AD mentioned among James Harden and LeBron James as MVP

Houston’s James Harden, Cleveland’s LeBron James and Anthony Davis of New Orleans are the finalists for the NBA’s MVP award.


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David C review on your radio do you sinks and Anthony Davis who has won three finalists for the NBA MVP. Has a good shot at getting at thirty think it's more likely gonna go to Harden or two kings games. I think it's gonna end up going to James Harden he had a pretty phenomenal season obviously with the top seeded Houston Rockets who just tied the series with the Golden State Warriors. But. You know you really look at. What Anthony Davis was able to accomplish with with the with the pelicans this season. Especially after the loss of DeMarcus Cousins in this lineup. If this team did not have him. It's kind of hard to imagine they'd be anywhere close to being a playoff contender would be Brooke Brooke we're James Hardy and at least some has some other. Valuable assets around him were Davis is kind of I won't say a one man show but he's deathly V the most prolific guy amity mind and actually vote us. This is bootable for the pogo post season begins. A surge started been voted right exactly Nevada winners will be announced on the 25 the well so I think he's got a shot then. Mean I was gonna is gonna save Harden ends up winning that big title then he's Schiller and British a dart even voted out what is waiting for the results. Let's if thing is it's supposed to be just for your regular season performance. But you got to feel what they wait after the playoffs it at at feels like that the playoffs. What they do in the postseason is considered but it's it's not supposed to be its. They've gone to Marcus cousins has on followed impala Kansai and instant Graham and started following players from another NBA team. At a time when he's rehabbing his ruptured Achilles and the pelicans have made a publicly clear they want him back yeah all kinds of drama going on right now at the pelicans there. You know DeMarcus Cousins at the big question is should the pelicans resign him with that injury on he's still doing his rehab not a 100% fully healed yet and just question you know out of the blue it was noticed that he stopped following the pelicans on in the Gramm. And kind of picked up some follows on some current lakers players out yeah making some folks you know start connecting the dots and making him you know. Destinations that. Maybe he could be interested in me and lakers. Regard trip out there since he did play for Sacramento may be going back to. I'll forward and so far no explanation on from bogey as to why he stopped following the pelicans and answer Grammy and started following some bikers one fan did he ask him on instead Graham pay bookie watch and follow the pelicans his response to her was. Cause on grow a grown man. That was it wow very cryptic. And still follows the pelicans on Twitter and a righty still whatever that hitters with so yeah I guess you just maybe wasn't happy with the the pelicans in the Rampage. Debt seems unlikely that he's a grown man. Has something he's acting like a child. No food deal like the LSU tigers to beat the Auburn Tigers. Dailies to at a three in the series asserts tonight on the diamond. You know David had one been able to win a road series all season long this LSU team just three and thirteen in the SEC on the road on the rode the entire season. I'm hoping they can pull out one but that we don't see them taking the series at all hopefully one's enough to get them at least now aren't spared and the NCAA tournament.