Add years to your life - go to a concert!

Wednesday, April 18th

A new study shows that going to live concerts regularly could expand your life expectancy by nearly a decade. Why do you think going to concerts can help you live longer? Since many of us go to concerts regularly – what is the best concert you have been to recently? What concert was so good that you know it helped expand your life? Full 3 pm hour.


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He should be a beautiful afternoon for a Wednesday at the square that is a free concert series downtown in Lafayette square with. I'm still glad you're with us this afternoon we what are quickly your review some of the things we've talked about if you're just tuning in. A First Lady former First Lady Barbara Bush a pass to weigh the age of 92. At a home in Houston her husband former president George show H walker bush was at her side. It was always oversight he was in Versailles when she when she passed away and it seems like Barbara Bush weighs as tough. As she was gracious we'll talk a little bit more about that have a special song from Barbara Bush going into this break here and Duffy if you don't. We also talked about the captain of the Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty that I think is a hero. Many people thought she zero especially the passengers. For the way she brought that plane safely to the ground. After an engine exploded 3132000. Feet. I there was a whole day I knocked into the window. It sucked the woman partially out she was pulled back in should force it'd make it she she died. But the captain of a Southwest Airlines flight Tammy Jo Schultz. 56 years old is a former navy pilot. And I mentioned earlier former ace navy pilot. And that was statements and that came from Fox News I looked at the Fox News web site or got the story from fox there's. And I and Casey is when you shoot down five enemy aircraft or more. And I remember that with my dad talking about two an ace pilots are in World War II. So she wasn't and based on it maybe they were just using its to say she was a great pilot but that's not swear an ace pilot is. And so by using that from Fox News I looked kind of stupid earlier today echoing Hornish pilot but at least on the show we corrected and I don't know Fox News has corrected the idea. Also I'm do you applauds US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki quickly. For firing back at the White House chief just thrown under the bus and she fired back at the white as a White House suggests a portion arsenic confused about sanctions against Russia. She sent a statement back with all due respect I don't get confused. In the White House apologized. So obviously she was right there is a lot. Going on who we is the president. With Michael Coen with all that were kinda taking a break from that today and I sit at the beginning of the show we would not talk about stormy Daniels however. I'm not gonna talk of a stormy Daniels. But I have to make an exception because. Political pundit Jimmy Fallon of the strike show did mention stormy Daniels last night. Today is tax day. And hopefully I'm not the first person tell you that the good news. So that's why minutes and they get that in Mexico value. Got my permission that's right it's tax day of course stormy Daniels did your taxes. I thought this is insane or should listen to her hush money from downtown under gross income. Another political pundit Stephen Colbert are on the late show on CBS was talking about two trump wanting to look at the evidence first. Reeling from yesterday's court hearing about trump attorney. And guy who looks as tired as a trump attorney. Michael Cohen. Trump asks to look at all the evidence seized from collins' office before the government had a chance to and the judge said and I quote could. No. If you do and enjoys for the comment about anything we talk about our numbers 260187. Year Texas a 77. Washing Bon Jovi on stage show recently as for the kings center I'm you know I I heard all these iconic Bon Jovi songs live and on a prayer. You give love a bad name wanted dead or alive better approaches. That they gave me an escape from our problems in my insecurity and it it really to sender rush of adrenaline. Through my body. It was the same feeling that I got when I'm gone too many other concerts recently. It feels good to be here and I didn't realize that I was actually adding years. To my life. A recent study by UK music venue O two and Patrick Fagan who is an expert in behavioral science at a Goldsmith university. Discovered that going to hear live music at a concert regularly. Can add almost a decade to your lifespan. The study found that twenty minutes penalized concerts led to a 21% increase. In a feeling of well being. Compared to a 10% increase when doing yoga. And a 7% increase of well being when walking a dark. Furthermore the study establish a direct link between a feeling of well being and life span. So attending a live music concert at least once every two weeks. Increase and individuals like stand. By in nine years. Like music events also improved mental simulation by 75%. We feel great when we go see an artist we like. Performing life. But our physical attendance at the concert is only one factor. I think that that leads to our expanding my style. Think about it. He often studies point to one obvious conclusion but there are other factors surrounding that conclusion that should not be ignored. For example the study shows that people who go to at least one live concert every two weeks add longevity to their lives. Well is it actually going to that concert that doesn't. TI think in the factory is the type of person. That would physically go to concerts on a regular basis. And enjoy that sort of thing is a more active person and somebody who would not. Being more active person as stoop longevity. Also the anticipation concert concert coming up if you got tickets to an upcoming concert. Your thinking about it if you get to you suggest testing you're thinking about that coming up that provides a positive distraction from the daily stress in your life. And that's a factor. In like jeopardy. So a study showing he's going to live concerts a regular basis can lead to expanding. Your life for nearly a decade is is great news. But I think the type to the people who go to those concerts is an important thing to consider. As opposed to those who don't to Zach I think if your tactics like tech you're generally. A more active person in life in general and there are other things that you're doing your life. The attack it a volunteer your your longevity. However I think it's fair to say that are going to a concert will not and years she your life if you over consume alcohol or do Coke. You can't do a gram of coconut concert they pop concert I'm gonna live longer know it doesn't really worked their way so let's have fun this hour and talk about. Some of the recent concerts we've been too and we've done this before. But instead of going way back. How what you tell me about a concert you've been to recently that really made you feel alive. And maybe you felt like looking back on it you know that concert ended years in my life. Because when we go see performers. And we reminisce about our past. That's a very positive thing for for most of I mean some people I guess or sad because their where they are now compared to where they used to be. I talked to so many people especially recently he will go under two concerts like the Bon Jovi concert. Did you really of their past it's a very positive experience. And I remember Ed do we Sarah a couple of years ago champions square. Her mercy in this group of guys about 3540 years old. And then these guys were on the verge of starting a mosh pit I think it was like they were just they were bumping up against each other they were like trying to encourage slam dancing they they didn't do it. But obviously that was a really great memory for them. So what's concert you've been to recently that really made you feel like maybe it did expand your life. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every code 5042601878. In our text is 87870. A before we get your calls on on this I'm Barbara Bush was an outstanding moment tonight. I talked earlier about. My only conversation with Barbara Bush was in 1992 during the 92 presidential campaign. And I had talked to Barbara did an interview with turf and not long after that I did an interview with President. Bush. Her husband and I'll never forget the first thing he said to me was Scotia I heard you were really nice to Barbara. And it was almost as if being nice to Barbara. Open the door for me to have this interview with. But President Bush. But from all we know she seemed like an extraordinary woman a tough woman. But also a gracious woman. And she had an incredible family. Does that mean you agree with George W. Bush you might add affliction as a president. But in terms of human beings. That it started with with George and Barbara they've really can't quite got an outstanding family. Here's part of what Barbara Bush said at one point in her life. Speaking of glamour. I want you ought to look at me very has. And here's another comment from Barbara Bush. I think this is why is the smartest. Most decent there. Caring. Person I know. And I think he's handsome this thing I ever had in my eyes on. No and what a great love story. She married the first man she kissed. Which was George Bush. She was a First Lady she was a first mother when her son was in the White House. And they were married for 173. Years. The longest of any president in US history. She talked about. The end of her life. Then. Here in life you'll never regret not having passed one more test winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband and child a friend or. Great words from it. The late Barbara Bush oppressed or yesterday TH 92. If you do wanna join us for the common Howard really love to talk about their concerts like to talk about concert to shoot two recently that make you feel like you added years to your life's. Our numbers 2:6 so morning suffering. Text Amber's age 7870 I'd skewed and we'll be back on to have him do well. When I saw Jon Bon Jovi on stage recently at the smoothie king senator. Then I saw days hair where's where's graying. I thought this is so cool. It he's got Knowles are. I've got no sir many of us have have gotten older and we're still doing next I felt so alive at that concert. And then today I hear on our news so I heard just this morning wanted to talk about it this afternoon. A study from a music venue in the UK and also from an expert in behavioral science at Goldsmith university Patrick Fagan. And what they have discovered is that going to a concert once every two weeks. Can end up to ten years well nine years close to ten years to your life. So what concert you've been to recently that really made you feel alive I love the diversity of this audience. Because I'm god protects either says Peter Frampton had to over fly ash. I've got another text here that says 49 year old white collar conservative male. How best concert Pearl Jam 2017. Jazz Fest. And you know which really interesting when you think about the performers a Jazz Fest. That's where I was first introduced Kid Rock. When somebody that shares vest blows you away. Think about how they're doing it they're doing that without the lights they're doing it without special effects. The chance to ask percents performers. Kind of in the raw. Meats it's just them and the music. And the audience. And sometimes it's so prominent. But he thought if to perform forget your retention Jazz Fest I think that's extraordinary it's just a lot about their music and dare stage presence. Because again there's nothing else. And the next time I saw a Kid Rock was at the smoothie king center and I've laughed to show. But here's another Texas says son the dead and company. Full on sold revival. Another text here says a Stevie Nicks and Barry Manilow concerts and then I've got one every time I see destructs. So again I love the diversity. This audience and and for those of you who wore Qian next gen Y and my win heels are even younger. Here welcome to our show every afternoon and I consider you to be be part of a show. Another Texas Steely Dan James Taylor and Chicago next month at the sinker. Cargoes coming I think may be eleventh. And I saw Chicago wolves are two and a couple of years ago. Divided in two years ago it was more than two years ago when the last time they were the sank so Chicago. For some icing. And my entire careers for some it's icy Chicago. They were unbelievable. I was just so infra I was out actually blown away. And Terry Kass sought there are so we're not there but Robert lamm is still there and some of the horn players are still there are some of the original cars within a year. And it was just so cool to see that they are so good they're still so good at this point. That you know I was just I was absolutely blown away and I've been to a lot of concerts for Chicago. And really took me right and I hope to be there again. I next month here's attacks to that says so I am energized every time I see Cowboy Mouth lives. He got your. Dell ditch on your feet don't get to clap and don't get too screaming you feel very much alive. So just had to lighten things up from politics dis is the pop culture part of the talk about in the afternoon. Our talk about a concert that you've been to recently that really make you feel a lot and you agree with this idea that if you go to concerts regularly. You add years to your life. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Very code title four. 2601. A seventy and our text is a 7870. Times coach we're coming right back in more productive duo. Yeah I love to Chicago at the senator. And they'll be back and be back next month. There is a professor at Fresno state its California state university in fresh snow that has said the most hateful thing about Barbara Bush sure that what you're just cement and Warner. Our owner in Iraq the mood right now. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll how many concerts. You attended a year. One to three. Florida six. More than 69. 58% say not. Tony 9% one to 310%. Four to 66%. More than six degrees your opinion migrated heavier materials account. Here's a check assays are going to see the Eagles in Birmingham tomorrow night's all I know that will bring stress relief you see it's it's it's not only going to the concert. But it's being alive. And and thinking about going to the concert that also. Leads to a lack of stress. And that is what helps us make a long life. Here's a text on a concert to really make you feel alive years ago I'm 59. Stone Temple Pilots. Ted Rooter test. And Tex as went to see Janet Jackson Lafayette. And I am anticipating her essence concert this summer he I have to be different that as well. Here's a text on music taught me a waste to belong I couldn't. On my own. In September 2017 in Ohio John Mellencamp reminded me of this and I'm smiling. Remembering the the authority song. And my youngest asking me. What the song was about here's another text or to cause some small here's another text that says. That they took. I Turkey's his dark horse is his favorite concert which journey. And he recently this is about eleven months ago I was I was there as well which a sea journey hats the us who became senator. And his daughter loves the music as well and that's something else you see a lot of concerts today you see a lot of different demographics different generation stay here when the baby boomers were growing up you saw one generation. As rock concerts. I mean maybe there were a few parents here and there but you saw one generation. You go to Duran Duran or something like that today said the from the eighties or nineties. And you see all different generation switches and animation phenomena. Mike you're under the W. It. A my favorite duck hunter at the sale last year I know you were there as well Brian wells and got out at this. Fellas I was so lesson that was a very intimate evening. You know opt in. Light were urging a musical. Away. Have you seen the movie love and mercy. Is such a touching movie. You know he was brilliant. And I think the fact that he's still going strong today you know Torrey. Is chuck hot topic guy he really is the shall we just terrific. I just blown away how to demand is and what Paul McCartney says it is sacred Ali rope bottle nosed. Yeah you know you're in good territory. You're right Mike I appreciate the call gonna texture says and again this speech to the diversity of off our audience in the afternoon. Best concert that make you just really feel alive recently to anyone pilots Andrew defense. Here's text Boy George in Biloxi last year the talk about a concert to should be into kind of recently did just really made you feel alive. Our numbers 2601870. Text 87870. Here's a Texas says last month recruit concert in the arena why is also. Another textile Bonnie Raitt singing angels in Montgomery. At the fast. Gets me every time. You know they are are those moments so I'm really not surprised that this that this study shows. That. If you go to concerts on a regular basis. Like once every two weeks mean that's that's that's a lot of concerts. If you go to concerts on a regular basis. You could add up to nine years to your life. And I think it's it's the person who is active enough to go to the concerts is an active person and those people tend to. To live longer. It's also about the anticipation. Here is a text. To tell you how dated I am I saw Chicago. In the coliseum L issue palace. In the early seventies. You know I I don't know why I miss Chicago all those years of my career and I I liked him. A thought they were phenomenal band but I only saw him recently. And I was absolutely blown away party you've got a comment numbers 260187. If you wanna send me a text. It's a seventy. It's seventy. Here's a text that says screwed I'm 4242. Year old female. Took my god daughter to see five seconds of summer concert I was jumping up and down like a teenager loved it. He out there are a lot of good Dan's countdown they're not all good but there are a lot of good bears out now that a pitcher going. This is a song from John military out cherry bomb. And it's all about life it's about. Seventeen turns 35. If we've done any wrong out there were forgiven but it really is kind of reflective when the baby boomer generation. Crimes coach and we'll be back on to WL. I just got a text saying that the concert they saw recently that really made them feel alive and probably added years to their life was huge too. I was there and the I agree. That suddenly went into my top ten list of concerts I've seen in my career. I've made a decision here about this a California professor at her name is Simon Randy juror are. And she's from Fresno state she's an English show department professor at California State University us and us at Fresno state. She said. Such ugly things about Barbara Bush. But I decided not to even read them on the year mean that's how ugly they are. But we're gonna posted on our FaceBook page. WWR radio and I think it's going out about 5 o'clock. So check it out kind of put it if you wanna read it read it the most and this is the most hateful stuff. I've ever seen Britain writer for somebody dies. I was post in my outlook it was posted earlier okay well I found out I just on its going to be posted a delegate but it was posted earlier when toward your day. So it's already on our web site Josie can check it out again right. When I am just looking over what she sent out in tweets in which he sent us to come back every bit on the air. I mean Iraq and give her that publicity but you can check it out on our FaceBook page. Here's a text what concert major really feel alive favored to recently Tex says any showing down concert. Plus those guys. I Def Leppard always rocks Gladys Knight marks feel beyoncé global citizen festival. John Mayer Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jazz Fest. Darius record does an excellent up purple rain at the end of his concert. Saw Brad Paisley and concerts in Nashville two weeks ago what an amazing guitarist. Panetta checks tears says so I'm seeing Led Zeppelin in 1975. Playing that song. How many times was unreal. That song makes me donuts. I was or that concert in Baton Rouge. Ninety sort of figures and rouge I'm meningitis every five. Here's the text edgy over and Elliott the joy two years ago still has so phenomenal voice. I was at that concert as well. You know I I I dish you've noticed this on New Orleans has become. One of we're at the top concert destinations in the country. It didn't used to be this way. But this is only happen in in recent years. And the smoothie king center has has added to this but Paula notes opening up for train. Maroon five's coming this is just after Jazz Fest. There is just a long line of performers that are constantly lined up to come here. And it really did used to be this were. Quite often you'd have to go to Atlanta. Memphis. Dallas Houston. For the biggest concerts it seems like now the biggest concerts are also coming to new world what's. And so it's a great opportunity I posted a FaceBook. Video. On Demi to bureau radio. And it's also the SRT eight scrutiny here FaceBook page and it's abouts that concert that she went to recently that really. Made you feel alive. That may have really and it. You see your life check that out on FaceBook WWL radio I'm still here is a text that says psalm. Frankie Beverly. And another text says so I went to Billy Joseph concert in the seventies. While in college before Billy Joseph was dearly jolt fifty people in the crowd. He played over three hours best concert I've ever attended. He had those are those special moments when you see a band long before they got big I saw Maroon 5 and a small venue in Denver before they really hit Jake. And that was special. And then of course there's yes honey does this not make you feel alive. We'll be right back. And every of your realm. Here's a Texas says earth wind and fire in the late seventies got to go backstage she was great because it's access. Led Zeppelin 1975. Was at the municipal auditorium then it must have been somebody 67. Look there's a lot about my life back then that I really just don't remember. There's going to be live music at Lafayette square downtown. Darcy Malone and the tangle will be a performing this afternoon is a free concert Lafayette square downtown. We tried to life FaceBook feed from there on just a few minutes after the show I'm getting text about concerts that really make you feel alive the Bogeyman trail head in Amanda's bill. On any place Contra fall plays the top cats bag of donuts the Molly ring walls to achieve leasing. I got to see a list. The list goes on. How or why do it to coming up next it's a sports store or discuss distract your sports talk with the Bobby a beer and Kristian garic. And Mike Chile will join the guys for the entire power from five to six. We just have matured to tear aware of that and also the singing some are gonna have their NFL schedule coming out the NFL schedule is going to be released this week. Who do you want the saints to open up against and the pelicans. They won both games in Portland. I was surprised. I mean this team is playing great. And without concepts. They found a way to just. Come together and mesh is a team and their desert they're doing awesome. So they'll be talking about that as well via. Play a series of Metallica's leading up to zero. Comes here tomorrow nice for the king sinner the blazers and the pelicans how many concerts do you attend a year tennis final update on our party must opinion poll. 60% say not. 26% say one to 310%. 46 and 8%. More than six you can give your opinion tubby if you will talk com. Here's a Texas cute I'm thirty years old and I was able to seek Tony Bennett to singer last year while. It was like truly watching part of history. My wife and I. How may have been the youngest people in the room but I haven't filled more emotionally moved by a live performance. Truly a big band legend. That was a bit has with stood the test of time. You know it's it's great when when people who don't know Tony Bennett from the past. Appreciate him today. And they're you know they're so many concerts and I'm getting a simple text about Peter Frampton is when says Ceci Peter Frampton several times. But it two years ago I saw him at the casino in Biloxi and was so only ten feet away watching him play. Do you feel like do you feel like we do Dewey of do you feel like I do was unreal yes I'd you know there are also those magic moments of concerts. I want to thank Dianne Newman our program director. For being part of our show and we're back tomorrow afternoon. At 1 o'clock I'm scoots bloody New Orleans.