well here you know this is who the coach of the New Orleans Saints Sean paid so we can sit back and watch the vikings play in the NFC title game and then shot patent. Well good sport treated back he says okay that's enough fire except I take the sofa and nominee donated to Thomas Moore sits charity in the vikings name. On the 25000 dollars. And it's weeded out newsroom for Mike Zimmer and the vikings. While people down here vikings fans. After all that coming back talking to John Reed and then dug more.