The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, September 13th
I'ts The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris, and as always Tom talks about some of our city's great restaurants. Special guest Denise Ponce talks about the upcoming Gretna Farmers market Gretna Art walk.

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And it's time now for the food show and something that we not only have done. Have we every day for a long time but. It's the longest running radio show in the history of no wallets. And that may seem like a big big claim but it is actually true. 33 years who have been on the air with this thing and it's so great to be here talking about the food of our city and everything that goes along with a and you know what I I think it's und out of bowl is that one of the most interesting developments. In the restaurant business and just the general eating and drinking business. Is that. We've had a develop. A development of different places than we had in the past for buying the food that we need. And you know oh what the story is if you are looking for the best kind of food you can get your hands on to do it yourself for two haven't done an arrest went for you. You wanna find the local stuff you wanna find the fresh stuff you want it to be prepared for you and to have a have a local kind of a feeling to it. And the farmers markets we have around town now. I remember a time when there was only one I know there's quite of their quite a few of them. And you just wander around and you'd you run into wow look at this place it got these really great breads and you keep on walking in. And here you have a variety of both of flow fruits and here you rev up some really interest in vegetables and you have somebody who cook something or other up I mean this the the possibilities are just about endless. And one of the markets that has been. Among the best in the serious than the one time in. Crept up right there on the riverfront. Right would you say. Well let me get somebody who will who will back that up Denise punts. Hi Denise welcome to our show thanks for dropping in on us or thinking so much time in. In the Gretna farmers Michael what do you call it is that the official name more and this is up another win I don't know. It is threatened for congress not farmer's market and they've been met that. I'm gonna say. At least 3040 years right. Well yes and no well instantly you know it had. We did have a farmer's market pre Katrina you know many years before. But the official dates now is October 29 2005. Ball well or at the first farmers market opened after Katrina. That was a big help to the community. Oh everywhere in fact we talk about that all the time more what would we have done if all the various food operators. In the city had not come in after the after Katrina. It I don't know if we would have a city. But it did. And that was where you could get everything you need it pretty much and the performers was still out there and bill as fisherman we're still out there. They kept on going in here we are now. Yes you know when is this this is on Saturdays and a tedious every Saturday rain or shine do we really means it you know 830 till 1230. You know. 830 to 1230 so. You can just wander around there and have a little fun just hanging out couldn't hold definitely downtown grand has so much time off it's it's really a cool area you know with the with the Levys and all that it's. And then every now and then you see something drifting by on the rivers that you can never know what you're gonna see over there. Definitely yeah yeah historic district. Is it yes it is also cultural arts district mentioned by the state. So we have a lot of beautiful buildings historic building's renovations and wonderful programming going on through the city of Gretna and like what I should ask Mike besides the farmer's market and the threaten our walk them. We also what happens on the either of those Sig you make art walk. Know that that's not I don't believe that you have to walk through the all IC a and September October November December and and we of course have the farmer's market every Saturday. And we have a lot of other interest in festivals that go on throughout the year and this particular Saturday evening from five until 9 PM. Here is something that is college shared the streets and that is very exciting project him. Share the streets what I would certainly hope so yes we Q and it's going to be open to everyone of course free admission. There will be all types of vendors and exciting activities and programs such as yoga dance frilly skating yoga on the levees on the body or on Huey. I mean I'm just trying to put those two concepts together. Yoga and the lefty carried interest. A forget about the Thatcher. The Thatcher. All the bad shared BA TT URES. There was harassment. Play in them. Coroner is that's made by. Saint Charles avenue and Jackson a nine Jackson. Carol that. There was arrest and up on the second floor it's where. There was a hamburger clips up there before but their name was in in fact exactly the same name. Thatcher the batch and always call yet the batch or the THE BA TT URE. I can you pretend you never knew what you would find up there because it was. There were people who lived on the badger. Mean that's that's for re elected to do any of those people come out of hiding in and bring things sorrows or do they figure it all. Well I think based I don't know I don't know if any of our vendors and actually come from that area we do have local farmers we have one from a rare around. We have another farmer from the and eat. Who. All say is a meat and that's where they shop only oysters. And eat you believe it or not pay MIT ES for a yeah he there is a huge oyster shocking operation. On that is saved a major. Project for the people involved it's a huge business and they. They ship oysters stoop pretty much the entire country but they do it right there and meet the Louisiana. Calling her fat is a big interest. Get this it's so far from the war where they oysters come from I mean you want to or who who thought this. But this is a good source of oysters a few different. Are looking for India don't it's it did also source of great parties are armor that actually comes to our market every single week. Don't expect it he farms basket before deputy finance capacity Joseph effectively. You know this is a man I need to beat. What does he sell he sells any type of pretty cities in season just produced generally produce and it's the real deal. It's how does he spell his name and no tournament FE KE FB. KE TT ETE. Joseph effectively that's right he's from an area called Hungarian settlement. Food. Wonder where that is probably up the river towards Baton Rouge would be my first guess and yes because you have all those germanic. Operators there. Who was really use it if you look at old maps of of that whole area there you find it constantly being referred to as the German coaxed. All along the river there. And so this is you know none of this is that you're telling me is new in case somebody is thinking you know boys somebody thought of that but at its. This has been a of a long running. Ability. That that has been bestowed upon and of those of us who really like the fresh stuff. Yes indeed in his his produces delicious. All of our farmers are. Always low season mom and we sell we gotta that's that's the point yet. You do you like a get out there every week I know as. As the coordinator of the market there. This is your job but do you when you keep your eyes sullen and everything that comes in so Europe today. I do for the most part I don't usually and they're on Saturday some Saturdays and I don't attend I might send my. My assistant to shop foreign media. None but we have wonderful volunteers staff the market now and they do a great job and our vendors are like family. Very close knit group. I'm I'm guessing that this might be a little more complicated than anybody could keep straightened his or her head. But I can you throw out a few things that view that of the market put his eyes marketing. Lately that you you really excited about why I'm very excited about being on today show I was. Start menu you'll need some some better ideas. Because submit a Solio your work in with his knee I can tell you aware. We'll see that flame that's just going down into the river there this is Kara that's me. No this is a great it's great opportunity to outcome on the shadow. I'm also of course were on social media. Mountain face the I'm I do weekly news flash OK and we also been helpful yes it's it's very helpful and down. We know you never know what's out there until you read something like that that's true in general occasionally get new people to the market new patrons and they sang them. I have no idea this was going to hear him. So we reach out we also have Gretna farmers market dot org website them. You can always get information that the death be not that up at grand valley dot com now. I'm gonna write down because I I have never quite figured out FaceBook or any of that stuff on intestinal who Peru from another era. But but this sounds good what's the name of the website for a it's all one word yeah and it's Gretna farmers market threat now wait a minute. This I'm gonna use this. Farmers. Market MA RK ET right correct dot board dot ORG correct OK okay well now we know way to find me the data. That will be every single week the nose up to date information that vendors and what's coming up. At the mark all right no the water power amounts to tell us some things that have been there lately. At the farmers who will definitely we have missing you know my is you know as soon. I do it's of unusual kind of lettuce is and you can make you can make vote really great salads out of the first. First place I ever saw that that was at commander's palace. And chef Jamie Shannon who is passed away so long since. He was using it when nobody else had heard that I'd never heard of until then. So Missouri and a M I ZUNAM I think his. That's correct it is delicious and it's in season right now. And one of our farmers does also sell to some of the area restaurants him before he comes to market. Well it's a good place to start you know a lot of people. You don't let the restaurants introduce. A lot of things to the market before you well I would see it in the supermarket or someone cut. But then again that's what the markets are forced to his getting unusual items what else to make similar black kale Dinah the last KL. Black K all. That's what you what you will nothing's stop this vegetables nothing it it just it gets in the way every time I turn around as more kale. You know is in my shoe will you know I just all of that took that the things that we have to put up with to get this out there. What is it open I would appeal to anyone listening to us right now. If you would please. And I'm not gonna in return try to make a fool looking out duke is I'm I kind of enjoy. Being the fool. I'd like you to explain to me. What it is about Cahill whether it's black kale or whatever other color you have over there dinosaur K dinosaur he flip hook up. I would like to know what exactly it is about that that is so Buehring. But we will we will move along in the and see what we get later. What else can be smaller. Well in season of course we always have peaches and we'll have set Simmons coming very soon from Platte oh my goodness you know you're right that's a September thing for the most part it's coming up. In fact. One among the ways I have my calendar figured out is that. We go to man Reese a retreat house which is up up the river there. And usually by the time I get there they have four or five sets from the trees there. And I'm usually just to a little bit too late to have caught any of them. So it's it's September and we knew that September and into October is when you start seeing that sets them. Want to delicious thing cone they're so wonderful mind when my daughter was believed little bite. Three years ago but that she would just hair in two sets whom isn't even like there was no tomorrow. What little pumpkin they're wonderful that there would do vicious Tokyo Bay and a few other nice things. All right set I was so. That's something to look out for a 'cause the West Bank is where all that comes from really yes gel yeah okay. Now what else we have radishes. Red rash is absolutely beautiful radishes shard. Charred there aren't they up and there it is again an all not going well now honey nut he's not that I've noticed. Other types atlantis'. Mixtures of that spring mixes. Egg plant the at plants have been beautiful. Yes and that this is the time a year for that to zucchini you know yellow squash them. Tear Mallon said you Tigger melons are melons didn't used to play for the saints. Tigger melons. I vaguely recouped. I guess I just don't know I'm afraid I and I clearly am wrong about that bottom. Where were we take your balance Tigger melons okay. It didn't used to play for the saints you now know where I don't think so apple iTunes store it's just a silly thing. Okay what else sweet and sweet potatoes yes indeed now we're talking real food sweet tea it is written retain it. Beautiful little fresh Debra Tate is that's how we can amortize in the market. And also sent the. Snap beans you know and I've noticed lately and you tell me if if you've also noticed this in fact it happened last night last night my wife and I went to cape pulse. And she had. She had a seafood dish and I had a pork shop. Which is a good thing we get a cables. And so I had to come I'm just really going through all of this. And when admit this had something to do with what you just told me and I forgotten sweet it is sweet potatoes. Yes and does a sweet potatoes were already running and you know where could you be without its without sweet potatoes. And I have certainly you know cape balls and chef Paul won before while he was still win this. He certainly you do what they were worth. Is he used them all the time and they're wonderful they're old they're terrific yeah yeah. And that's really. As local tradition as you cannot make mention kind. It's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris we're sitting around talking with Denise upon chi is the market coordinator of the Gretna farmers market. You get any meets or seafood are in there. Pretty much. Everybody we did get all crabs fresh all crabs every lawyer out of this is that time of year for that they're coming on right now these if you if you if you one of those people who really likes those number. One mail all. Crabs the real big ones. Right now that's it's the time just to look no matter where it is you're looking look and they're really good. They are and on our seafood vendors a in Shea fresh from the by EC suit he actually. Goes out that morning 3 AM. Crabs brings into the market and morals and on site. At the market perfect also boiled shrimp that he Charles and brings to the market. And also they're soft shell crabs they sell live soft shell crabs. Another so very seasonal thing Perry should read them Greta mall you get a more you can that's the truth about that. You're listening to the food show on Tom Fitzmorris. I'm can take a little break from talking to a Denise over here in the meantime so she can catch her breath and and tell me something else interest thing that's going on from the farmer's market in in Gretna. But first please would take just a second here to Bob mentioned first ball. That we will later today giveaway as we have done for the last week or so we're getting to the end of this by the way I think tomorrow's the last day. It is. The the thing that is going on is all is these. It's all the seafood and all this other stuff that has come to be part of our area has been used very widely and on the cool and every menus and the the special menus that have been out there for about the last week or so the Ritz restaurant week it's been restaurant week. And so the chefs are out there really. Doing a job would all that but we are getting through the end of it and one way that we celebrate that. Is. That the later today I will give away a 75 dollar gift certificate. To dying from the from the special menu the that Google originally the cool and every menu it's the same thing sealed when they use. And you will be able to wind at all you'll have to do. Is. To have your. Your. Name ready to go away if they actually need this phone numbers 26063. 62606368. And when I tell you. Dial that number and if you were the twelfth person who answers it. You will be the winner of the of the special manual there's 75 dollars. And it's the pelican club and you don't get a lot better than the pelican clip you making a face like you've been there before I love isn't that a great it's it's under rated it and it is not nearly an often enough talked about agreed yeah I just love it. So what anyway we're gonna give away a 75 dollar gift certificate that'll give you. Easily two of the culinary menus that's the end of the unit of which is again I tell you exactly the same. As the the is seafood when note I could keep wanting me to say this wrong but to forget about it. That will be that'll be coming up later on in the program some just be ready and we'll we have a lot of other things to talk to as well. Okay we're backed since two farmers market. And all I'm sorry after a tough to take a break and just completely forgetting that we'll be back with more of the food show after first police this. Elian dubbed Betty an asset David and I did nobody out and he Obama. They misbehave and save in my time for you move fits the fool and show first up a boy that was silly wasn't it. I'm Tom Fitzmorris we're hanging out today. With. Denise punts who's with the Gretna farmers market. And you know there are a lot of things that go on and markets that you should not everybody knows about one of them one of my favorites is an I don't know if you have this at your place but maybe it may be due. People ask me often how do you get your knives sharpened. And I I tellem and wealth one wasting by one of those machines that doesn't but it. I to tell you the truth that I think most people over. Fix up their knives in the they've won them. Trying to moth a little too soon. But. At the farmers markets not all of them but I know that at least a couple of three of them. There are guys who whose job is sharpening professional chef knives. And the shift to bring their knives in a name can they do among foreign and give them back sometimes they don't pick it up and then you come back the next week and then have it ready to go. But if you're trying to figure out how to get your area. Your knives to get a nice sharp edge on them you just go to a market to are you doing. And over there yes we do had a nice shark he comes every other week yeah so you would get to the dot org. To see if he's on that week his name is Doyle he's been with us since the beginning of market well. He can sharpen knives scissors. Gardening tools etc. Yeah I figured as much because that really is a handy thing to get done but folks before you go and do that. Don't. To mess with your knives every week he'd that you. Right the best why then not blessed wives did you hear that boy that was a weird thing I think. The the best knives that I have off I have only type I've had him for like twenty years I've only. I'll hold them. Maybe one other time you don't need it very often but it is a good thing to have now and so. You can do this at the farmer's market definitely yeah all right. Very good. What else what else do we have that we haven't brought up that might be a little off beat well. It's offbeat but definitely it's a special team we have eight acre. Who do baker known and she include new bakery yes I was his food gap doe but who do bakery okay. And Iron Chef Angela is fantastic and she just authentic soured you brat you know. And we have another baker is a little flour bakery who specializes. In Lebanese cookies all end. Amish friendship Bret all there you know over intensive that's unique. And there they are pretty much every single week on what's their name. Food show is chef Angela. Chef Angela. And little flowers her name is sneering voices. Carried her. Lebanese butter cookies will melt in your mountain they were Marleau teaching tea cookies kind of but they're often but if you love cajun tea cookies. And you like short break you'll love her Lebanese butter cookies who. That all sounds wonderful to me. Do you. And once again although we probably send a couple times already but it needs repeating. This goes down every week rain or shine. Yes and it it is on pretty much on the Levy were right there on Huey. This is the downtown. For a long time it was on the old Jefferson parachute I think they may still be headquarters there it is enough. So this is you know that's part of the war of Jefferson Parish. And going all the way down to the list two via you know that big walk water thing I thought if I get it really I thought yeah yeah. Well if to go to this. Cost nothing. He's just who walk in look around at all the stuff that's available in if something graduate. Prices is certainly affordable a minute crisis or wonder it's almost like free in some cases this. Especially for pregnancies and jams and jellies and yeah aren't eggs soon you cannot beat the price. We have community table sat out see you can enjoy a bite to eat we are such nice and take Thai food. We have smoked meats we have food and parks and longer who's doing all of that that's not easy. It's not until gators smoked meats are the ones details theaters yes men the smoked brisket. Is out of this world. You know. The first time I had that. I was in the custom of having. Brisket. Boyle and just serve with horseradish and stuff like that that's the way every restaurant town did it. But it comes out a whole lot better barbecued I think so much out it is so faith in just smoke that overnight easily. Well good all of this is going on every week maybe give or take off for like Christmas or anything like that no. I know it's Christmas Day we haven't since since I've been the coordinator haven't had to deal with that yet the only day we do not have market. Is the date immigrant heritage fest is happening now on September 29 because it's a place. It's kind of book festival onto itself spam that's yeah that's coming up those September Twain I think. Well thanks for dropping in and and talking to us about all this stuff and if you have anything that goes on and in between now and the next time we bump into one another. Please feel free to call us on the air or just stop in and Wu will we get the word out. To the extent that we can. Yeah I would love that of course I'm a fan of his show anyway holdco. I can call in some time do you send out an email or anything any funny yeah DOS which you have collapsed I don't know if I'm on your list and I'd like to be you should be on my yeah I really should. Because it sounds like the everything new bringing up is just made four of the way I eat for one thing and also. By the way. Almost everybody in my house dust because there's the dog. No wait a minute no there's no one could. Ask wake the dog we also had a a man vendor that that you'll have to undergo rates doggy treats natural hungry hounds treats. Hot hot hot I love the name hungry counts. So we have her and we had a we have some wonderful vendors it's pet friendly. Kid friendly we have a free kids' activity every week oh that's great and we especially and throughout the year for kids and for adults to you. Well today you know if only it was everywhere you went you found these kinds of wonderful things but it's not close enough I mean once a week good news probably enough for most people. I think so well thanks for dropping and you're all again I tell you take me at my word you are always welcome here. And anything going on please tell us about because we're gonna go down and see what it is I'll hold you to. Police to. Thank you very much that was Denise parlance and I told her first thing that that hit me there. We sit down in the cajun country there is a dish called upon its. And a punts this also sending its related to a caller Sean do or something like that. And that when it is made the same way as a punts except that it's made on it and smoked and Ponce is is a pig's stomach. Hey listen we eat plenty two unusual things yell but does this when this actually goes way back in history. And maybe ought to try once sometimes see I think it like it it's actually pretty good well you know has it now and then is. I'm Deborah L. The new Gabriel rest and over on no Orleans avenue in them in the city. Now I think he has some on the menu life and it didn't if not in that so Denis of special. It's like a menu. No no no no no it has none of that quality to it renewed OIA I know well but it's that's not the same thing yeah. Yeah I think you'd you'd like it more than you might imagine particular well thanks for dropping thanks so much see Iran have a great fight. It's a food show on top it's more us. Our program today is sponsored by the maple street cafe. The maple street is back in business after that one day it took off that that one day. His Labor Day why they shut down on Labor Day I don't know but they did and they always do. But who cares anymore because it's now up for the year the maple street cafe. This is oh rule converted how loose. That had added to it. A courtyard upfront. And then they had another court yard sort risks sort of like a court York corner Ramallah a courtyard are also there. But what comes out of this is that when you go there and you eat something that's like may be little seafood dish. One that the ship whips up for you what's crabmeat and and stuffed with shrimp or whatever I mean a big get into all that. At the New Orleans level sometimes say. They get it in other styles but dates it's always something different ground there. And you can at the end of that meal has to say to yourself well I just went out for dinner and this is. This is it this is my result of that. And the same is true if you are thinking more in terms of casual dining. And for that. If they have plenty of stuff on the menu that would just fit right in pasta dishes. They do some really nice veal dishes and and period certain number of of appetizers kind of size items that I think he'll like the maple street cafe. And so it goes slow either way you can have it is quick little place for a special. Lunch. Or is special dinner or you can turn into even even though all home also romantic kind of a place it's quiet it's. And their food this has really good maple street cafe 7623. Maple street about mid mid way between Broadway and Carrollton seven days a week they are open. And they've allowed to have you'd call in. And to take a look at what they're doing. The maple street to 6063682606368. We will come back with more in just a moment after first if you will this food show. This is Tom Fitzmorris and it's nice to be here with you every day talking about food yeah I really mean that every day where we hear every single day. Sometimes we get bumped off by the football game Serb you know something like that but it's not every where you're pretty darn near every every day of the week. And I love to be so because I mean. Think about what's more interest in them but then eating your way through New Orleans and America's best eating city if you ask. Or number is 260. 63682606368. Cory knowing you get rating and all it please do this sudden before your own benefit. It's within the next. Hello our. We are going to give away. A gift certificate for a 75 dollar dinner at the pelican club. And if you don't know about the pelican club you haven't been listening to me very much because I've been telling it for years and just Buffett. And it's a five star restaurant for me and a great variety of things. They get into the culinary and the restaurant week and all that stuff at this time of year. They get into that would both feet. And they kept a special menu for that and it's some of the best food round. And it's it's actually affordable well here's a chance we could actually win the whole thing. And that will come up some time later in the program. Get ready for this this is what you need to know the phone number is 2060. 63. 68 in other words it's the same phone number we used to talk on the air 2606368. And when I tell you call that number and if yours is seats. Wealth. Numbers to be called you will be the winner of the 75 dollar gift card from the pelican club. So that's something new keep listening for awhile I hope it is anyway. But what to hear from you but anything on your mind about food and restaurants and cooking and wind let me get going on what's on my mind. My wife has. Taken over. On the job of telling me where to go every night to try to get as much in trusting information is likened savage from. All the different places where. Restaurant information can be found. And anyway. She has been telling me listen you go to too many restaurants over and over again and you don't go to the new winds well and I'm proud of saying I don't go to new ones because sometimes the new what's really ought to wait for a little while. But. But maybe it's true there are a lot of restaurants here that have been open for quite awhile but I have a debt gotten to him mainly. Because there's so many of them it's hard to keep up what it. But I see the point and so where. She has been picking out restaurants that she knows she hasn't been to lately. And if she goes that means I was going to so I probably wasn't area. But the job. Last night we went to cape Paul's Louisiana kitchen. In case you are. It's not up to speed about that restaurant. All right in its its famous and should be because say chef Paul Prudhomme. Who opened it up back in the 1970s I remember sitting on over at mister b.'s talking to him when he was telling me his plans for this. The schools when. We were still on speaking terms. Later he he told me he didn't want me coming into the restaurant but the I don't know time. I'm as far as I'm concerned. That's over in it's home all of that in the old days. But she chef Paul did more for people especially young people getting into them. Into this whole business of both restaurants in cooking and all that. He inspired men name many people he did a lot of really terrific food for a really long time. And yet people M imitating him all over the place that he was just one of those people who. Who hadn't that charisma. And and so I miss talking to him like we did a long long time ago. But. As you probably know he passed away about a year little more than a year ago. And so all we have to remember him buys that really first class cookbook is that he put out chef Paul's. On Louisiana kitchen I think is the name of a that's a fantastic cook book and Dell also his restaurant is still going on there is a different chef Paul they are now it's Paul. Oh what's his last name starts with a stocked with a T I think on my home. He's he's been the shift there for quite some time he's kept a really good standard over there that whole time so anyway my wife and I went to OK Paul's last night for dinner. And they were doing their cool and every menu the of these. The one we've just been talking about. That where they're still doing the that the special menu for that for the season abreast front a rest that week. And three courses. 39 dollars this is for just anybody who walks in. And that's quite a quite a deal. And go we went there and we we got that menu. Started off with their turtle soup which is delicious then there. Chicken on do we gumbo which is also really really good my wife had. A fish dish I'm trying to remember what it was. Was something a little offbeat I had a pork chop because some big on pork chops these days this woman was stuffed with a variety of cajun stuff things. And and also. Head up a sought some marsh and a vessels they they say that would be a red wine based sauce. Served with. A couple of different things that native of the first of all a very big plate of food but also a very good one. And so they have a few other items to a they have a particularly good. Special menu now here's some bad news. The the hood that whole promotion. And restaurant week. Tomorrow is I think the last day no no I'm sorry it's the it's the thirteenth is the last day so if you've been trying to get to that. That city you have to get on whether it and chef Paul K Paul's Louisiana kitchen will be there with that. Briefed. Restaurant week so don't don't pass that up. Anyway. Who really was a pretty darn good meal as far as I was concerned my wife whistled a little turned off by the fact that they were serving. The creole style would jumble idea instead of a cajun style jambalaya. But you don't even have to know what what what that all means because it's something where you feel one strong way about it or you feel another strong way about it now it's who what he gonna do yet either. Like the creole style which has a good bit of tomato and it. And a cajun styles more likely to have. With no tomatoes sit and infect. Heard from teams some cajun who say if you put. Tomatoes in Gumbel or jumble liar you have no idea what you're doing well I don't know it it taste it located me. But that was last night we were at. Chef Paul's. K Paul's Louisiana kitchen itself right in back of the courthouse. Right in the middle of things. In the French Quarter and I'm happy to feel like I can you just go there and dine anytime I want because for a while there they would not let me in. And I guess I don't blame them I don't know what I did so I had to this day I have no idea. A Sunday and hope to find out and then apologized. Whoever needs to be apologized to her. Who knows it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris 2606368. Caller right now he'll get right in we'll talk about anything you want. And that's the entire range. Of heating. Bills of a few oddball questions that we were playing around with a couple of days ago. We've run a couple of these by you see if you have any feeling about this. Let's say. You're in. A choice you you you are good you've gone out to eat a tenure in the restaurant. And you have a choice of waiters and waitresses. What it would let's just call him. That's a solemn server system to make it more. Accurate. OK so you're in a restaurant and you have a choice of waders. Or oral servers would everyone a column. And which of of these would you ask for OK you're about to make a request of having a certain waiter. All right would you go for the strikingly beautiful waiter. And could be a guy or girl by either way by the way before you ask me that. Hall or would you go with the waiter who has all of his customers laughing. At him all the time. Or would you go to the waiter. Who gets all the food out hot. Jet that's that's the only thing he does but he does it really well he gets all the food out hot or number four. Though it and this waiter is the one. Who waits on you all the time in other words he's the guy who you just call your waiter and you say hey I'm coming near Thursday night. And he takes care of you so which show which of those do you think is in on the closest to the way you feel but these things. You're going to lay out. You're going to a restaurant and you have a choice of of servers. And and went to would you ask for the strikingly beautiful server would use to go after the one who has all of his customers laughing all the time. Or would you go to. The server who gets all of the food out hot. Or finally the one who waits on you all the time so you and you gotta keep having him weighed on your right or do you. Well what's your thought about this call me up and tell me. Can we see no reason to exist you know we've said I'm sitting here they're encouraging people to call us and tell us what's on their mind as far identity that. DD DD hello there you are listening to the food show. I'm Tom Fitzmorris and it's a fun to be here with the Utah and talking about eating your way through this city. We talk about restaurants we talk about cooking we talk about. Just like any kind of source of food out there they're getting to be new ones all the time there these. What the column food courts. Where is Dave McConnell or like. The with the way that they show up in let's say. Malls. Retail malls. And but usually when there is food court in the middle of a mall in it that none of the food is for particularly good some of these. Some of these other wins lately that have been opening mainly for the idea of serving food or drinks and everything else. Beloved in a lot more interest thing. And not all fast food you know that our number is 2606368. Sometime within the next hour I'm gonna tell you. We are going to give you that number again is just so you haven't done if you if you copy it down right now Liu who will already have that done. But what you'll do with it his call that. And if you or the twelfth caller. You will win a gets to pick it for its 75 dollar dinner at the pelican club a five star restaurant so this is pretty serious stuff. But we haven't done yet do we haven't started this just copied down the phone number so you'll have a and when you needed to 6063. Succeed that are returned. To the question of the moment deny I hope you would. Favor me by giving me your opinion on this because I'm sure you have an opinion about this okay imagine this. You're going to a restaurant. You have a choice of the waiters and waitresses there as to who's gonna take care. Which would you ask for if you were allowed to do that. Number one would use ask for the strikingly beautiful. Waiter. Or and number two would you pick out the one who has all of his or her customers laughing. About him all the time. Or you have the waiter or waitress who gets all of the food out to the tables hot. As a full post who not so hot. And finally who is do you know about the one that waits on news that. Does so all the time you are a regular customer of this particular server. But it do you go with them so all right so we have the strikingly beautiful one we have the one that who makes his customers laugh. We make another one who gets the food out hot and then finally. But the one that waits on you all the time called me up and tell me what your feelings about that 2606368. Coming up to the news which we will favor ourselves with find out about the hurricane stuff they're getting somewhere else for a change. Although I certainly don't feel good about the end of the people up there. On the Atlantic seaboard that is not good where they have landed those of us who know. Well you know on. Stay tuned for the food. Show will resume after we kick back with our update of the news. And towers telephone number again is 26063682606368. Love to talk with you but anything on your mind at all. If you have something you've been meaning to two ask somebody about who might know. What this an ingredient you're looking for or if there's a restaurant that it is still open and you know any questions like that. We handle that easily and if we did if I don't know or somebody else here doesn't know. We can always find somebody listening to us who does know so call us 2606368. State tune the news is next. From CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. Here on one of five point three FM HD radio. HD two. Stay tuned.