9:10pm Double Coverage

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

We preview LSU's matchup vs Mississippi State this week with former LSU QB Herb Tyler and SEC Network's Peter Burns.


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Rock general and our two double coverage here on WW LI MF and in dot com. This Arlo LSU conversation tigers take on this to be state this weekend in stark field got hurt Tyler Ellis shoot. Co host attire tell me show with the Bellamy on Saturdays former LSU quarterback stop violence. And a 920 our first break still to come Peter burns. At Peter burns ESP NSC network's studio anchor and also don't miss Ralph Michaels at cal sports LV handicap for wager talked dot com trying to make you guys. Some money for we died in some LSU conversation no one. Grab a hold over from last hour Greg Amanda let's W on W to vote right. And what are they thanks so hoping to look relentless commitment to call mark caller please little a couple of years. It is an attack at all when one of what we packed. He were and what we pulled the war and let it burn tool we can all right tackle. And you pay it why not what we bought it. When you put it in the gain in you can move the ball to do it that first down. Call it has been attracted all of my topic Yzerman and Matt peacock called police. Well I got here on out and give it a problem if we years ago. Great idea I had tea that's apparently disagree with that it is he's the best play caller and in him in the game honestly in Estes now as some BC. That's as peers hold on hold on hold on that's his peers saying that. So I'm not answer appears I'll critique this team on talent evaluation out fatigue this team on. In communication issues on defense. As far as play calling goes. I don't know the first thing about calling a play the National Football League level I don't know what goes into I don't know. I don't know this it's a different game to unite and all of us can understand. What OK with this offense we would agree the same big play offense and how does he call you we've seen the shopping calls the game to set up the defense for those brig big place would agree with that right guys. So what happened yesterday he set the defense up. The vikings defense for big plays down the player appealed twice to Tommy Lee Lewis twice it worked twice Drew Brees should get Tommy Lewis for touchdowns. And twice we saw Drew Brees overshoot Tommy Lee Lewis. That's our Sean Payton spot and I don't think Drew Brees is gonna be over throwing Tommy Lewis for much longer they're still trying to find her report resolved in court record talking about. That's our shot patent smog Greg that's sort of in two touchdowns they're talking about a different football game. Okay please go out there is an issue what is what the what you call our goal now. The sense that we. I know is your current report. I don't turn orange now. Or no less of our football you're trying to get the ball back in the game like that because guess what the vikings won the toss they deferred they would need to possessions and he was trying to squeeze out one more possession for his office. That only had eight in the game. They're talking about a team that was backed up inside their ten yard line you wanna get your offense back. The football before the half against a quarterback who may be the best dramatic quarterback one of the top two in Peyton Manning to but it quarterback in the history. Of the game yeah you wanna take those timeouts there it's not the same scenario were Mike McCarthy called a couple of timeouts with fifty seconds left we had no chance to get the football back. Get a chance he robins back with a madam. The football back with a about a minute left I'm completely on board those timeouts there I would say one thing Christian right had a problem of the play caller I'm scratching my head a little bit. It's when they had after begin and around and he was on their second drive. Of the football game or second scoring drive of the football game and her out of there right said he gets second goal at four yard line. Yeah Hannibal off once in army stepped on third down you handed off began second and goal from the five and they can when he calls that played OK the sport and territory now he doesn't run the football there in less he's going to go for on fourth down he didn't that's the only one looking back in that game around on time and really get that. Yeah I mean yeah the look Peter Greg I appreciate your your your passion. But I'm I'm telling him he's still the best place it's not the it's it's the excuse him. It was the execution wasn't please call it was the extra we hear this isn't it is this is an eight shot Dayton or saint sing you go to Green Bay with Mike McCarthy. You don't even to Atlanta last year with Kyle Shanahan you go to new England's. It in the Abe did there's play calling issues your fans screaming out play calls all the time just the nature of the job I agree with you Christian. He's an investor or investors three point cause I would pursue trains Mike McCarthy and in football. Biron in the world is going on you're on W 20 thanks a phone call Greg. Yeah it is. Go on them in order to. Political in. By blogger. You know you can experience you. Sorry couldn't go. He can go to get acute. Inspired by a quarter. There's. Locals do. Our guys in the field. Ended up moving. I wouldn't you have. And a co. What do we put themselves. No they haven't poll why I mean man c'mon there. Another have a Villa three about color okay who's. These get a if you go go that route if you do first off. I'm a little miss them on the idea I really don't wanna have this conversation after week one about coaching changes. We know was on line for this team going into the season I think we would know if you don't think that she's out if they change comes fine that is in January than fine at the if CO 79 and it would awarded but. Allow The Who cares about just get a coach if you don't make a move the roles of skin color as the guy who coached the news doesn't match yet and I'm not. Is because they think is I don't have a problem with his play calling let me just make it clear I'm not. Not saying I'm not be a Sean Payton apologists here and they he should be safe from criticism or his job should be safe this season. Should they tanks and they start owned foreign things just fall apart and let's separate the two on just. Call like I see it here did not have a from a play calling for the most part I thought it was execution by our thanks to a phone call Jerry I'll sell you on W the military. Right quick we we have a beer and that the content they come and live actually. Because. Reader cornerback and and they're in their perhaps but one it really out of Minnesota. Beat it to appease don't eat that. Because at least two of those he and well but accord it respect the victim can't. Seven does that matter. He we had. Oh over the back yellow ball real quick. Not every not every quarterback would go 79 new yoga or student 313. On the quarterback got the now. He's talking about MacCallum to answer new book outlook whether it. At the end it would. Currently we well we need you. Got out to drew 00. So I don't understand away I don't know why can't you separate the two here first of why I don't know why everybody just seems throw them in the same basket here you're talking about a hall of fame quarterback Jerry and I just don't get it you're talking about hall of fame quarterback Chris put up hall of fame delete level numbers even during the seven and nine years do you think hold on here hold on do you think I don't understand. Years telling me that it was Drew Brees was the problem would this football team the last eight years is that we are trying to send. I'm telling you it's you support your team pick them up problem. That that's that's insane that is absolutely insane. Like Ali. That blows my mind if you take number nine out of this offense off this team here on three of thirteen for three straight years I mean. Then that would what do last will be done and I entirely different regime change. Gerri here's the other thing too with. Would Sean Payton in particular. An outlaw mosque what you thought so that I don't I don't you can't you don't get you don't throw the baby out with the bath water here just because the have a seven and nine season doesn't mean all of your parts are broke anybody who thinks bit. Op EU what ever Jerry OK jury's going to be gone in a year and two or three years regardless of what happens this season. And you're going to remember these days and wish you had that quarterback. Again quarterbacking the black and gold this football team you're gonna remember this time. For the rest your days she's just not going to have somebody that good quarterback missed football team again so enjoy it. Don't be part of this crazy get rid of drew while he still an elite level quarterback who just insane to me because you could very well easily end up as the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing Houston Texans the Houston Texas like woody what did you know NN I know we're gonna break here I gotta say this see what sued trade away your quarterback and build the lead defense like that's supposed to help. That is exactly what is happens. To the Houston Texans they've had a top ten top five unit last year best in the league scoring wise last year and they can't find quarterback play. Quarterbacks do not grow on trees this isn't a resource may just scoop up it will out there from the college leveler in free agency which is crazy I do not get this is one of my biggest pet peeves. With saints fans right now like to back off his breezy day. I'll tell you where you should focus. At three in Europe Tyler the common denominator when the saints team in the in the defense I'll explain after we interview herb Tyler stronghold Robertson tight. Heating Java conversations well final four to 601 it's an herb Tyler next. Thought to have a meltdown over this Drew Brees so I am Tellabs. Like how I'm gonna explode it's just somebody asked him and I can't. I cannot wrap my head around some of the hot sex line was you guys I'm tired of guys being allowed say civil. You're tired of is being allowed because we're. We don't yet were upset worth some of that color already called in as a Rickey but yeah. Herb Tyler former LSU quarterback coast attire tailgate show on Saturdays with the Soviet joined right now on the radio model in herb you have a Twitter account and. Yeah a book I have a dramatic yet but being with 200. Current pilot for so it hurt our local high blood unit Natalie you know. It's who eat much at this spot Villanova the number on that other prominent fumble fumbles same animal what Hugo you know. So that music. Don't they say that herb don't feed into this guy's old line alive don't feed and assess. The deal of if your past 33 year old come on I'm 39 a year younger than you. Well you know I just became old a big vocal work out pretty often and I woke up this morning and in my left he was kind of heard a kind of blamed it on the forty years old thing. MI don't want to and he is student you would think I would vote for. Here's the thing fellas it's a moving target for me I'm 33 years old so by the time I'm 4040 is not going to be old courthouse Camille Little are met so I think resuming its assessment has set logic I harvest time. Their territory it is you know in the light years away from forty. After this. Herb was dive in analogy mr. B state first SEC contest for the tigers. This weekend on the road and they're seven and half point favorites or one assay and he played in star probe for how obnoxious are those cal bills. You know that the column. Operatives not just yet we did not before the game during the game and after the name if it was the I don't predict the statement in this particular game it. Note that they can be distracting. You. If you're not tuned into the games which. I don't believe it's going directly to important particularly anyway I think. It was you don't go to police completely focused on the test and they're not gonna. To back games and anticipate deployment emblem to be paid out if you will. What they're going to be there would be sold out in the first SEC game coach or on those that already. The playoff between the effectively express opinion that pitted out but I don't think anything's going to turn him on energy and. Yell you said you don't expect him to win this one Mississippi stable one we ever expected to beat LSU only won once since 1999. I don't not a machine call us or rivalry anymore of that kind of lopsided success for the tigers serve. Absolutely that opera between the paper indexes this year and and a year ago you know. It you know what you know Obama if they though is that going to be compared to become a real part in a pretty tough. On at that you know is this we just had they known for some reason and what that means is just you know it won an old. That means that about an hour. Is just you know quote our committees or between David being close. Each other once they wave to Rio. Armed and you know it is an item to be that these guys and it means monopoly it became okay they would came from the of these so they do a lot of those guys. That plea permit to be they in directing that the project Ichiro. Alone ought camp at the disappointments mean you guys do it would be MB Utecht camp. In the off the coordinator at the time is two big demand remains to meet these coach these are on the court. All parents zaireans. Well of course and if you let them spy and I you know are determined on certain of the listeners are. Condoleezza clears given variance process may be the best play caller in the NFL a segment Oregon so they yeah when things and that's what occurred here. The women vote really great coaches coaches as well according mopping up and keep. I agree I hope he's not done this year like he's so many people think he might be after this year talk and heard Tyler here on double coverage former LSU quarterback in cohost of the tiger tailgate show with. Deke Bellavia fascinating matchup. For me in this one heard is that it's defensive front for LSU who's going to be. I have ardent key back the past pressure on the outside against a really good to great offensive line for miss CBC that has not allowed. And a sack all season long but only other set Ella she only 339 total yards allowed their first two games C going to be. Great to watch entrances this week. The deliberate in the first two and what you say only be you know of treatment at these people. They're real. I have. One of the best offensive line than the in you see the protective accord. It you know in in India you know it opens and hold them off monologue there's nobody bowed to downgrade you know wanted to be on McCain's they. In my in my opinion we're gonna happen it aren't you going to be back in net on net that beat the likely even further. On the there on the you've been completely the better our room. Scene in in the past two games now. What that also means did doubt that the back to step basically well that you. In a different perspective definitely. You know we'd DB you're Rios so inaudible are personal but you know what it would have been. Committed to a fourth time this particular game in the global economy could top one of news news and press supported our game. Herb Tyler former LSU quarterback co host the tire Terry and show on Saturdays. With the B chief Deke Bellavia herb a rethink USC Mac candidate can't take the wraps a little bit off of this offense and who will see a little bit more than we saw the last couple weeks. No I think it would Tutsis it is it is what we took the would've. Meant to be aged between the defensively. It would have been in Japan so offensively is what we're going to see now how does he accomplish that mediate won't meet in a little bit different. You know emotion. On you know what we all let me what you know we were indeed. In the epic report plays and we connect it really well it'll please. In that we have been because that would. Available at that moment so I think what you think things out of it in question. You know can threaten. I'm Dan Baum on the ball you know and it did nine in the box and it. The book that he put in what one at about ten offensives since you took me. What he kinda dictates could be sent to pave. You think you go. In Lima and nine and about how he did you mean. You know my tactic carpet bomb he was better on emotional currently knob if not if you voted gonna put you know Nikola packets out at the moment when all of that quality in law. Where we need to when the ball wouldn't be that we can put you guys on the part. In the died it would need to do it. Darwin. Herb Tyler and herb Tyler for on Twitter. Former eligible what I can co host of the attire to every show with the building itself we appreciate the time now to show on Saturday. The prompt thank you guys they'll keep doing well man and low that you guys to a they'll have. Enhance appreciation are. Yet they're part Robert Howard and Ricky sit tight. Who gets your phone calls gonna CBS news update also gonna hear from Peter burns at Peter burns ESP NSC. Network studio anchor and you guys are burning to talk about the saints here on Monday still still wanna. To vent a little bit our tent to vent a little bit I should say what you do that next on double coverage under read it well enough Hamanaka. I look back double coverage Robert tell us going on you're on W did well Robert. Reporter there. On the court heard quarterback and look. Of course the big thing what about you will be. What about. And cabinet too noble to you now caught Colin and he went to double with two. And Corbett. Google to cook. That's absurd proposal that about it may be he Mac to be. Written and pulpit today. I mean. Well let's say that at the long game but here's here's thing welcome. Robert Rory and I like I'm not trying to bang on branding coach here about bush ran it took as far as offense talked about that ad nauseam on the trade was made at a wasn't on board at that trade really at all but. If you look at that game we'll put Tommy Lee Lewis did. Right he was getting open behind their defense they've got weapons on this offense to do exactly what Brandon cooks did. And what it's a Devery Henderson did before Hammond in stretching the field vertically I really believe that. You know but. Would you do it one possibilities off a Monday night is Kobe clean arrive Larry Riley showed up. Miette hit two really nice catches. Over the middle on seam routes and also the touchdown pass and that was garbage time whenever you seem more out of him the have his previous sixteen games of the saints Robert. Looking salesman. Robert museum. Our ethics as a focal Howard a matter what's on the on WO Howard. But then there's the need to realize that you know we. Won it received a withdrew Marines out there are a net gain. You know cook wasn't there Coleman really played here electro optical and Tommy is mutually and it would double. So he really is in its first day I think. That Egypt. A bad sell our own puts all we get the gist of what you yet you say always say they're not into another series uses dry nick underhill our friend from the advocate actually broke down some video and agree piece on most commonly lose throws where. Brees was expecting him to on the second the pastor crossing rout over the last set of the field. It's obvious debris stuck news and coming out more Tommy Lewis skeptic going forward and breeze or vice Versa rather. And reason and up overthrowing him that's time on task though and now he worked out those things will get handled Rickey in Tennessee was going on rich you on W them well. Getting done things that might come she. Drew Brees dropped. Have you been doing a terrible job draft. I think this year we should I care obstruction I'd like to call him back but we need a pat stretched. Well Amy Grant. All pro quarterback can't get pressure raw. I think only problem. Is pastor. Yeah I think is the secondary I mean that's. They think they got guys second pass rush and as a couple guys who are a couple times and they got close and so close only counts and paying grenades and horseshoes. But. Who was the pass rusher that that was their form that eleven I'll admit that that rated debt to and a buzzer screamed our Barnett ordeal few picks later I just don't see it. I don't see where he would have made that that's significant difference I mean you're drafted a guy like miles Garrett it's different yeah absolutely he ego there but didn't have that. Premier pass rusher available to meddle and I think he made the right choice phase of the phone call it. So everybody we are a lot of and then on the text slightest loss and you don't need an elite quarterback to win Super Bowls and I'm not one that's OK so here's here's Louis quarterbacks is one super walls. Other past ten years or so Brady. Manning Brady will soon. Flacco Manning Rodgers. Brees Roethlisberger. Manning. Brady Manning the other Manning Roethlisberger Brady Brady. Dilfer Brady. No one and there's Dilfer in Flacco they look at our ego war war elite cornerback Brian Griese for all those other guys every single one of them. You gotta be in the hall of fame excess oil and it did maybe not it certainly looks like he's on a trajectory is Russell Wilson and yet crystal plus the time we also got our interview Peter burns them. Welcome back it's double cover itself some laps Kristian garic. Our too rapid a great interview there we just said there with Peter burns. He thinks Ellis you're gonna roll on Saturday. Over in stark built Christian. Yeah look I cannot feel the same way in particular about the Celestine politically defensively and offensively we'll talk about that and more going on next hour Ralph Michael's gives us. Are looking at Vegas and the betting lines in college football in the National Football League. At cal sports LB if you're on hold Kevin in Hawaii all in Hawaii hit a half or Hawaii next hour as well we've got Ralph Michael's.