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Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, June 20th
Tommy talks with Mitch Rabalais of lapolitics.com about whether lawmakers will do anything different the third time around.

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Seems like Lou legislature in Louisiana is fading a lot as it comes special session three meant traveling joins us right now on staff writer. With low politics meant staying everytime good morning. On good morning Tom thanks and they on the morning it was deja Vu all over again yesterday's special session. Absolutely Almonte the legislature is taking up budget building built act still feel like we've been entered Mort we count so. Definitely a lot of Asia go on and has failed. Palin had a couple of different ways regular get it is everybody has their heels dug in and nothing is gonna happen this time either war. I can see it is political theater and those that had their heels dug in before. Are gonna make kind of like Custer a last stand right but Dan at the end they're gonna have to do something is there any credence that theory. Well it target what happened today we've got three committee meeting in the one ever and I always in there eight sale tax bill being court. One supported by the governor and not being pushed. Can't Republican leadership really as a compromise deal. Just depends on what happened today but in that group would in the legislature is (%expletive) don't attack the holes inspected. So we'll need could come down to Asia and the final few days. So if the budget that was passed with. 30% cut the tops. And cuts a higher Ed. Is that the default if nothing happens is time that becomes a budget. And that would as a currently and that will be on the budget and the governor's office and administration to make crow rate cuts across the board. All bought the cops higher. Things of that nature however there at least supplemental budget it was being heard right now house appropriations that would re prioritize some money. And move around and thinks so actually out appropriations. Walking through the budget cheer again. They heard testimony yesterday pirate leaders and department of corrections that they're here for a lot of departments that he would TD wildlife and fisheries. And all of the lieutenant governor really trying to move around some money and re we organized things in the budget in the event that revenue bill not passed. In the bodies have to be re or. You know wonder if yes the from a constituency in point if you're hearing anything from these men and women. If their constituents are saying don't you dare budge on this don't you cave you dig your heels in major stand. Are they hearing you know what you gotta just move we gotta get this done Amber's gonna move forward. Or are they hearing nothing because people are just tired of a man special session fatigue. It really depend on you to opt in because if you talk to members here Altria and some folks option yesterday that I heard from on man comic comic. Dig your heels and no new taxes opera from a lot of members that their people are telling them just wrap this couple we're we're RT you're not that in the news art albeit not there. And he'll wrap it up what get it on the ball. Allman something here watching Pakistan that they like everyone it seems likely they'll I'm transit terms start. So in terms of good news or bad news you'll would be. Some some good news come out of Baton Rouge today they would be positive in terms of solving the impasse and what would be bad news in terms of solving. The impasse and leave in the politics out of that I'm just talking about the pragmatic part. Of six in the reason that there in special session again. The good news today would be that you hear that one on till next builders struggled they'll build. And move out of committee will be going on house floor or to be bought for a vote and debate and Google are into that where it's targeting moved. The bad news would be not the deal to. Yes everything stalled out when until next they'll move to try to stop to bring together. Both factions so we still have a long way to go but some good news today for folks. BP C sales tax bill onto the floor and we'll go from there. Thank you major appreciate you to primarily due to. He built on Teague and me traveling staff writer for a lot of politics.